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Mens Club Cuckolding

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My girl friend is a slut. I mean this in the best way possible. She is a passionate redhead with hair that glows in the sunlight and has large round breasts with small tight nipples that make me lust for them just looking at them through her skimpy blouses. And her ass is tight, round and the object of my most wanton desires. I am one of the proud recipients of her sexual adventures that she is always cooking up.

One day she bragged that she was going to take a new boyfriend (that I was already rather envious of) to a men's dancer club that she hadn't even gone to with ME yet! I was a little miffed that she'd do that to me so I decided I would go to and stay in the shadows and look downward should she happen to look my way.

I knew when she left as she was online and said goodbye to me when her new fuck buddy picked her up in a dazzling beautiful new car I could never hope to be able to buy. I was suddenly feeling quite alone. I quickly got in my car and raced out to be there before they arrived so I could find an inconspicuous place to sit. I didn't want for them to notice I was spying on them at all.

They arrived arm-in-arm. His hands were all over her and they were kissing each other when she wasn't introducing him as her NEW boyfriend! She had discarded me that quick. Pangs of jealousy coursed through my being. I wanted to be him so badly. He had her completely within his spell and she was enjoying his advances so much she had completely forgotten about me. I saw him as he slid his hand up under her skirt and felt the smooth round firm cheeks of her tight ass. He held it there as his other hand made one of her nipples erect and hard as a thimble. She kissed him and saw their lips open as his tongue slid into her mouth. It was if they took no notice of the others in the room and were already in a motel room. I saw her legs open and he moved his hands down to her pussy. She was wearing panties, which she rarely did and he moved them to the side so he could slip two of his fingers inside her. Even though I was 3 tables away I could hear her inhale suddenly as she felt his fingers sliding into her.

I became completely erect watching their activities under the table. Suddenly a couple came by and introduced themselves to her and smiled saying they looked so hot as they played with each other. I burned with desire and envy. The girl kissed her and cupped both of her breasts while her new boyfriend and I watched with lust. They eventually left after some more small talk. I watched her take him by the hand and led him around introducing them to our friends. I'm sure that some of them wondered why she was with him instead of me but could tell that some of the girls were obviously more turned on by his physique and youthful appearance in comparison to me. I felt even more envy well up within me for this man. When they returned to the table, the most beautiful of all the dancers came over and started chatting with them hoping to make money from them by giving a lap dance. Imagine my surprise when my girlfriend pulled money out so this gorgeous woman would excite this new guy! She never did this for ME! The 3 of them left and I could no longer see them. I could only guess what they were doing. I know that when they came back to the table a little later he had a bulge in his pants so much bigger than what I had that I suddenly realized why my girlfriend liked him in bed so much. He was very gifted in size and I am sure he knew how to satisfy a lady or she would have dropped him flat out.

I waited until they were talking to another couple and I quietly made my exit to the parking lot. I thought I would wait for them and see if they returned to her house or if they were going to shack up in a hotel. Eventually they came out and got into his car.

I waited for them to pull out so I could follow at a discreet distance but that did not happen. Nearly 10 minutes went by before I got it through my fat head that they must be making out in his car. Hell, knowing her she probably spread her legs for him to give him that sweet tight pussy of hers. She told me how much cum he can give her and that he spurts like a fire hose. She loves a man that can cum heavily and fill her pussy with his manly cock cream. Curiosity got the better of me and my shyness. I turned off the inside lights so they would not come on as I got out of my car. I quietly sneaked over to his car and realized the windows were pretty well steamed up but I was able to peer in and saw two naked bodies locked in erotic embrace. He was holding one of her nipples and licking the other one as she moaned loudly in ecstasy.

There is no chance they could have heard me as loud as she was crying out. I watched as she stroked his cock and then he suddenly shot large streams of cum on her torso, covering her left breast and stomach with large gooey streams of his cum.

I was totally erect and I couldn't help but pull out my cock and stroke it while I secretly watched their wanton activities. He never lost his erection even in the slightest. She stroked him more and in a little while I saw him grab her hair as he pulled it enough to give her the idea he wanted his cock between her lips and down deep into her mouth. My girlfriend knows how to suck a man and take a cock deeply in her mouth and throat and never once gag or choke.

I watched as she smiled and willingly did as he made it obvious what he wanted. I watched her bob up and down on it like it was a piece of food or candy to be toyed with. I heard him moaning and calling her name and telling her to suck his cock harder. I heard her moan mingle with his. Suddenly he got louder and said "that's it! I'm cummingggggg! Suck my cum out of me and swallow it!" He was cumming hard and I could tell she was having a hard time keeping up with his river of cum he was pumping into that beautiful mouth of hers but she kept every bit of it inside as she swallowed his cream.

Well I figured I might as well walk back to my car. Nobody's cock could stay hard after the sword swallowing act of hers. Imagine my surprise as she withdrew it from her mouth and he was still rock hard. She smiled as he asked her to open her mouth.

He had evidently asked her not to swallow it all so he could see how he had given her his cum. I could see it glisten on her tongue. I looked in amazement as she had as much on her tongue as I could cum altogether and I knew she had already swallowed a number of times to keep from it blasting out of her mouth as he pumped it into her!

I felt humiliated and they didn't even know I was there!

He lifted her right leg as he spread it to move his cock and body closer to her. I watched from my vantage point and realized I couldn't see his cock or her pussy. Frustrated I moved a little forward and as I did so I realized that I was casting a shadow onto his car. They were lost in lust for each other and didn't notice but it concerned me just the same. I could now see that she had his cock in her hands and was easing it slowly into her pussy. He let out the most erotic of moans for a man as she tersely said "Oh yes! FUCK ME! Push it in deep inside my pussy and fuck me!" He complied and I could see his body force his cock in deeply. He moved slowly and could hear them both moaning. I heard her repeating to him to fuck her more. And more he did... she was calling him her fuck god and she wanted more of his cum She told him to fill her with it. He pumped his huge shaft into her past her swollen pussy lips harder and faster and she grabbed his tight ass and pulled him into her. He tried to pull out but couldn't. She held him and practically shook his body as though she was forcing him to cum. I had been there before. She was using her pussy muscles and milking his cum out of his cock and balls. I heard him yell out and saw his body stiffen. I could hear his moaning as it synchronized with his muscles contracting and spasming in orgasmic delight. Each time I saw huge amounts of cum splashing out between his cock and the walls of her pussy. He had covered her legs and belly with large gobs of cum and it ran everywhere. His car was a mess and he laughed as she smiled contentedly at her beautiful cock cream bath he had given her. She rubbed it all over her as he watched her enjoy herself with his body fluids. He milked the rest of it from his cock shaft and smeared it on her belly with his huge cock head. She rubbed it over her pussy and I watched her fingers slip inside. She brought out thick gobs of his cum still inside her and took it to her mouth. I was close to cumming when suddenly she grabbed the door handle and nearly knocked me over. She looked me squarely in the eyes and said she hoped that I got a good view of how a REAL man satisfies her and that I would only get her again if I did what she said. I looked in terror and astonishment. I had no idea what she meant by that and asked her, but I felt embarrassed and humiliated to have been discovered. She looked totally furious with me.

She looked at me with contempt and said if I was so eager to see his cock up close then I had better clean it up for her. I was horrified at the thought and her being so nasty and forceful about it this scared me and I wanted to retreat rather than be humiliated by her with her new fuck partner. But I was amazed as he gently told me its okay that he didn't mind and thought it would be very nice if I would do that for him. He pulled my head down to his cock shaft and I only lightly resisted as I was crazed for sex now. ANY sex. Even humiliating sex from a strange man as my girlfriend laughed at me as she made me suck another man's cock so she could watch him pump his cum into my mouth instead of hers. She watched as she told me to let him cum in my mouth or I'd never get to be in her pussy again. I could taste his cum and her pussy on his shaft. I was embarrassed and ashamed that I was allowing a man to push his cock into my mouth but I could tell she was serious. She was furious that I had invaded her privacy and she was going to make me pay dearly for it. But I began to get excited at how this felt. He was moaning as though I was giving him pleasure. I was being turned into a sissy cock slut for her amusement and exact her revenge on me. But I bet she was surprised when I began to moan in pleasure. I began to realize how much I liked being forced to do this for her. I was at her mercy as she forced me to do her will. He was lost in his pleasure as I licked his shaft and then let him force my head over his shaft. I felt his thick head hit my throat. I gagged but held it and slowly forced it downward into me until my face was touching his body. Then he started pumping it like my mouth and throat was a pussy for his enjoyment... and I guess it was for that moment in time.

He encouraged me to keep his cock in my mouth that he wanted me to feel what it was like for a man's cock to throb in orgasm. He wanted to pump his cum in my mouth and I was terrified that she would call me a queer from then on. Even worse... would she make me do this to her other boy friends and guys she would take to her bed? Would I be her cuckold for her amusement?

Suddenly he stiffened... his tight throat muscles managed to emit a low "I'm cumming". He let go of my head as though he was giving me a chance to pull off so I didn't have to swallow his male cream. But my girlfriend wasn't about to give me that chance. When she saw him do that she slammed her hand onto the top of my head and forced me to stay on his cock shaft. I felt his cock as it bobbed once and then I felt it grow thick and throb. Each time it throbbed I felt thick heavy jets of his creamy cum spurting in my mouth and throat. He rapidly filled my mouth and I didn't think to start swallowing his creamy goo fast enough. It was so thick I couldn't swallow it fast enough and I felt my cheeks expand until I couldn't hold it in anymore. It splashed all over my face and onto my neck and shirt. She laughed at me as I couldn't do it as well as her and was paying the price by having gobs of another man's cum all over me for the world to see.

She wanted me to feel inferior to her and to emasculate me. She had done well but it backfired to some degree as I found out that I enjoyed being forced to do that for a man. And this is something she took great advantage of with me from then on... and that will be more stories in the future for you to enjoy dear reader.

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