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A Valentines Night To Remember

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This is a true story that my husband and I experienced the days leading up to and the night of 2016 Valentine’s Day. Some names have been changed throughout this story. Ryan and I have been married for twelve wonderful years. We have two beautiful children and are professional working parents. Ryan and I have known each other since we were in college. He used to date a girl named Jessica that lived in my dorm for the first three years of college. Ryan is truly the complete package. All the girls in the dorm were always so jealous of Jessica because he was such the gentleman, with all the great looks. They always seemed to be the perfect couple. The girls in the dorm, including me, were always trying to sneak a peek at him when we could. Ryan is 6’5” with a body similar to Channing Tatum, muscular but not over built. Unlike most men, Ryan has a very sexy butt. His legs are long but are very well toned. He used to walk down the hall in his Nike shorts with no shirt. You could see his abs and toned back. Alice, Jessica’s roommate always talked about how Jessica and Ryan would screw for hours on end. I have to admit, there were several nights I would dream about Ryan running his hands over my body while his large member was buried deep into my sex. For unknown reasons, Jessica left him for his best friend the start of our senior year. I only saw him occasionally on campus our senior year and would not run into him again until two years later at one of my best friend’s wedding. I was a bridesmaid and he was one of the groomsman. I had recently stopped dating a guy three months prior and Ryan hadn’t dated anyone seriously since Jessica. Ryan was still as sexy as he was in my dreams standing in his tux. I guess he thought I was sexy as well because soon as his buddies told him I was single, his eyes never left me the entire night. I am only 5’2” with a petite frame with long brunette hair. I have been complimented many times for being a pretty woman but sometimes I think it’s only because I have large 36-C breasts and a firm butt. I work out regular, so my body was toned until I got pregnant with my first child. I am still toned, but do have the small baby belly that most women do after giving birth to two children. Back to that night, Ryan and I had shared a bottle of champagne by the end of the night and danced every slow dance together that they played. By the end of the night, I was in love with Ryan. Most men would have jumped at the thought of sex with me that night, but he was such a gentleman about it. We did kiss goodnight as his helped me through the door into my hotel room with the other bridesmaids. We met for breakfast the next morning and we haven’t left each other’s side since that day. We dated for almost two years before getting married. Our sex life was unbelievable from the first time we had sex. There was never any awkwardness in the bedroom. I was a little shy at first, but his calming touch and reassuring whispers in my ear would melt my fears away until I was a little nympho. Ryan was the adventurous one at first in the bedroom, bringing home sex toys to use on me. I had never had a boyfriend who had done this kind of thing to me. Three months into our relationship, Ryan gave me a glass butt plug for my birthday. This was the first sex toy that I had ever used. I was a shy at first, but loved the sensation of feeling full with the butt plug and Ryan’s hard cock. This led to an assortment of sex toys that we would regularly use on each other. Yes, each other. Ryan is very comfortable with himself and his sexual well-being. Ryan enjoys getting played with in the backdoor and I enjoy doing it. We were very comfortable with one another in the bedroom. Almost a year after we were married, Ryan had been gone for three weeks for training for his new job. It was the longest we had ever been apart. Ryan handed me a present when he entered the door. He ordered me to the bedroom and told me to open the package. It was a small dildo that had straps on it. I was confused a little at first, but I soon figured out what it was. Ryan told me to undress and get on all fours on the bed. I was nervous and afraid to do so, but he whispered in my ear, “I have had many dreams of fulfilling this fantasy on you.” I knew what he wanted to do to me and I was going to give him my body to do so. I removed my clothes while giving him a little seductive dance till I was standing in my birthday suite. I crawled onto the bed and remained in the doggy style position, as ordered. I watched as he removed his clothes except for his underwear. He was wearing a pair of low cut briefs I had just bought him. I could see he was already hard as his large mushroom head was stretching out the fabric. Ryan, has a larger than normal cock measuring just under 8” long with a large circumference. I know it more than fulfilled my tight pussy and I am still unable to take all of it depending on our position. Ryan grabbed the bottle of lube on the night stand and moved up beside me on the bed. The calmness in his voice reassured me and made me feel like the sexiest women. He ran his hand down my spine till his hand started down my crack. I could feel the wetness on my sex in the air. I arched my hips ups farther in the air as his finger made it to my back hole. My body quivered with his touch. He started tracing my anus with his finger when I felt his other hand land on my wet folds. I let out a sigh and closed my eyes. Ryan could tell I was enjoying this and slid two fingers in my hot wetness. His fingers were long and when he curled them down, he was rubbing hard on my g-spot. I could hear the wetness and feel it running along my folds as his rhythm speeded up. I was enjoying the sensations when his finger slipped in my ass. Before I knew it, his finger was driving in and out of ass and my pussy. My body quivered and I started shouting, “I’m going to cum.” Ryan stopped and reached for the lube. My body continued to shake. I reached under and started to massage my erect clit. I was on the edge of orgasm. I was rubbing my clit when I felt the coolness of the dildo resting on my wet asshole. Without thinking, I pushed back onto his hand holding the dildo and felt it open up my ass. I stopped as a sharp pain shot through my body. I eased up from his hand and slowly pushed back. Ryan began sliding the dildo in and out of my ass slowly for several minutes before increasing his rhythm to an all-out hard fuck. Ryan’s fingers made their way through my wet folds once again. I looked over at Ryan and could see his cum seeping through his tight briefs. I reached over and grabbed his cock. I tried to pull his briefs down but his hard cock was keeping from doing so. I sat up and told him I wanted to suck his cock. Ryan immediately stood up and removed his briefs. Wow!! His cock was standing straight up against his body. I had only seen his penis this hard when I had a vibrator is his ass and he was ready to cum! His giant mushroom head was a mix of red and blue from being so hard. I reached out and grabbed it, pulling him to me with his member. There was a large drop of precum that oozed out of his opening. I reached out with my tongue and tasted his salty sweetness. I closed my eyes and drove my tongue deep into his cum hole as I squeezed on his shaft with both hands and milked his cock up till I could feel cum run onto my tongue. Ryan moaned. I continued to do this for a few minutes. I was barely able to put my mouth around his cock because his head was so swollen. I didn’t know a man’s penis could get so engorged. But I was excited to try to get it even harder. I continued sucking harder. I squeezed his shaft as hard as I could with my hands. He moaned louder. I could fill his head pulsating in my mouth and more cum eased onto the back of throat. I slid a hand down his shaft over his balls until a my index finger was on his tight little asshole. Ryan moaned louder as I inserted a finger. Ryan’s breaths got shorter and I knew he was going to explode any second. Ryan pulled away from my mouth. “I want to live out a fantasy with you before I cum.” He rolled me over on my back and climbed on top of me. He reached down and started pushing the dildo in and out of my gaping asshole. I could feel my wetness dripping down my inner thighs. Ryan pinched my left nipple as I felt his rock hard cock start into my aching pussy. I let out a load moan as his cock rubbed hard against my g-spot from the pressure of the dildo in my ass. I was in heaven. Ryan started pumping me as hard as he could, slamming his rock hard cock and dildo deeper with every thrust. Within minutes I was yelling, ‘I’m cumming! I’m cumming!” My body took over, shaking profusely as I felt Ryan’s cock pumping me with his hot seed. I could feel his hot semen pouring inside of me. Ryan continued thrusting for another minute before pulling his cock and dildo out of me. Semen ran down over my asshole until there was a puddle on the sheets. “Are you ok..?” Ryan asked. That was the most intense orgasm I had ever experienced. Ryan reached down and traced his hands down over my pussy and continuing to my steamy back hole. “That was amazing” I said to him. Later that night I asked Ryan what part of our encounter made it a fantasy for him. He was timid to tell me at first but finally said he had wanted to share me with another man. Wow, I was shell shocked! I knew every man wanted a threesome but always assumed he would enjoy other women in the bedroom, NOT a Man! I asked him why he would want to do such a thing. He said he would love to see me suck another man’s cock while he fucked me and then wanted to DP me. I was just so surprised, I know we had watched some porn where the husbands would share their wives, but never knew that’s what excited him. Two nights later, I was in the Jacuzzi tub, I started day dreaming of what it would be like to be with two guys. Sure I had thought about it when I was younger but never thought there would ever be a chance of experiencing it. I felt my fingers lingering over my pussy lips. The thought of it had me excited. Over the next few weeks, Ryan and I would bring up having another person in the bedroom. Mostly while we were in the middle of sex but sometimes just in a normal conversation. It always led to some very steamy sex. Ryan could tell it turned me on as much as it did him. We talked about another female just as much as another man. I liked the possibility of having another female more than another man. I wasn’t sure why I felt that way but whatever it was, I enjoyed the thought of it. Two months later, I found out that I was pregnant. The discussion of having a threesome was never brought back up. Married life as we had known it changed in many, many ways. Life just seemed to push Ryan and I apart without us noticing it. We did everything together as a family but the, mommy and daddy time was always short lived by a screaming kid or a telephone call from one of our work. The last thing on my mind was sex when I went to bed. I had experienced a loss of feeling in my sex region after giving birth to both children. Ryan and I went from having sex multiple times a day when we first started dating to only having sex about twice a month. And our sex wasn’t like it used to be. When we did have sex, it was a five minute quickie so we wouldn’t get caught by the children. I met every month with some of my girlfriends for a ladies night out. Sex was always the top subject of the night. I thought our sex life was normal compared with most of them. Ryan and I had invited some of our friends over for a Christmas party last year. I had went downstairs to get some more punch out of the freezer and was getting ready to open the door at the top of the steps when I heard Tom ask Ryan how his sex life was. I stopped immediately. I had asked Ryan a few times if he had ever shared our intimate time with friends and he had always said never. I was going to find out if he was telling me the truth or not. Ryan told Tom that we were just so busy now that we didn’t get much time to spend in the bedroom with one another. What a gentleman Ryan was. He answered that perfectly. I wasn’t ready for what came next. Tom proceeded to ask Ryan what he meant we were “too busy”. Tom asked how many times we had had sex in the last month. There was a moment of silence, I knew Ryan was thinking. Shit, now I was thinking. I couldn’t remember if we had even had sex in the last month. Shit, had it been that long. Ryan told Tom that he wasn’t sure but it had been awhile. Tom told Ryan that he and Natalie, along with our neighbors, had discussed how differently Ryan and I were with one another compared to when we moved into the neighborhood three years ago. They said we were the happiest couple always flirting and looking at each other during house parties. Tom said the two of you have barely spoken to each other tonight. “Ryan, you and Emily need to spend more time together without the kids or you are going to be like all our other friends who are getting divorced.” Divorced?? WTF….Where did this come from? Ryan didn’t say a word. Tom proceeded to tell Ryan that he and his wife, Natalie, were in the same spot we were currently in a few years ago. He said they went almost six months without being intimate with one another and their relationship was suffering. He said they loved each other the same as when they got married but things just weren’t the way they were before. They were both exhausted and stressed when they did get to spend one-on-one time, they would end up in an argument rather than sleeping together. Ryan asked what changed. Tom asked Ryan if he remembered when he and Natalie went to the beach a two years back on Memorial weekend. I heard Ryan say yeah. Natalie and I attended some marriage counseling a few months before and she had advised us to attend a sex seminar. Natalie had found a sex seminar that was on a long weekend and the kids were already going to be spending time at the grandparents. We had assumed it was a lecture type class and there were going to be several couples in there with us, but we were wrong. Natalie and I were asked at the door if we were members. When we explained to the lady at the front door that we were there for the sex seminar class, she began telling us that we were welcome to attend, but this was a live seminar and almost all the couples here were swingers. SWINGERS…I jumped to the conclusion that Tom and Natalie were swingers now and Tom was trying to set us up with them. I was just about to open the door to stop the conversation but curiosity got the best of me. Tom went on to tell Ryan that the people coming in the door behind them were so nice and reassuring that they paid the fee and went in. It was the best experience that they had ever had. “It saved our marriage and our sex life couldn’t get any hotter.” Tom explained to Ryan. Ryan asked if they were swingers. Tom said they have continued to do some swinging activities now and again. The punch was freezing my hands by this point. I opened up the door and walked to the sink. I knew Ryan could see the confused look in my face as he watched me walk by. The rest of the night, all I could think about was the word Divorce and Swingers. I didn’t know how to approach Ryan about what I had heard but thought it was best to leave it alone. A few days later I had come down with a cold and had stayed home from work. Ryan’s computer was lying on the kitchen table and I was curious how much porn Ryan looks at when I’m busy at night with the kids. I was almost terrified at first when I pulled up the history and saw all the headings for swinger sites. The curiosity got the best of me. I spent all afternoon going through each and every link in Ryan’s history. I was surprised that he had looked for hotels near one lifestyle club over Valentine’s weekend. My stomach immediately got butterflies. Did he really want to follow Tom’s advice? I couldn’t let this go any longer. I had to know what Ryan was thinking. I waited till the kids were in bed and Ryan was just getting out of the shower to ask him. “Ryan, I want you to know that I heard everything you and Tom were discussing at the party the other night and I saw all the swinger sites on your computer. Are you seriously thinking about us becoming swingers?” I asked. Ryan told me that he wasn’t looking for us to become swingers but after talking to Tom and how it helped their marriage and their sex lives, he was willing to do anything. Ryan is like any other husband in this world, sex is one of the most important things in a relationship. “Emily, I don’t want to have sex with other women. That’s not the reason I’m even considering it. But I would love for us to be more like it was at the beginning of our relationship. The long nights we would make out and have sex. The morning blowjobs, the hand jobs in the car, or even the quickies through the week. I’m lucky to get my rocks off twice a month. I hate jacking off like any other man, but when your balls are aching for release, you start to get desperate. I will always be faithful to you and love you till my last day. But WE need some spice in our love life. I don’t know how long it’s been since we had foreplay before sex. I don’t even know where the sex toys are. We don’t even talk much anymore other than work and what time to have the kids at practice. If we could reconnect our sex life I feel like everything else would come back together. But I know you don’t enjoy sex with me like you did before” Ryan said. As bad as I wanted to say it, Ryan was right. We don’t talk anymore. We used to talk for hours before and after sex. Ryan is a wonderful husband. He was always putting me and kids before him. I know I can’t remember the last blow job or even hand job I had given Ryan. I don’t even remember when I had an orgasm last. I used to enjoy anal sex during that time of the month but now, I dreaded the idea of it. That is the things you do when you are young without kids is what I was thinking in my head. But we were still very intimate with each other, or so I thought. I did enjoy having sex with Ryan even though I rarely had an orgasm. I felt guilty and began to cry. I told Ryan I didn’t want a divorce. He said he would never leave me no matter how bad things got between us. I just didn’t know how we let things progress to where we were. Ryan ran his fingers through my hair and down my shoulder. His touch was reassuring that he still loved me. I didn’t doubt him on that. I know I didn’t want to be like Stacy that had just went through a divorce after finding her spouse was sleeping with the maid. We lay in bed for a few hours talking and discussing whether or not it would be a good idea for us to attend a lifestyle club. I slid my hand down his chest until my hand rested on the outside of his boxers to wear I could feel his limp cock. “Remember those times you told me you wanted to fuck me while I sucked another guys cock?” I said to Ryan. Immediately, his cock sprang to life. He didn’t say a word but I knew what his mind was already thinking. “Are you sure you would be ok with me having another man’s cock in my mouth?” “Hell Yeah” Ryan said. His cock was swelling fast. I pulled his hardening cock out of his fly. “I’m not sure I could suck another man’s cock with your big cock pounding my pussy.” I said as I squeezed his cock. I looked down and saw a drop of precum run out his cum hole. “I would love to watch you suck another man’s cock and watch him cum all over your pretty face as I flood your pussy with my cum. I want to watch his face when you suck him as good as you suck me off.” Ryan said. I jumped up off the bed and started stripping my clothes. As I removed my blouse and pants, Ryan said I had a large wet spot on my panties. He was right I couldn’t believe how visibly wet I was down there. I pulled off my panties and threw them at Ryan. He grabbed them off the bed and smelled my sweet woman juices. Ryan removed his boxers as I climbed back on top of him in the 69 position. His cock seemed much wider than the last time I had had it in my mouth. His large mushroom head was not easy to get in my throat. Ryan spread my ass cheeks with his hands as his tongue found my clit. I couldn’t believe how hard my clit was. The pressure of Ryan’s tongue was more painful than pleasure. The pain was agenizing but his tongue left my clit and began probing my folds. I felt his finger parting my lips. Ryan inserted two fingers deep inside my pussy. I began to moan and squirm. Ryan’s tongue felt amazing as he finger fucked me. I continued sucking on his hard cock. I realized it was hard to concentrate on sucking his cock while he finger fucked me. I didn’t know how I could suck a cock and get fucked at the same time but the thought of it put me over the edge. I began bucking my hips like I was riding his cock. I felt his tongue drift across by asshole while I was bucking. The sensation felt good and I pulled my tight hole down to his tongue. I could feel every muscle in my body tense up as my orgasm began to build. Ryan began sucking on my ass like he would on my clit sometimes. My body pulsated from the pleasure and I couldn’t hold it back any longer. I let out a loud scream as my orgasm took over my whole body. I could feel my juices squirting out with every thrust of Ryan’s fingers. I started jerking him with my right hand as I reached under his cock and found his tight hole with my left. Ryan spread his legs wide so I knew he was ok with it. My knees were weak from straddling him so I ordered him to get on top. We swapped positions in olympic time. I pulled his cock down till it was facing straight down. I ran my tongue from the tip of his cock down his shaft till I was sucking on his balls. Ryan used to love me playing with his balls. I took time to suck each testicle while I stroked his hard cock with both hands. I had never licked Ryan’s anus before, but it looked very inviting. I reached up with both hands and spread his ass cheeks. I licked up from his perineum until my tongue was brushing across his ass. Ryan let out a loud moan. I began to do to him what he had just done to me. Ryan was moaning loader and loader as I continued to assault his backside. I reached around stroking his cock as hard as I could jerk him. Within minutes, Ryan’s knees began shaking and his breaths were getting shorter. I pulled his cock back behind him until it wouldn’t bend any more. I wrapped my warm mouth around his cock sucking him like it was my first time. I ran my finger up and slid it in his ass. Ryan’s cock swelled and began spurting semen. I gagged as he continued filling up my mouth. I couldn’t swallow it fast enough. Ryan continued to shoot load after load. The cum was running down both sides of my cheeks. Finally, Ryan eased his way off of me and lay down beside me. That was intense, he said. I wanted his cock in my pussy now! I climbed on top of him grabbing his cock and burring deep in my pussy. His cock was still rock hard. I grinded on his cock bucking like those porn stars. I wanted him to know I was still his little nympho that he married. Moments later my thrusts became uncontrollable. I was shouting profanity at the top of my lungs. I climbed off his cock and went down to taste all the juices. I sucked his cock tasting the saltiness of his semen and semi-sweetness of my juices. It was a delicious combination that I had never tasted. I was sure that I would do this more often with Ryan in the future. We kissed and made out like we were two high school sweet hearts deeply in love. It was the first time in over six years since we had had sex like that. It was definitely the first time in over six years since I had had multiple orgasms in one day. Ryan and I were very touchy feely over the next few days groping each other when the kids weren’t present in the room. The sexy text messages seemed endless throughout the day. I had sent Ryan a picture of me lifting up my skirt in the mirror in ladies restroom at work. He sent me one back of his boner in his office chair. We had sex every night that week always bringing up the conversation of going to a swingers club. We would talk about all the different sexy views we may see and would act a few of them out. My orgasms were intense. I was really enjoying sex for the first time since giving birth. But as the weeks went by and the normal distractions of life just got in the way. We went from having sex every day to skipping a couple days to skipping a whole week. The sexting had stopped along with the causal groping. We were right back to where we were a month ago. I asked Ryan if he had any plans for Valentine’s Day as it was only two weeks away. He said no but would love to do something special. We discussed a series of options from ordering take out and watching a movie at home, going to a dinner and movie, or going somewhere for the weekend. It was the same things every year. Ryan said that nothing sounded real fun to him and I agreed with him. He said it had been years since we had both been skiing. I had been many times when I was younger and Ryan had went a few years ago with his co-workers but one of the kids were sick that week and I was unable to attend. We live about four hours to the nearest ski resort. It’s close enough to do on a long weekend but it’s a smaller resort and reservations might be hard to attain in such a short notice. I started searching on his laptop looking for places to stay but everything was booked up. The few places that were available, it was going to cost us a small fortune just to go for two nights. I was getting discouraged and the tension began to grow between us. There was a condo that I didn’t look at on the first website I had checked and clicked on history to go back to it. I scrolled down and saw the swinger sites were still on there. I remembered the one Ryan had looked for reservations near. “This this is the one!” Ryan asked if I had found a house. I replied, “No, I know where we are going for Valentine’s weekend. We are going here!” I turned the computer around to face Ryan. His eyes lit up like a teenage boy when he sees his first pair of boobs. “Are you being serious?” Ryan asked. I said “Absolutely, we need this. Look at how happy we were a month ago just discussing what it would be like to visit one. I’m 100% in. I enjoyed getting horny at work after you sending an erotic text message or how far I was willing to go if we ever attended a club like this.” “Let’s do it! I was excited too just thinking about it. I’m 100% in, too! It might be just the kind of spice we need in busy lives. I want us to be like we were a month ago too. I hadn’t been that horny since before we had the kids. I do not want to go just to have sex with another woman like most guys want to. I just want to see other couples engaging in sex. I want to see all the erotic sites and even the sounds. I want to be able to see you in your birthday suite around other people. I want to have sex with you while you…” Ryan hesitated. “I know. I know what you want but let’s take baby steps first. I’m nervous thinking about it but very excited, too! I knew what Ryan was going to say but my insides were swirling thinking about it. I didn’t know if I could ever go through with something like having another man even touch me intimately. It is one thing to talk about it, but we were going and the possibility was there. My nerves was making me nauseous on my. Ryan reached over and squeezed my leg. “Everything will be fine. We have a one in a million connection. The one that other couples only dream of having and it’s because we trust one another. I trust you in your entirety. I hope you trust me as well and I think you do or you would not have suggested this for us.” Ryan was right. I did trust him and our love is very special. This was worth trying if it meant we would be as close as we were a month ago or six years ago. I didn’t know how far we had drifted apart until a few weeks ago. The thought of us actually going had made me horny. I could feel the wetness between my legs. I grabbed Ryan’s hand and guided to my hot box. My pussy welcomed his touch. I ordered him to do oral on me while I finished booking a place. It was a test to myself if I could distract my mind long enough to do something else while I was being pleasured. Ryan wasted no time and slid my panties off and began kissing and tonguing my erogenous zone. I tried to concentrate on the screen but my body wasn’t following. I could feel the squishy sounds of my wetness on his fingers. I closed my eyes for a moment. I tried to gain composure of myself while my love was stimulating my g-spot. Ryan had three fingers inserted when I felt the fourth push on my anus. My juices were flowing at a rapid pace down my crack that his finger slid in easily. I enjoyed the feeling for a few moments then opened my eyes. I looked at the computer screen and began booking a place to stay. I found a hotel that was running a Valentine’s Special. The place had spectacular views of the balconies. The reviews were rated high and the price was within our budget. I felt more pressure on my backside but continued on. I hit the “Book It” key and I was done. I just realized I had done it. I had blocked out Ryan finger fucking me. All at once my body began to tense. My body was telling me it wanted to release. I closed my eyes for a brief moment and the sensations were intensifying. I looked down and saw Ryan looking into my eyes while his tongue licked on my clit. His hand was driving in and out of my pussy and ass. I arched my hips up a few inches and a gush of pleasure went sweeping through my body. I saw my fluid glistening on his fingers as he continued pumping. Ryan held his hand still while my body finished cumming. As he withdrew, I realized he had all five fingers drove deep inside of me. It was spectacular. I had to lie down for a few minutes to let my body rest before climbing on top of Ryan and riding his cock till we both came together. I went down on him, cleaning every drop of juices on his large cock. I couldn’t sleep that night thinking about what we had just booked in two weeks. I was really going to a sex club, so to speak. Ryan was snoring beside. I ran my hand over his side and felt his cock was rock hard. I’m sure he was dreaming about fucking me from behind while I sucked some other guys cock. I just don’t know if I could but the idea of it was intriguing. I know all my boyfriends had always mentioned how great I was at giving head compared to their other girlfriends. I wasn’t worried about being bad at it. I wasn’t sure how I felt about the whole idea or how I would feel afterwards or if Ryan would be jealous while I was sucking another guy’s cock. I know I didn’t want another cock inside of me other than Ryan’s and I wasn’t thrilled of the idea of watching him fuck another woman either. I was starting to doubt my decision. “Would this tear us a part or was it going to bring us closer together.” My mind was racing. I thought about Tom and Natalie. Tom said it had helped their marriage but I wondered how Natalie felt and what it was that they did or didn’t do. I wasn’t really that close to Natalie as was Ryan to Tom. I didn’t feel comfortable talking with them about the issue. I saw my tablet laying on the night stand and figured there has to be something about this issue online. I searched “Visiting a swingers club for the first time”. Many links came up and one caught my eye. “Everything you need to know before your first visit to a swingers club.” I read every word in the article as if I were studying back in med school for my boards. I was surprised at how detailed the articles were as I continued reading them throughout the night. Most articles talked about the same issues: Make sure you’re both on the same page, know what our boundaries are, set realistic expectations, have a safe word, and dress to impress were some of the most popular ones. I read where you should call ahead to the club you wish to visit if reservations are needed and most clubs would set up a time to tour the facilities and meet the staff. They said most staff members are wonderful about answering any questions we may have. I spent all night looking and reading on websites and forums. I even read about one couple who visits “Lifestyle” clubs frequently but only go to be voyeurs. I read where most couples visit multiple times before par-taking in the activities. Ryan and I were going to be the “Newbies.” I looked at the clock and I only had an hour before my alarm went off. I knew I would feel better if I stayed awake. Ryan had rolled over on his back about an hour ago and was still supporting a massive hard-on. I didn’t want him to go to work all day and have to suffer from blue balls. I crawled under the covers and straddled Ryan’s legs. He was still snoring. I gently grabbed his member and pulled it up to my mouth and traced his head with my tongue. I was surprised there was no precum on his head but the covers could have soaked it up. I opened my mouth wide and took his large cock an inch at a time. Ryan’s mushroom head slid across the back of my throat causing me to want to gag. I held it back and forced his cock down farther. I relaxed my throat guiding it down my throat till I felt hair on my lips. I parted my mouth to the fullest to allow my tongue to lick against his hairless sack. I eased up a few inches and back down even farther than before. Ryan’s body twitched suddenly as he let out a load moan. I raised up his member to the base of his cock head then slid all the way back down taking him deeper in my throat. I raked my teeth a little on his shaft and his cocked twitched to the sensation. I continued this process for many minutes taking his whole cock in and almost out. Ryan was moaning louder and louder with each time I deep throated his cock. I knew he was going to explode so I stopped sucking and started kissing his penis on every square millimeter. I kissed down his shaft until I was kissing on his sack. He was recently shaved and was really smooth. I lifted his right testicle up and took it in my mouth. I sucked on it like I was sucking on an ice cube. I stuck my tongue out while his testicle was still in my mouth and licked across the base of his testicles. His body language told me he was enjoying the sensations so I removed his right side and did the same with his left. I continued sucking for a while, stroking his shaft with my hands. I pulled up for a moment to re-adjust myself when Ryan pulled his legs up and apart. I knew what his was wanting. I kissed down his left leg to his cock stopping to deep throat his penis a few more times before tracing down his sack till my tongue found his anus. I began tossing his salad. Licking and probing his ass with my tongue. Ryan was moaning so loud I was afraid he was going to wake up one of the children. I grabbed his dick and began rubbing his large mushroom head with all the precum. I ran my tongue over and around his ass and up to his ball sack then back down. He arched himself off the bed a few inches giving me better access. I inserted a finger in his ass. I felt his toes curl against my legs and I knew he was going to cum. I wrapped my warm mouth around his cock sucking like a porn whore. As I felt his cockhead swell, I guided it deep down my throat. Ryan’s first spurt of cum made me gag. I came up for air coughing as cum ran out of my mouth. I felt a load hit me in the eye and another on my chin. Ryan was shooting cum all over my face. I licked his cock clean before getting up to get a clean cloth. “You can wake me up every morning like that!! That was the best blowjob I have ever had.” Just then the alarm went off. I couldn’t believe I sucked his cock for an hour. I was proud of myself. I know he wouldn’t be getting one tomorrow morning because I was going to be sleeping! That day, Ryan and I sent each other sexy test messages all day. I think it was the only reason I was able to stay awake all day. I told him when he got home to look at the sites I had left up on my Ipad. He wanted to know why but I told him he needed to read the information for himself. Ryan would have all evening to read in peace as I had errands to run with the kids. Ryan had dinner ready when I got home. It was a wonderful surprise. Ryan is a very good cook but most of the time he always leaves the cooking up to me but tonight he had treated me to one of my favorite dishes. I even noticed a new bottle of wine in the refrigerator while getting the kids some drinks. Ryan poured me a glass of wine after dinner and told me to go soak in the jucuzzi tub. He said he would clean everything up and get the kids ready for bed. I walked into the bathroom and was met with a room filled with the scent of vanilla and candles were burning around the outer edge of the tub. There was a fresh new box of my favorite bath salt. I poured the tub full of hot warm adding the salt. I turned off the lights before climbing in. The water felt soothing against my naked skin. I finished my glass of wine a leaned my head back against the soft cushion. I was awakened by a sound. It was Ryan opening up the bathroom door. The water was starting to cool. I asked how long I had been in here. He replied that I had been in here for over two hours. Ryan handed me a towel that he had just gotten out of the dryer. What a gentleman he was. He helped me dry off and fetched me a pair of my sexy thongs before helping me into bed. I was asleep in minutes. Two days later, I decided that I should do some shopping before the big trip. I arranged for my parents to watch the kids for the night. It would allow me plenty of time to do the things I needed. The first thing on my list was a Brazilian wax. I had called ahead that morning and made reservations at the spa my two girlfriends had mentioned about in the past. They always recommended that I should try it out just once. It had been a very long time since I was naked in a room with anyone other than Ryan. I had butterflies in my stomach when a beautiful blond haired girl came walking through the door. Her beauty was stunning. She introduced herself as Megan and asked if it were ok if an intern would help assist her. I said sure. Megan then went through a list of the areas I wished to have waxed. Megan said she would be back with all the material and for me to get undressed and climb onto the table. She said I could leave my top on but always advised removing it in case some wax or lotions would accidently get spilled on it. I removed my clothing folding each item neatly before climbing onto the table. I decided to follow her instructions as I was wearing a new work blouse and my favorite bra. I decided to sit on the edge of the bed making sure my naked bottom stayed on the paper. I almost got up and ran when Megan walked back into the room with a stunning young gentleman. My stomach instantly got butterflies as he walked towards me. Megan introduced him as Sam. Sam looked like he was barely 18, but he was 26. Sam was an average looking young man. I couldn’t believe I was sitting naked in front of two complete strangers. Megan could sense my awkwardness and told Sam to tell me about why he wanted to learn about hair removal. Turns out that Sam is the owner’s son and is learning everything the business has to offer. He also said he is studying to be a plastic surgeon. I suppose if he is going into that line of work he will be seeing lots of saggy breasts and mommy bellies. Megan had me lay down on my back first. As I was lying down Megan pulled up the stirrups from the bed. The last time I had my legs in stirrups was when I was giving birth. I placed my legs in the stirrups as Megan spread them apart. Sam was standing to my right but made his was way to where he could see my sex region. I could feel my nipples hardening with the thought of Sam staring at my naked body so I covered my breasts with my hands. I had butterflies in my stomach. Megan started placing the wax on pubic mound first. It felt warm but not hot. She immediately placed the waxing strip on and waited briefly before giving a quick jerk. I felt a little pain but not what I was expecting. Megan continued to wax all of my upper pubic area before asking me to get up on all fours. She said like “doggy style position.” So far Sam had not moved from the spot he was standing. He had moved to in front of the table but I had been unable to see him for Megan. I got on all fours and rested my head on the table. When I looked back between my legs, I could see Sam from the chest down. I glanced down and saw a bulge in his pants. Holy Shit. This little pervert was just in here to see me naked. I was a little upset for a minute but the longer I sat there looking back at him, I realized I was making him have a hard-on and not this stunning little beauty beside me, or so I thought. Megan said this might be a little more uncomfortable but she would do it as fast as possible. Megan started at the top of my butt crack working her way out and down from there. When she got to my anus, she took her time to not get any hot wax on it. In the process of placing the waxing strip on, Megan’s finger had pushed straight against my asshole. It was a welcoming sensation for the brief second. Megan continued waxing everything back there. She got a warm was cloth and a dry towel and began to wash my ass like I was a little kid. Meanwhile, Sam was still standing in the same spot. Megan asked me to flip over so she could wash the wax off the front side. I did as she said. She asked for me to stand up and for Sam to grab all the paper off the table and dry it good before placing another sheet of paper on it. She said we weren’t done yet and just to stand and wait for Sam to get everything ready. He did as ordered. I stood off to the side with my arms crossed to cover my breasts. I could feel how hard my nipples were. “Shit, I can’t find my glasses. Let me go see if I left them in the room next door.” Megan said and left the room. I looked over at Sam. He immediately turned his head as if he had not been standing there staring at my freshly waxed pussy. I felt like the grown up here, so I began to ask Sam when he would be done with school. Sam stumbled all over his words trying to tell me the simplest answer. It was kind of cute. He reminded me of my first boyfriend who saw me naked for the first time. We made small talk for a few minutes before Megan came back in the room. She asked if I wore glasses and I responded no. She said she needed to finish plucking the random hairs from me and she couldn’t see well enough to do it. I looked at Sam and asked if he was capable of plucking hairs from my body. Megan said that’s fine with her if I was ok with it. I agreed. Megan handed Sam a pair of tweezers and told him to be careful not to pinch my skin. Sam moved in between my legs and started plucking at the top most part of my pubic hair region. He was making sure he wasn’t touching any part of my body other than the tweezers. A few minutes in, Megan told him that I wasn’t going to bite. She said you have to rest your hand on her body to stay steady because at this rate we would be here all night long. Sam looked up at me with a look and I gave him a reassuring look back. Sam grabbed a stool and moved it up between my legs like a gynecologist would do. He adjusted the light above his head and rested his hand on the crease of my leg. He went to work pulling hair after hair. Megan was supervising from the other side. I leaned my head back closing my eyes. I could feel his breath on lips and his hand twisting about on mound. I was getting aroused quickly. Sam removed his hand and stated that was all the hair he could see. Megan immediately took her hand and ran it across my bikini line and then taking both fingers down along by lips. She said she could feel hair right here as she continued going up and down my folds. I could feel the dampness from within starting to seep out of my folds. I didn’t know what to say or what to do. Sam moved his hand near my folds and starting plucking. Pain shot through my body with each hair being plucked but the pain was more like pleasure. I tried to block out what Sam was doing but all I could feel was Sam’s breath and his hand near my pussy. Megan said she had another client coming in 15 minutes and needed to get the other room ready. She asked if it was ok if she leaves Sam here to finish plucking and he would need to get my backside when he was done with the front. I said yes and Megan walked out the door. I heard the clicking sound as the door shut. The door was locked from the outside. Sam continued plucking. I was hoping he would hurry up because I could feel my pussy getting wetter by the minute. I pulled my head up and looked down at Sam. He pulled his hand away from me, as a strand of my pussy juices stuck to it. He looked up at me as I looked at him. “I’m so sorry. I don’t know what got into me.” I was so embarrassed. I didn’t really know what to say. That’s ok. It happens. It’s perfectly normal. By the way, this isn’t my first time doing this. Every female client that I have been in the room with, it has happened to. For us men, it’s much harder to hide it.” He said. Sam grabbed a tissue from the table and wiped down the side of my folds and up between them. The tissue was soaked when he was done. I couldn’t believe how wet I was. Sam ran his fingers along my folds and even parted them some to see if he could see any more hair. When he did, I felt some fluid starting to run down my crack. Ryan noticed it too and grabbed the tissues from the table and placed them alongside him. He placed the tissue just short of my anus and wiped back up. My body quivered. Sam asked if I wanted to get on all fours again or just lay on my stomach and he could place a pillow under my pelvic area. I thought it was best to lay as flat as possible so I wouldn’t be dripping pussy juices on the table. I told him I wanted the pillow as he went to the corner of the room and picked up pillow and another wash cloth. When he walked back towards me, I could see his cock was rock hard under his blue jeans. I knew that had to be uncomfortable for him as Ryan is always talking about how blue jeans need to have a pouch on them to accommodate a hardon. I sat up on the bed and rolled over on my stomach. I raised my hips up to allow Sam to slide the pillow under me. I spread my legs as far as I could to allow him to see my crack. Sam stood on my right side as he raised the bed up closer to him. I turned my head in his direction so I could watch his cock. There was a visible wet spot on his jeans. I knew that was the precum soaking through. His cock was twitching constantly up and down. He was getting really turned on. Sam took his left hand and grabbed my butt cheek pulling it to him. That was unexpected. I felt the tweezers going to work as little bits of pain shot up my backside. Sam started gently massaging my butt with his left hand. I didn’t know if it was to help distract from the pain or he was trying to keep me aroused. The pleasure felt inviting and I started shimming my butt ever so slightly to let him know it was ok. Sam made his way down my crack and to my anus. He asked me to push my butthole out some so he could see if there were any hairs on it. I was unsure at first what he was saying. I raised up off the pillow arching my ass farther into the air. Sam said that position is great but asked again if I could push my ass out a little. He said in jokingly manner, kind of like you have to pass gas. We both laughed. I knew what he was talking about. I did as he said. I pushed my asshole out for him to see all of it in its glory. I looked down at his crotch and watched his cock twitch and pulsate under his jeans. I suppose every man just likes looking at women’s buttholes. They first love to see a pussy but it’s the ass they fantasize about. I felt Sam’s finger slip within a millimeter of my anus. He plucked six hairs from my butthole before moving on down my crack. He said I could relax now unless I didn’t want to. What do you mean if I don’t want to? I asked without thinking. “Well…” he stuttered. “Well…What” I asked again. This time a little more direct. “Well, it’s just that, you know..ummm. You just have the most beautiful ass I have ever seen.” He said. I’m sure a girl like Megan has a lot better looking asshole than me. But I suppose he was just complementing me. I felt even more turned on knowing he was really into my body or at least my ass. Just then, there was a knock on the door. It was Megan yelling through on the other side. She asked how we were doing in here. Sam said he had my backside to finish up than apply the lotion. Megan said if we needed anything she would be in the room across the hall. Lotion, my mind started thinking of Sam rubbing lotion all over my sex region. I didn’t know if I could with stain from having an orgasm. Sam went back to work plucking his way up to my vaginia. Sam removed his hand from my ass cheek and said that was all. He stood up and grabbed a small bottle of lotion that had been laying in a warmer. The lotion felt warm on my butt cheeks as Sam randomly squirted the lotion around back there. My pussy quivered when Sam placed both hands on my left cheek. He began at my belt line and continued massaging my ass cheek with a steady firm motion. He was kneading and circling every square inch of my ass cheek. I lowered my head on the table. My ass was still raised up off the pillow. His hands made their way to my crack and across to my right cheek. He took his time as he did on the other side. I could feel my clit throbbing. It was in need of being touched. Sam removed both hands from my body and I was hoping we weren’t finished. I felt the lotion landing in my crack. He continued squirting several pumps of lotion with each squirt moving farther down my crack. I felt the warm sensation as a glob landed on my asshole. My mind was racing with anticipation of Sam’s fingers lingering over my tight little hole. Sam surprised me by placing two fingers at the top of my crack and slowly traced down my crack across my anus and split his fingers as they went on both sides of my folds. I let out a moan. He did the same with his other hand but applied more pressure. My moan was loader this time as his fingers pushed against my ass and along my folds. Sam flipped his fingers around and traced back up my folds and across my ass. He stopped at my ass this time and started circling my inviting hole. My breaths were getting shorter as my moans were getting louder. Sam traced his other hand alongside my butt cheek gathering up the excess lotion and placed it on my mound. He never stopped massaging my asshole. His other hand brushed against my clit. I bucked my hips and let out a load moan. I moved my hips in the direction of his hand so it would brush against my clit. Sam withdrew both hands and took a step back. I raised my head up and looked in his direction. Sam looked scared and nervous, almost as nervous as I. Unsure of the situation, unknowingly how far I would take things, my body was needing a release in the upmost way. Sam’s one hand was still in reach. I reached out and placed it directly on my pussy. I reached out with my other hand and pulled him closer to me. Sam knew what I was doing and his fingers quickly found my clit. I was in heaven. His fingers began circling my clit parting my folds with each circle. My eyes were closed tight and were focusing solely on the sensations. I reached underneath, grabbing Sam’s hand. I grabbed two of his fingers and guided them inside my pussy. I grabbed his hand and began jackhammering my pussy with his fingers. I raised my front half up from the table until I was in full doggy position. I started bucking back against his hand. I could feel my orgasm building and started bucking wildly against Sam’s fingers. He was only brushing against my sweet spot causing me to buck like a wild cowgirl. I couldn’t hold back my orgasm any longer as I screamed with extasy. Wave after wave of pleasure went screaming through my body. I felt a gush of fluid running down my pubic region. My legs gave out. I rolled over, stretching out onto the table. I’m not sure what I was thinking, but I looked up at Sam and saw his cock pressed firmly against his pants. I knew that he had to be in pain and reached over and started to undo his pants. I undid his belt first but was unable to get his button undone. I pulled his pants causing him to take two steps closer to me. I undid his button and lowered his zipper carefully. I slid my fingers on both sides of his hips and slowly pulled them down. Out sprang the cutest cock I had ever seen. It was much smaller than my hubbies but it was of average length and very well proportioned. The head was not much bigger in circumference than his shaft. A stream of precum was running out his cum hole. I reached out and wrapped my hands around his cock. My fingers overlapped when grabbing his cock. It was much smaller in diameter compared to Ryan’s. Sam let out a moan as I stroked his cock. I rubbed his head with my thumb and squeezed firmly to milk his cock of precum. A stream of cum came pouring out. I rubbed my hand over his head and used his precum to lube up his shaft. He didn’t require any spit to get his whole shaft lubed properly enough for a good hand job. I continued stroking his cock at a slow but steady pace. I reached up grabbing one of his hands and moved it onto my right breast. Sam got the hint and moved a step closer allowing me to stroke his cock more easily. Sam pinched my nipple firmly and gave it a small tug before letting go. A few minutes in I wanted more than his fingers but was too scared. A wave of guilt went through my body. What was I doing? This wasn’t Ryan doing this to me. He always said he wanted to watch me give pleasure to another guy but he wanted to be present. I just didn’t know what or how I was going to tell Ryan. My mind wondered for a few moments till I felt Sam’s mouth on my right nipple. Sam began sucking and rolling my nipple in his mouth. He was doing a great job. My pussy was beginning to ache for his touch again. I tensed only realizing I was squeezing his nice little cock harder than I probably should have. I reached across with my other hand and started massaging his tight little sack. Sam’s body language changed quickly and I could tell he was ready to cum. I looked up at him and ordered him to cum on my tits. He pressed himself up against the table at my chest as I continued stroking him and playing with his balls. He let out that familiar groan that all men do and I saw a gob of semen go squirting past my body and onto the floor. Then with every stroke a gob of semen came squirting out and landed on my chest. I jerked him as hard and fast as I could trying to get as much cum out of his little testicles. I ran my hand over my chest feeling all of his hot seed he had extinguished. I pulled a finger to my mouth and tasted his cum. It was much like Ryan’s only a little more salty. Sam looked exhausted as I could see his knees quivering and shaking. I told him it was ok to sit down. I reached down to feel how smooth I was now for the first time and couldn’t believe how erotic that it felt to touch myself. I allowed my fingers to linger down my folds and slid three fingers deep inside my pussy. Sam got a warm wash cloth and cleaned all my pussy juices from my lower extremities and cleaned his semen from my breasts. He said he hoped he would see me again and that I just made him the happiest man alive. I watched as he cleaned himself up and pulled his underwear and jeans back up. I was still lying there naked and felt very comfortable wearing no clothes. I got looks from people who were waiting in the other rooms as I walked down the hall. As Sam opened the front door, he handed me a card. He told me that he hoped I would be a repeat customer for now on. I thanked him and gave him a kiss on his cheek and walked out the door. I looked at the card Sam had given me once in the car. On the back of the business card, it had his cell number and personal email written with a pen and a Thank you written below them. Reality didn’t strike me until I saw Ryan’s car parked in the driveway. My heart began racing. What had I done? How was I ever going to tell Ryan. I felt a shame of guilt. I didn’t know if I had taken things too far. I was scared for the first time in many years. I turned the car off, wondering what I was going to tell him. He was the love of my life and now I disobeyed him. I began to cry hysterically. After several minutes of crying, I finally gained composure of myself and clean up my mascara before walking through the door. Ryan was waiting for me in a pair of men’s thongs while holding two glasses of wine. My eyes lit up to see his sexy body in nothing but a skimpy piece of cloth that barely hid his merchandise. Wow, I wasn’t expecting this but I will take this welcoming home any day of the week. Ryan handed me the glass of wine while helping me out of my coat. As he turned to hang up my coat I could see his bare ass cheeks with a thin piece of material dividing them. My pussy began tingling. Ryan still knew how to turn me on. He was sexy as hell, especially in a man’s thong. He asked if I had been a good girl or a naughty girl today. Holy shit, did he know what I did. Did he know Sam and just put him up to it. My mind was racing through all the scenarios. I looked at Ryan as he looked at me. Ryan could sense something wasn’t right. He asked if I was ok and what was wrong. I couldn’t lie to him. I had to tell him the truth. I asked if we could go to the bedroom to talk about it. He said yes. Ryan let me lead the way to the bedroom. I sat down on the bed and asked if he could sit beside me. He did as told and asked again what was wrong. I started telling him that I had went to get a bikini wax done after work instead of shopping like I had previously told him. His eyes lit up and asked if it was a Brazilian. I replied yes. He wanted to see it but I told him I did something I never thought I would ever do. Ryan looked at me with a questionable eye. “What did you do honey?” He asked. Tears began running down my face. Ryan withdrew his hand that was around my shoulders. He asked me in a firm voice, “What did you do?” Well, I had two people who did the hair removal. One was Megan and other was Sam. I paused for a moment. Sam is the owner’s son who was learning the business and Megan had forgotten her glasses. I paused for over a minute. Ryan kept looking at me with a puzzled face. I was holding back the tears trying to figure out what to say. Then I just blurted it out, all at one time. I told him that Sam was plucking my hairs from my pussy lips and I began to get turned on and then he had me roll over ordering me to stick out my asshole. He plucked hairs from my ass. Then he rubbed lotion all over my ass and began massaging my asshole. I got lost in the moment and allowed him to finger my pussy till I orgasmed. I saw his penis all bounded up in his tight jeans and I know how badly you hurt from blue balls. So, I just helped him out by giving him a hand job. I looked down expecting him to say something that I didn’t want to hear. But his growing bulge in his little thong was telling me otherwise. I looked quickly up at him, staring in his beautiful eyes. He moved in forward kissing my lips softly then parting them with his tongue. I reached out to grab his cock. It was already hard as a rock. I couldn’t believe how turned on Ryan was. Ryan’s hands started exploring my body pulling me in closer. I slid his large cock out of the thin piece of material. It felt massive in my hand compared to Sam’s. Ryan began asking me question after question. He wanted to know how big his cock was and if I tasted his cum. We made love multiple times that night. Each time Ryan wanted to know every detail and what I was thinking when I was doing it. Ryan insisted that I should have let him fuck me or at least gave him a blowjob. We fantasied about Sam being in a three-way with us all night. It had been years since we had that much sex in one night. I didn’t know Ryan still had that much stamina nor did I. The next morning, Ryan was still lying naked in bed beside me when the alarm went off. I couldn’t help myself from exploring his beautiful butt. I was astonished when Ryan rolled over. He was sporting a morning boner. I grabbed his cock guiding it in my wanting mouth. His cock was crusted from the mixture of his cum and my pussy juices. It didn’t stop me from sucking his cock. Ten minutes into my blow job Ryan pulled my head off his cock. I looked deep into his eyes and could see a sea of lust. He grabbed my shoulders pushing me forcefully onto my back. Ryan straddled my legs as I spread them wide for him. He went down on me for a brief moment gently licking my erect clit. He gently kissed up my abdomen till he was suckling on my nipples. In one swift motion, Ryan slammed his cock into my pussy. We fucked hard and fast for 20 minutes before we both came at the same time. We snuggled under the sheets for few hours talking about our trip to the club. There were moments I could feel Ryan’s cock get hard then soften up till something would excite him again. I was getting wet as well but wasn’t as noticeable as Ryan’s cock. Later that day, we decided we would call the club to make reservations and ask what or what not to bring. Ryan is the one who finally made the call after playing rock, paper, scissors. We were high school sweethearts all over again. Ryan spent about ten minutes on the phone before hanging up. Ryan looked at me and smiled. I was anxiously waiting for him to speak but he just continued to look at me. “What! What did she say?” It seemed like forever before he started telling me everything Alice had said. Ryan told me that the theme for the night was 50 Shades Of Grey. My heart skipped a beat. I had only read the first book of the series but my girlfriends had filled me in on the remainder of the books. I was ok with a little S&M and bondage but I was instantly nervous of the thought of it. Alice had said the majority of the people would be in custom that night and it would be a good idea for us to dress the part because we would be newbies. Alice said for Ryan to wear a well fitted suite and for me to wear a cocktail dress. She said to also bring a change of sexy clothes. Something leather would be good. But to pick something we were comfortable wearing. She stated that most newbies are spectators their first time there and not to feel pressured to do anything we didn’t want to do. She said they had a strict policy on “No means No!” I felt a little more comfortable hearing this but the 50 Shades kept creeping back into my mind. All I could think about was leather, whips, paddles, chains and blind folds. Alice also told us to arrive at 6 pm in order to give us enough time for a tour through the facility and to answer any questions we may still have. Ryan and I could barely contain ourselves when we were in the room together for the next several days with the anticipation of the upcoming weekend. I set my alarm an extra 30 minutes early every morning to give Ryan his “Good Morning” blow job. Most mornings we ended up fucking like rabbits before we both would cum. Ryan had agreed to pick up the kids after school every day this week to allow me to shop for a sexy cocktail dress and leather lingerie after work. Ryan knows how I love to shop like, just like most women do. I am very particular when it comes to clothing. My size does not help this issue but dresses and lingerie are much easier to find. I spent three evenings going through all the department stores and smaller retail fashion stores before I purchased my dress. The dark blue dress had a deep v-neckline that accentuated my c cupped breasts. The back had a matching deep v that stopped just short of my bra line. The bottom of the dress stopped six inches from my knees. The dress was shorter than I would ever buy for any other occasion. I looked stunning in the dress and I knew Ryan would have a hard time keeping his eyes off of me. I looked at myself in the mirror, still standing in the fitting room, and brushed my hands down along my body. Chills climbed up my spine thinking of Ryan removing my dress in front of strangers. I had to stop before I would have to finger fuck myself in the fitting room. The next day at work I did some research on my lunch break to find a lingerie store that was tailored more for strippers. I had looked in those same stores while looking for a dress and found a few items that were made of leather. It took me almost an hour of driving to the other end of town before reaching my destination. It was in an old shopping plaza that once was flourishing. In the window were manikins who were barely covered or had see-through items hanging on them. I entered the door and was greeted by a beautiful lady of Asian descent. She had a body that I begged for. She was wearing a short skirt that barely hid her behind and a short t-shirt that showed her mid drift. She was every man’s sex goddess. She asked politely what I was interested in looking at and quickly made her way to the back end of the store when I told her I was looking for leather lingerie. I followed her quietly watching her ass sway side-to-side like a horny man would. She led me through a side of the store that was divided by false walls. Inside was a large array of every piece of lingerie imaginable in leather. The sexy lady showed me to the fitting room and left me alone to do my browsing. I have to admit, lingerie shopping wasn’t as easy as I had anticipated. I spent an hour holding up each one looking in the mirror. I knew I wore a size small in bottoms and most tops but I wasn’t sure about the leather tops. I wanted whatever I chose to make any man beg to be with me. I finally decided on a few items and went to try them on. I first picked up a leather corset with a matching G-string. I wanted something to conceal my small baby belly and still look extremely sexy. I felt sexy in the top but just wasn’t sure I was capable of letting my ass hang out in a G-string. Next was a strapless dress that had a pushup bra top and cutoff mid ass cheek. I paired it with studded boyshort bottom. Wow, I looked amazing in this getup. I knew Ryan would have a hardon the minute he saw me in this outfit. I asked the sales lady if they had any leather guy’s wear. She took me around the other side of the desk in behind another false wall. I was shocked at all the men’s G-strings, crotchless chaps, vests. I knew Ryan would also be shy about his body some in front of strangers. He was still very fit especially for his age. His love handles are the only default on his whole body but I loved to grip them when I was thrusting on his cock. I decided I would get him a pair of leather briefs that would accentuate his large member and show just enough of his nice ass to the ladies without revealing it. I assumed most men would be shirtless so I decided solely on the briefs for him. Ryan and I checked into our hotel room for early check-in. I was a complete mess that day. I had gotten us lost on the way here and had forgotten my eye shadow. Ryan on the other hand seemed composed and calm about the unexpected night that lay ahead. I went to the restroom. When I returned back into the room, Ryan was holding a large bottle of wine. He knew I would need to settle my nerves before we got there or I would be a nervous wreck. The wine seemed to disappear at a much faster rate than normal. Ryan usually only drinks a glass or two but we were glass for glass. An hour before our cab was to arrive; I could sense my nervousness had subsided. Ryan and I made out for a few minutes before I slipped into the restroom to get dressed. I slipped off my clothes removing my panties. My hand drifted down by belly and across my mound to my lips. I was extremely smooth from the night before. I had freshly waxed all my intimate areas to reassure I would be perfectly smooth for Ryan later tonight. I slid on a new dark blue G-string with a matching garter belt. I had bought a matching dark blue pushup shelf bra that would allow my nipples to be seen through the fabric of my dress. I put on my new dress and adjusted it, looking in the mirror. My nipples were just visible enough to catch a lingering eye. I pulled my long hair up to show off my shoulders and the deep-v in the back. I exited the bathroom and saw Ryan standing in his new suite. My clit was instantly aroused. My man had turned into Channing Tatum. I wanted to rip his clothes off right there and ride him like a porn star. Ryan was watching me staring at him. He complimented on how ravishing I looked in my dress. I was a lucky lady to have a good looking man like Ryan. I watched as we pulled in the parking lot of the club. The building looked bland from the outside with only a few windows facing the parking lot that you could tell were covered. Ryan paid the cabby as we walked towards the front door. Ryan and I both stopped at the door and looked at each other. In his eyes I could see how nervous he was. I grabbed his hand to reassure him everything was alright. I was very calm considering the circumstances and uncertainty. We both knew what possibilities were behind this door but were unsure if we were doing the right thing. I know Ryan and I had done a lot of research on “Swingers Clubs” but still didn’t know what to expect. Ryan knocked on the door. A beautiful lady wearing a very snug red cocktail dress answered the door. Her dress had a v cut all the way to her abdomen. Her large breasts were very much on display and I knew my eyes weren’t the only one staring. She introduced herself as Alice. This was the lady Ryan had spoken to on the phone. We introduced ourselves to Alice and she said she had been expecting us. She complimented us both on our outfits as she gave Ryan a wink. We followed Alice to her office as she needed to take copies of our driver’s license and fill out all the consent forms. It took us about five minutes to complete everything and pay our member ship dues. Then, our tour started. I was so excited to see what mysteries lay ahead. Alice asked if we had brought extra clothing and drinks in the bag Ryan was carrying. Ryan said we had two bottles of wine and each a separate outfit although they wouldn’t need much space. She giggled as did I. She led us towards the lounge area which consisted of a long bar on the left hand side of the room. There was a large dance floor in the middle with lounge chairs, sofa’s, and even a few high-top tables staggered around the perimeter of the dance floor. There were two stripper poles near the two corners of the dance floor. Alice wrote our names on a sticky note and placed one on each bottle of wine before putting it in the wine cooler. She said just to tell Matt, the bartender, our name and he would get our drinks for us. She also said there were small coolers placed throughout the rooms that have water in them. Alice then led us down a short hallway at the end of the bar. At the end of the hall were two doors on opposite sides that were the men’s and women’s restroom/changing rooms. She said we could take our change of clothes and place them in a locker. Ryan reached in the bag and grabbed his small leather briefs out of the bag and headed into the men’s room. Alice followed me into the women’s room. The aroma of lavender filled the air as I looked around the room. There were four large sinks on the left side, 6 stalls on the right. I could see at least four shower stalls near the back. The lockers where in an L shape near the back left hand side. There was an exit sign hanging above a door that split the shower stalls and lockers. I followed Alice to the lockers as she reached for my bag. I handed her my bag and she placed it in the locker. Alice pressed a few buttons on the locker than asked that I place my finger on the finger tab. The lockers were equipped with fingerprint technology. Alice explained to me she had found it was much easier to place a finger on the blue screen than try to remember a key code when your mind is still racing with extasy. And it’s impossible to keep up with a key when your naked. I laughed and placed my finger on the pad. We met up with Ryan back in the hallway. We went back to the lounge area and down another hallway to left of the room. Just inside the hallway were doors on both sides. She opened the door to the right. The room was lined with couches around the outside with a small stage setup in the middle. On the stage was something that resembled a doctor’s office bed with a table set beside it. Alice said this was there room when they did seminars or for themed nights they would host a demonstration. She closed the door behind and opened the door across the hallway. Inside this room was another hallway. Alice said this was the voyeur room as she walked down the hall a few feet. There was a small doorway to the right. I couldn’t believe what I saw. Through the doorway was small room that was lined with windows. There was a couch on the backside wall. Through the front window you could see a room filled with mattresses on the floor and couches around the room. Through the left and right side windows, you could see other rooms like the one we were standing in. This was a voyeur’s dream. Alice explained that you could pull the blinds on the left and right side of you so they can’t see back in but the windows in the front were mirrored on the front so they could never see in. Alice told us this would be great for newbies like us who could watch or be watched as much or little as we wanted. I knew we would be using this room later tonight. Alice showed us the “orgy” room with the mattresses on the floor and pointed out to the mirrors on the wall. She was correct, they just looked like mirrors from this side instead of windows. There was a door way past the “orgy room” that went down a small hallway leading to the changing rooms. At the end of the hallway was another lounge room similar to the demonstration room. It had a large glass window with an outdoor pool that was currently covered and a very large hot tub. Alice pointed out to the towels and large basket for used towels that stood near the door leading outside. Alice also explained there were folded hand towels, condoms, and packs of lubricant found in every small cabinet inside each room. My heart began to race as we followed Alice back towards the lounge area. I watched Alice’s hips sway back and forth as we walked back down the hall. I was hoping Ryan’s eyes were fixated on me although I was pretty sure he was watching Alice’s sweet ass instead. In the lounge area stood two very muscular men. Alice introduced us to the dark haired man as Matt, the bartender. The light haired man was almost as tall as Ryan, but was broader from the waist up. His name was Jamie. We shook hands as Alice explained to them that we were “newbies”. She also said if we felt uncomfortable with anyone in anyway, they were the ones to talk to. Alice said they were their Bouncers of sorts. She said they very seldom have any issues now since they don’t allow single males. She said non-married couples have to be accompanied by current member. Both Matt and Jamie told us they have a strict “No means No” policy. They reassured us that they haven’t had any issues in over a year but they were there for us if we needed them. Ryan and I shook their hands and made our way over to the bar. Alice asked if we had any questions or any concerns to just let her know. Matt poured Ryan and I a large glass of wine as we waited for the night to get under way. Matt made small talk with us as he could sense our nervous nous. He laughed when Ryan asked him what was the craziest thing he had seen while working here. Matt assured us that we didn’t want to hear about those stories. It wasn’t long before people started filtering throughout the lounge area. Everyone would make a straight beeline to the bar to hand Matt their drinks. Matt spoke to each person as if they were close friends asking him personal questions. The couples would make their way around the lounge area getting acquainted with each and every person in the room. You could tell the couples who most likely visited the most and the couples who frequented seldom. The people were so friendly. They would speak to Ryan and I as if we were long lost friends. I had never been in an environment where so many people were this friendly. I glanced at the clock above the bar and noticed we had been setting here for over an hour talking to strangers. I glanced around the room taking notice for the first time. There was a wide range of ages. There was a couple who looked to be in their 60’s and another couple who looked of college age. There was even a larger array of body shapes and sizes. Some of the women were rather large with defined baby bellies and then you had ladies with goddess bodies. I seemed to fit somewhere in the middle. I did notice most women were wearing the short dresses with very low cut tops. There was one lady named Rose who’s breasts spilled out of her dressed when she introduced herself to Ryan and I. I couldn’t help but take notice of her intoxicating smile and laugh. They had sat at a high-top near the end of the bar where Ryan and I were sitting. Her dress was very short, barely covering her ass cheeks as she stood but showed a large portion of her cheeks when she was sitting in the chair. The men seemed to be the most uniform in size and shape. Most of the men were under six foot tall with the exception of Ryan and another guy named Steve. Steve seemed to have a corky personality when he spoke to us. I did gaze down at his crotch only to see a small bulge in his pants. I assumed most men were wearing a pair of tight briefs to extenuate there member for onlookers like myself. I wasn’t sure if Ryan was wearing the briefs with the pouch or boxer shorts. I glanced at Ryan’s crotch but was unable to tell while he was setting on a bar stool. I watched as a beautiful couple made their way around the lounge area before setting down next to Ryan and I. They introduced themselves as Mason and Jen and asked if we were the “newbies” Alice was telling us about. My heart began pounding. I began to wonder why Alice had told them about us. Jen said they were newbies not long ago and Alice asked if they wouldn’t mind to help “show us the ropes.” I was flattered that Alice was looking out for us but felt a little uncomfortable having a couple looking out for us. I didn’t know if Jen was wanting to ride on Ryan’s big cock or what the angle was, but I was sure we weren’t going to be par-taking in any swapping tonight. I made it pretty clear in the first few minutes of conversation that Ryan and I were only here to help spice our relationship up and we were not looking for swapping partners. Mason and I had made our first trip almost a year ago for the same reason. To add some spice back in their marriage. Our marriage had grown stale and one my girlfriends who frequents this club often had encouraged Mason and I to attend for just one night. She promised our marriage would only grow stronger. She was right. Mason and I have fallen in love all over again. It’s as if we are on a prolonged honeymoon. This is a great achievement for a couple who has been married for 14 years. This is our fifth trip here. We have not swapped or shared. We are not certain if we will but we do enjoy being touched by other people while we make love. Jen said in a sincere tone. Jen leaned in close to me talking in a soft voice, “I never thought I would enjoy to be touched by another female, but trust me when I tell you it’s the greatest sensations your body will ever experience. Men know what they are supposed to do but a woman knows how to do it.” She winked as she sat up. I smiled and turned to face Ryan. He was engaged in conversation with another man who had sat beside him. Jen and I continued to talk about our work and family. The music began to play louder. The dance floor began filling up with couples and pairs of women dancing. The dance moves were very provocative. The women were dipping almost to the floor, hips grinding against their partners, hands slapping bare asses. I enjoyed watching a beautiful dark haired lady shaking her exposed ass cheeks. Jen was dancing between Mason’s legs while he was setting on the bar stool. I watched as she groped his member and she danced along. I reached over across Ryan’s lap and felt his cock was semi erect. I stood up mimicking Jen. The barstools were shorter than normal allowing me to grind my hips against Ryan’s crotch. I enjoyed the sites in front of me while I grinded away. I looked over at Jen and saw Jen’s breasts exposed as Mason’s hands squeezed and pulled her nipples. I glanced back at Ryan to see him staring at Jen and Mason. I thought about pulling Ryan’s hands to my chest but didn’t have the courage yet. Song after song continued to play as more women began shedding their tops or dresses all together. There were some men dancing in only their slacks. As I continued glancing around the room, at the high top table just to the left of the dance floor, was a man setting down with his wife setting beside him. I could his hands between her thighs as her hands were stroking up and down on an exposed cock. I watched as she stroked her husband’s cock. I turned towards Ryan to ask if he had seen the couple at the high top. Ryan nodded and gave me a kiss. I probed Ryan’s mouth with my tongue as my hands squeezed on his member inside his slacks. Ryan’s hands squeezed my breasts before guiding over my shoulders and down my waist. He pulled me closer to him allowing his hands to land on my ass. We made out for an entire song like this. When the next song started, I could feel my dress being pulled up slowly. I wanted to stop Ryan but the idea was exciting. I could feel the air gradually climbing up my butt cheeks. Ryan’s hands moved down and gave each cheek a firm grasp. I began shaking my booty to the music. The thought of eyes on my ass was erotic. I could feel my pussy tingling as was Ryan’s rock hard cock. Ryan pulled away from my lips to look into my eyes. I could see the love and lust for me in his light blue eyes. I gave him a wink as I squeezed his cock. He smiled at me then nodded to the direction of Jen and Mason. I looked over, only to be astonished. Jen was sucking on Mason’s cock. She was moving up and down on his cock very slowly. I figured she was trying to prolong his orgasm. Watching Jen suck on her husband’s dick was intoxicating. My pussy was aching to be touched in the up most way. I reached up and pulled my straps of my dress to the side letting them fall off my shoulders exposing my breasts. My nipples were protruding straight out. Ryan removed his hands from my hips and began tracing my hard nipples. Ryan tugged and pulled on my nipples as he kissed my neck. Normally my eyes would be closed, but I kept watching Jen bobbing up and down on Mason’s cock. I could feel Ryan’s heart beating faster and his breaths were shallow. I knew he was as excited as I was. I enjoyed the sensation of my nipples and ass on display. Something about it was invigorating. I unzipped his pants pulling them apart to reach inside. Ryan was wearing a pair of his briefs with the pouch. I tried to pull his cock through the opening in his briefs but his cock was too hard. I reached up and tried to undo his belt but just than the music stopped and a voice came over the speakers. It was Alice. She informed everyone there was going to be a demonstration beginning in five minutes. The music began playing again and I turned around to see ladies dancing in their panties and men with only a pair of tight briefs or boxer shorts on. One guy was getting a blowjob by two women near the stripper pole. I looked over at Jen only to see her standing in only her panties. Her breasts were of b cup size but her nipples were beautifully pink and rather large like my nipples. Jen said if we want a good seat that we better make our way to the demonstration room. I watched as she pulled her dress back over herself as Mason stood up concealing his member back in his pants. I pulled my straps over my shoulders and readjusted before making our way to the room. We followed Jen and Mason as they sat down on the chairs closest to the bed in the middle. I followed along and sat next to Jen on my left and Ryan on my right. I looked at the table beside the bed and saw blind folds, a man’s tie, crops, whips, a feather, various size paddles, different sized dildo’s and butt plugs, rope, and remotes. My heart began racing thinking about possibly of watching these items getting used on someone. But not me. The room filled up quickly around us. I could see most of the women had their dresses on and the men were in their slacks with either no shirt or their shirt was un-tucked and or unbuttoned. I looked over at Ryan who was still in his jacket and tie. I told him to remove his jacket and tie and loosen his belt a notch or two. He did as I said and placed his jacket on the back of his chair. Alice and Greg made their way to the table in front of us. They made small talk to everyone before asking for a male volunteer. Steve, the guy who was almost Ryan’s height stood up and made his way to the table. Greg said I need another female to take my part on this one and looked down in my direction. I quickly looked away as Jen stood up. Alice started talking about how S&M can be a great thing to add some spice in a couple’s relationship. She continued to talk for about five minutes before asking Jen to remove Steve’s clothes. I looked over at Mason as he gave Jen a wink. Jen unbuttoned his shirt and tossed it back to Steve’s wife who was walking in our direction. She made her way up to Jen’s seat beside me. I suppose she wanted to keep a close eye on Steve. Jen undid his pants and pulled his briefs and pants down with one quick motion revealing a semi-erect cock. It wasn’t as big as I had anticipated, but it was fairly thick. Steve was completely shaven. I could see no hair other than on his head and maybe some on his arms. It was erotic to see a guy completely naked standing less than 3 feet from me. Alice placed the blindfold over Steve’s eyes. Steve elected to stand when asked if he wanted a seat. Alice handed Jen the feather as Alice held a small whip. Jen began tracing the feather around Steve’s chest concentrating on his nipples. Alice was doing the same on his lower legs rising higher to his waist. I heard Alice ask Steve something than he nodded. You heard the sound of the crop crack Steve’s buttock rather loud. Steve’s cock bounced. Alice cracked his other buttock. I watched as Steve’s cock slowly moved to the side. Alice would rub the crop around his cheek before giving him a quick hard slap. Each time Steve’s cock would get a little more erect. Alice and Jen took turns slapping and rubbing Steve with the crop and whips. By this time, Steve’s cock was rock hard. Alice grabbed a small piece of rope and knelt down in front of Steve’s cock. His cock was average length, six inches but was thicker than what I figured most guys were. I watched closely as Alice wound the rope around Steve’s testicles and base of his shaft. To this point, they hadn’t slapped or touched his cock. Then Alice gave orders for Jen to whip his cock. Jen proceeded to wave the whip back and forth across his genitals. Alice placed some lube on her hand and began stroking his cock slowly. Asking him how he liked it. Each time she would ask, Steve would reply, “Yes, Master.” Alice massaged his red glowing ball sack. It looked to me like if I was a guy, it would have to be painful but Steve seemed to enjoy his cock and balls restrained. Jen grabbed a large paddle off the table and started slapping Steve’s ass while Alice continued to stroke and rub his balls. You could hear couples around the room start talking and some were beginning to filter out as others were just coming in. Jen laid the paddle down and grabbed a vibrator. The vibrating made a super loud buzzing sound when she turned it on. She stood behind Steve and began running the vibrator all over his back and across his butt cheeks. Alice made her way over to Steve’s wife beside me and asked her something softly. I was unable to hear what she said but Steve’s wife stood up and followed Alice back to Steve and removed her red dress. Steve’s wife wasn’t wearing a bra but was wearing a fire red thong. She had fake breasts that were DD or larger. She squirted a bunch of lube on her hands and began rubbing them on her breasts. She knelt down and rubbed her breasts up Steve’s left leg across his penis. She grabbed both breasts and began titty fucking Steve. Jen ran the vibrator down his butt cheek reaching underneath to his sack. Steve began moaning. Alice asked Steve if he wanted to cum. He replied, “Yes Master.” Alice removed her dress as she said something to Jen and they each winked at one other. Jen removed her dress and bra and carried it over to Mason. Jen gave Mason and messy kiss while handing him her dress. When she turned away, Jen was wearing a pair of crotch-less panties. You could see her pussy glistening in the bright light. I felt Ryan’s hand on my knee. Jen picked up the lube and proceeded to lube her chest up and abdomen. Steve’s wife began sucking on her husband’s cock while Alice stroked Steve’s balls. Jen stood behind Steve and began rubbing her chest up and down his back and ass. She did this a few times before she handed Alice the vibrator. Jen spread Steve’s ass as Alice placed the vibrator on Steve’s ass. He let out a moan. Steve’s wife stood up, removing her panties and rubbed lube all over her ass. Alice slapped Steve’s cock a few times with her hand before untying the rope. His wife faced away rubbing her ass up and down his hard cock. She began shaking and twerking on her husband’s cock as her breasts were swaying and bouncing along with her ass. She reached back grabbing Steve’s cock. I thought she was going to slide it in her but she started slapping her ass cheeks with his cock. Alice and Jen were still standing beside Steve rubbing their breasts up and down his sides. Steve’s wife let out a moan, and I knew she had her man’s cock drove deep in her pussy. She started humping her husband’s hard cock while Alice and Jen were whipping him with paddles and crops. His wife let out a loud moan, letting him know it was her who he was fucking. He moaned loud and she must of felt Steve’s cock swelling because she turned to face him quickly jerking hard and furiously on his cock. Alice grabbed his sack as Steve began shooting strings of cum over his wife’s pretty face. Steve moaned and grunted. Once he was done cumming, Alice asked Steve if he needed to take a seat. My mind was racing along with my heart. I hadn’t noticed till now but Ryan’s fingers were inches of my pussy. I looked over at him giving him a wink. I reached over grabbing his cock. Jen sat down in the seat beside me. She didn’t bother to redress. Mason’s hands were exploring Jen’s body as they made out. I watched as she spread her legs open allowing her husband to drive two fingers into her pussy. The distinct sound his fingers made as they drove in and out of her pussy were intoxicating. I grabbed Ryan’s cock harder and tried stroking it through his pants. I tried to spread my legs to give Ryan good access but didn’t have the room because of Ryan’s long legs and Jen’s leg. Jen leaned over to me and asked if I was ready to go to the ladies room. I said Ok, but I just really wanted to go fuck Ryan, right now! I looked over at Ryan and saw his eyes fixated on Jen’s ass as she bent down in front of us to gather her belongings. Her panties that outlined her luscious pink lips were completely saturated. Alice was asking for a female volunteer. I wanted to stay and watch but I also wanted Ryan inside me. I stood up following Jen out the room and down the hall. Ryan was right behind me as was Mason. Ryan said he would be waiting for me in the hallway as I entered into the ladies dressing room. While adjusting my outfit in the mirror, I saw Jen checking my out my outfit. I turned to face her. She was wearing a black open chest corset with a matching G-string. She was wearing a tall pair of leather biker looking boots. The one thing a girl never forgets is shoes, but I had never thought to buy a different pair of shoes for my leather lingerie outfit. Jen complemented me on how well I looked, as I did to her. I told her I didn’t have another pair of shoes. I heard a voice ask what size I wore. I looked in her direction and said a 7. Alexis said she had an extra pair that would fit. The boots were mid-calf and had a good five inch heel on them. They had a bright silver buckle on the front. Alexis said it would match my studded boyshorts perfectly. She was right. I walked over to the large mirror and admired myself. I looked sexier than I ever dreamed I could look. The boots were the right touch. They also added some lift to my legs and ass. Ryan’s jaw almost hit the floor when I walked into the hall. He seemed star struck for a moment. I gave him that, “come fuck me look.” We gave each other a prolonged kiss as he explored my body with his large hands. I took a step back and admired his masculine physic. The bulge in his tight leather briefs reassured me that I was still his sexy little nympho. His member did look a little restrained in there, but I had a feeling I was going to be letting it free soon. I wrapped my hand around his bulge trying to feel his defined mushroom head. It took me a second to realize his member was bent down with his head facing the ground. I knew that couldn’t be comfortable for him. I felt bad knowing that it was all smashed into a small place, but it’s hard to find something that can withhold a big cock. I heard Jen’s voice as she came into the hallway. I saw Ryan’s eyes go to Jen’s chest but so was mine. She had a perfect set of perky breasts. Her areola’s and nipples were very proportionate to the rest of her boob. Jen could see that we were both staring and I saw her give Ryan a wink. We followed Jen to the other end of the hallway where Mason was standing. He was wearing a tight pair of leather pants that I was sure there were no briefs underneath from the defined outline of his cock. He was wearing a leather vest on top. Mason was very muscular and toned. He had a small beer belly but his chest was marvelous. I took notice of how he looked at Jen. His eyes stayed fixated on her as other women walked by in barley there clothing. I turned to see where Ryan’s eyes were looking. Strong warmth of pleasure arose when I saw his eyes were staring at me. I leaned up giving him a passionate kiss. Everything seemed to stand still in that moment. The connection I felt with Ryan was something I hadn’t felt in many years. We held hands as we made our way back to the bar. I felt bad for Ryan as he was one of the only men who weren’t wearing pants, champs or something along those lines to hide their bodies. But I could clearly see all the cock hungry women staring at my man. It was arousing knowing they were staring at something that was mine. Ryan and Mason made their way over to the bar to get us ladies a drink. Jen and I started dancing near an empty high-top. I looked across the dance floor as we danced. There were women of all shapes and sizes prancing and dancing in nothing but G-strings or thongs. It seemed like most women had their breasts or nipples exposed in one way or another. Steve’s wife was wearing a full corset but had holes for her nipples. I was amazed at how comfortable I felt dancing in my scantily clad outfit. Ryan and Mason returned with our drinks. We began discussing how the night was going. Jen kept telling us to be sure we don’t feel pressured to do anything we’re not comfortable with. She said things can get a little crazy over the next few hours but to make sure Ryan and I were on the same page. Alexis came walking over to our table. I introduced her to Ryan as she seemed to already know Jen and Mason. She asked how the boots felt and how the night was going so far. We talked for a few minutes with Alexis before she asked if she could dance with Ryan. I looked up at Ryan and told him to go have fun. I really did want to see him dance with other women. It had been years, but I remember getting aroused watching some of my ex’s dance with other women before. Alexis grabbed Ryan’s hand and led him across the dance floor. Alexis was a tall dark headed beauty. She was built completely different than me. She had the typical long legs and long torso. She was wearing a leather baby doll top and a mini leather thong. I watched as Alexis swayed and brushed against Ryan. I could see them talking but the music was too loud to hear them. Ryan seemed to be enjoying himself as a large smile was plastered across his face. I felt somewhat possessive of Ryan watching him dance with Alexis but it was arousing at the same time. I knew I needed to give him some space as I had already shared an intimate moment with Sam when Ryan wasn’t around. I trusted him to the fullest as I know he did with me. I watched as Alexis grinded her sweet ass on my man. His hands were pretty stationary on her sides until she grabbed them and began running Ryan’s hands all over her chest and down her hips. I turned for a moment to get a drink when a I felt a hand on my ass. I turned only to see Jen. She stuck out her chest towards me grabbing me closer to her. Her breasts felt warm on my skin. I looked into her eyes as she thrust her crotch on my leg. We both swayed with the mus

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