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Hubby Thinks He Set Me Up - A Hotwife Adventure

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Hubby Thinks He Set Me Up (hotwife, cuckold)

Since having a heart attack about five years ago, husband of over twenty years simply has been unable get and maintain an erection long enough to give me the deep, penetrative sex I love. Now he?s 58 years old and, to make matters worse, I am only 45. So I?m really in my sexual prime, but I?m married to a man for whom penetrative sex is a fond memory. Hubby understands my frustration. For the past year or so he tried to get me to date other people, to find a man to give me what Hubby can?t.

I put my husband off by teasing him, scolding him and sometimes playing out his fantasies in the bedroom. But, in my heart of hearts, there were moments when I daydreamed about being ravished by a strong, virile younger man. Hubby, since he can?t fuck me, has become very good at giving me oral pleasure. I guess his constant hinting was getting to me because I began to indulge in my fantasies while he licked my pussy, imagining he was getting me ready for my lover. The orgasms are intense but, somehow, leave me more unsatisfied than they used to. I began to think Hubby was right, I needed to be properly fucked by a real man.

Nevertheless, despite my husband?s continued encouragement, I didn't take a lover. I had resigned myself to a life without full-on sex and I had come to terms with it. My serenity lasted until last summer, when Mel moved into our neighborhood. We live in a nice neighborhood comprised mostly of families and empty-nesters like my husband and me. Mel works as a nursing assistant at the hospital where I work. He doesn't work in my department, but I had seen him a few times in passing. He?s a good looking, single guy, about twenty years my junior, with sandy hair, green eyes and a trim, muscular build that even scrubs can?t hide. So when I saw him driving past my house one morning, I was curious. When I later learned he had bought a house a few doors over from ours, I was one of the first to welcome him to our neighborhood.

Once he realized I was his neighbor, Mel started taking chatting with me any we ran into one another in the hallway. He even joined me for lunch in the cafeteria a few times, and I began to look forward to seeing him. He?s smart, funny and a lot of fun to be around. Most importantly, he seemed to find me smart and funny, and seemed to think I was fun to be with. Over the next few weeks, I developed a bit of a crush on him, and began to flirt with him. Gradually, our friendship became more playful, and it became common for us to make suggestive comments and tease one another. I loved it when Mel made a comment about my butt or told me he had dreamed about me the night before.

Mel also got a long well with my husband, and we invited him to our house for cookouts a couple of times. Mel has a couple of ATV?s and he invited Hubby to go trail riding with him one weekend. They took off and Hubby said they went deep into the nearby wilderness area, rode several mountain trails and had lunch overlooking an incredible pristine valley. When I asked him what they talked about, my husband said they talked about work and cars and"guy stuff." Of course I was sure Hubby was clueless about my infatuation with our sexy young neighbor. Little did I know!

The next weekend, Hubby went out of town to play golf with some of his work associates. So, when Mel called invited me to have dinner at his house, I readily accepted. I brought wine and made a salad while Mel grilled a steak for us to share. After dinner, we relaxed on the patio and started a second bottle of wine. Despite my crush, I had never seriously considered having sex with Mel, but I began to feel an incredible sexual tension building as the pauses in conversation became longer, and we spent more time just looking at each other and smiling.

To break the tension, I told Mel how much my husband had enjoyed the back country excursion they had taken. Mel laughed and shook his head, "It was great. Your husband is quite a guy!"

"What do you mean?" I asked him. His answer floored me.

Mel said he had been telling my loving husband about the stress of the working in the ER and Hubby said I also came home from work stressed out sometimes. When Mel, asked how I coped with the stress, Hubby said,"Well, the best way for her to relieve stress has always been to have me fuck her senseless. But I really can?t do that any more."

I was mortified that my husband had discussed our sex life - or lack of the same - with my friend and coworker. But Mel wasn't through telling me about what Hubby had said. "I told your husband I was sorry he couldn't enjoy sex anymore, and that he was lucky to have such an understanding wife. Then your husband looked me in the eye and flat-out asked me if I found you attractive. Of course, I told him part of the truth. I didn't tell him about our flirting and teasing at work, but I told him I think you are amazing and, if you were single, I would absolutely ask you out."

I found myself blushing at this blunt admission that my secret crush was reciprocated. Then, my young friend said the words that changed my life. "Your husband said he wanted me to seduce you."

I gaped at him. "What?!"

"He said he wanted me to give you what he can?t He told me he really likes me, and that he thinks you find me attractive. He said I would be doing him a big favor if I would persuade you to take me as your lover. His exact words were, ?I would love for you to fuck my wife as often as you and she want to.?" I finally built up the nerve to look at Mel, and I saw that he was blushing almost as much as I was.

"Did he tell you how to go about seducing me?" I asked.

"He said I should come over to your house this weekend while he was out of town. He suggested I strike up a conversation with you, try to get you talking about sex, then make a pass at you. He said you haven?t had sex in so long, you would probably jump at the chance to have sex with me."

I waited, but Mel didn't say anything else. I looked at him, and his eyes seemed incredibly green, like they were shining with his anticipation of my response. "Do you want me, Mel?"

He licked his lips and whispered,"D, I've wanted you from the first time I saw you tending your flower bed in shorts and a tank top. I've been fantasizing about you for weeks."

Then he kissed me. It was such a gentle kiss, it took my breath away. I felt his hands on my hips and I pressed myself against him. Our kiss became more urgent, more passionate, more-WOW!

"One more thing," Mel said. I looked at him apprehensively. I didn't know if I could take any more revelations. I just wanted this hot, young hunk to take me to his bedroom and fuck my brains out. "Your husband didn't want me to tell you about our talk. He wants you to think he doesn't know we are having sex. He also wants me to tell him all the details. I agreed."

"Well," I said,"It?s a good thing you didn't tell me then! I?ll leave it up to you to decide what to tell my husband. Now please take me to bed. I haven?t been fucked by a real man in over five years, and I really want you."

As we spoke, our hands were roaming over each other?s bodies. Mel was playing with my ass and my breasts, seemingly unable to decide which he wanted to squeeze and touch more. I found my young lover?s cock, and I reached my hand up the leg of his shorts to play with it. It felt very nice. Even though it wasn't completely hard, I could tell it was big. Hubby, when he could get it up, was very well endowed. Mel is longer and thicker. I was practically dripping with eagerness. Then, Mel slid his fingers across my pussy, rubbing my clit, and I moaned.

"We've got all weekend," he said. "Let?s go to bed and get better acquainted."

I stayed at Mel?s house until Sunday afternoon. We only got out of bed to eat and go to the bathroom. His cock was not only big, it got incredibly hard. And he knew exactly how to use it. Mel is an incredible lover. By the end of the weekend, I was completely addicted to him.

Hubby got home about an hour after I did and I could tell he was dying to know what had happened. I told him I had dinner with Mel, but I figured he would get the dirty details from my young lover. That night in bed, Hubby dove into my pussy with a new ardor, given me two amazing orgasms. My pussy was a little sore, and I actually had to tell him to go easy. I could tell this pushed his buttons like nobody?s business, and he very gently took me to yet another orgasm before I fell asleep, content and sexually satisfied for the first time in years. Mel later told me that he had told my husband nearly everything, and it really seemed to turn him on.

So I finally have a boyfriend. I love the irony of my husband thinking he set me up to be seduced, when he is the one who is really in the dark. I also love that my young stud gets to tell my cuckold husband about all the different and incredible ways he is fucking my married pussy. I love how attentive and submissive my husband has become, taking every opportunity to give me oral pleasure. He gets my pussy ready for my lover and soothes it after my lover has fucked me. Sometimes he even licks my lover?s cum from my pussy - though neither of us acknowledges it. But, most of all, I love that Hubby really has no idea what an amazing lover Mel is, or how I've become addicted to his big, beautiful cock. My boyfriend has given me more incredible orgasms in the last two months than my husband did in twenty years of marriage. I love my husband with all my heart, but my pussy belongs to Mel.


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