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One Night

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One Night By: Fredinvirginia

There was something special in the air that night. Looking back on it now I think it reminded me a little bit of that moment when you first catch the wonderful scent drifting in from your favorite restaurant. You want to breathe it in, hold it deeply, until you feel it deep inside and it becomes a part of you at the most primal level. That?s the intensity of sensual energy that permeated the air on that evening. It was the kind of night when you really do believe anything is possible and you just want to be there when it all breaks loose. I could tell it was bigger than just me, because I was not the only one feeling the beginnings of that slow sensual burn. There was no doubt that she was feeling the heat as well. I could see it in the way she moved her legs in the tub. Look inside her and feel a glimpse of the tingle she was starting to feel even as we were poised at the very beginning of this much anticipated evening. You would have had to have been there, had to have seen it, to believe that the simple act of shaving could be such an erotic art. I slyly watched her out of the corner of my eye as I continued my own preparations for our evening of adventure. She was taking more care than usual and I know a grin had formed on my face as I understood that she had her own reasons for ensuring her skin would be smooth to the touch this evening. I had the same thought as I shaved as well; running my fingers along my face just to be sure? just in case? you never could tell what could happen on a night like this.

At last, the smoothness having passed her inspection, she brought her legs up and stretched them out, and I wished a camera had been close in the moment, for I wanted somehow to preserve that picture for a long time to come.

As she rose from the bath and the water droplets shimmered and then danced across her supple skin, I felt a sexual stirring inside. So many nights together and yet still, just being close to her never failed to move me in that way. It had been quite a journey these last few months and weeks. First the questions, is this the right thing to do, are we sure, what about?. well, so many things had been discussed, but we felt more confident now. More assured that whatever might happen on this night or any other, we would always remain deeply and forever in love.

I could tell she had chosen her ensemble with care that evening and I think that in the simple act of her having laid it out for me to see, she was in her own way offering me one last chance to change my mind, one last chance to be the only man to see her adorned in such erotic and sensual fabric. I knew deep inside though that we both would have been disappointed if that course had been chosen, for we were now fully and equally committed to the unknown.

I continued to watch her as she began to dress for our adventure, unwilling to let a single detail escape. I knew on some level that I would be recalling this moment many times in the future, and so I again breathed it in and began to mentally relish the process. She was mugging for me now, subtle yes, but it was there, the sensual motion of her body as she picked up the panties and slid them slowly on, the lace black hugging her, joining to her flesh like painted henna. The way she slid her finger along the lacy edge, ensuring the perfect fit of fabric on skin. Then the bra, matching lace and just as sexy as the panties. Straps arranged to her liking, the cups surrounding, hugging, and perfectly encasing her wonderfully full breasts. She sat on the bed next and took her stockings one at a time. She knew I was watching and I could tell she was enjoying being at the center of my attentions. Slowly, sensuously she slid them on and as the sheerness covered her skin one inch at a time I felt my breath quicken and my heart began to beat faster, each breath now filled with emotion as she continued.

It was in that moment that she decided it was time to add some lines to this now developing erotic play. I will always remember it. ?You like?? It was a question for which she no doubt already knew the correct answer for she did not wait for the reply. ?I have a feeling he?s going to like it as well.? And as soon she said it she turned and continued her preparation dismissing me as if I were her servant. For some reason in that act I could feel my cock begin to thicken, well aware that in that simple statement the game had now truly and at last begun.

When I saw the low cut and sensually form fitting dress she had chosen for the evening, my cock really began to twitch, but something inside me also began to feel just a little bit strange. She had told me that I should just dress casually so now here I stood in jeans, while she, on the other hand, was looking more and more like a true sexual goddess. When I asked her again about it she just replied ?You?re fine, don?t worry about it? as she completed putting the finishing touches to her makeup.

Finally we were on our way for our night out. The plan had been to meet him at the club, have a drink and talk a while, maybe even let them enjoy a dance or too, and see if we all felt we might want to experience more. When she had first seen his picture online I could tell she was immediately interested and when she read his profile, more interested still. I was really looking forward to seeing how things might develop for the future and the nervous energy I was feeling had my heart beating faster as we pulled away from the house.

As soon as we were underway, Linda said simply ?I have something to tell you?. Her voice seemed a little unusual and she looked out the window as she spoke. ?Yes?? I answered; becoming a little worried that she might be having second thoughts about tonight?s possibilities or perhaps just needed some reassurance about my feelings. ?Mike and I?? she began cautiously ?Well Mike mostly I guess, we have made a few?. umm, ?decisions? about tonight? ?Decisions?? I didn?t realize you had already talked with him.? Well, she continued ?Well, actually we did start chatting last week, but I? thought it best to not say anything until I had figured out for sure how I felt about all of this.? Well, she certainly had my full attention at this point. ?First of all? she continued, sounding a little more confident now, ?We are not going to the club tonight. We decided it would be better if we meet at his place instead. That way we can all be more comfortable and our conversation will be more relaxed in private.? I could tell she had more to say, but I was already beginning to feel a little uncomfortable. I suppose I was feeling just a little bit insecure that apparently they had already had multiple conversations regarding tonight and yet for some reason she had chosen not to share anything at all about that with me. I couldn?t help but wonder what else might have been discussed or perhaps even already decided, but in the end, I was also aware that I had in some ways helped push her forward into this situation. I understood that it was only fair at this point to allow her complete freedom to move forward in whatever way she felt was right. The whole time she was speaking she continued to look forward out the window avoiding direct eye contact, but now she looked straight and deeply into my eyes when she said. ?You know I love you, and that I always will. Tonight will never change that, but?? and she hesitated, ?after tonight, things will also be different. If we go any further than this, then we can never again put the genie back into the bottle?

Hey, this had been my idea in the first place. Did she really think I wanted to stop now? Looking back now, perhaps it was my unbridled lust that had ignored the subtle change in dynamics that had just taken place. It had not yet fully sunk in that in fact it was now she who was and would be in complete control of the unfolding events. ?Honey, I love you more than life, you know that, and there is nothing that may happen on this or any other night that will change that one bit? I saw the relief in her eyes but also, what was it, a little wickedness perhaps in her smile, and I had to silently concur that perhaps she was right, that in some ways things might never be the same again.

She easily provided the navigation to his neighborhood; I assume having memorized the path simply so we would not get lost. The closer we got to his place, the more she seemed to squirm in the seat and I could tell she was not only nervous but mentally excited and physically aroused as well, and that was fine with me because I was feeling the exact same way.

I let my thoughts wander for the last few minutes of the trip, allowed myself to envision some of the pleasures, the images that I hoped to enjoy before this night would end. Yes, in my mind I could see it all, her being the complete center of attention, two men attending to her every longing, meeting her every desire, fulfilling her every fantasy. Funny thing about fantasy as it turns out; you can never be completely sure what another person ?really? dreams about.

Finally, we rounded the last bend of the journey and pulled into his driveway. She waited for me to open the car door and as she turned one leg out and then the other, I caught a brief glimpse of her stocking tops and knew that soon someone else might also have the amazing pleasure of helping to unwrap layer by layer this wonderful living present, might just get the chance to enjoy a taste of this most luscious of fruit. She was already two steps ahead of me as I shut the door and I moved quickly to meet her on the steps.

He opened the front door before we could ring the bell and I noticed his smile first, beaming and honest in his immediate appreciation of her beauty as she glided through the entry. I thought it a little strange that he pulled her close to him at once, not only in a hug, but a kiss on the lips as well, a first kiss that seemed to last just a little too long for a first hello. He turned then and shook my hand, his welcome feeling at least genuine, and that helped to settle my concern somewhat as we moved together into the living room.

He really did have a lovely home. The surroundings impressed Linda, in particular, as she had always had a flair for and attention toward such detail. The furnishings were obviously top of the line and the softer and well appointed accents helped make the space feel relaxed and comfortable. It was kept immaculate throughout and as I knew that as he was single, I was sure he must have had a housekeeper to assist with the maintenance. He led us into the living room and settled her on the leather loveseat while directing me to have a seat on the matching chair nearby. He asked us what we would like to drink and then left us alone for a moment. Linda continued to take in the surroundings, but my eyes could only continue to take in her, all the while wondering what she was thinking, and replaying the questions that had been circling through my mind all night, looking for any clue as to where her plan might be headed.

He returned in short order with our drinks and after serving, he made himself comfortable on the loveseat beside Linda. I could tell that she was a little nervous, as could he, but she seemed to relax a little after he leaned over and whispered something into her ear. More curiosity inside me, as clearly their communication was far more advanced than I had been aware of until this evening.

?Fred? he began after taking another sip of his drink. ?As you know by now, Linda and I have been talking for some time about tonight. Let me say first of all, Linda is a truly beautiful and sensual creature and everything that is about to happen this evening has been discussed at length, and I might add, is something that she says that has fantasized about for a very long time? I thought it just a bit arrogant that he might assume to know her fantasies better than her own husband, but I decided to play along for now and see where were this was headed. ?Before we start however, it is important, to both of us, that we are sure you are completely agreeable to these events as they might unfold? Geesh?I thought, move on already. We didn?t come here for a lecture. ?You see? he continued ?sometimes what we imagine, and the actual reality of it, can make us feel quite differently, so I - excuse me, we, want to be sure you are really sure you want this before anything else happens tonight.? I once again assured him that we both had agreed and were completely comfortable with exploring whatever fantasy either of us might want to experience.

Even while this conversation had been happening I had been sizing up Mike. I had to admit that his online photo had failed to fully capture the impact that this man had in person. I had little doubt now why Linda had been drawn to him; he really was a good looking guy in every way. His body was toned, and I could already tell he would be athletic underneath his clothes. He had strong features and a full build, not like a weight lifter, but rather someone who was routinely active. I had no illusions at just how competitive he would be in any test of physical endurance. He also carried himself with a natural confidence, although in contradiction to my earlier thought, he really displayed no outward evidence of arrogance. I sensed that he would in fact be equally appreciated in social situations by men and women alike. I wondered at his age, certain that he was younger than me although I?ve never been very good at guessing someone else?s age.

I also noticed, as we had continued to talk, he had gradually begun to move closer to Linda, and now they were close enough that given her obvious excitement by everything that was happening, he would feel the heat radiating from her no doubt over-heated skin. ?As Linda and I have talked about, and, only if you agree of course, it is our intent to provide you tonight with something that she has shared with me that you have confessed to her as one of your deepest and most intensely held fantasies. That is to see another man provide to your beautiful wife the most intimate of pleasures and to see her feast upon and enjoy the full menu of erotic delicacies.? I had to admit the guy really could turn a phrase. I was surprised though that they had already exchanged so much detail about such things while I had, until now, been completely unaware. I looked at Linda and her face was now flush. She was not looking at me, but rather seemed lost somewhere in her own thoughts. The last thing I wanted to do now was in any way throw cold water on something that she had clearly thought through and was now ready, in her own way, to proceed with. ?It is true? I replied ?that I have always held that fantasy, and Linda has for a long time been very aware of it, (as by now I saw no further reason not to be completely honest) and, if she is willing to offer that to me, then I will consider it a gift indeed.? He smiled broadly at that statement and I saw her begin to smile as well. ?Just one more thing we have discussed.? He added almost as an afterthought, confident now that I could not, or at least would not, retreat. ?Although I am confident that we all may be together again in the future, for tonight, we have agreed that for this first time you will be an observer as our erotic adventure unfolds.? Was he serious, did he expect me to just sit there and watch as he ravished my bride? Not to be an active participant in the act? I was just about to voice my disagreement when I glanced at Linda and saw her almost imperceptibly nod her head no. It was now and at last clear to me that if this was to work out as I hoped for, to open the doorway for what I prayed would be many shared sensual adventures in our future, then it had to be fully on her terms. ?I don?t see how I can say no.? ?Splendid? he replied, and with that one word he lifted his arm, placed it around her shoulders and pulled her closer to himself.

She settled in next to him and looked into his eyes, I swear with as much anticipation as I have ever witnessed, she slowly moved her lips closer to his. They had barely even kissed and already my heart was racing and my cock was beginning to thicken. I actually felt a shiver, not of jealously, but of pure lust, as they began their erotic touch. I found myself almost hypnotized as they kissed, not at all timidly, but deeply and with mutual lust, their softer kisses quickly growing in urgency and intensity. I could see their tongues as they intertwined, already behaving as lovers do, with a sense of erotic purpose, of destiny. She began to melt naturally into his body, her hands now around his head as her fingers ran through his hair, pulling his lips as well as his body closer toward hers. I remembered for a second when I had once been in that same spot, the intensity I felt the very first time I had kissed her, and with that memory also remembered that no force on earth could have stopped me from that moment until I would someday know her completely.

I reached my hand toward my growing cock without even realizing it and began to trace the length that was growing there. Then I moved my eyes toward where he would no doubt be experiencing the same, and true to prediction, I witnessed the growing bulge, obvious now, between his legs. Even under his slacks I could tell that he was a man in ?every? aspect of the word. Strangely enough, I had not really thought about what he might be like in that way until this moment. I wondered if she had already fantasized about his cock, about touching it, stroking it, sucking it, imagining when for the first time he would slide? duh I thought. Boy for a supposedly enlightened male, I guess I can be a little slow sometimes, imagining that it is always about the guy. Of course she had thought about it, and her body was even now beginning on the journey that her mind had already traveled. They were moving more urgently now, a natural, if perhaps unconscious, attempt to bring their bodies closer together, to slide flesh against flesh. In the movement her legs had parted and I traced the delicate line of her leg, from ankle to calf to thigh and then to where her skin disappeared under the hem of her dress. Although her dress had already ridden up from the movements, there was still some shadow. Her panties were just barely visible and I wondered if within the shadow there was delicious wetness, and when I heard her moan, a moan I fully recognized, I knew undoubtedly it was true. His arms were around her now and they were fully embraced as they continued to kiss, to explore and memorize every intimate space with their tongues. I watched as his kisses moved from her lips down her sensitive neck. I already knew how much she loved her skin kissed and adored, so it was no surprise when I saw her shiver. I noticed now that her nipples were perhaps as hard as I had ever seen, straining against the sheer bra in a desperate attempt to be free. He had still not touched her there, and I could tell this was a master was at work, skilled, disciplined in the sexual arts, knowing just how to bring a woman to a hot, erotic simmer without boiling over until the time would be right.

Just when I was sure they would become even more intimate, he pulled away, a feat indeed, considering what I knew he must be have been feeling at that moment. ?Are you ready to go upstairs?? he asked and she nodded. ?Is everything ready? she replied and he in turn nodded yes. Ready? That seemed an odd choice of words and I wondered what she meant by that but they were already rising from the sofa, a similar feat of will for her as I also knew what she must be feeling. I was spot on as I saw her wobble just a little bit as she rose to her feet. I was about to quip back ?Ready for what?? but they were already moving toward the stairs and clearly they were going with or without me.

I followed them a few steps behind and watched as they went ahead of me up the stairs, their fingers intertwined. Reaching the upper landing he pushed open the door to the master suite and followed her in. I entered right behind them just in time to hear her say ?Perfect, exactly like I imagined.? Entering the room, again I had the thought, master at work. The lights were low, consisting of a lamp on each side of the bed with scarves placed over them obscuring most of the light but allowing instead subtle colors to flood the room. There were a number of scented candles burning and I although could not identify the exact scent, they each added to the aura of sensuality that permeated the space. My eyes went to the kingside bed; the symbol of what I knew would soon follow, and I knew without feeling it, that it was covered in the finest of linen.

Mike had left no detail to chance I saw, somehow even identifying her favorite chocolate which now waited in a small crystal dish on the nightstand beside the bed, not to mention the champagne chilling nearby. I then noticed one thing, however, that seemed just a little out of place. There was a chair placed somewhat in the middle of the room. It was a simple wooden chair with arms, facing toward the bed about halfway down the side, spaced about three feet away from the edge. She saw the query forming in my brow as she had already been looking for my response and softly said ?We both thought you might appreciate a unique vantage point for tonight?s show.? The breath escaped my lungs with a sudden rush of emotion as I realized my fantasy was at last about to become full reality. Then I felt yet another surprise as she added ?But first we want you to undress.? Of course I had imagined that we would all eventually be naked together but I had never expected to be the only one undressing as they both just waited and watched. It was not a request however, she had been firm in her tone and clearly things were now on hold until I had properly complied. Having no choice, and wanting things to heat up again, I began to undress. Pants first, then shirt and socks, all discarded until I now stood, feeling a little strange in only underwear. My cock which had shown so much promise earlier was now feeling the confusion, as well, and began to play a little hiding game until it could more clearly understand the rules of this new and unfamiliar game. ?Underwear too, no time for shyness.? I wondered from male insecurity if she had just somehow read my mind and was suddenly in the mood to tease my new condition, but still the drive of the unknown was just too strong and so off they came. I could almost swear he snickered just a little but if he did, it was not overtly obvious. He did, however, hand her something and as she took it from him she directed me to have a seat. Settling myself into the chair she told me to rest my arms on the arms of the chair and when I complied I saw what she was holding. They were four padded Velcro straps obviously intended to keep my arms and legs in place. She placed one on each arm and then repeated the action just above my ankles. I was, for all practical purposes, now firmly tied to the chair. She paused, examining me for a second, and then asked me if they felt all right. The restraints were not at all uncomfortable although they were more than strong enough to perform as intended. ?No, they feel fine? I replied, my voice not sounding confident at all.

?I think we are just about ready to begin? she said turning back to him. Then she added ?except for that one other thing I asked you about?. My brow tightened now as I felt yet another surprise coming and yet also fully aware that I would be almost powerless to say no or stop anything they might desire from this point on. He then opened the door to the walk in closet and removed a tripod stand with a video camera already attached. I looked over at Linda almost as if to say; are you kidding, knowing how many times I had suggested we tape our own lovemaking and always having been until now rebuffed. She just smiled with that mischievous grin of hers, knowing full well what I was thinking, but said nothing. ?State of the art, works on low light? he was saying as we completed our unspoken exchange. I saw the red light glowing and understood that anything that would happen from this moment would be preserved for?well, who could know what.

?Come here you sexy beautiful creature, you have no idea how much I have been looking to forward to this moment? but I suspect he was wrong. She certainly did know, and now, fully in control of the situation, was about to well reward his patience.

They began once again to kiss, standing not more than a couple of feet away and I thought to myself, ?How exactly did I manage to get myself in this situation? This is not even close to what I had imagined from the start.? Still, all things considered, I had to admit that right now I could think of no place I would have rather been.

They seemed for a moment to have completely forgotten me as they continued to ?make out? like a couple of horny teenagers. Hands were free this time and while they kissed, they also began to mutually caress each others body. It seemed like an erotic version of a high school dance, although was sure the chaperones would have intervened by now. Slowly his hands slid lower on her back until they rested on her glorious ass, the thin fabrics of her dress and panties hardly an impediment to the delicious tingle she was no doubt now enjoying. I saw him cup her firmer in his arms drawing her body tightly against him and I wondered how it felt for her to feel his hardness rubbing against her sensitive Mons Venus. She answered my unspoken query with a soft moan and then I heard her whisper softly to him how wonderful it felt to be held so close in his arms. He continued to hold her tightly, making just enough room for his hand, as he began to slowly unbutton the front of her dress. He took his time, pausing for a moment to plant a kiss on each inch of newly exposed skin. I sensed his appreciation for her beauty was both genuine and heartfelt. She began to respond in kind by opening his shirt buttons slowly, keeping sort of a ?tit for tat? so to speak only revealing his chest at a matched pace. She brushed her fingers lightly across his chest as little by little his flesh came into view. When her dress was unbuttoned half way down, he slowly slid the top off her shoulders one at a time and again planted his kisses of appreciation. Her dress and his shirt fell almost in unison to the floor and as my eyes followed their descent downward, something partially blocked the view. It was only then that I realized that I again had a raging hard on, so entranced by the scene in front of me I had not even realized how turned on I was becoming. It was like the beginning of the best porno ever and I intimately knew the star!

He reached around her back and without effort unhooked her lacy bra. Rather than letting it fall to the floor she reached over in my direction and without even breaking eye contact with him, she let it dr*pe perfectly across my shoulder as if I was no more than the chair. Even though she never looked, I knew she realized it would excite me immensely? she knew me very well indeed. I felt the fabric touch me like an electric shock and it was close enough to my face that I could just make out her subtle scent. It was the scent of arousal, the erotic salt of her desire. It took only one second more for his lips to find her engorged nipple and I saw a wobble in her knees as the intensity of the contact hit her brain like a bolt of lightening. He took his time appreciating both of her wonderful soft breasts; an act of worship I had enjoyed countless times, but one I knew would never fail to bring me joy every time I would have the pleasure. She was breathing harder now and I considered that she might cum right there standing, holding him closely, while he suckled her with no less need than would a hungry child. Her head moved back in pure pleasure and I know he felt the same awareness as me, but he did not at that moment allow her the release that might now have come so easily. Instead he moved back to her lips and kissed her with such intensity that I thought she would no longer be able to stand up.

This time it was she that broke away slightly, but only in order to loosen his belt. I think she exaggerated the movements slightly, aware that she had both a live audience as well as a potential recording for posterity, and I could tell that she wanted to make sure I got my monies worth from this show. Slowly the belt pulled out loop by loop and once in her hand she let it drop ceremoniously to the floor. At least, I thought, she didn?t throw that at me as well. Immediately she went to the opening of his slacks undoing the hook first and then slowly sliding down the zipper. It was almost perfect quiet in that moment. I know she wanted to give me the opportunity to hear the sound of that zipper and I am not sure if it was reality or a figment of my overheated imagination, but I will always swear that I did actually hear it. It was his breath coming faster now as she sensuously began to pull down his pants, slowly lowering herself at the same pace until as the pants finally touched the floor she had also settled down in front of him on her knees, just inches away from his cock which was now straining tightly against his form fitting fashion briefs.

As he stood there now in only his briefs I noted that true to my earlier thought; he truly was a magnificent specimen of manhood. Firm without being over muscled, tan and healthy from head to toe. Even in the soft light there could be no denying that almost any woman would have gladly exchanged places at that moment with my very lucky (and very horny) wife. She teased him for just a moment longer, licking her lips in anticipation. Then she said with a feigned modesty, ?Is that for me?? ?Oh yeah? was his simple reply and with that she sensuously slipped her fingers underneath the waistband of his shorts and began to slide them slowly down. This time I saw her peek out of the corner of her eye at me, that devilish grin reminding me just how much she intended to fully enjoy what was about to happen. The shorts slowly slid over his firm ass and as his cock was pressed upward the tip came into view first, and then inch by inch his ample manhood began to emerge from its fabric encasement. ?My God you are so beautiful? she murmured seemingly in genuine shock that any cock could look so glorious. I looked down at mine and have to confess, although she never even hinted to me that she had ever been unsatisfied, I found myself questioning whether she would ever have the same perspective again. As soon as the shorts had cleared his base, his cock sprang fully forward. His shaft was thick and fully in its glory and had a slight bend upward. Instantly I realized that he was built perfectly to connect with what I already knew to be her most sensitive erotic areas.

She moved closer to him, taking his cock into her hand and feeling the firmness, while gradually allowing her tactile senses to crystallize around the sensation of holding him. Her fingers could barely reach around the base of his cock and his balls hung heavy, most certainly ready to deliver accordingly when nature would be ready. At first I thought that she was going to take him fully into her mouth, but instead she began to tease him, running her wet tongue first along the edge of his helmet and than along the length of the sensitive underside of his shaft. He looked down at her and after a moan from deep inside he said ?Do you tease your husband like that?? It was the first time since they had started their dance of passion that he had referred to me at all and I found it somehow unexpected. She, however, fully took it as a challenge and barely did he get the words out before her lips closed over his head. I saw her cheeks move inward as for the first time he felt the delicious pleasure of my wife?s oral skills. She moved gradually deeper along his shaft with each of her oral ministrations until at last she had as much of his cock as would possibly fit firmly lodged in the back of her throat. She held that spot for a minute and this time it was his legs that seemed to go weak. When she was finally forced to take a breath and she slipped back along the shaft again he moaned ?Oh Jesus.? ?Funny?, I thought sarcastically to myself, ?never figured you to be the religious type?, and I knew that I was smiling with pride knowing Linda was not about to let Mike off easy on this night.

When Linda perceived that he would be incapable of containing his building arousal for much longer and clearly not wanting to allow his climax to come this quickly, she licked him tenderly one last time and then slowly, sensuously slid her body upward along his skin until their lips met again. I know he must have tasted the saltiness of his precum as her tongue darted into his mouth but it only seemed to goad him on and I noticed that as they embraced, his cock was now rubbing between her legs, sliding lightly along the outside of her panties and knew it must be driving her engorged clit absolutely wild.

He reached around her and slipped his fingers under the top of her panties, clearly intending to remove the last barrier to the Promised Land, but she shook her head no and stepped back. What happened next shocked me beyond words. She turned her back to him and slowly began to slide her panties down her body. As she did so, her hands slid down along her legs, slowly presenting her delicious and very wet pussy for his inspection. I thought the poor guy was going to cum straight into the air at the sight of her luscious ass right in front of him and he moved closer as if he was ready to plow into her right there. But she had another thought in mind, and she stood again with her panties in hand. Wantonly she twirled the black lace on one finger and then moved over toward me. She softly dr*ped them over my hard cock and in the process lightly brushed my heartbeat pulsing shaft. Now it was me that had to contain my passion, for I actually could have cum in that very moment. Turning, she placed one knee on the bed, making sure I had a great view of her now dripping pussy, and then turned over onto her back and crooked a finger in his direction motioning him toward her, as if he actually needed any encouragement.

He joined her on the bed, and starting with her legs slowly kissed his way closer to her now dripping honey, his cock hard enough that it could have drilled a tunnel through the mattress. At last he arrived home, and from the first touch of his mouth, her entire body immediately responded. I watched as her hands caressed the back of his head drawing his tongue deeply inside her. I could hear the wonderful sounds of very ?wet? love as he began to ramp up his oral adoration. He reached out his hands and cupped both her breasts, alternatively massaging them and then focusing on her sensitive nipples. Both of their moans were more urgent now and they seemed to be breathing in unison. I could begin to feel a trickle of precum as it lubricated the inside of my rock hard cock and I had to force myself to relax, wanting to wait longer before allowing my own completion, Her lust was beginning to overtake her and I could feel even from my vantage how her muscles began to tighten. Her legs, which had been spread wide inviting him inside her, began to pull tighter together now, as if to hold him there forever. Suddenly she began to quiver, and I recognized that she was rising rapidly, reaching toward the point of no return. Mike knew it as well, and he began to show no mercy in his sustained oral mastery. Than for a moment, she froze in place, poised on the edge of the plunge, the quivering of her tightened muscles the only visible movement. There was a tremendous look of concentration on her face and I was reminded of why the French call it ?La petite mort? the little death, for that was indeed the look I saw panted across her face. Then in the next instant the dam broke. I saw her bear down, nothing less than an erotic birth, the beginning of an amazing explosion of emotion. As the dam broke, her voice was suddenly freed. The sound was not unlike a growl mixed together with pure joy. A voice that as a man, we long so much to hear. One that reminds us that there is no greater privilege than to be the one that has helped to produce such a glorious sound. Her convulsions continued for what seemed at least several minutes and even as the tension gradually released, the shivers continued to ripple across her, her body completely given over to the magnitude of the experience.

Little by little she began her journey back to earth, slowly beginning to relax, and gradually she able to steady her breathing. I knew as did he, that she would still be far too sensitive to be directly touched at that moment ,so he lightly caressed and appreciated her body, allowing her to float back to earth but not to completely drift away. Even as they slowed toward the relaxed pace of afterglow, my cock continued to throb, still moving her lacy panties with every pulse.

Mike moved beside her and they began to kiss passionately again. As they kissed, he once again brought his throbbing cock up between her, legs just and let nature begin to take its course as her heat began to build again, little by little it smoldered, hotter and hotter, until it once again burst into flame. This time there was something different about her movement, more determination, more intent, and I realized she had begun that most sacred of erotic missions, to join fully with her lover, with absolutely no reservation. She parted her legs again, this time as a prelude for what could only happen next. He needed no further invitation, and he moved with confidence to enter her from above. Although I know she had had no man of his impressive endowment inside her before, I also had little doubt that she was completely ready to feel him all the way to her very soul. He could have easily thrust deeply inside with one stroke, but he wanted her to enjoy the sensation, savor the moment. It was animal, yes, but also loving as he caressed her swollen lips, moving his cock across her sensitive clit and then backing away, letting her breathe before resuming the motion. It was driving her crazy and I knew more than anything, she now wanted, craved, needed him deep inside her. When he was sure of her complete abandonment of reserve, only then did he begin to slip inside. I watched as her legs part even wider, an unconscious invitation for his long awaited entry. Just the head first, thick and hard but made so wonderfully slippery by her copious fluids that still ran hot from her earlier orgasm. Little by little, pulling almost all the way out and then back in, every stroke just a little deeper, he worked his shaft into her heated love canal. The feeling was delicious, as her moistened flesh stretched to accommodate his girth, and then contracted once again to massage his length as he pulled back. It was only a few minutes before he finally was completely inside her and any question that I had about her physical capacity had now been fully answered.

They moved in perfect rhythm, the impressive coordination of long time lovers, even I knew that had not been the case. I envied him for the first time, knowing how wonderful it felt to move inside her. But I think I envied her also, for the wonderful erotic sensations he was providing to her as well.

Time seemed lost there, and for a period I think they actually forgot that I was even there, but strangely enough I was unaffected by the thought, more than content just to be there, to see the joy, hear the pleasure, breathe in the scent of passionate arousal. I held no internal malice at all, but rather, felt fullness and complete contentment in that moment. I watched more and more excitedly, my own internal barometer rising in sync with theirs. And their passion did build, the moans growing deeper, the breath quicker, the sound more intense, and flesh now connecting almost violently with flesh. They were far beyond any attempt that would stop this lover?s quest.

I could sense it coming closer, almost a mystical experience, as we were all three now drawn in unison closer to the light. My hips began to move in unison with theirs, and although I could provide no direct touch, the light brushing of her lace panties somehow provided the perfect feeling of stimulation. I watched as their intensity continued to build even higher, as over and over they connected. I could actually feel the heat of her skin, taste the saltiness of her passion, and smell the aroma of her arousal. They began to slow now, each shared motion designed to take them right to the edge of bliss. Slower they moved, more deliberate, as they worked in complete unison toward their final moments of erotic ecstasy.

Then with a mutual and deep growl they began to fall in unison into the unknown. I saw his ass contract tightly even as she began to quiver once again and I knew this was the moment of true lovers? release. With one final thrust into her heated loins I new it had begun. They were again frozen for a moment, every muscle in her pelvis working to hold him deeply in place, the tip of his hard cock pointed directly at her cervix. And with one final squeeze of her muscles, he released inside her at last. I could feel his intensity as his cock exploded over and over, and as she felt the initial blast her head rolled back as she exploded in her own ecstasy. Her legs involuntarily wrapped behind him, pulling him as deep as could be physically possible, and her body continued to spasm of its own accord, each contraction working powerfully to milk every precious drop of fluid from his pulsing cock. It was then that I could also take it no longer, and I joined them in my own powerful orgasm. Over and over my cock exploded from under the lace, the creamy fluid working thought the openings in the lace until the panties were completely soaked through with my sticky and hot essence.

We all strove for a few minutes just to regain some measure of composure for even the slightest movement by any one of us caused yet another involuntary contraction. It took some time to get to the point where we could actually move again and then it started. It was her first, just the smallest giggle met by my own quiet chuckle, and before long, we were all three laughing out loud together. The conversation shortly thereafter seemed to revolve around one syllable words ? oh my god ? wow ? and then, finally we were able to gradually speak normally again. Words like amazing and incredible then became possible.

Linda lovingly leaned over to me from the bed and undid the Velcro straps as she kissed me with tender and honest emotion, and although I felt a little stiff in the legs, otherwise, I certainly seemed no worse for the wear. We all casually got dressed, feeling completely relaxed, satisfied, and as the best of friends.

Mike walked over to the camera and pulled out the cartridge, brought it over to me, and handed it out. ?This was for you, all of it, and this, is a gift, from Linda to you? as he handed me the tape. I had a huge grin on my face and I realized that he was absolutely correct.

The End

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