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My Wifes Birthday Surprise

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I asked my wife two months ahead of time, what she wanted for her 28th birthday this year. She told me to surprise her. That wasn’t what I wanted to hear, considering I’m terrible when it comes to surprises and birthdays. Even after 5 years of being married I still go blank when it comes to doing something special for her. On Christmas, Valentines Day and her Birthday I serious suck. I began thinking of all kinds of things, but I couldn’t think of anything that would be unique and special. This year I really wanted to do something wonderful, that she would remember for years later.

Before I continue any further I would like express more details about my wife and how we came about as a couple. As I just mentioned we have been married for 5 years. We first met while she was traveling alone in the states from South East Asia. When I first laid eyes on her, my heart nearly fell out. I had never seen a more breathtaking Asian women in my entire life. She stood just over 5 feet with tan skin, long black hair, and a body that was perfectly molded. I figured she had to be married or have a boyfriend, yet at the same time it was impossible to imagine this sweet girl in a sexual manner. She looked so pure and innocent. Clearly she was out of my league and I knew trying to pursue her would be a foolish effort. Nervously I forced myself to engage a conversation with her. I melted as she smiled and introduced herself. Believe it or not I convinced her to have lunch with me and lunch later became dinner. After a delightful dinner we relaxed over two glasses of wine. I only assumed at that point the night would end and we would depart ways. When I asked if I could walk her back to her hotel room, she reluctantly said okay and I quickly assumed I stepped over my grounds. As we reached her room, I assisted her with opening the door. Without an invitation I followed her into the room. I must admit at this point my motives became completely selfish. I figured without a doubt I would never see this girl again and I knew what I was ready to ask her would probably end with a slap to my face. I told her “Before I leave can I make love to you?” She didn't smile or say anything. She took my hand and brought me to the side of the bed and began to undress me. In tern I began to undress her as well. Once we were both naked she pulled back the sheets climbed in bed and gestured me to follow. I climbed in and wrapped my body around her body and uncontrolably began kissing every inch of her skin We had sex on and off the entire night and never once did she ask me to put on a condom. Believe it or not she didn't continue her travels, instead she stayed with me and 4 month later we were married.

Now back to the present:

A month later, with 29 days left until her birthday, I still didn’t have any ideas.

Later that same week, one night as my wife and I were getting into bed an idea came to mind for the perfect present. As I lay in bed looking up at the ceiling, my wife inquired what I was thinking about. I told her, “stuff” She asked me to explain, I quickly changed the subject.

A bit more history:

From the early years of our marriage my wife and I would talk about different fantasies, such as doing it in different places and with different people. When she asked me I told I had a fantasy about being with her boss. That didn’t go over well and I had to tell her it was just a joke. We didn’t have sex that night. Her fantasies were always about being with some movie star or someone famous. Her ideas were fun, but seem completely out of reach from reality. Still’ hearing it would always get me going. Then one night, less than a year ago, I asked her if she had any fantasies about people we knew. Her answer was, “hummm’ let me think” suddenly a smiled came on her face and she just stared at me. With that being the case I knew she had someone in mind, which really brought on my curiosity. So’ I asked her who? She wouldn’t say, then finally blurted out “Tom Cruise” Hearing that’ I knew she was trying to change the subject or avoid answering so I kept probing her and wasn’t going to give up. I was dying to find out. Finally she said “okay’ now don’t get upset”

With such curiosity, I nervously promised I wouldn’t. She then confessed, “It’s Robert” I lost my breath hearing it and I didn’t have to ask her again, I knew exactly who she was talking about. Robert was pretty much my best friend. At one time we worked together and that’s how we met. Now days he and I would hang and watch sports games together on certain Saturdays and Sundays. Her answer totally caught me off guard. I had no clue she looked at Robert in that way. After she told me about it, I began asking her what it was about him that she liked or was attracted to. She said she liked his personality and thought he was good looking, funny and real confident with his life. Robert was Hispanic and many women liked him a lot. I acted cool with it, but felt somewhat uncomfortable learning it. We ended up talking for hours about all kinds of stuff. I can’t recall if we even had sex that evening. After that night I never asked her again who else she had fantasies about, fearing maybe with some of my other friends as well. There after we didn’t bring up Robert name again in that manner, but I’d found myself thinking about it and it made me feel strange, and kind of jealous. It was roughly a month later when Robert came by the house to watch a game. Twenty minutes after the game started my wife was out the door with one of her friends. Hanging with Robert was pretty much the norm, in fact I never thought twice about what my wife said in regarding him.

Later that evening after Robert had gone home. My wife arrived back and we had dinner and spent time together before going to bed. As we climbed into bed I couldn’t help myself, I wanted to be with her. As I began to feel her breast through her nightgown, I could feel my desires getting really strong. I felt like being nasty that night and didn’t know the reason why. I pulled up her nightgown and began going down on her pussy as if I was devouring my last meal. Listening to her moans really turned me on and I knew my mind was drifting in a different and nasty direction. After undressing her I began kissing her all over her body and in wild affectionate way. Her words were, “Someone’s really excited tonight” I was so turned on that night.

I knew exactly why too, but I kept suppressing the thought. As I kissed her lips, I wanted to tell her, but I couldn’t because I feared what my words might engage, as well I didn’t want her to fantasize about him. “Robert”

Finally my desires were way too strong and between my passionate kisses, I said her name

…she responded with “yes?” again a pause between the kissing I said her name again

…stopping to answer me, she responded again with, “what is it Babe?”

I continued kissing her and touching her breast. Then breaking long enough I said “Will you…”

I went on to say “Will you do me a big big favor?”

we continued kissing and she stopped to say, “what is it?”

I hesitated then said to her between my tongue going in and out of her mouth, “will you show me….”

… again she paused and sensually responded with, “show you what … Baby?”

still kissing I brokenly said.. “will you show me”… “how you’d make love”

At this point I knew she had no idea what I was about to ask her and I didn’t know if I could actually say his name.

…stopping long enough to repeat my words … she took my cock in her hand and asked… “will I show you how I’d make love ? “

With more kissing and with pauses between the words I said it, “show me how you would…make love……to…” “Robert”

She softly laughed as she now knew where I was going, then said in a soft playful, excited, manner….. “Are you serious?” She asked, “So’ seeing him today brought on this?”

Instead of answering her I continued kissing her as I slowly began to slide my cock into her pussy. At that she let out this sexy moan and I told her “show me and tell me” Our kissing became so intense and she began to moan even more.

…. in between her moans she said “Oh honey’….. I don’t know if it’s a good idea considering how you two are close friends”

I told her “its okay, it’s just for fun and you do have a fantasy about being with him, don’t you?” “So’ show me and tell me” again she laughed softly. I began to push myself all the deeper into her and told her, “Imagine its Robert’s cock inside you right now”

She smiled as her moaning became deeper. Still smiling her words were, “Oh’ your cock feels so great inside me right now”

… I told her “it wasn’t my cock inside her right now, it’s Roberts” I then told her to close her eyes and say his name once. She kept saying my name… then finally she said in a whisper… “Robert” then said it again a little louder than again a bit loud with more intensity. Finally his name was flowing out of her mouth. “Oh Robert, Ooooh Robert! Fuck me Robert”

Listening and watching my wife imagine being fucked by Robert was a completely different experience for me. For one she seem different in how she moved her body. It wasn’t normally how she had sex with me, it was erotic. She became more and more excited until she finally screamed… “Oh Robert’ I’m going to cum on your cock”

Those words alone sent me over the top as I exploded inside her.

We didn’t talk about it afterwards as if we both felt a bit embarrassed or what… I can’t describe. I actually didn’t want to do it again and felt it was a one time deal. Although a few nights later as my wife and I laid in bed, those same thoughts started creeping back into my head. I really didn’t want to think about my wife with Robert, but as I laid there I began to get a hard on and I seriously couldn’t block out the thoughts. I couldn’t understand why I wanted to think about the two of them having sex. The thoughts of him having his hands on her body, his tongue in her mouth, then to see him push him cock inside her. The thought actually made me extremely jealous and I didn’t want her to be attracted to him in that way, but the vision of him and her together brought me to a place I couldn’t withstand. . I laid there looking at her as she was falling asleep. I then whispered in her ear. “Honey, I need you tonight” She slowly awoke and I began to kiss her shoulders. My wife was so sweet even being so tired, she was always willing, and allowed me to use her body in order to release my tension. I figured she was too tired to cum herself that night, but I figured I could quickly fuck her and release myself inside her. The thing she didn’t understand was that night I wanted to cum with her saying Robert’s name again. I quickly went down on her to wet her pussy with my saliva and then began to rub my cock on her pussy. She kiss me so sweetie being so patient. As I laid my body down on top of her, I told her how much I loved her and I never wanted to lose her. As I slowly began to slide myself in and out of her, she continued to kissing me so softly and romantically. My wife is so wonderful. I then told her in a whisper, “Honey, will you say his name as I make love to you”

She didn’t answer me but continued to kiss me so tenderly and affectionately. I wasn’t sure if she was bothered and just wanted me to finish and cum. I thought to myself even if she wasn’t going to say his name I would still imagine in my head she was fucking Robert. Slowly she began to moan and her breathing became faster and I realized she was getting very excited. Her hands now gripped tightly on my shoulders and moved her hips forward as I’d push myself into her. I was so turned on and knew I could cum very easy, but I was holding back. I wanted to hear her say his name even if it’s only once. With her head push back she let out “Yes, Oh yes” Then she did it. She began to whisper his name and in such a sensual way. Hearing his name turned me on so much. Again she said and again. Finally she was ready to orgasm. She looked straight into my eyes and as if she was talking to Robert said “Oh Robert, You’re so good looking and you fuck me so great” at that let out a moan and began to orgasm. Seeing her release cause me to explode instantly.

Immediately I felt this question in my head, “Why is this turning me on so much?”

I found myself asking her to say his name more and more often. Being with her in that way caused me to cum so fast and she really seems to get into it in a way I never imagined. It was the following week as we were lying in bed together when my wife leaned over and for the first time asked me in the sexiest way, if it was okay for her to be with Robert tonight. I knew just what she was asking, but this time I had a little surprise awaiting her. In the drawer next to our bed I had put some photos of a water-ski trip I took with Robert. There were pictures of him with his shirt off and other misc. shots.

She seemed a bit shy at first, but soon had her hand on her pussy as she looked through the photos. As I put my cock inside her that night my cock felt so great as always, but in her mind she was having sex with Robert. I didn’t care anymore, I actually loved the fact she was thinking about Robert.

As the months went by our episodes with the image of Robert faded slowly and it was just not all that exciting anymore. Our sex came back to just the two of us and a bit dull or uneventful. In all that time I never invited Robert over for a game feeling awkward and at the same time I didn’t want my wife looking at him, after being so expressive about fucking him in bed. I was insecure and seeing him would make me rather jealous.

Again back to the present time…

As it came to me that night, the thought was, “what if I was to surprise her on her birthday, with Robert”? The questions were, 1. Could I go through with it? 2. Would my wife go through with it 3. Would Robert go through with it?” I figured he would in a heart beat, for 1. He loves sex. As well I’ve noticed him checking out my wife a number of times as she wore low cut skirts. He once mentioned to her, she had the sexiest legs. I thought about for a whole week and by the following Monday morning, I had decided to go through with it... So’ that day I gave Robert a call and asked him to go to lunch. Sitting with him I didn’t exactly know how to bring it up. How do you ask a buddy to fuck your wife? I got the subject going by bringing up the time when we were in Vegas together and he started flirting with a married woman while her husband was only a few feet away. I told him he was going to get himself killed if he didn’t stop it. It was obvious she liked his flirting, because she kept looking back at Robert then back at her husband. Finally she said something to her husband, and then took off in a certain direction.

Well’ crazy Robert didn’t waste much time, he jump up and decided to follow her. I followed behind Robert at a short distance. Soon Robert caught up with her and they began conversing as they walked along together. He was so smooth as if he knew she would talk with him. They then got on the elevator together. I watched as the elevator stopped on the 11th floor in which was a different floor from where our room was on. I followed on the next elevator up to the 11th floor to see where they went. As I peak out of the elevator they were no where in site. So I went back down to see if Robert was now downstairs waiting for me, as maybe he only walked her to her room. I still didn’t see him so I walked over to where we first saw the lady, no where in site. I headed back to our room which was on the 16th floor and as I opened the door, here is Robert on top of this lady, both of them naked on the bed. At that I excused myself and went back downstairs where I met Robert 15 minutes later. I joked about how crazy he was that night, but told him I admired him for being so bold.

As we ate our lunch I asked Robert if he was up for doing something kind of crazy and bold again. I explain how on such and such of date it was going to be my wife’s 28th birthday and I want to give her a bit of a surprise. I went on to tell Robert what I wanted him to do for me would be a bit crazy, but he might find it very enjoyable. He had no idea what I was about to ask him. I explain to him on the night of my wife’s birthday, I wanted him to come over late that night. I told him as he arrived my wife would be already sound asleep. Robert looked a bit confused at this point. I explained, as she was then fast to sleep I want him to climb into bed next to her in nothing but his boxers. At this point Robert’s eyes grew huge. I went on to explain “…she’ll be thinking it just me; and at that point you put your arms around her” Hearing me say this, Robert responded with … “Then what, she pulls out and gun and shoots me?” I had to laugh. I told him, “No, wait, listen” I went on to explain to him as he’s laying there next to her sleeping, I wanted him to begin massaging her back and her arms. Doing that will slowly cause her to wake up and she just assume it me.

Robert’s response was.. “Okay then what..?” “at that point I’m going to be totally turned on with a hard on, and here’s your wife waking up to realized, I’m in bed with her, she’ll freak and I’ll come running out of the room scared out of my mind” At Robert saying all this, I couldn’t stop from laughing. He went on to say. “If this is your idea of a playing a joke on your wife, I don’t think she going find this all that funny on her birthday. You’ve got a crazy sense of humor”

With him saying that I felt I had to be a bit more open and honest with my reasoning. I went on to tell him with as little details as possible, that once I asked my wife if she could be with anyone beside me, who would she chose. I told Robert she chose him. He was amazed and said he was so flattered. So’ I asked him, as my birthday gift to her, was he up for doing it. He told me if I was okay with it, he would love to. Then he said, “If she freaks, I’m telling her it was your idea”

I went back to my office that afternoon and couldn’t think straight. I was in such unbelief at what I was planning to do not only that I had told Robert to his face my wife wouldn’t mind sleeping with him. At the same time, I wonder what kind of reaction will it have on my wife. I figured she could end up getting extremely mad at me and this birthday will go down as being the worst, Weighing out the pro and cons I decided I was going to do it.. I began writing down fine details of what I wanted Robert to do as he climbed into bed with her that night. I even wrote down the details right down to the type of soap I wanted him to wash with that night, the tooth paste, mouthwash and the lotion too I wanted him to use. I even gave him details on the underwear he’d should wear. I wanted him so clear on everything so nothing would set off a clue it wasn’t me lying next to her in bed for those first few moments.

The day before her birthday I had Robert come by at lunch time, while my wife was at work, there I showed him our bedroom and explain to him how and what side of the bed she slept on. I explain to him, how I touch her and even how I massaged her back and arms. I explain the room would be completely pitch dark once he shut off the hall way light, so it was so crucial he knew how many steps to the bed. I told him let her take the lead after she realizes she in bed with him, and continue allowing her, until he knows she’s glad and comfortable, he’s there.

The night finally arrived; I had planned a dinner at an elegant restaurant on the harbor. Both of us dress formally and my wife looked absolutely beautiful. I had red roses awaiting her at our table with her favorite wine ordered ahead of time. After dinner we danced to slow music of a live jazz band. Then even later in the evening we walked along the harbor arm in arm looking at the fishing boats. As we made our way back home, I knew she’d be tired as the wine always has that effect on her. As she stepped out of the shower I had a towel waiting for her and a gift which was a short black silk nighty I had bought at Victoria’s Secrets. She looked so sexy wearing it. I then helped her into bed, where she tried to pulled me in with her, I wanted her so bad at that point, but I told her I’d be back shortly after checking my email. I turned our bedroom stereo on leaving the volume faintly as we do many nights to set a soft warm feel. I then turned off the bedroom light and left the hallway light on as I planned to do. A half an hour later, I went back in to check on her, she was sound to sleep and I knew it was now the perfect time. Feeling so nervous now, I went down stairs far as I could get from the bedroom to give Robert a call on my cell phone. Robert was right on schedule, just outside waiting in his car. I led in him and we didn’t say a word to one another as I said we wouldn’t. He wore sweats as I told him to as well. We then went into the kitchen and sat quietly whispering. I wanted his hands and arms to get to a warm room temperature level. I had him stand by the heater to warm his body to a comfortable temperature. At last we both felt it was the right time, together we walked up stairs but stood just out side the bedroom door, it was very dark and I hoped Robert would remember exactly how the room was set up and how many steps to the bed. I peak in I could see my wife was facing the opposite way, which was perfect. At that I looked at Robert and he nodded back at me, it was time. We turned off the light and he removed his sweats to where he was just wearing his boxers. As he enter in, he closed the door just enough as I had instructed him too. That way I could listen from just outside the door. I sat down just out and waited.

For the 5 minutes I didn’t hear a thing and began to wonder if I would hear any thing at all. I figured at this point, I was sure he was massaging her back and her arms. Finally heard what sounded like kissing, then sudden movement and then the sound of whispering.

(Later I found out from my wife as Robert was massaging her back she slowly awoke and assumed it was me. He continued massaging her and then began to kiss her shoulders. No words were exchanged. As she turned toward who she thought was me with arms now around her, her lips then met with Roberts and it wasn’t until 10 or 15 seconds into the kiss she realized something was different. As she began to feel Robert's face and hair she became alert and it was then that Robert whispered to her, “It’s me Robert’ Happy Birthday !) She shyly giggled and at that she only laid there in amazement that I actually set this whole thing up. Robert continued massaging her arms as he kissed her shoulder, soon their lips came together again and they truly began to kiss)

I knew the whispering meant my wife was now awake and had to be aware it was Robert in bed with her. At that moment my heart was beating like crazy. The whispering lasted for a maybe 30 seconds and I couldn’t make out the words. Then it quickly became quiet again I couldn’t hear a thing except the faint music in the back ground. I began to envision my wife sitting there with her arms crossed not saying a word, filled with anger and Robert not knowing what to do. Slowly I could hear the sound of kissing again and I knew she wasn’t upset after all, but delighted he was there. The thought that Robert was in bed with my wife kissing her turn me on so much. Their kissing went on for what seem like 15 minutes, no one said a word. Until every thing became still and faint again, my imagination went wild. Quietly I could hear my wife softly moaning, I had no idea what Robert was doing but I wanted to know.

For what could make out, it sounded like he was kissing her, but then I concluded the sound was Robert sucking on her nipples and by the way she was moaning, I figured he couldn’t be kissing her. Again it became quiet, I strained to understand the few words that were said, I couldn’t make them out. Until I thought I heard my wife say, “Oh’ your cock is so big” followed by the sound of Robert sigh and then respond loud enough for me to make out. “Oh’ your hand feels so good on my dick” Sitting there was driving me crazy, I wanted to see everything, but I kept to my plan of letting my wife have her time with him. Again all I could hear was the sound of kissing. Then with more legible words came out, I heard Robert say, “Why don’t we completely removed your nightgown” with more sounds of movement I could imagine what was happening. I began to wonder if Robert also had his boxers off. Again the silence was driving me insane, until I could hear my wife whispering words and moaning, but this time much more intensely. I figured he was going down on her pussy. At that I quietly made my way downstairs, my erection was so hard now and wanted to jerk off. I sat down on the couch and took out my cock and only looked at it, soon I began to stroke it. I almost came, but I stop myself, and made my way back upstairs. As I sat myself back down by our bedroom door, my wife’s moaning was so heavy I knew, from experience, she was about to have an organism.

Within minutes it was silent again, but not for long as I could now hear Robert moaning and saying words like “yes” “oh yes” I envisioned and believed my wife now had Robert’s cock in her mouth and was blowing his cock. The thought was too much for me to handle; again I made my way back down stairs and lied down on the couch, lying on the couch I took out my cock, but wouldn’t touch it. I knew once I began to stroke it I would cum instantly. Lying there on the couch I was in amazement this all happening. Within 15 minutes I made my way back upstairs, it was dead quiet and I was wondering if they were actually finished. I was a bit disappointed, but soon heard the sound of kissing again and my wife beginning to moan again, I was trying to understand what they were now doing. Then it was completely clear as my wife said as clear as I was in the room “Oh’ Robert your cock feels so great inside me” The thought that Robert’s cock was truly and actually inside my wife was something I couldn’t completely take in. Slow moaning from my wife followed. Gradually he began to pick up the pace as her moaning became faster and faster. I could easily hear the motion of the bed. Within her moaning, I could hear my wife saying, “Fuck me Robert, Fuck me! Oh’ yes fuck me !” She was loud enough to where I could even hear from down stairs. She wasn’t using her imagination this time.. it was real.. Listening just outside the door I removed my pants and sat just outside the door naked from the waist down, but wouldn’t touch my cock. I just sat there listening.

Finally, I heard Robert’ burst out , and say.. “Sweetheart, I about to cum” at that I took hold of my dick and slowly began to stroke myself as I listened to the two of them both moaning. Finally, Robert let out the words “Oooooh Sweetheart’ I’m going cum, I’m going to cum” followed by … “Oooh yeah’ I’m cumming” I too, let go and came all over the t-shirt I was wearing. It felt as if I had just had sex with her. Their kissing continued and I quietly made myself down stairs. I sat on the couch and enjoyed the whole moment. I wondered what might happen next as Robert and I had never talk beyond this point. Slowly I began to drift away and I quickly fell asleep, suddenly I woke up to the sound of Robert approaching. He had a towel around his waist and appeared a bit wet as if he showered. He sat down next to me on the couch and only smiled. Smiling, I asked him, “So how was it?” He responded with “So great ! Thank you so much! for setting this up” I asked him if he showered and he told me the two of them rinse off together. I asked him where my wife was and he told me she jump back into bed. I was seriously lost for words. I didn’t know what to say to him.

As we sat there I asked him if he wanted a drink, we toasted a drink together at a successful birthday gift. I asked him if he wanted more and if he was still horny about being with her. Without the least bit of hesitancy Robert whipped open his towel and took hold of his semi hard cock. I was amazed as I had never seen his cock before. I truly didn’t realize it was a big as it was. I kept looking down at it thinking he had it in my wife’s mouth and inside her pussy just minutes before.

I told him I sat outside the door and listened to the whole thing. Robert went over each moment with me, and explained how scared he felt between the first moment he touch her to the moment she realized it was him. I told him as I sat out side the room I was so aroused at their voices and hearing the moaning. As Robert went on I notice his dick which was still fully exposed was getting hard. I couldn’t stop looking at him. I asked him to tell me again how it felt to slide his cock into my wife. As he defined each moment he began stroking his cock right in front of me. He wasn’t acting at the least bit gay; it’s just how Robert is. He is so comfortable about it. I told him my cock was so hard just listening.

Suddenly he jumped up and said he wanted to check if she went back to sleep or not. In no time he was back in our room. I followed him up there to find the sound of kissing and laughing. In no time I could hear him and her fucking again. He wasted no time at all. At that I finally got the nerve to make my way into the room, being so dark I couldn’t see a thing, but I knew my way around. I figured they both knew I was in the room, but neither of them stopped on my account or felt the least bit uncomfortable. I made my way to my wife’s side of the bed to lie down. There was plenty of room on our king size bed as she was in the middle. As I laid down I could feel her body next to mind and Robert was on top of her fucking her so hard. I laid there stoking my cock. Finally Robert let out a moan and said he was going to cum again. I figured he pulled out and cum on her stomach or something, but if he did, I wasn’t aware of it as I couldn’t see a thing. He seemed to have let it go inside her pussy. And for what it appeared, my wife didn’t seem to mind it at all. After Robert fell off of her she turned to me and didn’t say a thing just began kissing me. Feeling her sweaty body up against mind kind of turned me off, but hearing my wife tell her to fuck her, change that instantly. I was a bit hesitant to put my cock into her pussy knowing Robert had just possibly came inside her, but something allowed me to do it.

Her pussy felt loose as Robert was larger than I was, her pussy also felt very wet, but in a warm sort of way as she feels when she’s really turned on. I pushed the thought out my mind, my cock was being lubricated with Robert’s cum. Fucking her was so unreal having Robert lying in bed next to us. Finally being so turned on I told Robert to sick his cock in her mouth as I fucked her. I couldn’t believe my wife was actually willingly doing all this, she seem to love it so much. In no time I let go of my load inside her. Robert quickly took the position back and even with my cum inside her began to fuck her again. I did something at that point I figured if she’d do for Robert she better be willing to do for me as well. I took my cock and put it back into her mouth and willingly took it. I was now in amazement at Robert’s perseverance, he just kept going. Soon he reached a point where he got real loud and said … “I’m going to fucking cum”. This time I was sure he unloaded inside her. At that we all somewhat collapsed. I woke out in the morning and my wife was in the shower. Robert I assumed had already gone home. Soon my wife came out of the shower and jumped into bed next to me. She gave me a quick kiss on the cheek and said she needed to get some sleep. I asked her what time Robert left and she said around 5am. I asked her if she walked him out, and she said she did. Then I asked her if they had sex again before he went home. She didn’t answer me, just said she needed to get some rest. I asked her again and she asked if we could talk about it later in the day.

Nicely I told her we could, but if she could just answer my question I would then let her rest. She told me as she walked Robert downstairs to the door; they fucked again on the couch. I told her thank for telling me. I thought to myself, “I can’t believe this guy and I also can’t believe my wife” She was like an entirely different woman. I had never had sex with her that many times in one day. My wife slept until 1 in the afternoon. I wanted to talk to her so bad so as she woke I was right there. She seem kind of moody and ask me to get her a Tylenol. I did. Finally she was up and cleaning up the house. I figured she changed the sheets, but never got around to doing it. We talk so little that afternoon and as we finally climbed into bed that night I figured we talk then. She was asleep in no time and when I tried to wake her she told her to let her sleep.

In the morning when I awoke she was already out of bed. Within a few minutes she came walking into the room with 2 cups of coffee. She appeared very pleasant and climbed into bed next to me. I didn’t dare ask her anything about that night fearing it might change her mood to the worst. Finally she said.. “Honey’ the other night was amazing thank for so much! for my birthday present” She explained she was out of it yesterday and I now felt like herself again, She said the words, “I’m back to reality” I asked her if she was glad she led herself go through with it. She replied with “I think so” I said to her, “so the activities of the night really did some work on your mind?” She said it did.

We slowly began to talk and she explain each minute of how things unfolded from the moment she was woken by Robert. She then stopped and told me there was something very important she had to tell me and she said she didn’t want to hurt me by telling me, but didn’t want to lie to me either. She began to express as she was letting Robert out the front door they began to kiss again. At that point Robert was now in his sweats and my wife was still naked. As they began to kiss at the door, she asked him if he would be with her one more time. I told my wife I already know she and him had sex again on the couch. She told me to listen first. At that I didn’t know what she was going to tell me.

She said as they made their way to the couch Robert asked her if he could fuck her in a different way. She didn’t understand what he meant, until Robert asked her if he could fuck her in the ass. Hearing this, my heart nearly dropped out, because she never let me fuck her in the ass. I asked her did you tell him, “no” ? My wife only looked at me with this serious look on her face. I asked her with a somewhat fake smile as to not panic her so, “So did Robert fuck you in the ass?” Looking down she told me he did. It looked like she was about to cry, so I told her, “Honey it was your birthday and I wanted you to have an awesome time” She looked back at me and said so you’re not mad. I told her “No, I love you so much” We kissed and I told her to tell me everything. Later I asked her if she enjoyed Robert fucking her in the ass. She told me it hurt so bad as he went in, but after some time it felt so wild and she actually really liked it a lot. I asked her if he came in her ass and she said he did, but didn’t seem to have much cum left at that point.

As we laid there and talked, I told her she seem like an entirely different woman that night. She told me she felt like it. I asked her did Robert have that big of effect on her. She said, being with Robert turned on her more than any other ---, she paused. I told her, “it was okay” She went on to say, she couldn’t understand herself she felt….she was willing to do anything he asked. She said that’s why she let him fuck her in the ass. She said it turned her on to please Robert. I couldn’t believe it. When I asked her why, she said she didn’t know, she just wanted please him more than any other woman ever has. I told her if she remember taking my cock in her mouth after cuming in her pussy which she had never did before. She told me she did and said she remembered taking Robert’s right after that.

Hearing all of this made me so horny. I told her I wanted to be with her with right now. As I fucked her pussy and wanted to ask her but I wasn’t sure if I should. Finally I said to her, “Honey, would you like to fuck Robert again sometime?” She closed her eyes and got really wild. Hearing her moan was wonderful to my ears. I knew she was close to cuming by her breathing, still with her eyes close.. She said.. Oooooh I’m going to cum.. Oooh Robert I’m cuming on your cock. Hearing her say that, I pulled out and came on her lips, which she willingly let me do.

For three weeks I hadn’t talked Robert. I was sure he was waiting for my call, but I still needed some time. Then one afternoon from work I decided to give him a call. He was a bit shy at first, but quickly loosened up as he saw I was cool. We began to talk about that night and told him it turned out better than I planned. He told me he had no idea my wife could get so wild and I told him either did she. I then mentioned to him, about the game the following Saturday and asked he wanted to come over and watch it with me. He was happy to, so the afternoon was on. I told my wife I had invited Robert to come over next Saturday and she got kind of embarrassed and said she didn’t want to be here while he’s here and said she’d going shopping with her friends. I told her don’t be so funny Robert is cool and so am I, so what’s the problem? She told me she feels embarrassed because she acted like a real slut that night. I told her that’s what every man wants, so what the deal?

Well’ Saturday was here and I had told Robert to get here an hour earlier because I didn’t want my wife to sneak out without seeing him. As he arrived she was still in the shower, Robert and I waited in our bedroom sitting in front of the computer looking future college and NFL games. As my wife made her way out of the bathroom, she had a towel around her body and one on her head; she didn’t even notice Robert sitting there and I was afraid she was about to drop the towel and start dressing.

As I said “Honey” she looked up to see Robert sitting next to me and jumped. He laughed and my wife looked at me and said, “You tricked me!” She came over and gave Robert a hug and a quick kiss on the cheek and asked him how he was doing.

Later as she made her way down stairs Robert and I were already into the game. I think she wore a certain skirt just to get Robert’s attention. It definitely did. As she was making her way out the door I told her, “Don’t be too late because Robert and I will be here waiting for her” She told me to shut up and closed the door.

My wife finally made it back home at 9:30pm I think she was surprised to still see Robert and I still sitting on the couch. We were now watching a movie drinking beer. She asked us if we ate and I told her we bought a pizza. She told me she already ate as well and was really tired. She made her way up stairs as I assumed to shower. I had never mentioned to Robert I had plans that night to do something wild and I believed he didn’t have the impression either. As I truly didn’t have any plans.

As we continued watching the movie, I look up to find my wife coming down the stairs wearing the same black silk nighty I bought her for her birthday. She said she wanted to say good night to both of us, because she was going to bed. She gave Robert a nice hug and quick kiss on the lips, and then gave me the same. As she was going up stairs she told us, “I’m locking the door so don’t get any ideas”

As my wife made her way back up stairs I began to wonder what she was thinking about. I wondered if she thought I might have planned something tonight, which I hadn’t. I wondered if she came down stairs wearing her little nightly hoping to stir up a reaction with us or possibly to make a statement, if we did have plans, she was okay with it. Robert didn’t think much about it and acted rather shy compared to how he was on her birthday. As the movie ended Robert got up and said, “Well’ I better get home” I agreed it was late.

As he was making his way to the front door I asked him, “say’ before you go, should we go up and check if she really locked the door?” Robert smiled and said “let’s do that” I knew by his willingness he was definitely up for a adventure. We made our way up stairs and found the door half way open. I went in alone to peak on my wife and sure enough she was sound to sleep. I noticed her nighty was on the end of the bed. She had a candle burning near our bed which lit up the room in a warm way; as well she had the stereo on playing softly. I looked down at her fast to sleep and I could see she was naked as the blanket was just above her breast. She was laying in the center of the bed which was also unusual. As I turned to leave the room I knew she truly expected something was going happen that night. It was obvious since she wore the nighty, lit up a candle, had the music on, and placed her nightly so neatly at the end of the bed for me to see she was naked. I’m glad I didn’t let Robert get away too quickly. I came out and signal Robert to follow me. We made our ways back down stairs and I explained to him that my wife was sleeping but I was sure she would love for us to waken her. He answered, “by all means” I told him I first needed to shower and he said he needed one too. I gave him a towel and told him he could use the down stairs bathroom. I use the up stairs guest room shower hoping not to awake my wife.

As I made my way back down stairs Robert was now sitting on the couch with his towel wrapped around his body. I motioned for him to come up and told him on the stairs for him to take the same size of the bed and I’ll take the other. As we were now in the bedroom we slowly got into bed at the same time and fortunately we didn’t wake my wife. Together we took turns massaging her body until she slowly began to awake and opened her eyes. I kissed her lips and after a moment Robert began to massage her back. She turned with a half awake smile to see Robert in bed behind her. They gave each other a sexy kiss. We both began to softly massage her soft warm skin.

It did take long to get the heat going with my hands and Robert’s hand rubbing her entire body. Then together we began softly kissing her all over her body. Up until this time it was very romantic, warm and quiet. Robert was sure different than he was before, but then I remembered, the night was early. My wife only laid there on her back with her arms along her sides, taking it all in with soft moaning noises. Soon Robert and I were taking turns gentle licking her pussy. She still only laid there enjoying all of it as we instructed her to just relax. I could tell she wasn’t going to stay calm much longer, so full of passion she insisted we both to put our cocks in her mouth. With my cock in one of her hands and Robert’s in the other she took turns putting our cocks in her mouth as she kept turning her head one way then the other. As she’d suck our cocks she would look up into our eyes in the sweetest loving way. She’d try to take us both in together but couldn’t get us both in her mouth. After sucking us both for a long time, she told us she wanted us to fuck her now.

Robert kissed her lips, as I slowly slid my cock into her pussy. She was so wet and I assumed it was from us going down on her as well as being just outright aroused. I didn’t fuck her long as I wanted Robert to quickly get his turn. We switched positions. I started squeezing my wife’s breast as Robert positioned her legs as where he liked them.

Watching Robert rubbing his cock on my wife was so erotic. Now seeing it in the light I knew he was thicker and longer than I was. As he worked his cock up and down between her legs, my wife began to act differently like she was the first night we were together. What she was saying was nothing of her personality at all. Robert hadn’t even put his cock inside her yet and she was becoming a different person, with just his rubbing. She began saying things as if she forgot I was right next to her on the bed feeling her breast.

… She was saying things like……“Oh’ Robert I’ve never felt such a perfect cock, seriously your cock is so so perfect Robert!” What ever you want from me, I’ll do for you. “I want to be your sex slave and let you fuck me when ever you want, in any way you way, and where ever you want” Still he hadn’t even put his cock inside her. He just kept rubbing it. She continued moaning out statements like.... “tell me Robert what you want from me … tell me, tell me.. !” Then she said “tonight Robert, I want to you to enjoy yourself fucking me in the ass again, Okay?” Robert responded back with “Oh yes” My wife then said, “I want you to cum in my mouth again tonight” I thought to myself “again?” I never knew he did it before. Robert didn’t say a word and I wondered if he knew I knew my wife let him fuck her in the ass before. Robert slowly slid in dick into her pussy. Seeing it turned me on as I only imagined what it looked like before. His dick looked so huge and my wife’s pussy was taking all of it. I couldn’t believe it he put all of it inside her.

As he began to slide it in and out, again my wife began saying crazy things as if I wasn’t in the room.

She told him, “No one has ever fucked me like you Robert, You are better and more sexy than any guy that’s had his cock inside me.”

Robert pulled his cock out quickly and brought it to my wife’s mouth which she took with pleasure. Then he returned it back to her pussy.

She went on saying… “Robert so many men have had their hard cocks inside my mouth and in my pussy, but none of theirs ever came close to the perfection of yours”

Oh’ Robert, take my body and use it to satisfy every sexual desire your mind could imagine. Listening to her words was unbelievable. I never realized any man could make a women go so wild and forget who she is. All in all, I loved her boldness and the fact she wasn’t holding back anything.

Robert really started fucking her at this time and I kind of sat back and jerk off watching the two of them in amazement. Soon my wife was having an organism followed by another one and another one there after. She said they wouldn’t stop. Finally Robert yearned out he was ready to unload, my wife’s body was really jotting as he slammed his cock into her over and over, at that she took hold of his head with her hands, looking in his eyes so seriously she told him, “I want you fill my mouth with you cum” Robert let our a yell and quickly brought his cock to her mouth. The first two shorts ended up across her face and in her hair, and then it began oozing out into her mouth and all over her tongue. She was moaning in delight as she took it. Then quickly as he pulled his cock out of her pussy it was back inside her again as if he had a bit more energy to fuck her more. As Robert was able to still fuck her I was ready to cum myself and sat up and turned my wife head toward me and began to unload into her mouth as well. I had a lot of cum and it was clear she took it all and swallowed it, after swallowing Robert’s before hand.

What was it about Robert that drove my wife so wild? I didn’t get it but I loved seeing it.

After that we all jumped into our shower. Robert immediately began soaping up my wife so I joined in. Soon she was soaping the two of us and began kissing us both as she did it. After our shower we all headed down stair naked and I fixed up some drinks. We toasted and talked about crazy things. Finally my wife suggested we all go back and get back in bed. Once in bed she requested the two of us eat out her pussy again. Robert nor me had any objections. As I began to eat her pussy, Robert took advantage of her lips. Soon I realized it was time to allow Robert to take his turn and we switched positions. As Robert ate out her pussy my wife began to squirm and told Robert “slowly” I sat up and watched him licking out her pussy. He would alternate between her pussy and her ass. Yet as he was eating out her pussy he was sliding his finger into her ass. Watching my wife was fascinating as she instructed Robert to go deeper as it was becoming less painful. I watched in amazement. Soon Robert positioned her body to where as he held up one leg and began to rub his cock between her pussy and her ass. With one arm around his neck they kissed as he slowly pressured his cock at the opening of her ass. She would tell him to stop, “It’s hurt, it hurts!” Slowly he would begin again and little by little his cock entered her ass. At first she didn’t look like she was enjoying herself, but little by little began to moan so sexually. Soon Robert was fucking her ass with a great rhythm and my wife seem to really love it. Then what surprise me so much, my wife told me to fuck her pussy and Robert turned her in a manner where I could get my cock into her pussy. As I began to push myself into her I was surprised to how tight her pussy felt. It felt amazing and watching my wife taking two cocks was indescribable. It was difficult for me to keep the motion as her body was in a awkward position. I began to kiss her neck and ears as her mouth was just inches away with Robert tongue inside in. She turned her head to me to take my tongue in her mouth then back to Robert’s tongue. Finally Robert and my self had the rhythm down well and I told him I could cum anytime and told him to tell me when he was really to unload. Finally he yelled out “Oh baby here it comes” I let go and we filled her pussy and her ass simultaneously. It was unbelievable to watch my wife surrender her body to our wild pleasures.

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