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Friend Fucks My Wife 2

If you haven't read my last article read it first then
this will all make sense.
As I said before they started going at each other again and
man it was getting sooo hot. He started fucking her doggy
style and she was moaning so loud. She then told me to crawl
underneath her and see close up how a pussy should get fucked by a nice big cock. Well I slid underneath and was getting a birds eye view. She then lowered her pussy onto my face and told me to lick it. I was licking her pussy and he was still fucking her hard. She then said stick your long tongue in my pussy.(As I have a extrodinarily long tongue like Gene Simmons of Kiss, it is also pierced) I stuck my tongue in her pussy and he kept fucking her. I could feel his cock slide across the top of my tongue. They were moaning loud and he said "Shit your tongue feels good on my cock",the bottom of his cock was sliding back and forth on the tongue ring ball.
He fucked her like this for quite a while with me licking
both of them. She then told me to lick his balls. I did as told and he really started moaning and fucking her real hard.
She was moaning extremly loud now and was saying again Dennis I love you. He was about to cum and she said stick your tongue back in my pussy. After I did he pumped a couple more times with his cock sliding on my tongue ring. Then he came hard I could feel the cum shooting across my tongue into her pussy.
Then she came and it pushed his cum mixed with hers into my
mouth she was spraying so hard. They both came a lot then
he pulled his cock out and she told me to suck the juices off his cock. He shoved his cock in my mouth before I could even say anything so I started sucking it. She turned around
and said yeah suck my lovers cock you know you love his cum.
He started fucking my mouth and more cum was still oozing
out. I don't know how he did it but his dick stayed hard
and he just kept fucking my mouth. It took a while and she
was licking his balls and saying yeah baby cum in the cocksuckers mouth. This must have triggered him cause he came so hard I could not swallow all of it and she was licking up what was coming out the sides of my mouth. They then layed back on the bed and started cuddling. She said isn't the small dicked fucker a good cock sucker? He said hell yes he sucks cock real good especially with that tongue ring.
I was horny and asked her if I could fuck her she said hell no I can't feel your little cock. She said just jack off. I did and she said see your cock doesn't even fill up your hand.I then came and shot all over the floor.She then told me I could sleep on our couch in our bedroom cause she was going to sleep with her lover. We all fell asleep then early the next morning I heard the waterbed rocking. I just lay there and she must have thought I was asleep. She was moaning oh Dennis I love you I want you to fuck me all the time. He said well what about Bob she said he can watch all the time and jack off thats what he likes anyway. She said I want you every night he said where will Bob sleep she said he can sleep on the couch. When I come home at night they are already in bed as I work the late shift,sometimes they are still fucking when I come home other times you can smell the sex in the air.

End of Story