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A Slow Share Of Her Submission Mfm Teasing

Laurie and I had become accustomed to sharing her. We didn't wonder why
anymore, just how we could make it better. I had watched her do about
everything with different men. She liked to perform and I liked to
watch. We had done all the so called normal stuff of her being my slut and
being used by other guys as their whore. It wasn't until Guy that we
started really wondering if other men could be very slow with her and drag
out their sex sessions with her. She is a perfect size for using
sexually. She's 5'7" 120lbs with an ass and a pair of legs to die for. Her
breasts are small but perfect in shape and we found that many men really
preferred hand sized A+ cups especially with a small body to accompany
them. Since she is part Indian, she always has a tan look about her no
matter what time of year and even though she's rather small and
delicate she can take most anything. We used to full same room swap until we
both noticed that I was spending all of my time watching her with her
partner and sort of ignoring my partner. That's when we decided to just
share her with other men who met certain criteria. I can't say she
didn't like big cocks and massive muscles etc. but what she does like is
being the absolute center of attention of everyone watching. We were
fairly seasoned in this lifestyle and our new kink was to see how long the
guy could hold off while he slowly unbutton the blouse one button by one
while kissing her on the neck and laying his hands all over her nubile
body to excite her and have her begging for more while he'd continue
his tease.
We got started in this lifestyle by my request however Laurie soon realized that her all american prom
queen high school image had followed her even into her mid 20's and she was ready to get rid of being
lusted after b/c she was prom queen and start being appreciated for how slutty and how much of a
whore she could be. The first time I handed her to another man for his pleasure; he was drooling over
her slim young tanned body being given to him like a birthday present when she all of a sudden got
so into being used that she moaned and sighed while she put her hand behind his head and said
"kiss me and then take me however you want". This wasn't the reaction I expected but it made my
dick jump up in my pants thinking that she really does want to be used as a piece of sexual slutty
pleasure. She might only be 26 but she sucked her first cock when she was 13 & to top off her
attractiveness she looks like she's 19 with innocent bambi brown eyes and full pouting lips that she
just loves to wrap around thick cocks. She showed her first signs of submissive whoriness that day
and needless to say her first lover outside of our marriage enjoyed her immensely and I was hooked
on sharing my wife with other men. She acted like she had known John all of her life with her sweet
kissed followed by tongue dipping kisses and when he started to talk filthy to her she became his
& he and I felt like he owned her for that next two hours. Knowing how she likes to be the center of sexual attention attracted Guy to my Laurie along with her
long legs, perfect ass, tiny waist, hand sized titties, and a face that will make you do a triple take with
her auburn hair cut short and curled around her gorgeous lustful face. I had talked to Guy many times
about taking her slowly and he promised he could handle it without getting out of control & just laying
her back and fucking her swiftly like every other guy had done. Guy is 60 & has learned patience & this
made for a perfect combination b/c Laurie loves older guys b/c she says they "appreciate" her more. We
met at a hotel bar where Guy had secured a room for later and they met in person for the first time. She
knew what he was going to try to do with her by taking her slowly so she didn't waste any time at all
flirting and brushing against him. He had seen her pics but I could tell from the way he looked at her that
he had underestimated her beauty and pure sexiness in every gliding motion of her walk to the way she
licks her lips while she talks to you and stares at your crotch. She had also dressed just as he requested
by wearing a very short jean skirt with slight heels to accent her thin ankles and curvey legs with a yellow
tank that clung to her breasts and she wore a choker collar of black velvet that screamed of letting him
take complete control over her. He asked her how she liked being a hotwife and she said she never
realized the power she could have over men until I let her explore her slut side and that from the first man
I gave her right up until now, she loved being a whore more than that prom queen of the 90's 100times
more than she ever imagined. He asked how many guys got to fuck that prom queen back then and she
said not nearly enough but I've been making up for it while she laid her hand on his on the table. She
asked what made him so special that he thought he could deny her the sex with him that they both
would want in about 5 minutes? He looked her deeply into those "fuck me now" eyes and said b/c when
I finally take you, I'll own every inch of your body and mind and that's how I want you. Not on your terms
but on mine. You'll earn me before you experience me and I will make you so hot and wanton that by
the time I do use you for my pleasure, you'll have already cum several times without me even touching
you he said. As we walked to the room, she made sure to walk ahead of Guy so he could see her ass
move in her skirt while she glided like a model moving her legs very closely together while the heels made
her legs look as perfect shaped as possible and I was even thinking at that time how I'd love to just lick
the back of her knees while she sucked him to completion. It made me wonder how this man would be
able to resist all of her perfection coupled with a whorey attitude especially when he knew she was
there for one reason; to fuck him whenever he wanted and however he wanted! He drank her in with his
eyes and I could see the bulge start to form in his pants. When we got to the room, she sat on the bed
with her legs crossed so high that there was just enough space between her thighs to know that between
those creamy thighs was the wet shaved prize of what he wanted. Guy wanted to own her first though
He took her by the hand and lifted her up to him and as they stood facing each other just a few inches
apart she started to breathe heavily. He asked her to look him straight in his eyes and while she did he
told her he was going to own her in just a while and asked her if she had considered how sensual their
first kiss would be? She said she had thought past that and he said I want you to think about nothing
but our lips touching for the first time and how much you'll enjoy wrapping your lips around my cock
but only when I let you. He let his fingers dance on her back and took several minutes before he placed
his hand flat on her bra strap while he whispered "you're my whore" over and over to her with his lips
less than an inch away from hers. He told her to tell him that so their kiss would be totally submissive
on her part. She parted her lips to kiss him and he said "tell me, Laurie". She was moving her pussy
into his crotch and she whispered I want you now and he said "tell me". She said I want to kiss you
first and he brushed his lips across hers while he said then you'll tell me who you are for me today.
She was getting lost in this man's control and I was loving it and she closed her eyes and said "I am
your whore today". He said tell me while you're looking at me Laurie. She looked straight at him and
said "Guy, I am your total whore for you today" . He put his hand under her tank top and lowered his lips
onto hers slowly and right before he kissed her he said "You love being my whore don't you" and with her
head nodding yes he kissed her slowly but firmly as she drove her body into him.I was beginning to feel his unspoken power over her. She was definitely feeling it and to my surprise she was
seemingly loving it. She darted her tongue in his mouth only to see him pull back from her & he took his hand
from her bra to her mouth and touched his fingers right on her cupid's bow lips and said don't get ahead of me.
When I want your tongue in my mouth, you will know it and it won't be until we remove your tank & start to
unsnap your bra. I don't want this hurried he said. Ask me if I'll remove your tank? She still though she could
control him but when she said "Oh Guy, will you start undressing me please" I knew she was submitting. He
slid one tank strap off her shoulder while both his hands made love to her shoulders right on up to her neck &
he surrounded her neck on top of the choker with his hands til her eyes looked glazed over as if she'd just been
fucked. He had convinced her that sliding one tank strap off was as erotic as being fucked coming from him.
Right now no one else would do but Guy. She wanted this man to disrobe her in front of me & when he took her
other tank strap off with his teeth, she nearly came. There she was still almost fully clothed and in her mind,
and mine, she had nearly been r*ped. He grabbed a pair of scissors he had asked me to bring and cut the tank
right up the middle in the front and let it hand loosely on her exposing her bra for the first time & she pushed her
titties into his chest and he said, "You should be treated as the queen of all whores. How much does it give you
a rush to know that your bra will come off only when I want it to and you will get to plunge your tongue into my
mouth at the exact same time as your breasts are freed"? He asked me if he was going slow enough and I
resisted telling him to just please strip her and fuck her fast. Here was another man making love to my wife as
no other male as ever been able to do. Not even me. When he slid his hands underneath her bra to feel both
breasts, she gasped in lust and I stroked my cock as if she had just swallowed his cum in her mouth. He
leaned over & kissed her stomach while he played with her tits and she begged him to eat her pussy while he
set her titties free. He took his mouth from her tummy and with his hands now on her ass he blew on her tits
still in the bra. He worked his hands up her back from her ass to her bra and when his hands were placed on
her bra to unsnap it, she started biting his neck and face in anticipation of her titties being freed by this man
who had made her feel wanted and controlled like no other. She started rhythmically saying "I am your whore"
over and over to which her unsnapped her bra and she came when he sucked her nipples back & forth while
his hands were on her shoulder blades pulling her breasts to his mouth. I had been jacking off while he was
undressing her and when I saw those tits come free, I blew my load knowing that this is just the beginning!
I asked her if she felt like a used whore and she said like never before in her life she felt like the queen of
all whores. Guy's whore. She said she wanted him to own her& always be the one to undress her for all of her
lovers. In one motion, all of the tank & bra were on the floor and her stomach was moving in & out as if she
was fucking. He told her she could take off her skirt now and while she peeled it off of her ass down her legs
he would fuck her mouth. She moaned in uncontrollable desire to take such a big step and felt that him
letting her tits out had been like a gangbang. I was hard again and he told me to lick her ass while I jacked
off again with his cock in her mouth. She said no to that telling him that she was afraid me licking her ass
would distract her from enjoying sucking him to completion. He topped off this beginning session with telling
her that she was to suck him til he came in her mouth and then hold it there while she moved over to my
cock and suck me to completion with his cum still in her mouth and then swallow both loads at once. At this
she came again without anything even touching her pussy. She had been owned and loved it. Owned like
she never had been before. I knew that anytime Guy wanted her again, I would have to give her to him.

End of Story

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