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Finding the wife a lover

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We had been married five years and we were almost completely stalled in our love-making. My 30 years old red-headed wife no longer responded to any of my many stimulation techniques or my average-sized cock, and it was affecting our once-happy marriage. She was faking her orgasms and avoiding me in the bedroom whenever possible and I despaired that my married life was about over. I had been tracking her comings and goings from the home and had even installed video cameras to catch her with some other lover, but with no luck to date. I had installed GPS devices in her car and purse and monitored her cell phone calls when possible too, just to see if she had another man yet. All I had gotten off any of these was her telling her friends that she no longer enjoyed having sex with me.

Oh, and I had also found out that she did not want to cheat on me in any way either. I did not know what to do so I went to the porn story sites on the web for ideas. That was something she herself would never do because she was much too proper and religious. I finally settled on one story that I thought might work if I could find the right male. I mean, my loving wife was extremely good-looking and sexy so she should easily qualify as a future hot-wife and be regularly fucked if I just found that right stud or bull for the job. I went online and searched many weeks before I found a man both attractive enough and smart enough to seduce a women like my proper and righteous wife. He would have to be young, very handsome, and very good at seduction. He would need all those qualifications as well as being very good at fucking someone else?s wife.

The young man I eventually found had been working as a male escort since coming back from Iraq. He was looking for a better job and I hired him as my new assistant just to get him. I brought him to our next company office party where he was to meet my extremely bored wife. My new assistant was younger than we were at 23 and he was built like a Greek god. Yet he was shy and unassuming like most other young men who were starting a new job. I asked my wife to take him around the party and introduce him to everyone because he was shy, and though she did so reluctantly she did as I asked.

He followed her around willing enough although he never really hit it off with anyone other than her throughout the night.

She was a bit unhappy that she had failed to match him up with someone his age and told me that maybe I had picked an unsociable type. I asked her to really take him under her wing and bring him out of his shell and she once again reluctantly agreed. She had him coming over to the house for dinner often now, and even staying over at times so we all could go camping or fishing. He made it a point to appear that he liked doing anything with her which included shopping. That exasperated her at first but after a few weeks she seemed to warm to his continual adulation. She even became comfortable with him being constantly around her and expected him to accompany her everywhere when he was not at the office with me.

Of course, he made sure she saw his muscular and semi-nude body at times, especially when he came out of the shower with just a towel around his waist. If we were in the outdoors camping or fishing he would bare his highly muscular chest and wear tight jeans that showed the huge bulge of his cock in the front. Oh yeah, he had told me he had a big cock and I could believe that when I too saw the bulge in the front of his jeans.

I had observed her watching his ripped body more than once and I watched them on the video cameras and saw her masturbating after she had inadvertently watched him do the same thing through his partially closed bedroom door. Now that I knew she was interested in this young stud I encouraged him to make his move and just take her suddenly. I explained that she would never make a move on him because of her proper upbringing and unwillingness to cheat on me. We both agreed that I should continue treating him as a younger brother and my good friend even though he would soon become much more than that when I became their willing cuckold .

He treated her differently now, as in he was no longer shy, and he was purposely watching her every move. He was always smiling at her appreciatively when she did anything for him which included dressing more sexily when he was there. We made sure that it appeared that I was trusting him more and more as my equal in everything including escorting her to business functions. I began to leave them alone whether I was home or when I was out of town.

When I could tell that they were very highly comfortable with each other?s presence I purposely left them alone at our outdoors campsite, supposedly while I went off fishing. One morning, I crawled out of the tent early and told my sleepy half-dressed wife I was going upstream for a few hours. She mumbled okay and I gave my young assistant the thumbs up before hiding nearby with binoculars. He went to the stream and was bathing his nude body when she crawled out of the tent right after I had left. I watched as she watched him bathe and I could see her fingering herself as the stared at his monster cock standing out proudly and high above his huge balls. It was indeed something to see because it must have been 10 inches long and arched up towards his belly button with it?s huge mushroom head flaring proudly!

He turned around quickly and caught her watching then grinned shyly at her with his long hard cock bouncing up and down with his movements. I watched her turn red with her embarrassment and she started apologizing even while waving her hands incoherently. He ignored her nervous and rambling apology as he walked right up to her and pulled her to his chest with a powerful and passionate kiss. She did not know how to respond at first and she cried out ?NO? even while her semi-nude body seemingly melted into his hard body willingly. She never had a chance after that because he continued kissing her passionately while pressing his long cock up between her legs and along the bottom of her panty clad pussy. He was sliding it back and forth along the furrow of her cunt lips and she was juicing so badly she was whimpering with her wanton need.

I knew she needed for it to be inside her because it had been so long since she had wanted sex with me. Yet, she continually muttered that they could not do this even when he freed her from her bra and exposed her magnificent tits. He began sucking her long nipples after lifting her up in the air so he could reach them. As he held her up in the air and sucked on her nipples he continued sliding his huge cock back and forth along her now soaked furrow, causing her to gasp loudly in her desperate need to orgasm. I heard him tell her to move her panties over to the side with her fingers so that he could enter her. She no longer protested his sexual intentions and the powerful young man lifted her even higher against his chest as she clung to his shoulders for dear life.

She was still muttering that she couldn?t do this but her body was no longer protesting and she was even kissing on his neck now. I watched as his huge mushroom head lined up against her now flowering cunt lips. Then I watched in awe as her inner labia parted like the Red Sea and that huge mushroom-like head slowly entered her wet cunt-hole. It seemed like it was way too big at first but then it started disappearing into her willing fuck hole like it was sliding through a tube of soft butter. I heard her gasping loudly as she felt that monster cock enter into and invade her tight and long unused pussy. He stood there with just the head inside her cunt now and I watched with satisfaction as she herself thrust her hips and pussy down rather quickly. It was obvious that she wanted more of his long cock deep inside her vagina and I watched in awe as she trembled and shook having her first orgasm in months.

Then my young stud assistant thrust more of his 10 inches clear up into her cervix. When he did that she screamed in both ecstasy and pain of the penetration. Once again he held still as she adjusted to having the head of his cock lodged clear up in her cervix. I watched her face relax first and then saw her sweet smile as her body finally relaxed. Than her hips started moving back and forth jerkily and it was obvious she trying to get even more of him up into her womb now. Her eyes were opened wide and she was gazing at him star-struck as if he was a god with his huge cock filling her completely!

I heard her say softly, ?Oh please fuck me my sweet young lover, I have wanted to feel that huge cock deep inside me for so long now!?

The young stud just smiled and said, ?I am going to lay you down on your back and fuck you like you have never been fucked before my love...are you ready for that deep fucking my sweet sexy lover??

?Oh yes she replied sweetly and sexily, that is just what I need and I need you to do that a lot from now on since I have finally cheated on my husband. In for a penny in for a pound she said realistically. Totally accepting the fact that she was now a cheating slut-wife with a lover, one with that very same long cock that she had so desired for so long.

I give him this, he fucked her in every position we knew for the next two hours. He made her cum repeatedly in each position with that long cock invading her womb and flooding it every time he came! She was almost lifeless when I came out of the brush and hand signaled for him to get her cleaned up and busy cooking brunch for us. I gave them another 30 minutes and appeared on the path greeting the still rosy-faced pair and knowing that they were sexually exhausted.

My flush-faced wife could not look me in the eyes and kept herself busy the rest of the day avoiding me. I took the young man up the stream fishing and thanked him for both seducing and fucking her so fervently. He grinned and asked if he could continue for awhile since she was like a new virgin to him, and she had responded so well to his seduction and sexual administrations. I agreed that he should give her a completely new sexual libido by fucking her at home tonight after I went to bed. I told him I would pretend to crash after drinking too much as usual. He agreed to the plan and after dinner I acted as if I had drank to excess and had to go to bed early. This was not really unusual for me because we hadn?t had a sex life for months now and I had actually had begun drinking a lot at night just to get to sleep.

My lovely wife told the young man she should go up to bed with me, but he begged her to keep her company downstairs for a while. I was already feigning going to sleep and had closed my eyes when I heard her whisper, ?Okay lover...I want you so badly too!?

They helped me upstairs and into the bed before she changed to her baby dolls and went back down to him ready to fuck him again. I went to the top of the stairs and this time it was even better for me as she sucked his cock this time. That was something she had never done for me but it was something she evidently could not refuse her new lover. I even heard him tell her that she would have to learn to deep throat him in the future and swallow his cum too.

She did not argue with him, rather she just nodded with a smile and climbed up on top of him so she could ride his long and arching cock. It was exciting watching her fuck him while having orgasm after orgasm, watching her take his beautiful cock this way and that way while begging him to fill her womb with his cum again. She would jerk her hips frenziedly when he did and once again they lasted about two hours before they were fucked out. Afterward they showered together and she collapsed in bed next to me fast asleep when her head hit the pillow. I waited to hear her snoring and lifted her leg up so I could slip my cock into her cum-soaked cunt. She protested only a little in her sleep while I slipped in and out of her slowly but deliciously. It wasn?t as if she could feel much in that stretched out and cum-filled cunt, yet I loved the feel of her hot and well fucked if somewhat slimy cunt. It was like fucking into a sheath of melted butter while bouncing off her slick vagina?s warm walls. I finally flooded her with my own load and I had not ever had a sweeter aftermath or a better feeling of sexual satisfaction in my life.

I knew that I had to keep this affair going as long as I could just so I could enjoy having sex with my wife again. It was great to fuck her again even if it was just to be sloppy seconds from now on. The two of them continued fucking each other for months in secret and then the wife caught me fucking her after she had supposedly fallen asleep.

She stared at me and asked if I knew what she was doing and I replied yes. She did not seem to know what to say when I said, ?It is okay dear, I know and approve and want you to continue fucking him.? I continued and said, ?You two are great together and I both want and like the sloppy seconds I have been taking. Honey, I don?t mind him stretching you wide and re-arranging your vagina, and neither do I mind the slippery cum-filled pussy I get. I do love that you are back to enjoying sex and fucking again, can you handle me being a cuckold husband to you and your young bull??

She looked at me differently now and said, ?I have heard about husbands like you, husbands that love to watch their wife fuck better lovers that have bigger cocks. Is that what you are asking of me honey??

I smiled as I said, ?Yes dear, I have been watching you two since the camping trip and you two have done nothing but fulfill my fantasy and kick-start our sex life into something wonderful my darling wife.?

She reflected a bit before answering and then said, ?I think I will have to study up on this cuckold thing. I think I will actually love controlling your sex life while I enjoy my own with another man. Isn?t that how that kind of sex life goes she asked?

I nodded yes which drew a broad smile her before she said, ?I heard you cuckolds suck well-used vaginas full of cum too so get busy she said even as she climbed over my face with her cum-dripping and stale smelling cunt! I was not quite prepared for the spray of both her juices and bits of his cum that covered my lower face when she climaxed explosively, but I was just so damned happy that I could make her cum again!

Here is an update, we continued exploring this lifestyle with my young assistant until she found out I had arranged the seduction. He was ready to move on too with his excellent recommendation in hand. It was fitting that she picked her own lover now she told me, and she did so and started dating a man she had the hots for at our dance club. He too had a big cock, though not as big as the young assistant. The difference was that my wife kind of fell for this man completely and wanted to go everywhere with him instead of me. She had started being gone a lot and even my friends knew she was cuckolding me since they were always together in public. She came home after a full weekend she had spent with him and saw that I was packing my things.

She asked me fearfully, ?What are you doing honey??

She was looking at me in dismay when I explained that I could plainly see that she had fallen for another man and no loved me. She gasped and fell to the floor when I told her I just needed to get out of the way since I was longer needed as a husband. She stayed on the floor crying and started shaking her head no, saying that she had made a mistake and gotten carried away with the romance and the affair. It took her a while to placate my hurt feelings, but she convinced me that she still loved me and never had any intention of replacing me with a big cock and a phony romance. She called her lover and broke it off immediately within my hearing and then I knew she meant what she had said about loving me.

We repaired our marriage and even enjoyed sex together for a long time just watching the videos we had made with her lovers fucking her. That eventually began to wear out and we agreed she should find another bull. We agreed she needed one she did not love or want to spend every minute with, so this time we went to a cuckold?s club and came home with a large black bull. She had picked him after fucking three and trying them all out first. He was about the same size as her first lover and he could cum copiously which was what she loved because she enjoyed feeding me huge loads of cum. She always watched as the huge globs of cum oozed out of her cunt and onto my waiting tongue. Then I could just bump her clit with my nose she was so transfixed and she would explode, spewing cum bits and cunt juice all over my face.

She fucked this bull for several months before getting another. She did this deliberately because she did not want love or romance and only wanted to fuck well hung men that could last for a while and cum big in her. She always said afterwards that feeding their cum into my mouth is what she looked forward too the most. Giving me sloppy seconds in her well-stretched and slimy cunt afterwards made her night as well. She told me lovingly one night, honey I just love that you found the sex life we needed to continue our life together as husband and wife. ?Oh thank you my sweet cuckold man,? she said, even as she wiped my messy and cum-covered face with a wash cloth!

Then she stared at me lovingly and said, ?Oh honey, just so you know, I have two men coming over tomorrow night. We wanted to double our pleasure and double both your fluffing and your cum-eating chores my sweet cuckold, okay honey??

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