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Best Business Trip Ever

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I have to travel frequently for my job. Normally, it is quite boring...airports, hotels, meetings. But, several months ago I had an experience that changed my thoughts about business travel (at least for this trip).

I was in town all week for a series of meetings. I was staying at an upscale hotel downtown not far from the office. I usually stay close to the hotel for dinner unless I am going with a business group.

This night started as a typical night on the road. I stowed my briefcase in my room and headed to the bar in the hotel lobby for a drink. I ordered a cocktail, watched sports highlights on the TV and decompressed from the day. The bar was nearly empty with 2-3 other businessmen.

I had just ordered a second cocktail and was thinking about where to eat dinner when she walked in. She was probably in her mid to late 40's, but she immediately got all the men's attention. She was about 5'6" with short blonde hair. She would have gotten my attention under most circumstances, but in this case her outfit nearly brought my eyes out of my head. She was wearing an extremely short black skirt, stockings, and very high heels. She also had on a white button down shirt with the majority of the buttons undone, exposing a lot of cleavage. She must have been 34 DD and she had a good 6 inches of cleavage exposed.

I watched as she scanned the room. I assumed she was meeting some lucky man. When she saw me she smiled nicely and I could not help but return the grin. My heart leapt as she came directly toward me. She stood next to me and asked "Is this stool taken?" motioning to the empty stool to my right.

"No, please." I motioned for her to sit down. "May I buy you a drink?"

"That would be nice. I'm Lexi." she held out her hand.

"I'm Brian." I said. the barteder came over and she gave him her order. For the next 20 minutes we sipped our drinks and made small talk. I learned that she was from a small town about 75 miles away. Sitting so close to her, I also learned that she had on a garter belt (I caught glimpses of the garters attached to her stockings) and that she was wearing a shelf bra (as we talked, I could not help but notice how her hard nipples pressed against the material of her shirt).

"That is some outfit. You sure got every man's attention when you walked in here."

"Did I?" she giggled. "Actually, that's what I had hoped. I love dressing like this and seeing how men react." she lened over as she said it and I was able to see all the way doen her top. She had a pair of the nicest natural tits I think I had ever seen.

"I was in such a rush to get down here, I forgot to put on any panties." She had turned in her stool to face me and I looked down to see she had parted her legs, and pulled up the skirt enough for me to get a glimpse of her shaved pussy.

"Wow...very nice." was all I could muster.

"If you settle your bar tab, I can take you to my room and show it to you again." she winked as she rubbed my leg.

I quickly got the bartender's attention, signed my tab and headed to the elevator.

"What floor?" I asked as I watched her lean against the back wall of the elevator and pull up her skirt showing me her garter belt and exposed pussy.

We kissed and she grabbed my cock through my pants as we rode up (luckily the elevator was empty).

Once we got to her floor and stepped out of the elevator she said, "I have a confession to make." she pulled my hand and put it on her tit so I could play with her nipple through the material. "My husband is here."

"Oh," I was not sure what to make of that. I now assumed he was at a business dinner. "Do you want to go to my room?"

"No. He is in our room waiting to see who I bring back. We like to come to this hotel a few times a year and I pick up some sexy hunk like you in the bar. I then take him back to our room and fuck his brains out. My husband likes to watch and he usually takes pictures and videos." She was now kissing my neck while rubbing herself against me. "He never takes photos or videos of the guy's face. It is just for us to watch later. He really gets off on my being with other men."

By this time I was so turned on there is not much I would have said "no" to. I agreed and she grabbed my hand and lead me to her room. She knocked on the door and grabbed my head and kissed ne deeply, probing my mouth with her tongue. I heard her husband open the door and we nearly fell over back into the room.

There were no introductions and he faded into the background as she lead me to the bed. She sat down and immediately unzipped my manhood. "Mmmmmm. I picked a nice big one tonight honey." she purred as she took me into her mouth. I grabbed the back of her head as she worked on me, licking me up and down, nearly making me cum several times.

I finally pushed her on her back and knealed down between her legs. I took advantage of the fact that she was not wearing panties and began licking her. She was already wet and seemed to explode in orgasm after only a few minutes. I kept licking and sucking her pussy as she shook with the first climax. The next time it took longer, but within 10 minutes she was squeezing her legs around my head and thrashing in another orgasm. She screamed so loud I was sure the hotel manager would be coming to the room soon (in actuality, if I were in the next room I would enjoy listening to her screams).

Once she slowed down from her second orgasm, she stood and began undressing me. She completely stripped me while leaving on her outfit. She pushed me so I was laying on my back on the bed. I was standing at attention as she pulled up her skirt, stradled me and with one movement took me all way way deep inside her. She was soaking wet and quickly began riding me like a pro. She finished unbuttoning her top and pulled it open so I could get at those magnificent breasts. She had rock hard nipples that must have been 2 inches long when erect. I began playing with them and took them into my mouth as she leaned down. They were very sensitive and she was quickly screaming in orgasm again.

She slowed down her pace and found a nice rythym as she contined to sit on top of me. At this point I again noticed her husband. He appeared to be in his 50's, grey hair, tall. He had a video camera focused on us, but was pointing at his wife's pussy. I could see a big smile on his face.

"Come here baby," she climbed off of me and grabbed my hand. She lead me over to the couch and bent over one end. She was so sexy, with her stockings and heels, skirt pulled up so I could see her black garter belt. Her ass was in the air as she looked over her shoulder at me, "Fuck me from behind baby, I love it."

I did not have to be asked twice as I grabbed her hips and quickly entered her. She was moaning loudly as I began pumping. Her hole was wet and felt fantastic. I was pumping her hard and deep now. I could hear my own moans mixed with her's. She started yelling, "Yeah, fuck me baby, Give it to me hard." She looked over at her husband who was video taping her close to her face, "You love watching him fuck me like this, don't you honey? Watching him give it to me so good." Her husband just nodded his approval and kept taping

After a few more thrusts, I screamed "I'm going to cum."

"Shoot it on my face baby," Lexi said as she moved around and knealed before me. I stroked myself a few times and then gave her a big blast of cum on her cheek, neck and down her tits. Her husband kept taping.

As we both caught our breath, I learned that Lexi was not her real name, but more of a fantasy character she plays when they come to the hotel. They had done this 4 or 5 times before and she claimed this was the best (not sure if I believed her, but it fed my ego). She said she and her husband would go home, watch the video and screw for hours.

She ended up making me cum two more times before I left her room. She never provided her real name or any personal details, but I will have my fingers crossed the next time I come to this city on business.

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