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Get Out of Dodge - A Hotwife Adventure

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Get Out of Dodge (hotwife, cuckold)

Hubby and I have been married for about twenty years. He?s nearly sixty and I?m just past 45. He?s been after me for years to take a lover, but I was never interested. Hubby is very well-endowed, and he could always take care of my needs. Then, about five years ago, a heart attack left him unable to get hard enough to really fuck me like I love. He still gives me great oral pleasures, but that other itch - the one deep inside - just didn?t get scratched anymore. So, when he again asked me to consider ?dating? other people, I gave the idea more serious consideration. But I never seriously thought I would cuckold my loving husband until a recent trip out of town.

Hubby and I live in western Montana. We occasionally go to Spokane for the weekend to ?get out of Dodge.? We get a room, go to a movie or a concert, or go out dancing. This trip, we were going to go bar-hopping downtown, and my husband had, once again, suggested I might find a friend to play with. On a whim, I decided to call his bluff. So when we got to our room, I put on the outfit I had chosen for this trip - sexy bra and panties, short (for me) skirt and a low-cut top. When he saw me, Hubby?s jaw literally dropped open. Then he got a goofy smile on his face and said, ?Let?s go!?

We went to a bar we knew was mellow and friendly, and had a couple of drinks while we played a few games of pool. A large group of people came in, and a couple of the guys came over and asked if we wanted to play doubles. We readily agreed and, as we played, we got acquainted. The young men were both in their mid-twenties, fit and nice looking. One of them was flirting with me playfully and, after a few more drinks, I was flirting right back. I felt flush with excitement at this novel attention from a young, attractive man, and the sexual energy I felt building between us as our banter became more overtly suggestive. Every now and then, remembering my husband was there, I would look to see how he was taking it. He just smiled and winked at me encouragingly, making it clear I could do whatever I wanted. Hubby has always loved watching me flirt, but this was quickly moving beyond mere flirtation. This young man was trying to seduce me right in front of my husband.

Eventually, the last of my young man?s friends called it a night and left. My husband and I joined my new friend for a nightcap before heading back to our room. Once we were all gathered around a table, my friend became? well more friendly! I sat between him and my husband, and his hand was on my knee almost as soon as we sat down. I didn?t react, and he was soon stroking my inner thigh, working his way gradually higher. As I later found out, Hubby was pretty sure what was going on, but I guess my poker face was convincing. He was never certain. Eventually, concealed by the table, my friend pushed my skirt up and was stroking my pussy through my sheer panties. All the while he kept talking to Hubby and me as if nothing was going on. I just sipped my drink and let the excitement run through my body. My friend made the comment that we were really a cool couple, and he would like to go party with us. My husband looked at me pointedly, and I just kind of shrugged. I was so wet by this point I was probably seeping through my panties. My husband smiled at my bold friend and asked what he meant.

What my young stud did next left me completely speechless. Without removing the hand stroking my panty-clad pussy, he reached his other hand down my low-cut shirt front, under my bra, and started caressing my breast and pulling on my nipple. All the while he just looked at my husband, without saying a word. I almost fell over with surprise as I felt the sensations run between my nipple and my pussy in waves. It was so fucking hot! My husband sat there, stunned, just watching this bold young stranger openly caressing his wife in front of a barroom full of people. He looked at me and, again, I just shrugged. Finally, Hubby nodded, downed his drink and stood up. I gasped as I felt my young admirer?s hands withdraw from their intimate touch. Then he got up and followed my husband to the door. I caught my breath and, after a brief stop in the ladies? room, I met them outside.

We left the bar and began walking back to our hotel, about ten blocks away. As we walked down the street...I found Hubby holding one hand and my new boytoy holding the other. We went about a block when, pulling me to him, my young friend kissed me, opening my mouth with his tongue and exploring my hot wetness gently but insistently. Having asserted his claim, my young lover turned to my husband and told him he should walk behind us. After I nodded my agreement, Hubby did as he was asked. We came to an open bar, and my new friend told Hubby to go inside and have them call us a taxi. This time, Hubby didn?t even seek my approval, he just did as my assertive young stud ordered. God, his dominance turned me on!

As soon as Hubby went inside, my new beau drew me close and continued our kiss. His hands were all over my body, caressing and squeezing my ass and my breasts, reaching into my blouse and pulling my nipples, even stroking my pussy through the front of my skirt. All the while he kissed me so hungrily, so possessively, that my knees trembled with anticipation of what he would do next. I completely lost track of time, returning the kiss and running my hands over his hard, muscular body. Feeling his pants, I found a hard, thick shaft throbbing beneath my touch. I wanted him so bad! I heard a scuffling of feet, and we broke the kiss to see Hubby watching with an adorable mix of excitement and humiliation on his face. He apologized for interrupting, and said the cab was waiting across the street. With a smile, my young Adonis took my hand and led me to the cab, not even sparing a glance for my husband.

During the ride back to our room, my new friend was all over me again. He lifted my shirt and, unsnapping the front-closure on my bra, he freed me breasts. He began squeezing my titties, sucking and nibbling on my hard brown nipples. Pushing my panties aside, my young stud worked two fingers into my dripping wet pussy and began stroking my G-spot, bringing me to a quick, hard orgasm right there in the cab. Looking up, I saw the cabbie watching in the mirror. Sighing in surrender, I just closed my eyes and let my lover use me as he pleased. I felt something unexpected, and looked over to see Hubby rubbing my thigh, surreptitiously. I sighed again and didn?t pay him any further attention.

Since it was such a short distance, we got to our hotel pretty quickly. My lover led me from the cab and told Hubby to pay the driver. While Hubby dug for his wallet, my young bull drew me to the driver?s side door and asked, "Do you want to feel her tits before I go fuck her in front of her husband?? The driver leaned out the window and started squeezing my breasts and pulling on my nipples. I moaned and closed my eyes, just letting the moment happen. At a nudge from my lover, I moved closer and looked down to see the cabbie lean his head out and take my nipple in his mouth, sucking and nibbling. Meanwhile my lover reached under my skirt and probed my pussy with his long, hard fingers. I was being manhandled by two strange men in the hotel parking lot while my husband watched. I felt like such a slut?I felt like I was going to explode right then and there!

When we got to our room, my assertive young lover quickly asserted his control of my husband and me. He us to both get naked and lay on the bed. He then got undressed and just shoved his cock into my mouth. His cock wasn?t much bigger than Hubby?s but it was very hard, and thick. I began to give it my very best efforts, wanting to please this young bull more than anything at that moment. To my surprise he told Hubby that he could go ahead and fuck me, but he better not cum. I must have laughed, because he asked me what was so funny. Pulling away, I told him Hubby can?t get hard enough to fuck me anymore. He smirked at Hubby and said, ?Well, it?s your loss, then.?

I was really getting into sucking and kissing his beautiful young cock when he pulled it away, simply saying he was ready to fuck me. I expected him to put on a condom, but he just moved between my legs, shoved that thick cock into me and started fucking me. I was so hot, I started cumming immediately. He didn?t show any finesse whatsoever, just using his youth and virility to drive his hard, thick cock deep into me relentlessly. He must have pounded me for about ten minutes, drawing another wracking orgasm from me, before announcing he was going to fill my pussy with his cum. I looked over to see the cutest expression of concern on Hubby?s face. But I knew it was a safe time of the month, so I just told my young lover to go ahead and give me everything he had.

Even when he could fuck me, Hubby never really produced more than a few spurts of semen. So I was amazed when I felt my young stud?s cock swell inside me and start just pulsing! I have never believed a woman could feel a man cumming inside her. I certainly never had. But I swear I felt this young stallion?s seed flooding my pussy, filling me up and flowing out around his pistoning cock. I looked down, not believing what I saw. I have never seen so much cum in my life. It was frothing and foaming around his still hard cock. My lover just kept fucking me, churning his seed into me, making me wonder if I had made a mistake letting him cum in me. He must have fucked me for at least another two or three minutes before he softened and withdrew with a plop.

My young bull got up and went into the bathroom leaving me there, legs splayed, with his semen oozing out of me. When he came back in, he looked at my husband and said, ?What are you waiting for? Get down there and clean up her pussy!?

Hubby was completely submissive at this point and, with a sheepish look at me, he crawled between my legs and started tentatively licking our mixed juices from my thighs. Hubby had licked his own cum from me a few times, but he had never seen my pussy in this state. Nevertheless, his enthusiasm for the task grew quickly and he was soon licking, sucking and slurping at my messy pussy for all he was worth. The sensation was incredible, and I knew I would probably have another orgasm just from Hubby?s attentions. I heard my young stud - our young stud - tell my husband that he could have his wife back now? that he was done with her. He said I was a great fuck. I looked over to see him dressed and, blowing me a kiss, he just left.

Hubby didn?t even look up. He just kept eating my pussy. I started teasing him, asking him how a real man?s cum tastes. I told him how wonderful it was to feel a hard cock - a real man?s cock - in my pussy, fucking me the way I needed to be fucked. Hubby just moaned and kept licking and sucking. I called him my pussy- eater, my cuckold, my limp-dicked cum-eater. I got so excited taunting my husband that I had another incredible, jaw-clenching orgasm. When I came down, I encouraged Hubby to jerk off onto my titties. He came almost immediately, spraying me with more cum than I had seen from his semi-hard cock in years. When he started to reach for a Kleenex, I stopped him. ?You?re a cum-eater now, aren?t you? So get to it!? With a smile, he moved quickly to comply. Afterwards, we just cuddled until we fell asleep.

I won?t say it was the best sex of my entire life. But it might have been the hottest. I don?t remember ever having so much fun! It was the combination of things - the flirting, the seduction, the power of fucking who I wanted, the pleasure of sexually submitting to a virile young stud, and the unexpected eroticism of seeing my strong, loving husband so docile and humiliated. When I woke up the next morning, I was in a state of utter bliss! I knew right then that we would be coming to Spokane more often.


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