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Stream Fishing 4

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Later that evening we all meet for dinner, Kathy sat down between us at the table with a glow on her face, as to say WOW what a time I just had. I noticed the left side of her neck, bearing a hickey like a badge of honor, a trophy of Mike's actions, still reeking of sex. The whole time during dinner Mike and Kathy giggled like high school kids feeding each other food with there fingers, while continued to play with there hands under the table. During our dinner conversation Mike went into great detail how terrific my wife has gotten at sucking cock, describing how he took her ass in the shower, and how he fucked her four times in less then an hour. He then said ?I have a little surprise for you?. Turning his head to my wife he said "Stick your fingers inside your pussy???. ?Get them real wet, "and then place them in your mouth". Bowing her head, she looked at him and said "Yes master", I was shocked. I couldn't believe what I was hearing? What had happened? Mike, facing me said "She's now my bitch????I do what I want??..?She is for my pleasure??? ?I now own her???. ?If you want any of this??..?This weekend you better go along with what I say". He then said ?Let me prove my point?, looking at her he said "Pull your chair back show him your pussy". I couldn't believe how swollen and red the lips were, it looked like hamburger. He then commanded "Open you legs????Show him how hard I fucked you". Bending down, looking close, I saw large amounts of semen dripping out, with cum still matted to her inner thighs. Then he told me "Take your hand and feel how much I came in her", she was soaked. At that moment I felt like I was under his authority as well.

Dinner had finished, it was getting late, the sun had gone down, Mike suggested "Let?s go back down to the river". I new Mike?s comment was meant for me, since she had no choice in the matter. Not sure what to say, since this was awkward, he told us he wanted to burn some bud. He said "It helps with my staying power???.?My sex drive". The three of us left the building walking towards the river, the two of them holding hands, me walking behind. We spoke for a while as Mike was getting high. The smoke definitely was taking its effect loosening up his inhibitions. Conversation eventually turned to sex. Smiling between puffs he spoke of the enjoyment of how much more fun it was since we were so openly about it, not sure if it was our sex life or her being dominated by him.

I was given blow by blow of everything that went on earlier, interrupting each other out of excitement, with their hands touching each other. Soon Kathy pulled Mike's cock out, stroking it, occasionally bending over licking the top as if it was a cream cone. A large drop of pre-cum formed on the tip of his engorged head as she dipped her tongue deep in it. Mike pulled down her straps, exposing her tits leaning over alternating taking each nipple in his mouth. All of a sudden she repositions herself lying on her back across the log with her head in his lap. He exposed her beautiful breasts, as he reached out and touched her shapely body. Her nipples were bruised and hardening as she turned her head inward trying to lick his head and the underside of his cock.

Moments later he lifted her dress, exposing her shaved opening, spreading her legs to full view sinking his two fingers at a rapid pace forcing themselves in and out. Listening to the sloshing sounds of wetness, her chest heaving told me she was having crashing orgasm, trying to hold his cock in the corner of her mouth, like an over sized white cigar. My wife suddenly turned her head looked me straight in my eyes and said "Would you enjoy watching my master with his big cock fuck me silly". My cock was instantly hard. I'm not sure if I said yes or not, but I think I gave it away when I pulled my cock out and started masturbating. She turned to Mike with a big grin on her face and said "Look what we have done master???.?This pour man with his little cock, is going to have to masturbate and get himself off all night long thinking about us.???.?Should we give him a show?"

Finishing his joint flicking it to the ground, he pulled her close and started kissing her. There tongues lavished each other while his hands squeezed her tits and lightly pinching her reddens nipples as she lightly stroke his harden cock. Mike stood up as she sat up, trading places, with her setting next to me. Still stroking my cock, Mike stood between my wife?s legs, with his cock dangling straight out. It was the largest cock I've ever seen with a pair of balls to match. His cock must have been 8 to 10 inches hard. I caught Kathy gawking at her masters cock, with her mouth lavishly kissing and sucking the tip waiting for permission to open and take it in. With her hand slowly messaging his balls, pulling slightly up and down, placing the other behind his ass, she forced his cock down her throat. I was admiring the effort she was giving, putting on a show for me I think. A couple of times, by choice or by accident, Mike would pull out, rub and slap his wet cock all over her face, then disappear back in her mouth. Mike stood with his eyes closed as my wife stroked and sucked his cock.

I looked down at my wife's pussy, her dress over her hips, her ass sitting bare on the log, exposing her crotch, fingering her clit, her hand a blur. Bring her self to two more orgasms while never missing a beat. Just then Mike grab the back of her head, forcing her mouth to the base, gurgling, chocking noises coming from her mouth, then he would release. Repeating this several times until her face pressed hard against his crotch, tears in her eyes, he grunted loud filling her mouth, as she continued to suck him off. Less then a minutes later he pulled out, his cock now soft, she licked the ruminants off the tip, then turned her head towards me, showing the puddle of semen between her tongue and lower lip. With a quick head jerk back, she swallowing his entire load, turning her head back sticking her tongue out showing it was gone. She reached out trying to grab the back of my head, as she tried to pull me down towards her crotch attempting to bringing her cum covered fingers with juices to my mouth. Looking me in the eyes she said ?You better not make my master mad? then told me "you better suck them clean now". Surrendering I sucked her fingers then allowed her to grabbed my hair with authority losing my balance falling to the ground between her legs, on my hands and knees. She Rubbed my face back in forth in her crotch, telling me 'Lick my pussy"??."Lick my pussy like a good little boy". This was a new Kathy I had never seen, saying "Remember what I smell like???.?So tonight you can think of me jacking off". She r*ped her legs around my waste confining my arms to my side holding me in place. With both hands grasping my hair in the back of my head firm, she maneuvered her pussy up and down all over my face as Mike told her how sexy she was.

Soon her body shook, flooding my face, laughing, humiliating me, while having an earth shaking orgasm. They both collected there clothes, saying "The shows over", Mike reached down and squeezed her ass. Kathy walked over and hugged and kissed me on the cheek, licking my face, tasting herself. She then bent down and kissed my aching cock. Looking up at me she said "I promise I'll make this up to you????Thank you." They then left me by the river, off to my bedroom suite hand-in-hand while I cleaned myself up. Later I went up to the other room for a fitful night of masturbation. When I got to my room there was a note, it read "This might help you tonight", opening the bag there was hand lotion, a baby monitor, and a Penthouse magazine. She then asked ?Would you like to have a threesome tomorrow?? She would speak to Mike and she would make it up to me tomorrow, signed love you lots.. My cock immediately jumped to attention.

My mind was spinning listening to them from the monitor with the thoughts of what would be going on in our suite. I got up to go to the restroom and I heard my wife and Mike grunting as she was gasping for air next door. I went to there room door, cracked it a little, still having a key, I could see them fucking in the dim light of the moon from outside. He was taking her doggy style. Kathy had her head buried in a pillow moaning and screaming for Mike to fuck her harder. His cock was shinny and glisten from her wetness, pounding her as his balls slapped her pubic mound, reaming in and out of her pussy. He asked her "Who's your daddy?"??"Who's your master?", she just keep saying ?You master?. Soon his body shook, I new he had just climaxed as he unleashed another torrent amount of his sperm deep inside of her. Mike began to pull out my wife begging, "No????Please master"??"I need your hard cock just a little longer"??"Please master????Please leave it in??..?I bag you"??"Please hold it in for a moment." I knew she wanted all of his cum inside her. I went back to my bedroom. After getting off again I was drawn back to here door like a bug to a light, looking inside once more, I noticed she was laying on her side blocking his view, giving him head trying to get him hard again. Soon they moved into a sixty-nine as her hips rotated on his face. Looking up noticing me standing their, her mouth full of cock, smiling as her head bobbed up and down, trying to suck him hard again. Getting less then half of his cock in her mouth and frantically stroking his cock following her mouth stroking, twisting, and wringing the shaft as her other hand had a hold of his balls, gently massaging them tugging now and then ever so slightly with her dainty little hands. Mike enjoyed every moment underneath sucking her pussy. I went back to bed to masturbate furiously while listening to them fuck until the late hours on the baby monitor until I feel to sleep out of exhaustion.

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