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An assignment from start to finish

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My wife met a guy for lunch last week. This guy met with her about 3 times last year and gave her some really good fuckings in Hotels and introduced her to BDSM, she quite likes it but only with him. It was really horny when she came home after the first time they fucked.

She had bites all over her tits and slap marks on her buttocks. He had put chopsticks on her nipples and tied her up so her bum was in the air and fucked her while calling her his slut!

She slid into bed next to me and she made me kiss and lick her chest and then she told me he had come on her chest and rubbed the spunk in just for me!

She then lay astride me and pulled out some love balls he had put inside her and with them came more spunk over my groin. I had such a hard on and then she sat on my cock and I could feel her silky smooth pussy, silky with his spunk!

I couldn't help it I came immediately mixing my spunk with his.

Anyway the outcome of the lunch last week is they are having a Hotel meet later today. I have booked the room (in fact a suite) and I have checked in already.

The plan is I will wait for my wife to arrive at about six and I will bathe her and oil her. Then I will make love to her but I am not allowed to come. I will then put love balls inside her and she will go to the bar to meet her lover.

I will go to the bar a few minutes later and sit in the corner where I can see my wife sitting on a bar stool waiting for her lover. She will text him when I am in place and he will enter the bar and greet my wife. They will drink champagne and he will be all over my wife knowing I am watching but he won't know who I am.

After 30 minutes they will go to our room and do the deed.

I will then walk the streets of London waiting for text updates and finally a call to go to the room when he has left.

I have the butterflies now and have already started on the red wine waiting and watching tv without seeing or hearing anything as my mind is totally focused on what is going to happen.

I have a choice of three outfits for my wife to wear but I think it will be a short black Versace dress which shows off her great body and tanned tits, she won't wear any underwear just a pair of high heeled black and white fuck me shoes!

I have been walking around London now for 2 hours and have stopped in a bar with wi-fi to write this.

The meet went as planned after my wife arrived in the room. We kissed passionately and then I almost tore her work suit from her as we kissed. She then bathed and I prepared her , I then licked her wet pussy and made love to her re-assuring her about what was to come.

She dressed in her short black dress and then I inserted the love balls into her pussy before she left the room.

I gave her 5 minutes and then went to the half full bar which was mainly occupied by business men having pre-lunch drinks. My wife was sat on a tall stool against the bar sipping pink champagne with her long tanned legs clearly on display and getting lots of looks from all the men. I sat at a table a few metres away with a newspaper I had picked up and ordered a drink from the waitress.

My wife briefly caught my eye and then she started texting on her phone. My drink arrived and a couple of minutes later I noticed my wife look to the street entrance of the bar and a tall guy came in holding a briefcase and went straight to my wife and kissed her full on the lips!

He sat at the next stool and ordered champagne as well and he had his hands rubbing my wifes legs and I could see him trying to put his hand between her legs!

He had his back to me and they wee talking and laughing together.

I had read the same 3 lines in the paper about a dozen times. I am not sure how long had passed but I saw my wife whisper something in his ear and then she signed the bill and both finished their drinks.

Then they got up and headed to the lifts holding hands and then they were gone.

I refused another drink and paid cash as to sign would have been strange for 2 on the same room!

I walked out of the hotel and walked around the block and found a wine bar and ordered a glass. My stomach was doing somersaults and my hand was shaking with joy and trepidation.

As happens when you least want it a guy started making conversation with me but I just nodded and made the right noises until he disappeared back to work. I tried watching the news channel but all I kept thinking about was them and what they would be doing now! It really was agony and ecstasy!

I wasn't hungry but wandered to a restaurant to eat just to pass the time away, as I sat down I had a text come through "just had a really good fucking and have come up for air lol I love u and have lots to tell u later! got to go have some sucking to do! xx" Stunned I noticed the waiter asking if I had decided , I just looked at the menu and ordered the first thing.

I pushed my food around for a while and then paid leaving a big tip and went on the streets again.

I walked slowly and aimlessly and then decided to come back to the hotel and wait so I could be close when I got the call which I hoped wouldn't be too long.

I sat in the lounge with another paper and then an urge came over me.

I walked to the lifts and pressed for the fifth floor, came out of the lift and walked down the long corridor to our room. After checking noone was around I put my ear to the door and listened but nothing. I walked away back to the lift but turned again and went back. I listened again and this time I was rewarded with the sound of my wife making noises that only a woman can make when she is sexually satisfied. It wasn't a scream more of a contented sigh followed by more consented sighs. I almost came in my trousers!

My heart was in my mouth and I wanted to stay but I heard someone moving down the corridor so I walked back to the lift and went to the bar again.

About an hour later I got another text "hello darling hubby, sorry I haven't texted sooner but I have been a bit tied up lol! Can't wait to see u later, I will text u soon xxx"

I have just got the call !!!!!!!

I walked to the lift trying not to run, pressed for the floor and it seemed to be forever before I arrived on our floor! I walked down the long corridor and stopped at the door to compose myself then inserted the key card and opened the door. I stepped through the entrance and immediately started undressing kicking my shoes off. I saw my wife on the king size bed naked apart from her anklet and high heels. Her dress was in a heap on the floor, I was quickly naked and on the bed , we kissed and I rubbed her naked breasts.

I asked her "have a good time?" she nodded and smiled "great she said and he has left you a present" I had a feeling I knew what it was and moved down the bed while she opened her legs and I saw the string attached to the love balls and gently pulled and out they came as well as a copious amount of spunk.

I licked it all and put my tongue as far in her pussy as it would go. Her clit was red and very sensitive and she said she had been fucked in every possible position throughout the 3 hours and then she showed me the butt plug that he had left in her and she pulled me into her and my hardness into her sopping pussy! It is the most wonderful feeling with the butt plug and the silkiness of another mans cum!

The rest of the evening went with a blur and she was so tired but I came inside her much later.

This morning we checked out and my wife has gone to the office as if nothing has happened! That is what is so great about what we do.

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