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Shebas BBC Cuckold Experiment

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"This is really scary," Sheba said in an obvious nervous tone. But her husband Sean reassured her, "We'll just see what happens and we don't have to do anything, but you know it's going to be exciting as hell." This was the first time that Sheba had played around AND included her husband Sean.

She and Sean had been married for over 18 years. For the first 14 years Sheba was the model wife and business woman. She was the soccer mom, the PTA officer, the perfect mother. It was only in the last 4 years that she had began to secretly have sex with others not her husband. For the longest time, Sean had absolutely no idea. Only recently did he discover a few of the details. However, he had no idea of most of her discrete affairs.

Her long time girlfriend Audrey was the one that had introduced her to the joys of sex outside of her marriage. It had started as a string of bisexual encounters between old college girlfriends. Who would ever suspect that such close friends shared so many dirty secrets. Audrey was the dome of the pair and often challenged Sheba to try many new things; they had many sexual adventures together. Although Sean did not know many of the specific details, he had just found that Sheba had been fucking her black stud Jon for nearly 3 years now. Anytime Sheba was away for a business trip, she was likely in a hotel bed with Jon. He had opened her eyes to so many new things sexually. There was never a time when she had refused to satisfy any of his desires, no matter how exotic they might be. She sometimes wondered how she had gotten to this place. But it was now her secret other life.

Most recently, Sean had confessed that he was intrigued by the idea of watching Sheba with a stud. He even confessed a "slight curiosity" about bisexuality. Sheba was troubled by the conversation and confided in Audrey. Audrey contacted Jon who said he was really not at all interested in being involved with a husband present. But, he knew the perfect guy, someone who really enjoyed the cuckold game. If Sean wanted to be the cuckold husband, he knew the perfect stud. It wasn't long until Marc the stud was chatting online with both Sean and Sheba. In fact, Sheba had spent a great deal of "private" chat time conversing with Marc. She told him much more about her relationship with her husband than she had ever confessed to anyone else; including some pretty kinky femdom activities.

Marc was not just any black man. He was a handsome, big, hung, muscular, sexually aggressive, dominant black male. And now Sheba and her husband were driving to the upscale hotel where her dark dream already had a room. The last e-mail she received from Marc included specific instructions on everything he wanted, in fact demanded of them leading up to their meeting. Unless they agreed in advance, there would be no meeting. Sheba suspected that Sean might regret opening this Pandora's Box. But he wanted to watch, and Marc seemed to be the right guy.

Sean and Sheba got to their room and began putting their clothes away for the 3 day weekend they had planned. There was a knock on the door. Sheba looked at her husband with wide eyes and ran into the bathroom. Sean answered the door and there stood the bellboy with a picture cell phone and a note that read, "Turn me on sluts." Sean went to the bathroom door and told her it was safe to come out. "It was just the bellboy" he laughed. Sheba came out and they both started to laugh. He handed her the note and phone which she obediently turned it on. It was the first major step she'd ever taken that included Sean, and her heart raced when she heard the beep of the power button. Sean poured two drinks and they began to relax. Sean could tell that she was extremely nervous as she tried to make chit chat about something other than why they were here.

Sean's mind was racing and his heart was pounding as he thought to himself, "I can't believe this is finally happening. Fuck, I hope it happens." The more he thought about her in the arms of another lover, the hornier he got. He walked up behind her and unhooked her bra, as she sipped her wine. "Ohhhhhh, you know the rules. I thought you weren't supposed to do this," referring her black bull's rather specific instructions. "I can do this," Sean said as he felt her tits from behind and rolled her hardening nipples between her fingers. "I think he said I just couldn't fuck you or make you cum in any way this last week." She moaned in a pleasing way as he turned her around, roughly pulled her top up, and started squeezing her tits together sucking them and saying, "Is this what your bull's gonna do to you?" She was getting noticeably hot and coyly said, "MMMMMMMMmmmmmm I don't know. Are you really, really sure you are up for this? Do you really want to find out what your limits are?"

Sheba was testing him again like she often did. She would pretend to step back away from it all, basically making it all his idea. Then she would let him persuade her to do something she already wanted to do. In this way, she could remain the pure innocent little wife and maintain absolute control over him without him ever realizing. He answered, "Feel my hard cock?and tell me if I want to find out." She reached down and squeezed Sean's extremely hard cock through his slacks. "MMMmmmmmmm I guess you do." Sean had unzipped her and she was stepping out of her jeans while her pulse was racing. Sean pushed her back on the bed and started to lick her shaved, wet pussy. "This is what your bull Marc is gonna do to this pussy?" "MMMMMMMMMMMMmmmmmmmm you think your're so fucking...... "


The sound almost seemed deafening. She tired to sit up, but her husband held her down on the bed and continued to lick her soaking wet pussy. He whispered, "Answer it." Sheba pushed "talk" and said, "Hello."

A deep male voice said, "Is this my sexy white slut?" "Umm, Yes this is Sheba" she replied. "Well Sheba, I'm sitting here with a hard fucking black cock thinking about you! Where's your cuckold husband?" "He's here too." "Are you going to wear what I told you in the email?" Marc asked. She responded while trying not to let him know that she was grinding her pussy onto Sean's face, "Yes I brought those things if you want that." The voice said, "Oh fuck yeah I want that. Listen, you have a massage appointment downstairs in a half hour. Don't worry about showering or anything, a friend is going to take total care of you down stairs and you'll love her. Just do not forget this phone and when you go. Send Sean down the hall to my room, #218. OK slut?" "OK."

Sean had been expertly licking her pussy. He had no intention of letting her cum but was bringing her very near the edge, while she was talking to her bull. She pushed the "end" button and as Sean slowed his licking to a crawl, he asked "What did he say?" "I have a massage in half an hour and you are going to his room #218." Sean paled a bit, "Did he say why he wanted me to go to his room without you?" Sheba answered, "No, but if you are having second thoughts, perhaps we should simply go home instead."

A half hour later Sean was watching the elevator door close as his little blonde milf stood there wearing the long, white hotel robe, flip flops and a 2-piece bathing suit underneath. The door closed and Sean walked toward room 218 with his heart pounding in his ears.

He knocked and a big, tall, black guy answered the door wearing the same white robe. But, his robe only hit him at mid-thigh, not near the ankles like on Sheba. "Hello Sean, I'm Marc." They shook hands and two of Sean's hands could have fit inside of Marc's. "Is Sheba downstairs now?" "Yes, she just went down a few minutes ago." "Great. Then you and I have some time to sort a few things out. These are absolute requirements, no negotiations." He was saying this while he was opening that short white robe. "I thought you'd want to see why you sexy little wife has been unfaithful all these dozens of times." He dropped the robe to the floor and and smiled as Sean stared in amazement at just how tall and muscular this guy really was. He knew from pictures, but this was something different. This guy was built. "Well Sean, what do you think?" Marc asked as he stood only a few feet from this intimidated, anxious husband. "Uhhhhh you're really buff." "You are thinking that she's gonna like this black, muscular body isn't she." "Yes." Marc started toying with him now. As he fondled the big growing bulge in his white briefs, Marc said, "You said you would be totally cooperative. Did you really mean it? Are you gonna be a good sissy?for us? Do everything I say! Do everything she says, everything you're told this weekend. One fuck up from you and you will be waiting someplace else while I use that pussy! Understood? .hmmmmmm?" Sean was mesmerized by that big, growing bulge and said, as he stared at it, "Yes I promise." "Good boy. You're not Sean anymore. You're?now Shawna the Cuckold Bitch, Got it?"


"Take out that lil white dick of yours, so I can see what my slut's been getting all these years." Sean was mortified in a way, but unzipped and pulled his very hard cock?out. "Not bad Shawna, but not in the league of the real men is it? No wonder the slut needs black meat so much. If you had any idea how much cock Sheba has had..." Marc pulled his camera phone out and said, "Pull on that lil white dick so Sheba can see how ready you are to help us Shawna." Sean stepped out of his pants and started slowly wanking his hard dick as Marc snapped a few pics. "I'm sending this one to her, he said, with a smirk on his face."

Audrey was sensually messaging Sheba's back as she lay face down on the spa table. Her bikini top was untied and her back was totally bared. Her French cut bathing suite was pulled up very tight, so her pussy lips were split in two. Audrey was a 5'-7" blue-eyed blonde with a gorgeous body, big tits, and a very, very kinky mind. A bit more wine and Sheba was already swooning. Audrey was telling all about her experiences with her own cuckold?husband and Marc. "I don't want to tell you two much, but it is sooooooooooo sexy when your husband watches; and you'll love it soooooooooooo much; and he is sooooooooooooo big and he....


"You'd better answer it Sheba. He doesn't like to be kept waiting," Audrey she said with a wink. "Hello." "Hi Sheba, look at the pic I just sent you. Our ?little Cuckold?Bitch is ready to watch you have the most pleasure of your life. Is my gorgeous soccer mom getting ready for some fun?" Audrey had expertly pulled the bikini bottom to the side and was fingering Sheba's verrrrrrrrry wet pussy. "Oh yeah I'm getting ready for your cock." Sheba then looked at the pic of??Shawna wanking off her white cock and she responded, "MMMMMMMMmmmmmmmm Marc, you are being very nasty over there." Marc answered, "Not even yet. I'll call back in a while."


Sheba hung up as Audrey was turning her over to apply shaving cream to her legs, pussy and under her arms. She began to shave her underarms clean and then rinse with warm water. She expertly shaved her legs and then sat her back up on the towels so Sheba could watch a sexy woman touch and shave her pussy. Sheba was transfixed watching Audrey's her long, painted nails glided over and around her pussy like a pro. She was pulling skin here, stretching there, reaching way underneath between her legs and shaving her sloser than she'd ever been shaved. "This is all for your black stallion. He really loves shaved white pussy.

This is your first time with a cuckold, so Marc wants it to be just right. He wants you soooooooooooooooo fucking bad. He's going to claim absolute ownership of your pussy tonight. It is a very, very special occasion when he permits a husband to be present. After tonight, you might only ever fuck with Marc or those he shares you with. You know that don't you? Your husband might never fuck you again" Sheba's eyes were almost glazed over as she responded, "MMMMMMmmmmm that's what he told me."

Audrey led her the few steps to the big lavish tub, where she stepped into very warm water with extremely hard nipples and a pussy that wanted nothing but to cum. Audrey poured the warm water over her sexy white body, soaped her body completely including her ass and pussy, and rinsed her with a sensual energy Sheba had not experienced before. Sheba actually wanted to stay right here in the spa and have sex with Audrey all night, but Audrey was doing as Marc had instructed her. She obeyed Marc just as Sheba ALWAYS did what Audrey instructed her to do. Audrey dried her off completely, painted her toes and fingernails with a bright red polish, put her in her long white robe and they rode the elevator to Sheba's room to get her dressed for her stud.?

"Come here slut," Marc said in a demanding voice. Shawna the cuckold?bitch was standing with his pants off and dick in his hand. He walked the two feet and Marc said, "Strip completely bitch." Shawna took off his shirt, his socks, and then his underwear. Standing in front of this incredible physical specimen he felt pretty damn cuckolded?already. Marc handed Shawna a carry on bag and said, "take a peek inside!" Shawna unzipped and took out some sexy black lingerie. He grew rather excited when he realized the bag contained the lingerie Sheba would wear for the evening. Sean had always loved when Sheba wore sexy lingerie. Marc said, "spread it all out on the bed and tell me what you are thinking?" Shawna began laying out the sexy things. First a tiny little red dress, then black stockings, a little lacy red thong, and a black garter belt; an assortment of makeup, and.... His heart nearly stopped when he reached in and pulled out a blonde wig and some serious "fuck me" high heels. He was confuse. Sheba wore a size 7 shoe? These were definitely much, much larger, and why the wig? Sheba is already a sexy natural blonde?

Marc laughed when he saw the puzzled look on the Cuckold Bitch's face. "Of course that is all for you. You seriously thought Sheba and I did not know about your dirty little secret all this time? Fuck, who do you think told her to start femming you? Who do you think told her to dominate you those times? Ha, don't act at all surprised you little slut." Shawna could feel his face turning beet red. He really did not know what to say. He just stood there looking embarrassed and staring at the things lying on the bed at his fingertips He really did not know what to say. Marc knew what to say, "Get your ass in that shower, get shaved everywhere and get your ass dressed and all made up in the next 15 minutes! Now get to fuck moving you little bitch. You are slowing things down!" Shawna looked at the floor in total embarrassment, but the Cuckold Bitch silently gathered her things and stepped silently into the bathroom.

Exactly on time, 15 minutes later, Shawna emerged from the bath in full dress. She had even done the "slut look" with her makeup! Marc was relaxing on the big bed and thought to himself, "actually the slut doesn't not look too awful bad. Nice job with the eye make-up." The little red dress was just a tad too short, and when she moved you could see the garters and stocking tops peeking out from her dress. The blonde hair looked pretty good. And those bright red lips, mmmmm. It was obvious she was totally mortified with embarrassement, yet her little sissy clit was definitely very hard under that little red dress and was giving away her secrets. She definitely was not very passable yet, but she would do for what he had planned for tonight. Marc watched in amusement as Shawna tried to walk gracefully in those very high heels.

"Now bitch, get over here. Take my briefs off and see the bull cock that's gonna own your wife's pussy tonight." Shawna's heart raced as her fingers caught the edges of the briefs and she pulled them down slowly. They kept coming, coming, coming and they were half way down his thighs before the head of that but massive black?cock?finally popped free. It wasn't just a cock, it was like another small limb! "Now, That's a fucking bull cock, isn't it bitch? See why I get all the sluts now?" "Marc put his hand on top of Shawna's head with obvious pressure downward, forcing her to kneel in front of that tree trunk. Marc stroked his his black cock?with his right hand and squeezed his huge black nut sack, so they popped toward?the cuckold?Bitch's face like two dark eggs. "See these nuts bitch? These are big fuckin nuts. Do you got nuts this fuckin big slut?" "Noooooooooo." "Tell me how big they are slut," as he began to hold the back of Shawna's head and slap her face with the cock." His cock?was really growing now and he said, "Cum on. You got some prep work to do bitch." Shawna spread her bright red lips without being told to do so.? That's when Marc knew that the evening would be a huge success!

Sheba, this is so sexy." Audrey whispered in her ear as she zipped her little black dress up in the back. It had a very low back and deep plunging neckline. Audrey kissed and licked her shoulder as she stood in the dress. Sheba got chills running up her spine and down her arms. "MMMMMMMMmmmmmmmm I like that," Sheba whispered. Audrey smiled. "Now for your wedding ring. He's going to demand that you wear your wedding ring. It's an essential part of the game." Audrey helped her with her ankle bracelet, and dark make-up, just as he'd instructed. Then she said, "Sheba, here is the tattoo he sent with me. You decide where you want it. Only requirement is that it can be seen in public." Sheba looked at the small, black and white zebra tattoo and said, "Right on this breast." Audrey applied the tattoo with warm water and pressure and said, "One more thing. He loves this a LOT!" Audrey pulled her top over her tits and showed Sheba her pierced left nipple. "If you let me do this to you, and it only goes really fast and only hurts for a minute, he said I could lick your pussy and get you off before we go to his room." "How much does it hurt?" "Come here you." With that Audrey led Sheba into the bathroom, where she had a numbing gel for the nipple, some alcohol, and a piercing gun. POP! "Ouch!" and it was done. That quick and simple. Sheba now had a sexy barbell in her left nipple. She knew Sean would freak about that.

"Now cummmmmmmmmmmmmm here you." Audrey led Sheba to the bed, pushed her dress up over her sexy, freshly shaved pussy, laid between her sexy long legs and began to lick and finger her pussy. It was incredible because Audrey licked and sucked and finger fucked her sooooooooooo well. Unfortunately, she made her wait and wait to cum. The phone let out a disturbing ring and Sheba pushed "talk" and heard, "Look at this slut." She looked at the screen on her picture phone and a series of pictures showing Shawna the cuckold?Bitch kneeling and shaving Marc's huge balls and pubic area. At first Sheba did not realize she was seeing her husband. The blonde hair and red lips disguised her well. But in one of the later pics, Shawna was looking right into the camera as she held the big cock to the side for access to those nuts. All the while, Audrey was between Sheba's legs licking her pussy closer and closer to orgasm. Sheba looked the last couple pics, where Shawna was licking those big black balls. When Sheba saw the last pic of Shawna's red lips stretched over Marc's cock, she absolutely could not believe her eyes. Shawna was taking his cock deep in her mouth. Sheba stared in amazement as her big bull cock was raping the mouth of her husband of 18 years. That's all Sheba could take! She came so hard in Audrey's face and moaned so loud that Audrey looked like a glazed statue lying between those sexy long legs.

They lay there together for a few minutes as Sheba recovered from her explosive orgasm. "Come on my lover. Let's go get some dinner downstairs." They got up and pulled themselves together. Sheba and Audrey slowly did each others makeup. Sheba put on a sexy garter belt and a pair of thigh high stockings. Over the garter, she slipped into a tiny lacey thong. Last, she slipped into some sexy heels before walking to the elevators.

To Sheba's surprise, down stairs Marc and the Cuckold Bitch were in a booth in the lounge, waiting for the women to arrive. As the pair of beautiful blonde hot wives approached, Marc looked over at Shawna and said, "Skedaddle Bitch. Your wife needs to sit here. Audrey take him to that table over there for a drink, ok?"? Shawna looked a bit disappointed, but slid out of the booth and Sheba slid in right next to her new bull. The waiter came and immediately turned around and looked at?Shawna across the room and turned back and immediately understood the situation. With a look on his face and wry smile that said, "You da man! What can I get for you and your lady?" The drinks came quickly and often as Marc sat with his muscular arm around Sheba and drank, snacked, and laughed occasionally. ?The Cuckold Bitch was very anxious to know what was being said. But because of the size of the room, all she could do is hear murmurs and watch everything as he sat there with Audrey. His wife would laugh and squeeze Marc's big arm, digging with her long red nails. Shawna watched with a mixture of excitement and horror as he watched Sheba finally move her hand up Marc's muscular thigh. He watched as her hand was made to look very small on that big thigh. Sheba smiled a broad smile and turned her head to make direct eye contact with Shawna. As she stared, Sheba felt the inside of his thigh and finally found that massive member through his slacks. And oh the Cuckold Bitch knew exactly when her hand found it because he saw Marc lewdly spread his legs and turn more to face the cuckold?Bitch. Marc leaned over and whispered something in Sheba's ear and licked her neck a little. To top it all off, Audrey was giving Shawna a not so welcome play-by-play of the action. "Uh oh Cucky, She just found her bull's big cock. Fuck sissy, you're done now. Hee-hee-hee." Sheba's hand never left the big black cock again. For the next five minutes her hand rubbed and slid up and down that thigh like she'd found a treasure. All the while Shawna Bitch agonizingly watched the whole thing unfold.

Then when the smart ass waiter returned, Marc said to him, "Look at her sissy hubby over there. Now look at this." He pulled Sheba's dress up and pulled her little lacey red thong to the side to show him the slut wife's freshly shaved pussy. The waiter let out a gasp and said, "Holy fuck! I'll bet you are gonna tear that up, aren't you?" Marc smiled and said "You damn right, starting right now" and quickly slid two thick black fingers into her soaking wet cunt. He pulled his fingers back out, licked them clean and called Audrey on the cell across the room. "Take the Cuckold Bitch up to my room and get him ready for this evening."

Back in the room, Audrey began the final preparations for the evening. She smiled wickedly as she opened a dresser drawer and produced a red leather collar, and some black leather bondage cuffs for ankles and wrists. "He said you were to put these on for them." Shawna objected and turned pale; "What? Are you kidding? No way." Audrey quickly responded, "He won't let you be present if you don't wear these. No matter what he is gonna fuck her, so if you wanna be here, this is what is gonna happen. Just ask my husband. He knows all too well!" Shawna sighed and held out her wrists to receive the cuffs. After the Cuckold Bitch was collared and cuffed, Audrey turned down the lights and instructed Shawna to sit in a chair in the corner of the room and wait. Audrey opened the door to the adjoining room and left without saying another word. Shawna sat quietly for what seemed like an eternity. In a few minutes, the door opened and in walked Marc and Sheba, arm in arm. Sheba's her hair was already a bit messy, and her lipstick a little smeared like they'd been making out in the elevator or in the hallway. Marc looked at Sheba and nodded like he had instructed her beforehand. She smiled and said, "Cuckold Bitch, stand up and show us your pretty things." As Shawna slowly stood up, Marc wrapped his arms around Sheba from behind while Sheba stared at her husband in near disbelief. Marc's big hands were all over Sheba's body. One hand was on her breast while the other slid up under her short dress and began to finger her dripping pussy. Marc said, "Cuckold Bitch, come over here and help your slut wife out of this dress." Shawna walked over and without a word, began to unzip Sheba's dress as Marc stepped back and watched. Shawna pulled it down over Sheba's breasts and held her hand to steady her as the dress slid to the floor and she stepped out of it. Her black stud took one look at Sheba's rock hard nipples and her new piercing and said, "Oh fuck yessssssssssssssssssssssss. I love that. Shawna, get her out of those panties too. Shawna gently pulled the lacey thong down and off so that Sheba was standing in front of the stud in nothing but her stockings, garters, and high heels.

"Time to strip me now bitch."? Shawna the cuckold?Bitch took took Marc's shirt and pulled it off. Shawna unzipped the studs pants and knelt down to pull them off. As she did, she had to take that black cock in her hand and help free it from the trousers. As Marc stepped out of his clothing, he looked at his Cuckold Bitch and said, "Now, I want your gorgeous wife to see how much you really enjoyed getting me ready for her hot pussy!" As he said this, he presented his hard cock to Shawna's face. "Go ahead, she already knows. She knows you are a sissy now. Bitch, get me ready to fuck your wife's pussy!" Sheba stood watching in awe as this big, muscular black man placed both hands on her husbands head and was mesmerized as she watched her sissy husband willingly open his lips and accept the black cock in hi mouth. She heard Marc almost hiss, "Good bitch boi. Good boi. Suck your wife's big nigger cock?. Do it slut. Mmmmmmmmmm good bitch. Oh yea, you are either a lot more experienced at this than I thought, or you are a natural born cocksucker, ha!" Then Marc looked at Sheba and said, "Well my hot slut, do you have any doubts about your sissy husband now? Do you believe me now? I guess this removes any doubts. I told you he would be any easy switch." Marc looked at Sheba standing there and said, "You two bitch's are gonna share your new black bulls cock for a while. Get over here and kneel with her." Sheba knelt and began to suck the black cock while the cuckold?Bitch licked and sucked his big balls. "MMMMmmmmmmm you two are great cocksuckers ...oh fuck ..I think I need that hot pussy now."?

Marc abruptly pulled his hard cock away from the two and said, "Faggot boi get over here and sit in this chair." Shawna quietly walked over and sat in the wooden chair. It seemed strangely plain and institutional for such a luxury hotel room. After she sat down, Marc quickly attached the wrist and ankle cuffs to the chair. Now that Shawna was helpless and firmly attached to the wooded chair, Marc reached down and lifted the bottom of her dress so that her extremely hard cock was fully exposed. Unfortunatetly for Shawna, she was dying to touch herself but was totally unable to do anything except watch what was surely was about to follow. As Marc walked back over to the bed, Shawna watched as Sheba began unwraping a condom. Even though they had agreed that this would happen, it still seemed surreal to watch. Marc stepped up to Sheba and thrust his big cock in her face. . Marc roughly pushed Sheba back on the bed and began to lick her pussy. No, not licked it; he ate her cunt like a wild beast. He was finally getting what he'd been waiting for and he was gonna get it all. He licked, rubbed, fingered, and almost fisted her smooth white cunt until she was on the verge of a strong orgasm. Then he stood over her and said, "You better get the condom unwrapped fast bitch unless you want a surprise." She quickly used her hands and mouth to roll the protection onto his black meat with a lot more expertise than was expected. She and Sean had never used condoms in their marriage. She had stopped using the pill a year earlier after Sean had his vasectomy. Since Sheba was a fertile woman, condoms were a necessity.

Marc said, "slut, I want to watch you play with your cunt slut! Show me what you have for me" Sheba lay back on the bed and spread her stocking covered legs as wide as she could. She spread her pussy lips with one hand and fingered her wetness and clit with her other hand. Her head tilted back and Marc could see she would orgasm quickly if he did not stop her. The Cuckold Bitch watched with excitement as Marc took Sheba's hand and placed it on his rubber covered cock. He told her to guide it to where she wanted it most. Of course she led him between her legs and rubbed the huge head up and down her slippery pussy. Marc shifted his weight and began to slowly slide the meat into Sheba. Cucky watched Sheba's eyes open in surprise as the massive meat split her pussy. He heard her gasp, but was not sure if it was a gasp of pain or of pleasure. As he seemed to hit the bottom of her tight pussy, Marc slowly began to slide in and out. Each time he seemed to go a bit deeper until soon she had taken him all the way and was wrapping her legs up over his hips. Very soon she was pulling on his hips and encouraging him to thrust harder and harder. "MMMMMMMmmmmmmmmm you fucking slut ..take my big nigger cock?you slut! Take this big nigger cock. Oh fuck yesssssssssssssss you're a tight little bitch." Marc started fucking and then pounding her so hard her tits bounced with every stroke in and out. He was plowing his new pussy and she was not moaning, but squealing so loud that Shawna was afraid the other rooms would hear her.

Marc demanded, "Tell me what you are slut." Shawna had hardly ever heard Sheba say an improper word, yet she started rattling off the longest string of obscenities she'd ever uttered. "I'm your nigger loving slut... I'm your black cock?loving slut wife ....Oh I love your big black cock.?..make me a nigger cock?loving married white slut ...oh fuck oh fuck .ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh fuuuuuck "

Just then Marc paused this pounding and whispered something in Sheba's ear. Shawna could see that she was puzzled, thinking about something. Then Sheba smiled and nodded 'yes several times. Then Marc said, "well then you need to tell me what you want." Sheba quickly said, "I want it from you. I want it deeper. I neeeeed it baby. Please, please, please give me your black cum baby. Please let me take you bare." Marc quickly pulled his big cock out and Shawna saw how it was slick with Sheba's juices. Sheba quickly pulled the giant condom off and asked Marc what she should do with it? Marc told her to "do with it what you think it best" and began to laugh. Of course Sheba climbed off the bed and walked over to her husband. Sean could see her juices dripping down her sexy stocking-covered legs. Sheba slid her wet pussy up and down Shawna's stocking covered leg and smiled as she simply dr*ped the big wet rubber over Shawna's hard cock and climbed back onto the big bed.

Marc was lying on his back on the bed, his big cock standing tall at attention. Sheba smiled and climbed on top and slowly mounted him. She reached between her sexy legs and grasped the big pole. She began to easily slide down his big cock until she had taken him completely. She began to rock, then thrust, harder and harder. It only seemed like several minutes until they both began to cum in a violent climax! She was screaming and he shouted about filling her with nigger cum. Sheba had just taken a giant load of cum so much deeper than she had ever been penetrated before in her life!

As they lay there together afterwards, Marc smiled and said, "by the way gorgeous, this hot little pussy is now officially mine. The Cuckold Bitch will not be fucking you anymore; Maybe never again in fact. So sexy slut, I think its time for the sissy to give your pussy a good cleaning with her tongue. Afterwards, perhaps I will let her suck me hard again before round two of your black cock training. You have a lot of sexy experiences in store.

This was going to be a sexual weekend.?

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