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Best Anniversary Ever!

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My wife D and I had been married twenty years when our wedding anniversary rolled around. We had two kids, both grown and out of the house I was 58 and she was 44. She still looked beautiful and men found her attractive. I always tried to encourage to dress sexily, but as a general rule, she usually dressed rather conservative. I always had a rather open mind about sex, and while she clearly enjoyed making love, D was not as adventurous as I was. As we got older, however, the difference in our ages meant that her sexual desires were on the rise, while mine were on the decline. She grew more willing to ?think outside the box.?

Over the years, our sex life had its ups and downs. When our two kids left the house I thought the time was right to really get back into having some major sexual fun. Alas, deaths in the family and a heart attack (mine) sidetracked those hopes. By our twentieth anniversary, my beautiful wife ? at the peak of her sexuality ? had an older husband who couldn?t stay hard long enough to really fuck her. Our sex life had devolved to me giving my wife oral pleasure, or helping her reach orgasm with a toy while she or I jerked my semi-hard cock to a dribbling orgasm on her breasts, belly or pussy.

Even so, I would try and spice up things by talking dirty to her and fantasizing during sex. Sometimes I would talk to her as if she were fucking someone else. I would say things, like, ?Do you love how he fucks you, Sweetie? Do you love his big cock, Baby? Do you like fucking a man whose cock gets so hard? harder than mine does? Is it nice to find a man who can fuck you like your husband can?t? like he never could?? Usually, she would just kind of go along, saying ?Yes,? but not really joining me in the fantasy. But, occasionally she?d really get into it and became very vocal about telling how amazing he was and how much she loved fucking him. When D did get into the fantasy like that, she and I would both get off really good.

One night, a few months earlier, my wife completely lost herself in the fantasy. She began actually talking to her fantasy lover, telling him how much she loved his big cock, his strong arms? how much she loved kissing him. She worked herself to a fever pitch as I lovingly licked and sucked her beautiful pussy. She was so lost in her fantasy that she began shouting out, ?Fuck me, Lover! Please fuck me! I want to feel your big, hard cock inside me!? Her enthusiasm encouraged me to please her like I never had before, and soon she was cumming like she hadn?t in years. It was incredible! Afterwards, however, D shied away from any discussion of the things she had said, saying that was just a fantasy and something like that would never happen. Still, I couldn?t help but wonder?.

Our twentieth wedding anniversary was coming up, and I wanted it to be special. I stopped by her work and told her that we were going out that evening and to plan accordingly. First, I made dinner reservations at a nice restaurant in a nearby town. Then I reserved the honeymoon suite at a nice hotel. Finally, I went to Victoria?s Secret, and bought a nice-but-naughty nightie and had it gift wrapped. I also gift wrapped a bottle of premium tequila and prepared the homemade strawberry margarita mix D loved. I knew the tequila would help my wife loosen up, and I wanted her to go a little crazy. Finally, I got a bottle of Viagra, thinking I might get hard enough to please my wife like I used to. The afternoon of our anniversary, I then went to the motel, paid for the room and put the ?gifts? in the room.

That evening, I took the Viagra before we headed out. We had a wonderful dinner then went to the hotel, which D didn't know was in the plan for the evening. She was delighted, even more so when she saw the gift wrapped packages on the bed. She anxiously opened them and told me she loved me.

D went into the bathroom to put the nightie on while I filled the blender with ice from the machine down the hall and made strawberry margaritas ? strong strawberry margaritas. Wow! When she returned, I was amazed how hot my wife looked in the nightie. She could see my appreciation on my face and she practically glowed with pleasure.

I turned the TV on and surprised her again by putting on a porn movie I had found that afternoon on the hotel?s pay per view channel. We enjoyed our drinks while we watched an older couple ? about our age ? make love on the screen. It was very romantic. Then the husband went to work, and his wife was soon having hot, nasty sex with a much younger stranger who had come to the door seeking directions. The young stud fucked the woman like her older husband never could ? like I NEVER could ? and she matched him, stroke for stroke, wearing the younger man out. D and I started making out, kissing, touching, and trying to match the passion on the screen. Between the Viagra, the action on the screen and the incredible sight and feel of my wife?s body in the diaphanous nightie, my cock was harder than it had been in years.

My wife practically tore my clothes off, and attacked me like a she-wolf going after a little rabbit. She was glorious! We were going at it hot and heavy while we watched the young man ? whose cock was much larger and thicker than mine ? send his older lover to one screaming orgasm after another.

D pulled away suddenly and said, ?The dr*pes are open. Someone might see us.? She was right. I had pulled the heavy dr*pes back, leaving only the semi-sheer curtains closed.

?Yeah,? I replied, ?The young stud in the room next to ours probably climbed over onto our balcony. He might be out there right now, watching us fuck.?

D smiled and shook her head. ?Do you really think so??

?Sure,? I played along. ?Probably heard you moaning and figured this show was better than whatever he was watching on TV.? I really thought it was just her imagination, and I didn?t stop fingering my wife?s pussy and licking her clit. And she didn?t let go of my hair, with which she was holding my mouth firmly in place at her pussy.

A few minutes later, D said she thought she saw someone move outside the window. I looked, but I didn't see anything. D insisted that I look again. This time, I saw what might have been a large, male shape faintly silhouetted through the semi-sheer dr*pes. I was a bit conflicted at that point. Should I interrupt our foreplay to get up and close the dr*pes? I mean, the door was locked. Anyone standing out there couldn?t come in. Then it hit me that this could be hot. In fact, I noted that ? combined with the Viagra ? this peeper had my cock harder than it had been in years! That was when I start talking to her.

I told her, ?Yes, there?s a young stud out there watching us fuck. I met him earlier and told him I would leave the blinds open. He?s standing out there right now looking at your beautiful tits, at your lovely legs wrapped around me.? I matched words to action and moved up between my panting wife?s legs. I could tell by the look in her eyes that she didn?t know whether or not to believe me.

?He sees how much you love getting fucked, and can?t wait for his turn to fuck you ? even better than your husband does!? I drove my cock into her in two determined thrusts and started fucking her with everything my 58 year old body could manage. D started raising her hips off the bed, responding to my pounding, and at the same time started getting very vocal telling me to fuck her harder. She moaned, ?Don?t make it easy for him, Sweetie! Show him how an old man can fuck his wife.?

?I will, Angel,? I responded, now fully into the fantasy. ?But he?s not only younger, he?s bigger, stronger, and his cock is longer and thicker than mine. He knows that, no matter how well I fuck you, he can fuck you even better? make you cum over and over. Make you beg him not to stop. And you want him to, don?t you, baby? don?t you??

This dirty talk drove my wife over the edge and she moaned, ?Yes! Yes! I want him to fuck me, Baby! Please let me fuck him!? Amazingly, I hadn?t cum yet. So I continued fucking D, talking to her about the young stud standing outside our door.

My wife?s responses got louder and more insistent. She began to tell me how much she wanted his hard young cock, how much better he fucked her, how much longer he lasted, how much harder he made her cum. She knew she was pushing all of my buttons.

?Tell HIM, Baby,? I encouraged her. ?He?s standing right out there. Speak up so he can hear you!? D started talking to the door as if he were really there. She repeated all of the things she had been saying to me, only more loudly, as if she were talking to someone outside the door.

?Do you like watching my hubby fuck me? I can?t wait to feel YOUR hard cock inside me, Lover. I know it?s bigger than his. I?ll bet you can fuck me for hours, can?t you? I can?t wait for you to fuck me with your big, hard cock!? My wife was totally into the fantasy now, and she even turned her face toward the window and blew her imaginary love a hot sexy kiss.

I held off as long as I could while my wife made increasingly filthy promises and demands of the phantom watcher. I told D I was about to cum and urged her to beg ?him? to fuck her. ?I want you to fuck me like my husband can?t,? she entreated him. ?Please fuck me, lover? please fuck me?.PLEEEAAASE?OHHH GODDD!?

That did it for both of us. My cock throbbed as I shot my seed into my wife?s tight, pulsing pussy. She threw her head back and clawed my back as she spasmed beneath me. My cock softened, and I rolled over to lay beside my hot sexy wife, completely drained. I was quite pleased with myself. We had been fucking for close to twenty minutes, and I had stayed pretty hard the whole time. We lay there for a few minutes coming down from the sexual high.

Then D turned her feet toward the balcony and spread her legs, saying loud enough for our make-believe watcher to hear, ?Do you think you can do better than this, lover? I?ll bet you?d like to try, wouldn?t you? I?ll bet your cock is hard and ready to fuck this pussy isn?t it? I?ll be right over, lover! Then we?ll see if you can handle this.? Then she giggled climbed on top of my torpid body, kissing and biting at my neck until I begged for mercy.

Instead of cuddling like we usually do, D hopped out of bed and closed the heavy dr*pes. I asked her if she had given our peeper a good view of her fresh fucked pussy. She just smiled at me, ?Well, if he didn't see it, it wasn't my fault.?

I knew my old dick had done all it was going to for the night. D asked me if I wanted to make another round of margaritas. I said ?Sure,? and started to get up to go get more ice. She pushed me back onto the bed and said, ?Relax, Sweetie. I?ll go get it.? I expected her to put on her dress, but she shocked me. After a few moments in the bathroom ?cleaning up? my shy, innocent wife pulled the nearly transparent nightie over her head, grabbed the pitcher and sashayed out the door, blowing me a kiss over her shoulder. She wasn?t wearing any underwear, and the nightie just barely covered her pussy and ass.

The ice machine was right down the hall, so I expected D to be right back ? especially given her skimpy attire. Two minutes went by? then five. I went to the door to look for my wayward wife. D had left the security latch across the door, blocking it open, so it didn?t make any noise when I opened it. I peeked my head into the hall, and looked toward the ice machines. What I saw took me totally by surprise.

My nearly naked wife was standing outside the door to the room next door. She was holding the pitcher of ice in her hand, and was quietly talking with someone inside the room. I don?t know how she pulled it off wearing that nightie, but D looked positively coquettish! She was smiling and blushing like a schoolgirl. I saw a hand ? a man?s hand ? reach out from the door and brush a lock of hair from my wife?s face. I was flabbergasted!

I quietly closed the door and quickly pulled on my pants. I opened the door like I hadn?t seen anything and stepped into the hall. The scene was nearly the same, except there was a large hotel towel lying on the hall floor at my wife?s feet. Another difference was the look I saw on my wife?s face. She looked stunned, astonished, thoughtful? delighted!

?There you are!? I called out with forced cheerfulness. ?I thought you had gotten lost!?

My wife started, and looked at me in surprise, as if she had completely forgotten why she had left our room... as if she had completely forgotten I was even waiting for her! She held up a finger to the man in front of her, and walked purposefully toward me before I even got close enough get a look inside the door. D breezed right by me and into our room. I followed her, in a bit of a daze.

D went to the counter and started pouring tequila and strawberries into the pitcher of ice ? a lot of tequila and strawberries. When I asked her what I had just seen, she just smiled. My wife clearly was not going to talk to me about the man next door. ?Finish these up,? she told me, thrusting the pitcher into my hand and going into the bathroom. I started to follow he, but I heard the click of the bathroom door locking. Then I heard the shower start running.

I decided to do as I had been told. I had just finished blending the margaritas ? a rather large batch ? and filling two glasses when my wife of twenty years came out of the bathroom. She was a vision of loveliness! Her make-up had been redone, her hair had been brushed to a lustrous sheen, and she smelled wonderful. She walked up to me with a knowing smile and took both drinks from my hand. Then she turned and, without a word, walked out the door!

I was speechless! I hurried to follow her, half-filled pitcher in hand, as she tapped softly on the door to the room next door. The door swung open wide and, from behind my wife, I looked into the room. I saw a handsome, muscular young man standing inside a suite much like ours, smiling broadly? and completely naked! He looked to be about 25 years old, and he was built like a young Adonis. He was about six foot, two ? a couple of inches taller than me. He had broad shoulders, lean hips, strong legs, and a thick, heavy-looking penis that hung several inches down his right leg completely out of proportion with his lean, young body. My wife looked over her shoulder at me, and then looked back at him. I had the feeling she had rehearsed what she was going to say.

"Was that you watching us fuck?" He nodded.

?Did you hear all the things I said??

He nodded again.

?Well, what are you going to do about it??

The young giant reached out and gently took my wife by her wrist and led her into his room. As I stepped to the door, he took one of the drinks from her hand and downed it in one long swallow. Then he turned to me and extended the empty glass. I took it automatically, looking over his shoulder at my wife. She stood behind him, watching expectantly. I don?t know that I had ever seen her look more beautiful, more desirable.

The young stranger took the half-filled pitcher of margaritas from my other hand ? I had forgotten I was even holding it ? and spoke to me for the first time. His voice was deep, soft and resonant. ?Thanks,? he said. Then he grinned wickedly, and darted his eyes to the side, indicating my wife. ?And? thanks.? With that, he simply closed the door in my face.

I knocked on the door, softly at first, and then more loudly. I got no response or answer of any kind, not even from my wife. I put my ear to the door and heard him say. ?Didn?t I hear you say you couldn?t wait to ?suck my huge, hard, young cock? earlier? Here?s your chance.? Clearly he had been watching us from the balcony. And, just as clearly, he had heard everything we said.

Then I heard my beloved wife say: "Wow, that thing is huge, half again the size of my husband's, and it?s not even hard yet! I don't know I can get it all in my mouth." I heard him chuckle and encourage her to do her best. He promised to make it worth her while.

Despite the humiliation and defeat I was going through, I was getting a hard on. Just then, a hotel employee came down the hall. ?Can I help you sir,? the cute young woman asked. Clearly, seeing me standing outside a door, listening, made her suspicious. I was too shocked for subterfuge. I told her that my wife was in there, pointing to the door. She asked if it was my room and I said ?No, that?s our room.? She looked me over carefully for a moment. I was standing there with an empty glass in my hand, barefoot, with just my pants on. There was a room towel lying in a heap in front of the closed door. She put two plus one together and got?me.

The young woman looked at me with studied sympathy, though I could see the humor dancing behind her eyes. ?Sir, maybe you should just go wait for your wife in your room,? she suggested. ?Unless you think she?s in danger??

?No, no?? I assured her. I?m certain she?s not in danger. She?s in there because she wants to be.? With that, I turned and trudged back to my room to wait for my wife. I heard the faint sound of her chuckle as the young woman walked on down the hall.

I was in complete shock! My shy, innocent wife was next door, no doubt, fucking a huge young stud. As I sat there thinking about it, I realized that my cock was harder than it had been in a very long time. I have an above average cock, around eight inches, but the cock that I saw on my wife?s new lover was much longer and thicker than mine ? even soft. And his balls were equally big. I was really turned on and was thinking about jacking off. Then I thought that I would hold off until she returned and I would fuck her again and see what her pussy felt like with it stretched by that big, hard cock.

I snuck out onto the balcony to see if I could watch my wife get fucked like the young man had watched us. The blinds to the room next door were pulled tightly closed. Stymied, I went back inside and waited like a good, loving cuckold ? that?s what I was now. I listened to the sounds coming from next door through the wall ? even using a glass like I had seen in an old movie. I could hear them talking, but couldn?t make out the words. I heard D moaning, and sometimes screaming with pleasure. I heard a male voice shouting out at least twice, clearly trumpeting his own climax. I wondered if he came inside my wife, or shot his load on her beautiful body. I wondered if he was wearing a condom.

After about an hour, I still didn?t hear any signs of them stopping ? not only hung, but able to fuck all night long! So I took a cool shower to soften my dick, and I crawled in bed to wait for my wife. The time seemed to drag on forever, and I just tossed and turned. Finally D slipped back into our room through the door I had left open for her. It was about 11:00 PM when my wife went to her new lover. It was well after 3:00 AM when she returned.

My wife closed and locked the door, then turned to me with a smug, satisfied smile. "Some husband you turned out to be, leaving all alone with that big, horny, beast!" I asked her what happened, and she said: "Well, what do you think, he fucked me until I simply begged him to stop. He could have kept going and, frankly, so could I have. But after my sixth or seventh orgasm ? I honestly lost count ? I began to worry about you waiting here for me." I looked at her. She had clearly taken the time to put herself together after her tryst. Her make-up was gone, but her hair was neat and she smelled clean ? like soap. I couldn?t help wondering what her pussy looked like after four hours of being fucked by that enormous cock I had seen so briefly. ?So you really enjoyed it, then?? I asked ? just because I couldn?t think of anything else to say.

She looked at me as if I?d lost my mind. ?What do you think? Enjoyed it? I LOVED it! I hope you don't mind, but I gave him my phone number." About then my wife noticed that I had a hard on. She reached down and started stroking it, saying, ?I guess this means you don't mind at all, do you??

I pulled D down on the bed, clearly intending to fuck her. She stopped me, saying she was too sore, but she had other ideas. She wrapped her fingers into my hair and pushed my head down, purring "Eat me, Pussy Boi. Clean me up." I was happy to comply. I?ve had a vasectomy, so I don?t really cum that much, and my wife doesn?t have to worry about birth control. Given that, I was certain my wife had made the young man wear a condom. So I would basically be eating her hot, wet pussy with, maybe, a touch of latex. Boy was I in for a surprise!

In the past, I had eaten my own cum from my wife?s pussy, and had even licked it off of her tits. I really didn?t mind the taste, especially when it was mixed with D?s sweet pussy juices. D loved teasing me about being her ?cum-eating pussy eater? and, honestly, I kind of got off on the humiliation fantasy. That did not prepare me for what I was about to find.

As I started licking and sucking around the edges of D?s pussy, I started tasting cum. At first, I thought it could be my cum that was still in her. Then, I realized that there was more that what I could have deposited. I stopped, looked at my wife. ?Did you let him fuck you bareback??

?He used a rubber the first two times but, for some reason, I really wanted to feel that wonderful cock naked inside me. You wouldn?t believe how good it felt, Sweetie.? Then she pushed my head back down in her pussy and told me to lick it good and she would tell me all about it while I ate her.

I resumed licking my wife?s pussy and soon began to enjoy the taste of her young stud?s cum. While I was doing cleanup, D told me about her new lover. He was a truck driver. He had a regular run and was in the area about every two weeks. His name was George. She said George had loved fucking her, and told her he could give her enough hard, young cock every two weeks to last until the next time he came through. She sighed and shivered as my gentle tonguing sent a small orgasm through her, causing more cum to flow from her pussy. I dutifully licked it up while I thought about what my wife was saying.

I raised my head up, looked at her and asked, "Who are you and what have you done with my wife?" She laughed joyfully and tugged playfully at my hair ? still held firmly in her grip. Pushing me back to her pussy, she said, ?Maybe it just took being fucked over and over by a really hard, big cock to bring out the sexual animal in me.?

D fell asleep while I was eating her pussy, and I cuddled up next to her and passed out. We woke just an hour before the 11:00 AM checkout and D went in the shower after me. I got dressed and loaded everything but her clothes into the car. When I came back D was standing at the window, with all the dr*pes back, looking outside. She was still completely naked, not even wearing panties.

Before I could say anything, there was a knock at the door. D walked past me and opened it without a hint of modesty. The young man from next door just shook his head, smiling as he looked at my shamelessly nude wife. She ushered him into the room and introduced him to me, ?Sweetie, this George. George, this is my husband, G.?

Then my loving wife proceeded to give her young lover a long and passionate kiss right in front of me. She let his hands roam freely over her back, breasts and ass while they embraced. When his hand reached for her pussy, she gently pulled it away and stepped back. ?There?s no time for that, Big Boy,? she chided him with a smile. ?Besides, I can barely walk this morning as it is! But I think I?ll be able to accommodate you in about? two weeks?? She made it a question, and I saw him smile in clear affirmation.

My wife told George how much she had enjoyed his hard, young cock. Then she wrapped her fingers in his hair ? just like she did to me ? and pulled his head down for another long, hungry kiss. Finally, she ended the kiss and looked at him, her eyes shining with lust. ?You WILL call me when you come back to town!? It was not a question. It was an order.

George looked at me and we shared a moment of admiration for this strong, beautiful woman. ?Yes Ma?am,? he said softly. ?I honestly cannot wait.? With that he turned and offered his hand to me. ?G, thanks for sharing your wife with me. She is amazing.? I murmured words of welcome and agreement, appreciating that he was being so courteous after having cuckolded me so thoroughly the night before. I felt completely submissive to George at that moment and more than a little humiliated.

Once we were in the car, and headed for home D said, ?It was really strange? while I was kissing George just now, my pussy started throbbing and I could feel his cum starting to run out of my pussy and down my leg. I went into the bathroom after he left and, sure enough, I was practically gushing!? I suggested that some of it could have been my cum from earlier the previous evening. My loving wife of twenty years slapped me on the leg and laughed, "Don?t be silly, Sweetie. Your dribble of cum was just a drop in the bucket compared to what George dumped into my pussy last night.

I reached under D?s dress and started fingering her pussy ? naturally, she hadn?t put on any panties ? and, sure enough, cum really was oozing out of her pussy and down between her legs. Then it occurred to me to ask my wife if she wasn?t worried about getting pregnant. D grabbed my hand and crowed, "Wow, would that be something? The first time I get fucked by someone other than you, and I get knocked up." She pushed my hand firmly against her pussy, as if trying to keep the remaining cum inside, and said, ?Just the thought of that makes me hot. Now I really want to fuck him again." I asked D if she thought George would call. She smiled knowingly, but just said ?I hope so. I really do want to see him again!?

As I was driving down the freeway, headed toward home, I started thinking out loud. ?I guess I?m really a cuckold now. My wife has a younger, better man fucking her like I never could.?

My wife looked at me for several moments, a loving smile suffusing her face. Then she gently murmured, ?The ironic thing is, it?s probably your own fault. If you hadn?t started talking about that imaginary young lover you?d set up for me and how he was waiting to fuck me, I doubt I would have done any of the things that took me to George.? Then she quoted one of our favorite lines from Pulp Fiction. ?Feel that sting, Big Boy? That?s just pride, fuckin? with ya!? We both started laughing, and we didn?t stop for several minutes.

When we finally caught our breath, D finally pulled my hand away from cum-filled her pussy, and softly kissed it. ?Are you really OK with this, Sweetie??

My eyes teared up in response to my wife?s obvious love and concern. ?OK with it? I love it!? Then I shouted: "Wow! Best anniversary ever!!!"

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