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Camp On The Lake

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Camp On The Lake

It all started that one weekend, the weekend that Audrey and I had gone up to our camp in Maine for the last time in the autumn to close it for the winter. A weekend that changed our marriage, for the better. The dozen or so camps on the lake were secluded and rustic but had electricity. We had to drain the pipes, stack firewood for winter visits, and shutter the windows. Our particular camp, a modest cabin, was the last one on a long rough logging road and the last couple of miles was cut off by a washed out culvert, so as we often preferred we opted to motor across the lake in our skiff. A two mile pleasant boat ride versus a 10 mile slow car ride.

Audrey and I had been married for about 10 years and were happy. We'd both dated and gotten pretty serious a few times with others before we met and fell deep in love with each other. We were not really interested in having kids, then in her early 30's she had an internal medical problem and lost the choice on kids anyway, so no more concern about her getting pregnant. I still find her adorably cute with her dark brown hair, five foot five slim figure and nice round butt.

Sex eventually got stale so we were smart enough to seek counseling together. Under counseling we discovered we both enjoyed watching porn and fanaticizing while we had sex. Now the porn had to be what I call woman porn: no violence, lots of kissing and tenderness. I had a hard time getting it out of her, but eventually found her favorite fantasy was about being ravished by more than one man, no one in particular, just being taken and pleasured, and made to pleasure her guys! This turned me on wicked too and I would often whisper a scenario to her while we made love, and even blindfolded her once in a while. She became pretty adept at having a great orgasm this way. I loved exploring the SLS websites and brought up the subject a few times, but she refused to even consider acting this fantasy out!

Now back to closing the camp. The day was overcast but no severe rain was expected the last we checked. We were unfortunately delayed several hours by a massive traffic accident blocking the highway. We'd be bringing summer stuff back on the return trip so the boat was essentially empty on the way over, other than us and PFDs. About half way across a stiff wind came up blowing us toward the east shore, then a stiff stinging rain started. Audrey had the smarts to head the boat toward the shore to get away from the wind and choppy water and to find a place to get out of the weather even though the trip would be longer hugging the shoreline. We were soon soaked to the bone in 45 degree weather. We were getting nervous and at the same time a bit pissed at ourselves because we knew better than to not bring good rain gear.

A few minutes went by when we spotted the light on the shore of a camp, a camp we remembered as Dave's and Melanie's. We didn't know Dave's and Melanie much at all but had helped them out the previous year when their truck broke down and we had driven them into town for stuff while their truck was being towed out and fixed, and then took them back into town to pick it up. Otherwise we rarely were up in the area at the same time and never saw each other again after that.

"The smartest thing to do honey is tie up at their dock and seek refuge till the storm lets up and we're dry again" Audrey called to me. Melanie looked just shocked when she answered the back door, but not just shocked over finding two water soaked shivering people, two drowned rats, at her door, but an odd, quick, look of disappointment too. After a second she realized what and who she was looking at! "Oh my god, Audrey, Erik, get in here", she exclaimed! "Dave get us some towels and dry clothes!"

Inside, their place was toasty warm. On the couch and around the fireplace were more people we did not know, bottles of wine, and some light jazz music playing. There were three other guys there besides Dave, all looked about 30 to 40, like Melanie and Dave. Melanie was dressed in a cocktail dress and the guys were dressed in nice slacks and shirts; not quite backwoods, woodcutting hunting or fishing garb? "Gee Dave, we're awful sorry about intruding like this." "Don't worry about it Erik, no one should be out in that weather and honestly we never thought the weather was going to get this bad." Dave replied.

While toweling off and changing in the bathroom I whispered to Audrey: "Hey sweetie, I think we interrupted a nice weekend party." "Yah", she whispered back, "they really saved us but I feel like we're a wicked fifth wheel at the moment! Weird place to have a semiformal party though".

When we got out of the bathroom in borrowed shirts and bathrobes, Melanie was over with their guests talking in hushed tones while Dave came over and offered some hot tea with rum. "Sorry about interrupting your weekend Dave." Dave replied with a smile: "Come on Erik, after you guys helped us out last year we really owe you this rescue. I will be honest with you, at the moment you and Audrey do pose a weird inconvenience… I'm sorry, a bad choice in words; a weird change to our plans."

About then Melanie came over looking a little bit nervous. Melanie is a very very pretty, dark haired beauty and very pale skin, with trim petite frame, small boobs and hips. Turning to her husband, Erik sweety, I chatted with our friends and like… you know how important this weekend is and how long we've been setting it up…." (With that last comment Audrey and I were both feeling like shit and confused a little.) We think it's best to just be honest with them… they can just stay in the living room and we'll move to the bedroom. We can't let them leave in this weather and its almost dark now."

Turning to us Melanie declared with a nervous smirk: "Guy's. I'll be blunt, uh… well, Erik and I are… swingers. You know, the kind of couple that has sex with other people and its okay. We've been doing this, swinging, occasionally for about five years. My biggest fantasy, desire… was to be the center of attention and be ravished by a bunch of sexy guys… all at the same time. This weekend is, well, a birthday present from Erik." "Yah the problem is, interjected Erik, is that it's taken months to set up, to vet safe good guys, that Melanie liked".

After what seemed like a minute of dead silence Audrey broke the silence. "Wow, you mean like a… gang bang thing… this is weird. We don't know what to say… , look how about if WE take the bedroom… pretend we are not even here. Keep in mind we are not prudes or were born yesterday. We've never played quite like you guys but we are pretty familiar with what sex is."

Okay, said Erik, why don't we have dinner and then just let the night play out… have fun."

Dinner was simple but real good, informal and actually fun despite the underlying tension; lots of good wine maybe helped. We got to know Melanie and Erik's friends a little. Melanie took turns sitting among her boy toys and we noticed they were not hiding their intentions. While not actually making out, the guys would occasionally run their hands up the bare skin of her legs, massage her neck. She in turn would make cooing sounds and accidently brush her hand over their groins. One guy came up behind her and slipped his hand briefly down the front of her dress and cupped her breast while giving her a peck on the back of her neck. Erik seemed to be enjoying himself. Audrey leaned over and asked him why he does not seem jealous? I really love her and love seeing her happy, he replied. I guess it's similar to watching her enjoy a really good meal, it doesn't man she's going run off with the chef in the morning? I feel secure that in the morning Mel will still be my wife, best friend and partner. And she'll know I'll be the same for her.

About 8 PM Audrey nudged me and announced it was time for us to turn in and we wished everyone a good night. Melanie, with a coy smile, looked at Audrey and told her to feel free and peak out and watch a bit if she wanted to. At that Audrey turned a bit red and we both snickered a little before thanking them for rescuing us and then shutting the bedroom door.

Audrey and I spooned in bed and whispered to each other about how weird this is, until we heard the sound of periodic laughs, muffled moans and squeaks, then we got quiet and listened in the dark. About 20 minutes passed when I asked Audrey if she minded if I peeked out… just a little bit? Rolling over she stared into my eyes: God… I was just thinking the same thing… but I did not want to be the first to say it!

In the dark we slowly we crept up to the bedroom door. Audrey opened up the door first an inch, then two inches. A barely audible WOW came out of both of us. In the light of candles Mel was laying totally naked on a bed of blankets near the wood stove, eyes closed but with a big smile. On either side and at her feet, her three friends (with benefits) were massaging her oiled body; running hands over her legs, arms, chest and neck. A hand would pass over a breast which caused the nipples on her small breasts to stiffen and stand upright. A set of lips would kiss and nibble down her arm, then kiss her neck and travel down to a breast and gently pull at the nipple. Her body was exquisite with a small patch of public hair trimmed to a landing strip. The breasts were not large but wonderfully shaped

Erik sat, naked except for briefs, on the floor with a big smile and was caressing Mel's foot. Melanie had so many hands on her I was surprised she wasn't suffering massive over-stimulation! Audrey whispered that the three naked guys were gorgeous. I stood behind her and my hands naturally wrapped around Audrey's waist when we went to peak thru the door; as we feasted on this visual delight my right hand slowly crept up her t-shirt while my other massaged her tummy and hip. Her hand took mine and guided it up to her supple round breasts. As we watched, my nose was buried in her soft sweet hair and a hand moved across her chest massaging her now hard nipples.

My left hand crept lower, into her underwear brushing through her pubes until eventually finding her sweet spot which caused my wife to suddenly and audibly suck in a gasp of air. My fingers gently graced her pubic area and dragged her wetness up over her clit. Her sound must have caught Erik's attention as he cocked his head over our way and smiled.

Audrey obviously saw that he was watching us back, but did not seem to care; she later told me that knowing her breasts were exposed to him as I felt them only made this more naughty and hot for her. I've often told her what great boobs she has, so soft and round in my palms. She seems to love it when I tweak and roll the nipples in my finger tips. By now I was pretty hard and I knew she could feel it pressing into the crack of her delightful butt. Her left hand moved back and began stroking my penis through my briefs while I touched her back.

"Erik is watching you, you know" I whispered to her." "Yes… I know!" she whispered back as I pulled her panties down till they fell to the floor. "He's watching you instead of watching his naked wife be made love to! He'd rather see your beautiful, luscious breasts and whole naked body." I glanced to Melanie and her complex trist on the floor. While a lover gently kissed his way around her inner thighs and began dancing his tongue over her clit, Mel opened her eyes to us and smiled broadly. Her smile was cut off by her sudden moans and shallow gasps of pleasure. With a lustful smile Erik went from watching us to watching his wife and back to us while stroking his chief of staff.

At this point Audrey could not stand it anymore and spun around in my arms to smash her lips into mine while pushing me back to the bed. With a quick motion she whipped off my briefs and swallowed and bobbed on my what she calls her, lance of love! At the wide open doorway to the bedroom Erik now took his turn to spectate with a fine view of my wife's lovely ass, and it made me more turned on. Audrey has giving head down to an art, using both hands, her luscious lips and tongue to make love to my cock! I couldn't believe that she was so aroused and giving me a passionate blow job, almost totally naked, with five almost strangers in the next room

After minutes of this it was my turn to return the favors and picked her up and tossed Audrey down on the bed on her back. We felt a bout of kinkiness coming on when she grabbed a black sock and tossed it to me. "You know what to do", she said with a mischievous smile. I blindfolded her while she laughed and cooed; she loves a little gentle bondage when she is extremely aroused! With a very naughty thought, I next grabbed the belt from my bathrobe and tied both her hands together and tied the other end to the headboard. I next pulled her t-shirt up over her head and feasted on a now naked delightfully oh so sexy body!

I couldn't resist kissing her and gently sucking on her skin from her tummy to her neck, Audrey's favorite foreplay, not that either of us needed much warming up at this point. Looking up at Erik in the doorway. I knew the inevitable was going to happen now; and I knew that it was what Audrey desired inside as well. I motioned for him to enter the room and gestured with my hand to Audrey's naked body as I would be inviting someone to delicious hors d'oeuvres! Audrey's body is just lovely. Her breasts are soft and round, not large but beautiful. Her hips are modest and her legs beautifully tapered. Her soft straight brown hair I find most sexy as it frames here face.

With my blessing Erik took my place on the edge of my bed while I continued to run my hand up over her body as she lay on her back. Smoothly his touch replaced mine on Audrey's skin and he leaned down to her pink cookie and gently began licking and nibbling. Audrey responded immediately and spread her legs wide fully exposing her flower but not for me as she probably believed! Women are never as vocal as portrayed in movies but my wife did not hold back with the low moans and cooing as Erik ate her.

When I lowered my lips to her face and kissed her passionately Audrey suddenly jerked and gasped as she realized that more than one man, another in addition to her husband, was upon her giving her pleasure.

"Who is that" she gasped. Her bound hands over her head prevented her from feeling who was who. Pretty quickly Audrey accepted her situation gleefully and began returning my kisses then muttering, oh yes, oh yes, oh yes, as Erik continued to lick and suck on her pussy! My god she looked so gorgeous!

I lifted her to the edge of the bed and with fingertips I turned her head right and fed my penis to her lips which parted and hungrily enveloped it. This was just the situation that has the heart of her fantasies when we made love. Five minutes into this I tapped Erik and indicated that we should switch places. Audrey perceptively realized what was occurring and gave a naughty laugh! In a moment Erik was getting an enthusiastic blow job, well as enthusiastic as she could bound and blindfolded as she was. Erik was quite busy feasting on her boobs, for a while sucking, then tenderly pulling on her nipples with his teeth. While I ate her golden valley I inserted first one than two fingers and slipped then in and out through her slick wetness, till she finally shuddered and came.

As soon as Audrey had come down from her orgasm I whispered to her to turn over on her hands and knees. "Ooooooo! My favorite position" Audrey exclaimed and laughed! Erik got the honors in being the first to enjoy her tight wet one this evening though she did not know that. I watched as his cock slowly parted her lips. My wife audibly exhaled and gyrated her hips in small circles as he went deep to the hilt and slowly pulled out and than in again. I stared mesmerized; the first time I have had the pleasure of watching her as a full spectator, in sexual ecstasy, to study her face, to see up close her pussy lips being stretched and a hard penis repeatedly penetrating her. Hanging her head down her hair masked her face. Audrey's breasts swung lightly back and forth with each thrust. Unable to not touch her any more I nuzzled her hair, kissed her neck and tweaked her hard nipples. Erik ceased holding back and he finally came inside her as he held her hips back against him.

Erik panted and backed away from Audrey's lovely ass and I could see her pussy slightly gaping; Erik's cum was running out and down her thigh. Now it was my turn and I got behind her as she lowered her face to the mattress and rested on her forearms. I think this position is incredibly sexy with her round ass so on display and assessable! Entering her I found she was well lubed by her previous cream pie, but still tight.

I started slow but quickly built up to a fast pace pounding into her. I was sure the slapping sound could be heard by Melanie and her friends in the living room. It was obvious to me that Erik had done a tag team like this before as while I thrust into her from behind, he reached under Audrey's tummy and began stimulating her clit. This proved just what she needed as soon she has moaning and gasping. After a couple of minutes Audrey finally let go again, her body stiffened, her beautiful face tightened up, her body went rigid and she let out a squeak and orgasmed again; which set me off right after, depositing the second load for the evening into my wife's love garden.

Audrey dropped over onto her side apparently overwhelmed and exhausted. Knowing she would like to be freed I untied her hands and pulled off her blindfold as Erik quietly slipped out of the bedroom and closed the door behind him with a barely perceptible click. After soothingly wiping her copious juices flowing out of her I spooned behind her and pulled the covers up over us. Before falling off to an exhausted sleep she turned her head and we kissed.

In the morning I awoke at dusk when Audrey was getting back in bed after peeing, still naked. I could not hear anyone else up yet. No word was spoken till I broke the tension and whispered "I love you". She looked at me and whispered "I love you too… so much". I wondered if she was feeling the same mix of emotions as I: excitement, fear, regret, satisfaction? A minute later I reassured her that "I had a great time last night… I hope you did too". "It was incredible" she replied and smiled. When we left that morning we crept out while everyone else was still asleep in the living room; a thank-you note was left on the table.

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