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The substitute

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This story is written by two authors, a single man and the husband of a couple on SLS. The two made a date to meet at a bar on Saturday night. The husband of the couple asks the single man, who contacted them on SLS to describe how he thought their evening would go. The single described part of the evening and the two exchanged emails for about a week with the following anticipated description of the evening.

Jim (single man)

You and Nikki arrive at Barcelona at 7:30. I am sitting at the bar and have no trouble recognizing Nikki in her classy/sexy little black dress with spaghetti straps and fit that accentuates her finely toned body. I wave; there is recognition; and you and Nikki, hand and hand, stroll gracefully across the bar. Nikki?s expression turns from one of worried anticipation to a broad smile as the distance closes between us.

I slide off the bar stool as you approach, you extend your hand and say, ?Jim??

I say, ?Yes.? And you say, ?Jim, I would like to have you meet Nikki.?

I start to extend my hand, but Nikki extends both arms and gives me a warm hug as we express that we are happy to meet each other. She then takes your hand and we head for a corner booth where the three of us can sit side by side with Nikki in the middle.

We order drinks. Nikki chooses her favorite Washington red wine. Although a little nervous in the beginning, we soon hit it off and seem to know each other extremely well for a first meeting. Nikki comments, ?It might be the 50 entertaining emails you and Frank exchanged that is contributing to our compatibility.? The conversation is balanced, interesting and at times tastefully sensual.

The waitress refreshes our drinks just as the band starts to play. We listen to the first couple of songs as I wait for you to ask Nikki to dance. Instead you graciously invite me to have the first dance. I take Nikki?s hand a lead her to the dance floor.

The first song is a slow one and the dance floor crowded. The song calls for a combination waltz/foxtrot without much room to move about the floor. Nikki proves to be an excellent dancer?.as she reacts to all the unfamiliar moves of this hybrid affair. Because of the lack of space and/or perhaps our own desire, we dance closer as the dance progresses. As it ends, we feel the warmth of our bodies thigh to thigh and chest to breast. Nikki takes my hand and we return to the table, both a little flushed.

As we sit down you comment that our bodies were a good fit for a first dance. You ask Nikki if we got together for a practice session at one of the studios.

You and Nikki dance the next, holding each other tight; giving each other a light massage about the neck and lower back and end the dance with a soft kiss. I compliment you and Nikki on the sensuality of your dance.

You say, ?You guys should do the same. Jim, you can hold her tight. She?s not going to break. With that Nikki takes my hand and says, ?Let?s go.?

After a modified east coast swing, the band plays a song with a rumba beat. Nikki and I become as one as we should because the dance requires guidance from below (or is that the tango). As we dance, Nikki can feel my excitement growing. She leans back and smiles as if to say, ?I am glad I can affect you like that.? Soon we are cheek to cheek as well, as Nikki continues to work her magic down below and I work mine as well. By the end of the dance, our lips are close enough to touch. Should I or shouldn?t I. I want to. Does she want to? As the dance ends, we are facing each other. I move forward and Nikki does not move. Our lips touch with just a tiny bit of tongue. Nikki smiles, takes my hand and we move to the table.

Once there Nikki announces, ?Frank, what did you think of that??

You reply, ?Jim would you please order another round. Nikki please come with me. I want a dance like that.?

The evening continues and the third round disappears everybody is enjoying one another. The conversation and dances become a little more suggestive. The three of us become bundled in the booth. There is more natural touching during conversation. Nikki and I hand to hand and hand to arm, while Frank prefers hand to neck and hand to thigh. Nikki?s dress has ridden up a couple of inches, but nobody notices except Frank and me.

Frank Nikki slowly parts her thighs as my hand slowly works its way up her smooth bare leg. She is engaged in intimate conversation with Jim with their faces close together and as I caress her I wonder what they are saying to each other. She has one hand on his arm and I note she is slowly caressing his palm. Once I notice her lips brush his and I feel her thighs trembling and becoming moist Jim As Nikki and I continue and intensify our kiss, Frank follows the trail of moisture to its origin and began to massage in a slow circular motion. As Frank continues to massage, Nikki sighs, bucks ever so slightly, opens her mouth and we engage in a soft, passionate, tongue twisting kiss. As we kiss, I move Nikki's hand that has been caressing my palm to my thigh.

Frank My hand moves slowly over Nikki's silk panties and I feel her juices soaking through them. I hear her moan softly and I see Jim's mouth on hers as it opens to accept his tongue. My finger slips under her black panties and touches her clitoris which is erect and oh so sensitive. My other hand moves around her to cup her breast but I find Jims hand is already caressing her tits. As Jim explores her mouth with his tongue I lean forward and place my tongue in her ear and lick slowly. As I do this I can barely see her hand making its way to Jim's lap. She pulls her mouth away from Jim and kisses me. She then whispers in my ear "I so want him inside me" and as she says this her hand moves over his growing cock and she sighs as she thinks how it good it will taste when he cams in her mouth.

Jim While continuing to rub my cock and enjoying the wonders of her near orgasmic state resulting from Frank?s magic fingers penetrating her vagina, Nikki reaches down and starts to rub Frank?s hard cock as she whispers in his ear, ?Oh, I see you are as excited as I am. I see I don?t have to worry about ignoring you. Do you want me to take my panties off?? Then, all of a sudden she stops removing her panties with them at thigh level, and with a devilish smile, unzips Frank?s fly and starts to remove his rock hard cock from its hiding place. Soon, there may only be a white table cloth that separates the three of us from a potential indecent exposure violation. Are cooler heads to prevail? Will our heroes spend the night in a jail cell or sipping champagne in the comfort of a humble abode?

Frank Nikki gives my cock a playful knowing squeeze and then returns it to the confines of my underwear. She pulls up her panties and slowly removes her hand from Jim's groin and asks "Is anyone going to dance with me" Jim takes her hand and leads her out to the dance floor where they meld together as they waltz across the room. Jim's right hand slowly rubs Nikki's back as her left hand caresses his shoulder and neck. Jim looks down at her and as he feels her small bosom pressing into his chest, he drops his mouth to her right ear and inserts his tongue and licks as though it were her pussy. Nicky just sighs and pulls him closer to her so she can feel his cock against her. I watch the new lovers dance across the room and knows that soon I will hear Nikki's moans as she welcomes a new lover into her. My cock hardens as I visualize my petite wife riding a bigger cock and taking a new lovers seed deep within her Jim Nikki and I return to the table. Nikki winks at Frank and subtly motions to my raging erection and then notices Franks has one as well and says, "I think my work is done here. Look at you boys! You look like two high school boys viewing their first x-rated movie. I better get you boys home so you can put those purveyors of pleasure where they will do the most good." Frank replies, "Honey, I can assure you that you are sexier than any x-rated movie.........and yes talk about us.....just what is stuff running down your leg.....just kidding." After a playful thump on the noggin, Nikki says to Frank, "I think I should ride with Jim. We don't want him to get lost, do we?" The boys finish their drinks and allow Nikki's handiwork to subside enough so they can cross the restaurant without making a scene. Jim opens the door for Nikki and she slides gracefully into the car, allowing her skirt to settle within inches of her black lace panties.

After noticing the initial positioning of Nikki's skirt, I muster sufficient courage to reach over and raise her skirt, exposing her black silk panties. Nikki smiles and spreads her legs a little exposing her wetness. She then touches her wetness and touches fingers to my lips.

Jim As I get into my car I glance over and see Jim leaning over and it appears as though he is licking Nikki?s fingers and then his mouth drops to her lap and I know Nikki is spreading her thighs for her new lover. They then separate, and start the drive back to our place where I will meet them. I am getting hard as I imagine what is to come soon- watching Nikki take Jim deep into her pussy.

Jim Then Frank began to get even harder as he saw Nikki's head disappear into Jims lap. He imagined that Nikki must be unzipping Jim's pant and extracting Jim's semi hard cock. Frank knows how great Nikki is at giving head and imagines that Jim is about to get the blow job of his life. He imagines that Nikki will start by softly licking the head and tasting the precum. Then she will slowly put his whole cock in her mouth while she moves her hand slowly up and down the shaft. Jim will not last long if Nikki continues to work her magic. Then all of a sudden she reappears, turns and wave to Frank. He knew she wanted to save him for the evening?s pleasure. Just then we pull into the driveway.

Frank My cock was oh so stiff as I saw Nikki's head in Jim's lap. I knew if she sucked for more than a few minutes she would be drinking his cum before we got home. When her head reappeared I understood that she had just been getting a preliminary taste of him and was now ready for a long night of pleasure. I watched them exit Jim's car and with an arm around each other's waist walk into the house where in a short time Jim would be fucking my wife in my bed. I followed them into the house and found Nikki sitting on the large family room sofa as Jim was walking around admiring our art collection. I sat next to Nikki and gave her a lingering kiss and I could taste Jim in her mouth. Her hand went to my crotch and in a soft dreamy voice said, "He is much bigger than you, darling, and his cock will satisfy me so much." As she said this I grew even harder as her hand squeezed me. She then excused herself to go to the bathroom and change into something more comfortable.

Jim Nikki returned shortly wearing a light blue lace teddy consisting of a thong that only partially covered her pubic hair that had been trimmed earlier in the form of a heart. Frank enjoyed trimming Nikki's pussy as often as she would allow. The bra fit loosely over her breasts exposing them at the top and bottom. She also wore a long lace robe which was coordinated with the Teddy. She walked across the room to where I was still admiring a painting. She came up behind me, reached around; placing both hands on my cock and said, "Let's see if we can bring this up as it was in the car when you almost shot in my mouth." Nikki and I walked to the couch where Frank was sitting massaging his cock. He wanted to keep it rock hard for his beautiful wife?s pleasure. Nikki reached down, undid Frank's pants and said, ?Let me help you with this." Once she had it out she put the tip in her mouth and began to tease a little. After a few minutes Frank pulled away saying, "God you're good. I want to save my juice to fill your pussy. I am so hot; I better get us some champagne." As Frank was leaving the room, Nikki kissed Jim passionately as she placed her hand between his legs. Jim responded by moving his hand inside Nikki's thong, running his finger the length of her slit.

Nikki's hand softly squeezed Jim's cock and she marveled at how thick it was and knew that it would grow even more inside of her. Jim' fingers massaged her clit as he mouth nuzzled her neck. Nikki moaned softly as one of Jim's fingers entered her pussy and found her g spot. Jim's mouth moved to her tits and soon her nipple was inside his mouth as he enjoyed its beauty. I moved to the couch with a rock hard cock and rubbed it across Nikki's lips as her mouth opened to receive it. Now Jim had 3 fingers inside her and his mouth on her tits as my cock moved inside her mouth.

Jim Nikki moaned a muzzled sound as she took Frank into her mouth and began to suck his cock expertly but tenderly. She placed one hand on the shaft with the other she massaged Franks balls. I continued to massage Nikki's clit as she jerks slightly with mini orgasms. I then move Nikki's soaked thong down her legs and she steps out of it. Then I gets on my knees and start to lick and suck Nikki's swollen wet pussy.

Frank Nikki sucks my cock as though she had never tasted it before and her hand alternately plays with my balls and ass as I thrust deeper into her throat. I see Jim on his knees with his tongue lapping at Nikki's cunt. I can hear her moans which are somewhat muffled by my cock now filling her mouth. Jim arises and gently takes Nikki's face away from my cock and lifts her in his arms and with my guidance starts toward our bedroom where he will take her in my bed. He slowly lowers her onto the oversized bed and she smiles and slowly her thighs spreads her thighs as he lowers himself on her. Her arms encircle his neck as she lifts her pelvis in anticipation of being penetrated by a cock which will explore new depths within her. Jim gently takes a tit in his mouth as his body settles between her lovely thighs. Nikki says in a soft voice, "Please take me now. Fuck me; fuck me in my Frank's bed."

The evening arrives and I arrive at the bar a half an hour early. I sit at the bar and strike up a conversation with a woman named Carol who is waiting for a man she met on an internet dating service. As time passes we order a second drink. 7:30 arrives and neither of our dates has arrived. Neither of us seem to mind as we are enjoying each other?s company.

Eventually I tell her about SLS and the fact that I hope to be having a threesome. She is intrigued and a little turned on. Eight PM arrives and we are still chatting, doing some inadvertent touching and agreeing that it would not be all that bad if our dates did not arrive at all.

At 8:15 we order another drink, go to a table. With the drinks having their normal effect, I tell Carol about the fantasy and she asks if she can read it.

As she reads it, she unknowingly places her hand on my knee as she is engrossed in the story. When Carol finishes, she is a little flushed and has a sheepish grin on her face.

I ask, ?What do you think??

She says, ?Let?s dance?

The end

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