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Secret Cuckold

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My wife D cuckolded me a few years ago after 20 years of marriage. Michael, a much younger guy lived down the street with his equally young wife. He worked evenings and his wife ? like me ? worked days. D was 43 and he was 27. I became suspicious that he always seemed to be at our house when I came home and, one day, I just came out and asked Michael if he was fucking my wife. Michael was reluctant to discuss it at first. He seemed to be concerned because I was D?s husband. I finally convinced him that I really wanted to know and I promised not to freak out.

Michael confirmed my suspicions. It had all started about three months earlier, in late April or early May. D was working part time, and usually got home at about 1:00 in the afternoon. I often worked late, and sometimes didn?t get home until 7:30 or 8:00. My wife asked me that I call her before I left work so she could have dinner ready and, over time, it had become an ingrained habit.

One day, however, I managed to get off early and came home at about 4:30 without calling. I walked into the kitchen and saw my wife leaning up against the kitchen counter and Michael standing about three feet away from her. They both looked at me a little sheepishly, I thought I saw ?cat that ate the canary? look on Michael?s face. A few weeks later, he told me what had actually happened.

According to Mike, it all started one day when he came by to see if he could borrow my cordless drill. D came to the door barefoot in a pair of white shorts and a tank top. After he dropped a hint, my wife got him a glass of tea and they stood in the kitchen talking.

Mike said he complimented D on her body and she responded that he had a nice body too. Taking this as a cue, Mike pressed my loving wife against the kitchen counter and kissed her. D returned the kiss and wrapped her arms around Mike?s neck while his hands roamed over her back and butt. Mike said he was squeezing her tits and pinching her nipples while my wife squirmed and continued kissing him.

When he felt D?s hand brush against the front of his jeans, stroking his cock, Mike pushed his hand inside her shorts and panties, feeling her clit under his fingers. D seemed to come to her senses and tried to pull his hands out of her shorts and away from her tits, but Mike could tell her heart wasn?t in it. Without breaking their kiss, Mike moved her to the sofa and set about getting into her pants. He worked D?s shorts and panties off while laying on top of her kissing her. D protested that she was married and shouldn?t be doing this, but her hands kept roaming across his hard young body and ? occasionally ? across his now-hard cock.

Mike ignored my wife?s token protests and, pulling his own shorts off, he eased his throbbing cock into her pussy. He laughed when he told me how she continued to object. She said, ?No Mike, I can?t do this? really I shouldn?t? OHHH GOD!!? Once D started moving her hips up to meet his strokes, Mike set about fucking her hard and fast. D continued to alternate between objecting and begging him to fuck her harder until she had at least one, maybe two, orgasms. Mike said he just kept pounding my wife?s pussy with his bareback cock until he pumped a load of cum into her married pussy.

Just then D?s phone rang, and she picked it up while giving Mike ?be quiet? look. While her lover?s cock was still inside her, my wife let me tell her I was on my way. She told me she loved me and that dinner would be ready by the time I got home. Mike said he got his pants on and left quickly, leaving my wife sprawled on the couch with his cum dripping out of her pussy.

According to Mike, he fucked D two or three times a week after that. He said she always objected and said she couldn?t do it, but was never able to resist his insistent advances. Mike said my wife seemed to have a submissive side that liked to be dominated. In fact, as time went by, she fought him harder, telling him he would have to force her, which he happily did. It seems D loved it, and always kissed him and thanked him afterwards. I had never noticed that before, but then I?m not a particularly aggressive lover. Apparently Mike was able to stir passions in my wife that I did not know about. It probably helped that his cock was at least two inches longer than mine and quite a bit thicker. I know. He showed it to me, the arrogant bastard!

The day I caught them in a compromising position Mike said he had just held my wife down on our sofa and fucked her senseless. He said he had started kissing her hard and deep as soon as he walked in the house. She responded passionately until he reached under her dress and started fingering her pussy. D pushed at his hand and begged him to stop because her husband might catch them ? how ironic! She struggled some, but not enough that he would leave bruises. Mike said he stripped D naked right there in the kitchen, kissing her and fending off her token slaps and punches. He pulled her into the living room, pushed my wife to her knees and told her to suck his cock. She looked into his eyes timidly as she worshiped his growing erection, begging him all the while not to fuck her.

Mike said that, once my wife had gotten his cock was fully hard, he pulled her to her feet and pushed her onto the couch, prying her legs apart and driving his cock into her soaking wet pussy. Mike said that she had been taking cock for about fifteen minutes ? bringing her to her first orgasm while she called herself a bad wife and called Mike an animal ? when they heard the garage door open. D panicked and tried to push Mike off, but he just fucked her harder, pumping his cum into her and bringing her to another orgasm despite herself. As soon as he came, Michael pulled his cock out of my wife and they both jumped up and hurried to the kitchen. They had just pulled on their clothes when I came through the door... That is why they both seemed so flushed ? and Mike seemed so smug ? when I walked in.

I didn?t know how to react at first. I mean, I?m over fifty years old. My best fucking days are well behind me. So part of me was glad my wife was getting laid by this well-hung young stud. I told Mike not to let on to D that I knew what was going on. He just smiled and said, ?No problem? so can I keep fucking her?? I didn?t see any way I could say no. I just made him promise to tell me about all of the slutty things he was able to make my apparently innocent wife do for him.

A few weeks after Mike?s disclosure he told me about how he fucked my wife at his house. Apparently D dropped by to see Mike?s young wife about some community project. D and Mike?s wife knew each other, though they were not really friends. Unknown to D, Mike?s wife had gone out of town for the week to visit relatives. Michael invited D inside before he told her that his wife was not at home. As soon as he got her inside, Mike closed the door and asked my wife if she was ready to have her brains fucked out. He kissed her hungrily, and D returned his attentions with interest. Leading my bride to his marital bed, Michael stripped her naked, mounted her and fucked her for the next three hours. He said it was so great not having to listen for that damn garage door! As usual, Mike took her bareback and filled her up with cum before sending her home.

Now that I knew what they were up to, I began to have fantasies of Mike on top of D, his cock pumping in and out of her pussy while she writhed and moaned beneath him. Sometimes I would get terribly jealous, but mostly I was just obsessively turned on by the whole situation. I began to eat my wife?s pussy almost every night, wondering if I was licking up Mike?s cum. Sometimes it seemed unusually puffy and wet, and I later confirmed that Mike had fucked her that afternoon. My wife seemed to get off on me eating her sloppy pussy, and began to push my head between her legs when we got in bed, asking me if I was her pussy eater. She usually came like crazy and I think it really excited her to have her cuckold husband clean her lover?s cum out of her pussy. In a way it made sense, since I really couldn?t fuck her properly anymore. It was very confusing, but in time, it just seemed like the new normal.

Michael started dropping by even more often once he knew that I was a willing cuckold. He always seemed to be dropping by to ?see me? at times he knew I was working. He also began to get D to go ?run errands? with him while his wife and I were at work. He fucked D in nearly every room in our house, including the garage. He fucked her nearly every week in our marital bed ? I think he really got off on that and, maybe, D did too! He fucked her in his car, in his bed, in my car and, once, in the woods at a community park. He continued to tell me about it every weekend, and my fantasies continued to grow. As for D, except for her increasing demands that I please her with my mouth several times a week, she gave no sign that she was cuckolding me.

Then Mike got a job working more days. Apparently this cut into his opportunities to fuck my wife on the sly, because he started dropping by while I was home. MIke would come inside, say hi to me and go straight to D ?sit by her, stand by her, whatever. At first, they would just talk and laugh while I was watching TV, reading, or working on the computer. One Monday evening when Michael showed up, I saw my wife hug him as he came in the door. I was in my office working on the computer and I left the two of them together, though I could see them through my office door. Michael and D sat on the sofa for a while, chatting and occasionally touching on another. It seemed that they were spending a lot of time looking into one another?s eyes and kept getting closer and closer. I could practically feel the sexual tension from the other room! I saw D glance toward my office then whisper something to Michael. She stood up and said ? loudly enough for me to hear, ?Come on, I?ll show you my new jewelry box that my hubby got me for our anniversary. They disappeared down the hall and into our bedroom. My mind began racing. My dick got harder than it had in years! I strained to listen, but our house does not have thin walls. Wracked with anxiety, I crept down the hall and listened at the bedroom door. At first I heard low voices and some laughter. Before long, I was hearing the bed squeaking and bumping. I was frozen in place, not wanting to miss a single squeak or bump. Without even realizing it, I pulled my cock out and started stroking it while I listened to my wife moaning in our marital bed. I came in my hand twice before Michael came in my wife. But that?s OK, I?m pretty sure she came three times!

When Michael and D came out of the bedroom, I was back at my computer. They came down the hall together and Michael said that he had to go. D went outside with him for a minute or two and then she came back inside. She stood outside my office door for a few moments just looking at me before she smiled and said, ?I think I need my pussy eater to do his job!? Right then I knew that she knew? I wasn?t a secret cuckold anymore.

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