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The wife and Tony

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How this all began, I couldn't tell you exactly. I do believe it was farther back in time than memory will serve me. But as the events unfolded as time went on, of course the memories become clearer and take on more detail. That said, I'll start at the beginning to give you some idea of who we are.

My wife and I knew each other as children. Growing up in a sleepy little town of less than a thousand people, you pretty much know everyone. Tara was a year younger than me in school but with the average class size of 25 kids, I'll just say we knew each other pretty well. As kids, Tara was very much a driven kid with a pretty clear definition of her path in life. Not so much for myself. I was a bit more of a drifter. Let things happen as they happen type of attitude suited me fine. We started dating during my senior of high school. (the timing of starting a relationship should give you a bit of a view into my "enjoy the moment" attitude) I went off to college first while she had a year of high school yet. It was a pretty trying time on a young relationship. Of course, still being in our teens, there was temptation at every corner. But we kept putting one foot in front of the other. After my second year of college, I relocated to the town Tara was going to college in. Skip ahead a few short years, we are married, both have full time jobs, and a couple little ones running around. Pretty hectic to say the least but it was all good. Work and children certainly took its toll on our energy levels on a day to day scene. But it wasn't out of the ordinary for people our age to feel the pressures of life. As far as our sex life was concerned, I wasn't sure what the definition of normal was but I was pretty sure we landed somewhere in the middle of it. Nothing to out of the ordinary took place. We both had some benign fantasies that involved roll playing and the like and we both did a decent job of catering to the other's needs when more spice was needed throughout the years. As we both approached our mid 30's, I could sense a change in both of us. It was as if life was slipping by us and we needed to involve something exciting. We both had enjoyed porn in the past of varying themes. But one that really interested us both was the mfm threesome and cuckold themed videos. There was something about involving another man in the mix that was just so against where we came from. Where we grew up, there was no such thing as two men taking turns fucking a woman. As time went on, the sex talk between us became hotter than ever. Tara had always had a terribly sexy mouth during sex and it was escalating. She would often tell me as she neared orgasm that she had entertained a young guy that day and would ask me if I could feel his cum inside her. Of course, I would return the bantering favor and tell her that I knew something was up the moment I penetrated her. And this began to set something up in both of our minds that I still can't believe happened.

In spring of 2014, we learned that our niece had become engaged. Lexi was 21 years old at the time and true beauty. She lived about three hours away from us and had always been close to my wife. So naturally, Tara was asked if she would coordinate a lot of the details of the wedding day. Like we didn't have enough shit going on anyway but Tara has always enjoyed this kind of stuff. So naturally, my wife told her she would certainly help out. The wedding was set for October so my wife, Lexi, and Lexi's mother (sister in law) set a weekend up in June where they would get a lot of the things crossed off the list. So Tara set off one Thursday in June and drove the three hours to start the tasks Friday morning. I kept in touch with her throughout the weekend via text and usually a call each day. Didn't sound like anything out of the ordinary was happening. She returned on Sunday afternoon and she looked a bit drained. Something was different though. She filled myself and the kids in on all the running around they had done. Told us all they got accomplished. Tara said that the sister in law had a big gathering and cookout at their house the night before with a lot of the wedding crew and associated people. Sounded like quite the blow out. After the kids quit asking questions and all wandered off to their respective mess, Tara told me to follow her. She led me to our bedroom and locked the door behind me and pulled the shade on the window. I thought, "well this is amusing!". She had a wicked smile on her as she removed her jeans and blouse. She told me to get naked and I was quick to follow orders. After we were both naked, I started the usual routine of slowly kissing her neck and feeling out how much foreplay she was looking for when she blurted out, "oh my God, get your cock inside me!" It wasn't uncommon for her mouth to be a bit dirty as mentioned earlier but that is usually at the tail end of sex. I was a bit shocked but once again, was a good listener. I gently reached between us and placed the head of my cock against her and much to my surprise, she was soaking wet. Even her outer lips were covered in her juices. This instantly told me her mind had been at work during the drive home. As I slid into her, her eyes closed and I felt her heels digging into my ass. She was already panting like orgasm was just five strokes away. I kept my weight on her and felt my balls press against her ass tightly. As I began to gently stroke my cock, she had began to have an intense orgasm. I could feel her pussy contract tightly around my cock and I could feel a pulsing action. I would say the word that best describes my reaction was "bewildered". This was certainly new. As she slowly came down from her perch, I slowly began to stroke into her again and I said, "I'm gonna need some details." It didn't take long for her next orgasm to start building and I knew she would spill what I was looking for. She explained between pants that the night before, at my sister in law's gathering of the wedding crew, that a bunch of friends of our niece had shown up to hang out. One guy out of this crew had instantly taken a keen eye to my wife.

In Tara's words, "my God, he sat in a chair on the other side of the bon fire and fucked me with eyes for like two hours. He made absolutely no attempt to look away when I would catch him. And would try to lock eyes with me every time I glanced over at him. His name is Tony, tall, muscles, black hair, and I could see a nice sized lump in his shorts. I went inside to go to the bathroom and noticed that my underwear were soaked. I was drinking wine most of the night and by ten or so, was feeling like if the situation was right, I'd let him fuck me. I actually started to dial your cell number two times to see how you felt. God, I wanted him to fuck me! To feel his nice young cock inside me, mmmmm!" I asked as my cock swelled inside her, "would you have let him cum inside you?"

Tara replied, "Normally no. But I was so turned on....I would have let him do anything."

With that, I hooked my arms behind her legs and jackhammered my cock into her pussy as hard as I could possibly muster. The thought of this guy and my wife fucking was intoxicating. My cock was coated in her thick, white cream and in a flurry of self muffled grunts and moans, I sent a big load of cum into her body as she once again hit her peak. Much larger than I had in years. Spurt after spurt surged out of me and flooded my wife's womb. When it stopped, I held her legs down and kept grinding my half limp dick inside her. She kept gasping. Something primitive snapped inside me. I wanted to mark my territory. I wanted her and the rest of the world to know that her pussy belonged to me and my semen was there to mark it. I was so turned on at that point but didn't say much as things wound down. Eventually, my cock slid out of her and we shared a passionate kiss without saying much more. I was almost nervous to ask about it in the days that followed. I knew she had told me more than I initially was supposed to hear. But the sex was amazing and she would bring up the subject of Tony nearly every time we had sex. I would feed her imagination with questions and ideas trying to fan the flame. I was nearly certain I wanted her to go though with this. But there was one little sliver of my mind that had reservations. There is some deep psychological explanation I a sure but I just wasn't one hundred percent certain of what my reaction would be once she had done it. And that made me nervous.

Throughout the next few months, I would bring Tony up quite often. I would even bring him up in casual conversation which was new to us. All of our other ideas had stayed in the bedroom. And talking about him while sitting on the couch took on a whole new outlook. But I could still sense that Tara very much wanted something to happen at some time in the future with this guy. The logistics of it made things a little less tangible but I was determined. I had decided that our next best chance with Tony was the day of the wedding. I shared with this Tara and she said she had already thought about that. But with all the monotonous crap she had to do the day of the wedding, she really didn't foresee having time to line anything up. At the end of the conversation, she looked at me and said, "do you really think we should explore something like this anyway? I mean, it is awesome material in the bedroom but we have to good of a thing going to ruin it." I agreed that we did have a good thing going. But I also said if we were both secure in our feelings for each other, this should be an enhancement and not a threat. She thoughtfully looked away and she pondered her thoughts. I didn't know in the end where she would end up. Somewhere between her lustful feelings for Tony and the reasonable side of her mind. And I had hoped my last statement had somehow cancelled out anything her reasonable side could come up with.

October finally rolled around as the day of the wedding grew nearer. And as time dwindled, Tara had to stretch herself thin to put some of these things together from three hours away. On top of the wedding plans, there were the things she had to get together concerning our own crew. Dresses to buy, shoes to find, flowers, baskets, on and on. But she got it all handled and off we were to marry off my niece.

We got to the city on Friday afternoon. The rehearsal was that night and of course the wedding was Saturday afternoon. Tara was scrambling the first day getting things lined up for that evening and rechecking things for the next. The rehearsal went great and all was as planned. We all headed out to the venue where the rehearsal supper was. As everyone piled in and assembled, I couldn't help but have Tony in the back of my mind. I had creeped this guy on Facebook so I had an idea of what he looked like. I kept scanning the crowd for him but no luck. Late in the evening, in a whisper I asked Tara if she had seen him. She told me she had not.

The following morning was the day of the wedding and things were hectic. She was getting stuff ready at the church and hall where the reception was while I got kids ready at the motel. She came back to the motel and spent the last hour getting herself ready. When she stepped out of the room, I was in shock. Tara is normally very attractive to nearly any male but she looked amazing. I secretly smiled on the inside and told myself I knew why. We go the church a couple hours early for pictures. While our kids were doing their shoot with the bride, Tara asked if I'd walk her across the street to grab a bite. She hadn't eaten all day. I watched her eating and the conversation seemed easy enough. Half way through, she set down the sand which and looked me in the eye. She said, "You really need to think about this. You need to think about how it would make you feel if I went through with it. Not just in the moments after, but a week after. A month after. How will you feel? Honestly, do you have any reservations in heart about it right now?" I told her, "I'm human. Of course I have some nagging thoughts. But I am very secure in the fact that I love you. And I know you love me. And this can be something fun and exciting for both of us." She resumed eating her sand which but I could tell her mind was miles away.

The wedding went well. Nothing out of the ordinary to be spoken of. Also worth noting, no Tony. I was beginning to wonder if he would show at all. The party continued at the reception hall where food, fun, and a lot of booze was making its rounds. Tara was so busy lining up the next order of business all night that I barely had talked to her. The reception turned into the dance and it looked like everyone was having a great time. I just couldn't get over how amazing Tara looked. It was surreal to me. As the night wore on, I had kept my eye out for Tony but nothing. Finally about nine thirty, Tara poked me from behind and whispered, "black hat by the door." By her breath, I could tell she had consumed a few drinks herself. I glanced around at the several entrances that I knew of and finally spotted the suspicious suspect. I could see instantly why she was attracted to him. Instead of the usual attire that most 21 year old guys had on, he was dressed well. He stood about six foot and with an athlete's build. He had on a black beret hat and looked very distinguished. I kept glancing his way to get a feel. It looked like he knew a lot of people there as he was constantly visiting with someone new. And it looked like he wasn't shy about visiting with those he didn't know. Especially the wedding party. After a half hour or so, I saw Tara make her move. From across the room, I could see them casually visiting with each other, smiling, and laughing. Nothing crazy about that I thought. At about ten thirty, I decided it was time to get my kids off to bed. The party was getting a bit wild for children's eyes and I was tired as well. It had been a long day. Part of the duties Tara had agreed to was to take down all the decorations in the hall after the dance ended. Apparently, there was something going on in this hall the next morning so it had to be cleaned after the dance was over. The dance was planned to be wrapped up by about midnight. I began my search for her to let her know I was taking off. After checking out the obvious spots, I began to get excited thinking she had decided to do this right now and drag Tony into the near by shadows and fuck him. Disappointingly, I found her in the kitchen helping the catering staff load their equipment into their trucks. It was obvious when I began speaking to her that she had done a great job of keeping her buzz up since the last time I had talked to her. I let her know we were leaving for the hotel and asked if she had a ride lined up. She smiled wickedly and said, "oh, I got a ride lined up all right!" She winked as she kissed me and told me not to wait up. I smiled at her and yelled over my shoulder, "have fun!!!" I was so damn horny I could barely keep my thoughts straight as I got all three kids up to the room. We had decided to rent two motel rooms since there were two adults and three children. There was a door adjoining the rooms. I got them all cleaned up and into the two queen sized beds in the one room and mixed myself a good stiff drink to sip on as they fell off to sleep. Obviously, my mind began to wonder if anything was happening right this second. Or what if Tony was turned off by this idea when Tara sprang it on him. A lot of shit could go wrong here. It was about midnight and I got a text from Tara updating me on the dance situation. She said the DJ said he was going to go until 1 am. But she was busy doing what she could do behind the scenes to get stuff torn down. I asked if Tony was still there and she said he was. That she had talked with him again outside the building after I had left. She had asked him if he would stay after and help clean up and he said he would. I could see the plan unfolding in my mind and my cock was so hard it was all I could do to keep from jacking off. But I didn't. I sipped on my whiskey and let my imagination run wild. It was 1am when I decided I'd' better try to get some sleep.

As I lay in bed, sleep did not come easy. Images of Tara fucking kept creeping into my head and I my heart would race once more. I would check the clock constantly. I would drift off into a semi sleep state only to bolt my eyes open and peer at the clock. One thirty, one forty eight, two o five, two twenty one. Time crept eerily by. I took a leak several times but nothing would calm me. Finally, at a few minutes after four am, I heard her key hit the door. I was absolutely frozen in place. I was wide awake and my heart was beating fast as hell. I could hear Tara arranging herself in the entry way of the room which I could not see from the bed. I heard her place her coat on the chair. I could hear some rummaging through her purse. Her cell phone being plugged in. I continued to fake sleep while trying to keep my heart at a half decent rate. Finally she made her way into the far end of the room where I slept. Through a half opened eye, I watched her. She entered the kid's room and checked on them. A few moments later she reappeared in our room and began to take her jewelry off. She yawned as she fumbled with clasps in the dark and I thought oddly she looked as she did when I left her. I don't know what I expected nor do I know if anything at all happened. All I knew it was after four in the morning and wife was just getting back. She finished with her jewelry and retrieved a few items from the suit case. Standing at the end of our bed, she wiggled out of her dress and let it hit the floor. She removed her bra and underwear and also piled them where she stood. After she was naked, she slowly walked into the bathroom. She closed the door all but an inch or so and I heard a faucet start running. I waited a few seconds before I sat up in bed. I realized I hadn't planned this part of the night. I had not clue one what to do. I stood up and the first thing I spotted was her pile of clothes. I picked up the dress and smelled it. I wasn't sure what I expected but it smelled like her. It was the next decision that I made that changed things for me. I gently laid her dress somewhat like I had found it. And in the semi dark room, I fumbled around until I felt a thin silk like material that I was sure were her underwear. I gently pulled them from the pile and took a step forward so that the light beaming out of the crack in the bathroom door landed on the garment in my hands. Wow!!! I almost choked on my own throat as my eyes focused on the reinforced cotton liner in her underwear. They were completely soaked with a milky white cream that I knew was far beyond her natural juices. I held them close to my nose and the instant it I breathed it in I knew it was semen. It had puddled into a shape in her underwear four inches long and an inch wide. My heart was now racing so fast I thought I might faint. I have no idea how long I stood there smelling and admiring her cum filled panties. She had done it. She had taken it to the next level and I was so proud of her. I actually was shocked that she had gone through with it. Shocked but not hurt. Shocked but hornier than I had ever been. My god I had to know the details but I had no idea what to do. Like I said, I hadn't planned this part out. My plans stopped with Tara fucking Tony. As sudden as stubbing my toe, I landed back into reality. Tara was still in the bathroom with the water running in the sink. I was still standing there with my wife's underwear in my hand. And my heart was still racing to the point I was wondering how much it could take. I set the stained garment back into the general location I'd found them on the floor. I swiftly but quietly closed and locked the door between our room and the kids' room. From there, I slid back into bed and faked sleep once more. I was sure to face the side she would be getting in. After what seemed like an hour, I heard the water stop running. I could hear some more fumbling around and every minute was more agonizing than the last. I could feel my pulse in my cock and my testicles were so tight I that I physically was in pain. Finally, I heard the light switch click of in the bathroom and the room lost nearly all of the light it had. Tara slowly walked around the corner, lifted the sheets and slid into bed. I noticed she had put on an oversized t shirt in the bathroom but was unsure of anything else. She settled into place in bed facing away from me and with a sigh sounded as if she was going to sleep. I'm thinking to myself, man, I really didn't plan this part well. Not knowing what to do, I pretended to put a lazy, sleepy hand on her hip under the sheets. She slid back towards me about four inches or until the tip of my raging hard on came into contact with the seam between her two legs. She instinctively spread her legs, and I felt her hand come down the front of her and grasp my cock. She pushed it upwards until it contacted her slimy pussy lips. Her body slowly rocked itself as the head of my cock made contact with her swollen clit. This was short lived. I could not take another minute of not knowing what happened. And she seemed to sense this. I quite abruptly pulled back and propped myself up on my knees in the middle of the bed. Just as quickly, she rolled onto her back and spread her legs wide. With one swift motion, I lay between her legs and we began to kiss. I slid my cock inside her and what I experienced was almost beyond explanation. Her pussy felt slick and frothy and very much looser than normal. She felt twenty five degrees hotter than usual as well. It was as if a tub of yogurt had been placed in the oven until it was physically hot to the touch. And then I stuck my dick into it. It sounds absurd but that is the sensation I felt. Her hands both went to the back of my head and she pulled me in tight as our tongues intertwined. She muttered in a whisper, "oh my God!". I thought in my head I wonder how many times she has said that to herself tonight. I decided I was finally ready to hear details. I propped myself up on my arms and looked at my gorgeous wife. Our eyes finally found each other and we gazed into each other as I slowly slid my cock in and out of her. And a warm, frothy feeling was starting to form where our groins met.

I said, "I'm going to keep fucking your pussy but I want to hear details. Dirty details. I've waited so long for this. I have a gallon of cum I need to put in you but first you have to earn it."

She began to tell me the story in between thrusts, "Yeah, yeah, make me earn it. Well, I asked him to help clean up and he agreed. There was just two other people helping and they were drunk so they left right away. So it left him and I visiting while we worked. He was doing quite a bit of flirting the whole time. We were just about done and were returning items to the storage room off the kitchen when we ran into each other. I was going into the room and he was coming out. We both awkwardly laughed. And he muttered something about how much he had enjoyed our contact. I looked right into his eyes and told him the invitation was open for a lot more contact if he wished. I guess he took the cue cuz he grabbed me and pushed me back against the wall and we were making out. Things were getting pretty hot there but nobody else was in the building. I was rubbing his cock through his pants. He pulled my dress up and was rubbing my pussy as we made out. I asked him if he liked fucking married women and he told me only some of them. This went on for a couple minutes but we had to finish up so I called him off. But I was so horny I could have exploded. I couldn't keep my thoughts straight. We did finish cleaning and he asked if I was coming to his place. I didn't waste any time. We got into his car and within a couple minutes I reached over to feel that beautiful cock again. I unzipped his slacks and brought it out, my God it was huge! I feverishly sucked on him. I instructed him not to cum as I wanted that inside me. I could tell he was having a hard time driving and not coming. Anyway, got to his apartment and we didn't waste any time. His roommates were gone so I dropped his pants right when we got in the door and started to suck him again. He backed away, helped me up and told me it was my turn. He walked me into his bedroom. Typical bachelor pad, kind of a pig pen but I didn't care. I needed his cock. His mattress was lying directly on the floor with no box spring. He removed my dress, bra, and panties and instructed me to lay down and spread my legs for him. So I did. I was gently rubbing my clit as I watched him get undressed. His cock had to be nine inches long. And his balls looked like the size of cue balls hanging down. He told me to hold my own legs up and out so I did. I grabbed the back side of my legs behind my knees and pulled them up to my chest. My noticed how swollen my pussy was when I looked down, my God I needed to fuck someone and soon! He gently started to lick me, dipping his tongue into my folds and sucking my clit. I could barely stand another minute so I started to coax him. I told him he better fuck me so I could take my well fucked pussy home to my husband. He seemed to play into that. Within a minute or so, he pulled back from licking me and slid up my body. Within a second or two, he mounted me and lined his cock into position. I couldn't wait, God I couldn't wait. He began to force that beautiful meat stick inside me and I felt stretched and full. He kept whispering for me to "take all that cock sweetie. Feel that big cock stretch you out. Milk those big balls with your pussy sweetie. I saw you looking at me. You want my cock baby? Your married pussy want my big cock?" Of course I kept antagonizing him. Leading him on. Telling me to fill my married pussy with his cum. After a couple minutes, he really began to fuck my hard and I knew he wasn't far off. But before he got there, I beat him to it. The whole night's events compiled into a few moments and all I could feel was this stud's cock stretching me out. I could feel my body producing more than enough lubrication. I could hear his voice in the back ground but not clearly. I wanted him so deep in me. And unlike any other orgasm, when I reached the peak of it, I felt a huge pressure for a bit and I began quirt. I wanted him to stop for a bit but that didn't happen. He kept pounding harder. And driving it deeper. There was no stopping to rest. His balls were full and when he began to deliver that sweet cum inside me, I could actually feel it pumping. It felt like a hot balloon bursting inside me delivering what I'd earned. He kept saying, "take my cum baby! Milk that cock, oh yeah, oh God!" The sex hadn't lasted more than about ten minutes but we were a complete mess. I had sprayed him, he had cum a huge amount in me."

I was completely engrossed in what she was saying. I hadn't uttered a word or a sound for that matter. I kept the same rhythm while she told her story. I loved the detail. She told about how all her senses were heightened. My cock was as hard as its ever been but surprisingly, I wasn't struggling with orgasm yet. I let her continue.

"So we both finished up. I watched as he pulled out of me. I wish you could have seen that. It was amazing. He told me I was a great piece of ass. I responded he wasn't bad himself. So we cleaned up and visited for a bit while I got dressed. He said he'd give me a ride which I accepted. I was standing by the front door of his apartment which is right by the kitchen waiting for him and checking out his place from my vantage point. Finally he appeared from his bed room and came up to me and kissed me. The kiss took off. Again, we were making out and touching each other all over. He turned me around so my ass was against his crotch and I could feel him fumble with something behind me as we held the kiss. I realized he was fishing his cock out of his pants. He then lifted my dress and told me to put my hands on the kitchen counter for support. In a swift movement, he slid my panties aside and plunged his rock hard cock inside me. I instantly began to cum. He was slamming his cock in as hard as he could and I was in a steady orgasm. My knees were weak but it didn't matter. He had ahold of my hips and was pulling my pussy so hard toward him my feet were barely on the floor. Surprisingly, it didn't take him long to cum. Within a couple minutes of fucking like a couple wild animals he went completely rigid and released his second batch of seed inside me. There was no more dirty talk or bantering. Just hardcore fucking. Not much story left to tell except that cum you feel on your's only been in there about fifteen minutes!"

By this time I was getting close myself. I spread her legs wide again, pinned them far up her chest. I admired her for doing this. She had to reach down deep to pull this off but she did it. And with great success. I muttered out for her to talk me through it while I came.

As my tempo increased she said, "fuck your slutty wife! You like another man's cum in your wife? You like how it feels stretched out? Huh? I want you to watch me fuck him! Watch me as I milk that giant cock, watch me take that semen deep inside me!"

At this point, I could hold back no longer. Hours of pent up excitement began to fire out of the end of my cock like a firehouse. As the spurts began to hit their mark, she cried, "I can feel yours too baby! I can feel you cumming! Fill my pussy! Fill your slut!"

After it was over and we regained our composure, we both slipped into a deep sleep. I woke up at 6 am with a raging hard on again. I gently woke Tara up enough to get her panties off and once again worked my cock inside her from behind. At this time in the morning, we had to be careful not to wake the kids so it was a slow gentle fuck and she barely acknowledged it other than her breathing. I quietly deposited my cum inside her once more after only a few minutes of stroking.

After we got home and things were settled, we had a chance to talk about it with just the two of us. We both agreed we were comfortable with this type of thing and that no emotional boundaries were crossed. The sex for the first month afterwards was amazing. The encounter was almost always mentioned either during sex itself, or for sure during one of our orgasms. I encouraged Tara to stay in touch with Tony which she did for a time. But, as kids of that age do, he was busy trying to get his career on track and ended up moving across the country. For me, the ice was broken so to speak. And this experience has opened the door to so many fun things for the both of us to participate in. We are certainly looking forward to the future!

Thank you for reading. Name on SLS is Satisfy77

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