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An Ultimate Encounter Part II

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The sexual energy was practically filling the room at this point, the intensity of it all hitting the three of us at once. I took a quick glance at Patty, laying on her stomach next to me, her long legs outstretched, her eyes half-closed, her breathing heavy....I looked at Steve again, straddling Patty's legs, his hands firmly on her waist, the head of his engorged, rock-hard cock resting across her beautiful ass. It was a nice sight, and I enjoyed what it was doing to Patty, as she raised herself up on her elbows, slightly glancing at me and over her shoulder in anticipation. Patty moaned lightly between her deep breaths, as Steve looked at me, as if he was still awaiting my approval for what was to happen next, for what he was hoping would happen next. At this point, there didn't seem to be much argument between any of us on what was coming....

Again, I whispered in Patty's ear. "Babe, he is sooooooooo hard and ready for you right now...." She didn't answer, simply nodded quickly, breathing harder now. "Let me give him to you, babe", and with this, I shot Steve a hard look, that it was time to get down to business. "Steve, we're going to show Patty just how much we want her, aren't we?" With this, Steve took a deep breath and grabbed her waist even tighter. "Fuck, yes, we're going to....", he rasped. I wanted to see it happen now, but a part of me also wanted to see just how far I could drag this out, to make her crazy, to totally arouse everything in her, and us in the process. "Please", she said softly. "Bill, I fucking NEED it now, please, I'm getting so wet....."Patty's eyes were closed now, still up on her elbows, but her head tilted down. Just hearing Patty tell me this arouses me even more, reaching my hand under her to see just how wet she is getting. My fingers brush against her clit, and slide one in her, feeling the heat and total wetness of her. We moaned together at this, almost too much to fathom now. I looked again at Steve, his cock pressed hard against her ass now. A drop of cum appeared at the tip of his cock, slowly dripping down. Steve was now aroused as much as Patty and I, that was plain to see. The look on his face told me that he wasn't going to be able to hold back much longer.

"Babe," I said harshly,"I'm going to give you that cock right NOW." With that Steve almost instinctly lifted her hips and ass up a bit off the bed, and she pressed herself back. I knew what she wanted to feel here, my mouth biting down hard on her neck as my hand reached back around Steve's cock. "Babe, there's cum all over the head of his for you, " I told her as she moaned with approval. I placed the head of his cock against her pussy lips now and in one move stroked it into her, her ass lurching back to meet his thrust. They both let out loud gasps of pleasure, as did I, the sight of his cock plunging into her beautiful pussy almost too much to take. I kept my other hand under her, still feeling her, now feeling Steve's rock-hard cock sliding in fast. He was starting off slow, letting his momentum build up, inching in a little deeper, his grip tighter and tighter on her hips, her juices beginning to cover the length of his shaft now. Patty was definitely up for the task, as she pushed back even harder with every thrust. "God, yes!" she yelled out."Give me that cock!"

The sound of her pleasure turned me on even more, but knew we still needed to kick it up a notch. I sat up quickly, leaning fully across Patty now and facing Steve as he fucked her deep from behind. "Come on, Steve, " I said loudly."Give her that cock now, fuck her good like she needs it!" With that, I grabbed Patty's shoulder's, pressing her down hard against the bed. The look on Steve's face was one of total bliss, his pace picking up now, his cock slamming into her now at a furious rate. "Yes!", Steve yelled, pulling Patty's ass back hard against him, the smacking sound of their skin meeting now filling the room. "That's it, hold her down for me. Let me give her my cock!" Patty was unable to move her upper body as I held her down tight, but she she seemed to be enjoying it thoroughly. Seeing her fucked like this was driving me crazy, a total turn-on, but I wanted to see and feel even more. My cock was rock-hard now, had been since we left the bar, and knew I was going to have to feel Patty very soon. Steve's cock was glistening now with Patty's juices, fucking her fast and deep now, just the way I knew she loved it. I leaned down to catch another glimpse of Patty's face, now with a look of total ecstasy. "Do you like that, babe?" I asked."Do you like me seeing you fucked like this?!" Patty nodded her head quickly, her word's coming out in short bursts, in tune with every thrust of his cock. "Yes!!...Don't...stop......Please, dont' fucking stop..."

At this point, as we approached total sensory overload, I knew what was still to come. I quickly stood up, my hands still on her shoulders, coming around in front of her now, watching even more still. Patty's cries of pleasure drove me even more crazy, as Steve showed no signs of letting up. "Don't stop!" she yelled."Give me that cock, fuck yes......" She looked over her shoulder quickly, shooting Steve that sensual look that I crave so much. "That cock feels so fucking good. Give it to me, I need it, fucking want it". Patty sensed me before her, blindly grabbing my cock and bringing it up to her waiting lips in one motion. Her tongue swirled around the head, then darting down my hard shaft, covering every inch of my cock. I grabbed her hair roughly with both hands and pulled her down hard on me. It was unbelievable how awesome this felt, her mouth sucking me, watching as Steve continued to pound away. My eyes went back and forth, from watching her mouth suck me deep and Patty's ass meeting his every thrust. I could tell that she was really enjoying this, as she lifted her ass even more for Steve. "Oh, god, I'M CUMMING", she screamed. "YES! Fuck me, yes!!!!!" Her body shuddered violently for seconds on end, and we all tried to catch our breath now, the sweat building. Patty continued to moan with pleasure, her breathing picking up even more now. "That's it, babe," I said, holding her hair tighter now. "Fucking suck that cock, babe, fucking love it, feels so fucking good....."

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