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I will never forget

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Here I was. Finally. On the verge of an experience I had anticipated for years. Despite my racing heart, the promise of ecstasy yet to come, I couldn't help but recall the events that finally allowed things to break my way. The solution was both as simple as honesty, and as difficult as convincing the woman that I love and adore that my honest desires weren't a joke and helping her to get over some reservations she had about the whole experience. It was difficult and seemed to happen in stages. First I had to convince her that I wanted her to sleep with other men, then that I wanted to watch it, that I wanted those other men to cum in her and finally that I wanted her to fully embrace the experience in order to thoroughly and without holding back, enjoy it for her. I needed her to enjoy it as much as I knew I would. Even after convincing her of all of this, there was the difficulty of the logistics of making it happen. Things started with a lot of hope. She was willing and even enthusiastic about the possibilities. However, initially that's as far as it would go. Actively contacting men didn't happen, we both thought it would be as easy as sitting in a bar and waiting for it to happen. It didn't work that way.

Finally, she left it to me to figure out the details. I started by putting a personal add on an internet site that catered to people into that sort of thing. A profile explaining what we were looking for and a couple of pictures and the response was immediate and overwhelming. The only problem was that the attention was from the wrong type of guys, the unattractive and small cocked. Neither one of us was interested in that. Instead, I changed the strategy and actively sought out the right type of guys and tried to engage them. Some responded, some didn't but it wasn't long before I made a good connection with Anthony. He was a large black man, large in that he was tall and built with a pleasant dark brown skin tone. He had as shaved head and importantly had a large thick cock. It was about 8 inches long and VERY thick. It looked as thick as my arm! In talking with him, he seemed to have a good sense of humor, seemed to be very concerned about making Shannon happy and was ok with me watching.

After a few exchanges, I thought I had found the one, but the final test would be to make sure he stimulated Shannon. I loaded up his profile and took it to Shannon along with our email exchanges. Though she tried to play it down, I could tell she was not disappointed with my find. She seemed very pleased with the pictures in his profile and told me he would be acceptable, a telling admission from my wife.

Over the next several days I occasionally caught her viewing Anthony's profile, that's how I knew this might be a possibility. Then one night we were having sex, she was on top of me, riding my cock and she seemed a little wetter and more into it than normal. She would occasionally close her eyes and moan. I took the chance and asked her what she was thinking about. Though initially timid, eventually she leaned down toward me, fucking me hard the whole time, put her mouth to my ear and said, "Mike, I want Anthony. I want to fuck him sooo bad!". She moaned after telling me.

I said, "yeah? you want that big dick in you?"


"filling your pussy?"


"Cumming in you?"


At this, she came hard and long, quivering with each pass over my cock. It lasted a good couple minutes. When she had finished, she collapsed back on top of me and said she was sorry. I embraced her. I told her to not be sorry, that I wanted it as much or more than her, that I needed her to tell me things like this and to be unconstrained if it ever did happen. That's what I WANTED. She promised she would make the effort and it was that night we decided to try and make this happen.

The next several weeks we continued to have conversations with Anthony, which became more and more sexually laced. We decided to meet up at a club downtown and see where things lead. They lead to a good time getting to know each other and eventually to this moment. Shannon and I had booked a hotel room, given Anthony the key and told him we would be up shortly. From this point on, things were in Shannon's control. She had just excused herself and told me she would be right back. Here I was filled with excitement and anticipation waiting for her to return.

She came back a couple minutes later with a devilish look in her eyes and told me she was ready. "what did you do?" I asked. "you'll find out soon." she replied with wink and a hint of mischievousness in her voice. She grabbed my hand and lead me to the room. By the time we got to the room and stopped outside the door. I almost couldn't take the anticipation anymore. My heart was pounding almost out of my chest, I was nervous and hard (of course). Shannon gave me a long passionate kiss, then whispered in my ear, "I hope you enjoy this as much as I do". She knocked on the door.

Anthony answered the door smiling and Shannon lead me inside. Once inside, Anthony tried to give Shannon a kiss, but she told him to hold on, that she had something to do first. She continued into the room grabbed the horseshoe shaped chair in the corner of the room and positioned it at the foot of the bed. Again she came to me, took my hand and brought me over to the chair. Before I knew what was going on, she removed my shirt and was unbuttoning my pants. "what are..." I tried to say, but she cut me off and finished undressing me. Once I was undressed, she sat me in the chair, gave me another kiss and told me to stay there and enjoy. Needless to say I was VERY turned on by her actions.

Once I was settled in, she turned her attention to Anthony. She walked up to him and kissed him passionately on the lips. "Your lips are delicious" she said. She backed up a step and began to take her clothes off. To my surprise, she was wearing my favorite vinyl lingerie under her clothes. She looked incredible. The red vinyl top was stretched tightly across her breasts, making them shine in just the right way. Just as enticing was that tight black vinyl miniskirt that was pulled across her ass, making my desire for her grow. Anthony liked what he saw too. His jaw dropped and the surprise didn't abate until Shannon was again pressed up against him kissing his delicious lips once again. It lasted longer this time, with moans and grunts of pleasure emanating throughout. Anthony's hands started around her back, but slowly descended to her ass as time went on. I could see him feeling around the roundness of her ass and occasionally moving up her skirt and grabbing hold of her nakedness. After a time in which my excitement had caused my cock to start leaking pre cum, Shannon started to undress Anthony. First to come off was his shirt, revealing his broad muscular chest. Shannon started at his stomach and kissed her way back up to his lips. She pressed her vinyl encased body against his and slowly slid her hand down into his pants. Anthony let out a pleasurable grown as she grabbed hold of his cock and began to stroke it with her hand as they kissed.

After another period of pleasurable sounding groping and stroking, Shannon turned her attention to undoing Anthony's pants. As his pants came off, I could see his underwear was no match for his burgeoning cock. Shannon must have noticed too and decided to relieve them of their burden by removing them and letting his cock free. It was huge! Bigger than it appeared in the pictures. Shannon stared at it for a time, then coming to her senses smiled wryly at it, grabbed hold of it and began stroking it again while continuing her passionate kissing. At one moment she moved her mouth to his ear and I heard her say, "that looks like it's going to be fun".

With Anthony still standing in front of her, Shannon began to squat down. I could see the hint of her pussy as she squatted, just under her miniskirt and though I could have been mistaken, I could swear I saw a bead of her own lubrication slowly dripping down the inside of her thigh. Once down, Shannon moved in, starting at Anthony's smoothly shaved balls and began kissing them. Anthony's cock was dr*ped across her face and he moaned with pleasure as soon as her lips came into contact with his balls. As she was kissing him, I could see Anthony's own pre-cum beaded up on the tip of his cock with a small stream running down his shaft. Shannon didn't linger long on his balls, but moved up his shaft from there, making sure to lick the stream of pre-cum as she made her way up. Anthony was in heaven, his head was tilted back, his eyes were closed and he was whispering "oh baby, that is incredible".

I knew though that this was just the start and almost immediately after that realization, Shannon reached the tip of his cock. I thought it was going to be difficult, but Shannon easily surrounded the sprawling broadness of Anthony's head with her lips and plunged his cock deep into her mouth and throat. I could see the skin on his cock stretching as she pushed her lips down the shaft. Less than muted groans erupted from Anthony. Shannon paused with her lips near the base of his shaft and then began to withdraw. As Anthony's cock slowly emerged from my wife's mouth, every inch of it had been wetted by her moist mouth. She drew it all the way out, played with the crease at the head of his cock with her tongue for a short time and then swallowed him again.

Almost mindlessly, I began rubbing my own cock as the excitement overwhelmed me. Shannon caught my actions at the periphery of her vision and acknowledged her approval with her eyes. Once she had worked Anthony's cock a second time, she paused, walked over to me and kissed me deeply and passionately. I thanked her with my sounds of pleasure and tasted the cock on her mouth and tongue. It was sublime. She kissed my cheek and walked back over to continue servicing Anthony. She gave him what looked like an incredible blow job. Sometimes she would take in his cock to the base, sometime just the top. She would start off slow and increase her speed until it seemed Anthony would almost lose control, then slow down, remove his cock from her mouth and kiss around the shaft and balls until he had regained control. Then she would repeat. It was glorious to behold.

Eventually, during one of the moments of clarity Shannon allowed him, Anthony regained his composure enough and decided to return the pleasure Shannon was giving him. He moved her over to the bed, right in front of me, pushed up her miniskirt and spread her legs. The line of lubrication I thought I had seen earlier was a bit longer now and her smooth, shaved pussy was glistening with wetness. I could also smell it's sweet fragrance which was intoxicating all on its own. Anthony knelt down between her legs and started kissing her inner thigh. He worked his way up quickly, inhaled deeply when he reached her dripping wet pussy, moaned and plunged his mouth into her slit. The sounds from Shannon erupted in pleasure as he made long deep strokes along her pussy with his tongue. He emerged for a moment, his nose and cheeks wet with my wife's juices and asked her if it was good. "mmhmm" she replied in a wanton moan, and he plunged back in. I watched him intently as he started with his tongue almost on her ass, licked up, plunged deeply into her pussy and then stroked up the length of her labia and brushed across her clit. From there he moved back down again. Shannon moaned with ecstasy every minute and I continued to stroke my own cock. Anthony returned the favors Shannon had given him earlier by bringing Shannon to the brink of that loss of control and back again. Every time she got close to that point she would grab his head with one hand and pull it tighter to her pussy while rubbing her still vinyl encased breast with the other.

Eventually, the excitement and pleasure got the best of her and she moaned out, "Anthony, I NEED your big cock inside me!". He replied, "and I can't wait to be inside your tight wet pussy!". Shannon sat up on the bed and Anthony kissed up her body with his pussy soaked lips until they met hers. They kissed passionately again while Anthony unbuttoned her top. Once unfastened, he pulled it out from between them and their naked bodies pressed together for the first time. Her pale white breasts with large pink nipples looked incredible pressed against his dark broad, toned chest. Anthony eventually removed her miniskirt as well and they were left there on the edge of the bed, kissing and pressed against each other. I could see his rock hard cock pressed against her stomach with her labia pressed into and straddling the base of his cock.

Slowly they laid down on the bed, him on top of her and allowing me to view right between their legs. Their cock and pussy were still apart at first because he was kissing her breasts. I just focused on Shannon's pussy still dripping with a combination of lubrication and saliva and Anthony's cock with pre-cum leaking out the tip. I heard "I want you in me soo bad" from the head of the bed. Anthony was kissing Shannon's large hard nipples, but upon hearing this he moaned his approval and slowly moved up her body. I almost lost it right there at the moment that their genitals touched and Anthony's huge dark cock with its pre-cum merged with the wetness of Shannon's soaking and white pussy. Anthony lingered for a moment as the liquids became indistinguishable. I heard a longing "please!". Then slowly Anthony's cock moved forward. Shannon's pussy started to part to let in Anthony's thickness. He continued to slide in and Shannon's pussy continued to spread, wider and wider. Both moaned relieved pleasure as her pussy continued to spread and welcome him in. I could see the walls of her pussy stretching to their limit to accommodate Anthony's thickness until finally his head was fully engulfed. "Oh god, yes!" I heard Shannon moan. Anthony's cock continued to move forward, deeper and deeper it plunged into my wife, seemingly without end. I watched with amazement and ecstasy as his shaft tugged at the walls of my wife's pussy. "God, you are BIG!" I heard in the distance. "It feels soo good!". "Mmmmmm, your pussy is so tight", I heard in reply.

Finally, that giant godly cock was buried balls deep in my wife and there it stayed for a while as they kissed passionately to mark this incredible accomplishment. Then out it came, slowly. I had front row seats as his cock immerged from her pussy, soaking wet with her juices. It was wonderful! They started to really fuck now. Slowly at first but with building speed. In and out of her pussy, his cock plunged, each time immerging wetter than before. I stared mesmerized with utter joy watching the labia of my wife's pussy being alternately pushed and pulled from the tight seal their genitals formed. I just stroked my cock as I watched and listened to the primitive symphony unfolding before my eyes and ears. That's not even counting the pure joy and pleasure I heard coming from both Shannon and Anthony.

About 15 minutes in, they began to slow. Anthony pulled his giant cock out of Shannon, and turned her over onto her knees. Again, allowing me to have a full view of the action, Anthony plunged his giant cock into Shannon doggie style. As they continued with this position I could tell Shannon was really enjoying herself because I could see her tilting her hips and pushing back in order to let Anthony's cock get as far inside of her as was possible. Moans and pleasure is all I heard with each thrust. Anthony's cock was so large I could see it pushing out Shannon's lower stomach with each thrust inside. He was buried so deep and was touching her in spots that had never been stimulated before. I could not imagine how incredible it must be for her, and was so happy to be there to see her experience it.

Another 15 minutes and from the sounds coming from Shannon, I thought she had climaxed. But again they slowed and this time Shannon pushed Anthony on his back. She straddled him, grabbed hold of his cock and placed it at the opening to her pussy. I watched her slowly slide down on him again in disbelief that something that big could fit in her tight white pussy. They were both dripping wet at this point. She began to bounce up and down on his cock, moving seemingly large distances to feel the full length of his cock. Up and down, back and forth all in one magical motion with her pussy stretched and spread in a way I will never forget. Anthony had stacked some pillows under his body so that he could reach her breasts and kiss her large beautiful nipples as they fucked. The wetness, dark/light contrast, stretching, and sounds all began to build to a crescendo. Moans became more pleasured from both of them and I knew it wouldn't be much longer, I was moaning too. I heard my wife in the distance, "oh god, I want your cum in me...I want your cum in feel so good...cum in me, fuck me....OH GOD, CUM DEEP INSIDE ME". With that Anthony convulsed, and pushed hard and deep into my wife. Shannon, bent suddenly forward and shook with pleasure. They continued to fuck, but more slowly, and Anthony's cock slowly turned white and creamy. Both were grunting and convulsing with each slow thrust and eventually they came to rest. Shannon collapsed on top of Anthony and embraced and kissed him. They continued to make out, as I watched the cum drip out of Shannon's pussy and around Anthony's cock. I came then too.

Shannon dismounted from Anthony and came over to me and embraced me. With her mouth to my ear, she asked, "did you enjoy that?". I said, "very much", to which she replied with a smile, "NOT as much as I did". "I LOVE YOU!", I said. We kissed passionately and I asked if I could feel her pussy with Anthony's cum flowing out of it, she took my hand and moved it down to her cum soaked pussy and cemented the most incredible experience I could have with her. I will never forget.

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