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Hotwife Fantasy

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She had spent a long time thinking about how she could make this happen. Ever since their little experiment failed the first time. She loved that look in his eye, knowing his every thought was centered around one thing. And of course she couldn't lie. . . the sense of control she felt didn?t exactly turn her off.

Now this was it, all or nothing. The plan was to give him exactly what he'd been fantasizing about, for five days. She figured she could do anything for 5 days and putting a time line on it made things a little more comfortable. She had five days to see if she could maintain the persona that went with the territory and he would have 5 days with the highs that came with living out a fantasy but also knowing the end was near may help counteract the lows that were sure to creep up.

The website they belonged to made it almost effortless. Who knew men would come from surrounding cities just to help her taunt and torture her husband. She had a few days off, this was the perfect time. She tried to go about her business that morning, but it was hard staying focused. Just after lunch she sent her husband a text. ?Having a hard time waiting till you get home, found a nice hard cock willing to fill in for you while you have to work?. Now came the hardest part. . . waiting. It didn?t take long, less then a minute but that minute felt like an eternity. Finally she got a text back ?what are you talking about?? is all it said. She took the opportunity to go a little farther, ?do you need to reread the text? I'm horny and your always working, this arrangement no longer suits my needs, so I?ve found an attractive stand in?. She waited a few minutes but no response. She hoped it was because he couldn?t focus with all the blood rushing to his cock. She texted again ?I?ve taken the seat out of the van so space isn?t so restricted. Maybe we will meet in the parking lot near your office so I can be close to you when I cum.? She let it all sink in. It took a few minutes but finally she got a reply. ?I understand? is all it said. Perfect, he has accepted his role quite nicely. Let the fun begin.

She showered, paying special attention to every detail. She shaved the hair under her arms, exfoliated her legs and made sure to save the hair on her pussy for last. She was starting to get excited, her heart was still racing from the excitement of the texts they exchanged and the heat from the water kept her blood flowing. As soon as she rubbed the shaving cream on her pussy she was ready. It was hard to stop touching herself. She was very thorough while shaving and wasn?t shy about fingering her ass with the lube from the shaving cream. But she wouldn?t cum. She wanted to save it for this afternoon. She rinsed and finished primping. She wore jeans, the ones that made men turn to stare at her ass, a black lace thong and no bra. When she was finished she sent the first text of the day to her new ?toy?. ?I was thinking of you in the shower today while I touched myself?, that should get his attention. The reply came quickly, ?that's not nice, you should let me do that for you?. A sly smile spread across her face. She bit her lower lip and replied ?I was hoping you'd say that, my pussy is so hot and wet. I need a hard cock to fill me up?. ?Where and when? was his only reply. Men were easy. She replied with the address and told him to meet her at 2:45. She sent her husband one final text, ?2:45? was all it said.

It was time, she pulled it the lot a few minutes early to be sure she could find a spot that wouldn't be to conspicuous. She couldn't see him but she knew her husband would be watching for her. Her new friend pulled in right on time. She opened the door and pulled him into the van. They made small talk but didn't have to fake it long, they both knew why they were there. He moved in to kiss her, hesitant at first but when she nibbled on his lower lip as he pulled away he knew he didn't have to play timid. Things moved a little more swiftly then, he cupped her tits and as soon as he realized there was no bra the shirt was off. Seconds later he had her hard nipples in his mouth and her hips were rocking against him. He pulled down her jeans and tossed them aside releasing the smell of wet pussy. Then with his mouth back on her tit he slid her panties aside and teased her with his fingers. She was swollen and ready but wanted to prolong the session. She pulled him to her and made him sit down. She coyly undid his belt and pants. His was watching her and she could feel heat building beneath the fabric. As soon as she tugged them down his cock broke free. He was rock hard, she wanted so badly to soak his cock but had to taste him first. As soon and she stuck her ass in the air she heard a sound at the side of the van. Perfect timing. It was her husband, he cleared his throat, loud this time, obviously not sure if he was invited to the party. She leaned over and unlocked the door, that was all the invitation he needed. He climbed into the front seat and was about to come back when she spoke. ?We have a guest, don't be rude. You can watch from there, but stay out of the way.? She turned back toward their guest. ?I'm going to suck his cock before I fuck him, I want to feel him deep in my throat.? And that's all that was said. Her playmate's breathing became heavy and he tangled his hands in her hair, helping keep a rhythm. When he couldn't wait any longer he pulled her to him. Again he didn't bother take the panties off, just slid them to the side. By now she was dripping wet and it took no effort for him to slide deep inside her. Her husband watched as she ground her pussy against this stranger. The man took her nipples into his mouth again and she moved faster. ?Oh fuck? is all she would say. Moments later she shook and tensed as both men watched her arch her head back and push herself further onto him. That was all he needed, as soon as he felt her tighten around him he grabbed her hips and thrust deep inside so she could milk his cock as he came. The tension left their bodies as they caught their breath. When they had both recovered, she climbed off of him and kissed him hard one last time, ?I think its time for you both to go? she said with a smile. Her new friend wasted no time gathering his things, he nodded at her husband, and stepped out into the cold. Her husband couldn't believe it, was she really kicking him out? ?You too, its time to go.? Stunned, he did as he was told.

Almost as soon as the door closed on his truck he got a text from her ?If we get home quick you may still be able to feel his cum drip down your balls while you fuck me. . . . race you!?

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