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Night Of The Cuckold

Early evening and I'm picking out what to wear. My date for
the night's entertainment is, Geoff, a cuckold. It's our
second date, but the first at a swinger's club together. His
suggestion for my attire is a mesh corset that is laced with
ribbons on both sides, thigh high stockings, lacy panties
and a large sheer black scarf for a skirt wrap and heels.

Feeling sexy and slutty, my long auburn hair loose and
flowing about my shoulders and back. I find myself with
some butterflies as we leave our room to walk over to the
club. Once we sign in, we're assigned a couple who give us a
tour of the club and run down the rules for us. We are
introduced to some of the staff and greeted warmly.

Geoff had stated his intentions of catering to my every wish
and need tonight, as I become his dominating cuckoldress. I
order him to get me a glass of wine as I roam the room,
chatting with this person or that. I feel the men's eyes on
me as I strut by them, their hot gazes on my full breasts as
they jiggle beneath the mesh top, my nipples fully erect
from excitement.

Finally, the owners enter the main room and bar area to get
the night's festivities started. Pouring rounds of shots
for everyone and introducing the newest members, wishing
everyone to have FUN. I raise my glass and down my shot.

Picking out a table close to the dance floor, Geoff and I
sit and chat as I glance about. A few couples or singles
drift over to chat and stroke my shoulders and arms, saying
hello and introducing themselves. Geoff sits back and lets
me do most of the talking as I explain that it's my first
night here, and how I'm looking forward to it.

A few people have been dancing some, but the DJ starts a
dance with the host couple as the only dancers, and when he
says to find a new partner they will split up and grab new
people to bring onto the dance floor. With a knowing inner
smile I wait, and sure enough when the time comes they split
and head straight for Geoff and I. The man is quite
attractive and has undone his dress shirt. He holds me close
and rubs against my breasts, telling me how luscious they
look in the outfit I have on. He give me a hot look before
letting me go as the DJ says to split again.

I dance with several men, all of whom seem besotted with my
curves. I finally break and head back to the table for my
wine and to cool down some. Leaning towards me, Geoff
murmurs he is surprised that I not chosen a certain man to
dance with. His gaze glances over my shoulder and I turn to
look. I find a very attractive dark skinned man standing a
few feet away engaged in conversation with a woman. In all
honesty, I hadn't noticed him until that moment and felt
somewhat intimidated by how handsome he was.

After a bit of time, I decided to explore a bit. Geoff got
up to follow me. We wandered down a hallway, glancing into
the rooms that were mostly still empty. I was looking thru
a one-way mirror into the observation room when I noticed
the handsome man walking past me. Our gazes met and I
blushed, heat springing to life between my thighs, tingles
running up to my belly. I glanced aside and casually walked
back down the hallway. The man walked back and as he brushed
by me, smiled invitingly, to enter thru another doorway. I
lingered for Geoff who was poking his head into another

By the time we got to the doorway there was no sign of the
man. Sighing, I headed up the steps and down another
hallway. Still most of the rooms were empty. Geoff was
urging me to make myself available.

I laughed, "I'm trying. There was that man you mentioned,
it looked as if he was following me and now I can't find
him." "Ok, let's go looking for him," Geoff replied.
So back down the steps we went and after a slight hesitation
I went down the next set of steps to the hottub area. The
smell of chlorine was strong in the steamy warm air. And to
what did my eyes see? But that gorgeous man soaking in the
hot water. His smile beckoned me towards him. I could feel
his eyes wandering over my body as I neared him.

As casually as I could, I asked, "Mind some company?" The
butterflies tangling in my belly vying with the beginnings
of lust. He smiled and gestured to me with his hand to come
in. I set my glass of wine down and began to strip off my
clothing. My hands shook slightly, knowing I was committing
myself to the beginning of the feast I'd been anticipating
all week.

Shooting a look at Geoff, "Go get me a towel and then watch
over my stuff." Geoff practically raced back up the steps
to find the towels so he wouldn't miss anything.

As I didn't want my hair getting drenched I wound it up and
tucked it into a knot atop my head as I stepped down into
the tub. "Oooooooh! It's HOT!" I exclaimed. I slid over to
the same side of the tub and sat back, letting the heat
relax me. Out of the corner of my eye, I noticed his hand
floating near mine and he gently grasped it to pull me
closer. As he did I heard more people enter the room.
He guided my hand to his rigid cock and then left me to do
one of the things I do best..winks. His hand sliding
between my thighs to caress my folds. I softly moaned at the
combined touches. Before I knew it I was cradled in his lap
and there were people sitting in the tub around us.

He started to gently kiss me as he fondled my pussy, and my
hand was between his thighs stroking his shaft. I moaned
into his mouth as our kiss grew passionate. Vaguely I heard
the conversation around us but ignored it. Turning in his
lap I straddled his thighs with mine and guided his cock
into my hot pussy. My hips gently gyrated as I kept enough
presence of mind not to cause waves.

Finally I broke our kiss, and looked into his eyes, "Want to
go find a bed?" I asked. "Mmmmmm...yes, let's!" he replied.
We climbed out. Geoff was right there holding my towel and I
followed the man around the tub and up a very short flight
of steps into another room with a window looking down upon
the hottub area. I was briefly startled to see a naked man
sitting there already, but I toweled myself down quickly and
climbed onto one of the beds.

He lay down near me and began to kiss and caress me again,
before parting my thighs with his knee. He slid down and
raised my hips and pushed my legs back towards my chest
opening my folds for his mouth and tongue. I moaned as my
eyes slid shut in bliss. I remember brief glimpses of other
men standing around me. Hands stroking their cocks, edging
onto the bed for permission to stay close, for me to reach
out and stroke them. Offering me their cocks to suckle as I
was being eaten and aroused. Geoff hovering in the
background still fully clothed.

Finally the man slid his hard cock inside my pussy, his
urgency to fuck me overwhelming him and he slammed and
pounded me, kissing me fervently. I was aware of my left
hand stroking a thick, rigid cock, and my moans filling the
air along with the breathing of those other men. Suddenly,
he slipped out of my pussy and edged along my pucker,
waiting for me to say no. I bucked my hips upwards, urging
him to take my ass. He raised up and plunged inside my
pucker and I arched my hips against his. He buried his face
along my neck and began to bite at it.

The only thing stopping my moans was the dick that suddenly
filled my mouth, pumping in and out, my tongue and mouth
sucking and licking it hungrily. I could hear the man
grunting softly over me as his orgasm grew closer. "Let me
cum in your ass..", he begged. My pussy pulsed and and I
tightened my pucker around his cock.

"You like my ass? You want to come in my tight ass?" I
asked. He moaned, "yeeeees, oh my god, your ass is's so tight! Please let me cum in it!" I
whispered, "yes...cum in it...cum in my ass...fill it!!"

He groaned and throbbed as his hot seed poured into my ass,
as I moaned and clutched at his ass, holding him and
draining his cock of cum. I heard a whisper in my ear, "You
want another cock pretty Lady?" "Yeeeeees!! Please yes!!" I

I felt so slutty and free as the man withdrew his cock and
left and another man slid inside my pussy. I moaned as the
fat cock opened me wide and my eyes flew open startled to see who was fucking me. A face I recognized as one who was chatting with me earlier. The man tall and scraggly looking, but OH MY GOD! What a COCK! He leaned down and nuzzled my breasts, sucking at them hungrily. His hands gripping my hips and thrusting hard and fast. His hips working and driving his cock deeply into my pulsing cunt.

Another cock was offered to me to suck. Not even looking I grabbed it and sucked it deeply into my mouth. It felt even fatter than the last one. I was in heaven! I heard something and turned my head, vaguely aware that Geoff was at my other side asking me something. I was too out of it to understand just grunted yes so he'd go away and let me enjoy myself. As I turned back to the cock my lips encountered another set. Both the man fucking me and my own licked and suckled at the fat cock.

Someone grabbed my hair and shoved my mouth all the way down on that cock just as the man riding me began to groan and thrash in orgasm. My pussy gripped him tightly and my mouth was flooded with hot cum. Trying not to swallow all the cum I milked his balls of every drop before he staggered away. I motioned with my finger for Geoff to come close. He bent down to me and I gripped the back of his head to kiss him open mouthed.

Sliding a tongue full of cum into his mouth as we frenched. My hand slid down to the front of his jeans and I felt the
large hard bulge of his cock. I squeezed it hard before
patting it lightly and told him to get between my thighs and
lick me clean. Between the cum in my ass, pussy and all that
I'd gushed out while being fucked it was quite a mess for
him to lick up. I held his head tightly, fingers gripping
his hair as he sucked at my ass and then my pussy. I finally
let him up and kissed him again, licking at his lips and
tongue for the last traces of cream.

Sitting up I ignored anyone else in the room and used my
towel to clean up quickly before pulling my clothes back on
that Geoff had brought to me. "I found another guy like you
asked but he only does private," Geoff said to me. I looked
blankly at him for a moment before realizing that he must
have asked if I wanted another man while I was being fucked.
I laughed, "no problem. I just need a lil break first and
some more wine."

Back in the main room I noticed that with the evening
advancing and alcohol flowing, that inhibitions were
lowering. Many of the people were now wearing less or had
changed into costumes or sexy outfits. I sat down waiting
for Geoff to get me more wine. Several men came by and
kissed me and caressed my hot skin. Some complimented me on
my magnificent looking breasts, so I casually pulled my top
to the side or down to give them a better look. Eagerly they
would reach out to fondle and squeeze them. I was enjoying
the attention so very much.

Finally Geoff returned with a full glass and said he'd
wandered a little and found that there was an open door orgy
going on. So we went up to watch. There must have been five
or six couples fully naked, writhing and fucking and sucking
each other. Was the most awesome sight I'd ever seen. One
woman looked over her shoulder at me as she was being fucked
sensually from behind and we smiled at each other. I could
feel that tingle beginning again in my belly.

Eventually we went back downstairs and I stood near the bar
watching the other people. Everyone was so relaxed and
casual about their sexuality, it was soothing and felt very
natural. When men or women would pass by they would just
stop and kiss me and I enjoyed it immensely. There was
promise of more but no pressure. As I glanced across the bar
I spotted that handsome man again and he smiled brightly at
me and waved me over.

I threaded my way thru the crowd and stood before him, Geoff
close behind me. The man reached for me, wrapping his hand
in my hair and pulled me close to kiss me again. He
whispered hotly in my ear, "I want you again." Damn, my
pussy gave a pulse and my knees shook. I looked into his
eyes and nodded my agreement. He said, "I'll come for you
when I'm ready." Kissed me deeply again and squeezed my ass.

'Wow,' I thought to myself. 'How did I get lucky enough to get the hottest guy in this club? And to want me again?
Mmmmmmmmmmmmm' I wandered back to the other side of the bar
where Geoff pointed out the guy he'd spoken of earlier. I
remembered dancing with him. A nice guy with a Jamaican
accent and a slight stutter, attractive in a boyish way. So
I went over to him and asked if he was still interested.

Geoff kept telling me to make sure guys didn't use any condoms as he wanted to be made to clean my creampies. Keeping that in mind I asked the Jamaican if he wanted to use them and he said sure if I wanted to. I pointed over to Geoff, "No, I don't. Is it ok if he watches?" He said, "sure that's no problem. Whatever you want." So I took him by the hand and led him to a private room.

Geoff followed us inside and closed the door. I asked,"Is it
ok if he videos us fucking?" "Ok, sure! it's ok." So I helped
him undress and Geoff helped me with my clothes before
sliding onto the bed. We began to kiss and stroke each
other. I leaned down, taking his black cock into my mouth
and sucking on it, getting it hard and slick. Geoff hovered
beside the bed with the small handheld flipcam and videoed
us. The Jamaican had a compact nice body, a smooth deep
chocolate brown and a nice but average black cock.

Finally I laid back and pulled him over me and had Geoff
help guide his cock into my pussy, the flipcam ever in his
other hand. I noticed he'd unzipped his jeans and had his
cock out, rubbing and stroking it as he watched us. I spent
more time with this guy, trying several positions and
gushing all over his cock as I rode him. My moans echoed
through the room. The Jamaican muttering over and over under
his breathe about how good it was. His breathing fast, hands
gripping my hips as I was in the doggy position. Hips
thrusting fast as his cock pounded my pussy. I urged him on,
"cum in my white pussy, give me that black seed!! Fill me
with your black cum!" Geoff in the background asking me what
I wanted...

With a roar, he came, blasting his hot cum in my cunt,
jerking my ass against his hips as he thrust raggedly into
me. Sweat dripped off us both and my hair was a snarled
mess. The sheets beneath us soaked from me gushing. We
laughed and rolled aside from each other. He got up grabbed
his clothes and said he was getting a shower. I waved as he
went out the door. Geoff was looking at me all hot eyed.

I told him to get to work and clean my pussy up. He left the
flipcam running and handed it over to me and I aimed it down
at my groin as he knelt on the floor and put his head
between my thighs. He began slurping at the juicy wetness,
his head bobbing up and down as he employed his tongue. One
of his hands was on my thigh, the other stroking his cock.
He finally looked up at me and I kissed him deeply, tasting
my own cum and black cum on his tongue and lips.

He stood and I leaned over and sucked on his cock. The head
was huge, full of blood, pulsing and jerking under my
tongue. He begged me, "Please let me put it in you, I want
to feel what they feel as they fuck you." He moaned as I
allowed him to sink it into my swollen pussy. He thrust a
few time and jerked it out. "Oh God! I want to cum, but I
don't! I want to keep edging.."

So I got up off the bed and we stripped it down and placed
new sheets on it. He helped me dress and unsnarl my hair.
Fanning myself, I went to the ladies room and grabbed a
towel to dampen and clean myself up a bit. Meeting Geoff
back downstairs I drained my wine glass and told him to get
me more.

As I waited the scraggly guy who fucked me earlier came up
to me and slid himself against my ass, I could feel his
hardon pressing against me. He kissed my neck and said how
much he enjoyed me and hoped I'd be coming back again soon.
And if I ever needed a place to stay overnight, he lived
only a short distance away and would be more than happy to
have me there. LOL...of course!

I noticed the rest of the room and how little in clothing
was left on some people, in fact one woman was flitting
around in nothing but her curly hair. Another man, in fact
the host who'd shown me around, was sporting a very small
towel around his hips which had a tendency to fall off every
few minutes. I laughed and wooted and grabbed his very nice
ass and squeezed it a bit. We talked and another man came up
and started chatting with us as well and of course the
conversation steered over to my breasts and I just had to
show them so they squeezed and handled them, licking and
suckling the nipples, one on each side. I thought to myself
I was certainly being slutty, out in view of everyone and it
didn't bother me one bit.

Geoff came back with my wine and I rubbed his crouch to see
if his dick was still swollen. It throbbed beneath my
fingers. I casually flitted around the room enjoying myself
as I stopped here and there to chat and kiss and hug,
rubbing my tits on the men. I found the handsome man alone
in the far corner, and I asked why he was all alone. He
replied that he was just finishing up a cigar. He pulled me
close again and kissed me deeply. "Soon..." he whispered.

I smiled and sashayed away back to the main room. My pussy
was aching and sore, but I was still wanting more! And my
cuckold wasn't done for the night yet either. I leaned
against a pillar and watched the antics of the other people
dancing, laughing and having a good time. Yes, I decided, I
was definitely coming back, with or without my cuckold. I
was hooked!

I came out of my revery as a hand reached for mine and
pulled me gently against a hard chest. I looked up and it
was handsome. I wrapped my arms around his neck and kissed
him hungrily, pressing my soft curves against him. He drew
me up the steps back to the same room Id just left before.
Geoff followed closely on our heels. I asked handsome if it
was ok for him to watch and video us. He said sure.

He laid me back on the bed and began kissing me again, his
lips nibbling across mine and then down my neck. I shivered
and looked over his shoulder. Geoff already had his cock in
hand and the flipcam in the other, moving about the room
getting different angles. Slowly, handsome undressed me and
himself. This time I looked more closely at him, at his
hard chest and stomach. His swollen cock just begging for my

I moaned and took him fully into my mouth, trying to deep
throat all of his luscious tool. My head bobbing up and down, tongue stroking the underside of his shaft. My fingers
fondled his sack feeling it grow tight and firm. He flipped
me around so my thighs straddled his head and he suckled at
my pussy, his tongue licking my swollen folds seeking my
clit. I moaned loudly sitting up hand squeezing
and stroking his cock as my hips rocked on his face.

He gently pushed me over and mounted me, pushing his cock
into my wet hole, easing it in slowly, teasing me with the
tip. I begged him to fill me. He finally slid it all the way
in, stopped, straining as we felt each other throb and
pulse. He lowered his head and kissed me passionately and
began thrusting vigorously. I thrashed and moaned beneath
him as he began to suck and bite at my nipples. He withdrew
his cock and gripped it tightly, pressing the head against
the entrance to my heat and quickly rubbed it up and down my
slit. Over and over, the juicy noises filling the air. I
quivered each time the fat head slid over my swollen clit,
making me groan loudly.

He fucked me over and over again like that, edging me closer
to the peak until I erupted and gushed all over his cock,
soaking the sheets again. I screamed and moaned my joy at
the climax. Then he again slid into my ass and
moaned...begging me to let him cum in my tight ass. I said
yeeees, oh yes! He grunted and groan as his cock pumped me
full of his black cum and I moaned for more. For him to fill
me with his BBC seed. At last he lay breathing heavily as I
wrapped my arms around him and we kissed one last time.

He grabbed his clothes and closed the door behind him. Geoff
grabbed my hips and yanked me to the edge of the bed.
Burying his face in my crouch he began to suck out my anal
creampie. I told him what a good cuckold he was. To get his
tongue deep in there and scoop it all out. At last he
crawled up and kissed me sharing that last bit of black cum
from my ass with me. He slid his cock into my pussy again
and began pumping it. His breathing fast and heavy. I made
him pull out and lay back. I straddled his thighs and told
him to stroke his cock as I told him what a nasty cuckold he
was for sucking out the black cum from my ass. I pinched his
nipples hard, twisting them harshly.

He groaned and begged for release. I twisted and pinched
harder as I told him next he was going to find me a couple
of black bulls to service me and he was going to fluff them
for me first and clean their cocks off afterwards. He shot a
huge hot load of cum all over his belly and chest. With his
dick still jerking I leaned down and got a tongue full of his own cum and slid it into his mouth making him swallow it. I told him what a great cuckold he was.

End of Story

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