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A Mets Fan

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The texting started early in the week. This wasn?t unusual as she is off every Thursday and Friday so the pattern is set. Around Tuesday or Wednesday he would send my wife a text ?how is you week going? translation: want to get together on your day off? This week was different though when we had sex I whispered in her ear that she should spend more time with him, getting what she needs and really going for it. I could tell she liked the idea because she got really wet and our sex became more intense as she thought of him while I fucked her. She ignored the day off inquiry, instead texting him ?which evening is better Friday or Saturday?? The answer came, ?free after 8 on Saturday?.

Thus, the anticipation and preparations began. My whispered words turned into her plans. My job the rest of the week was to help her be smooth and soft for her lover?s enjoyment. I was to support her selection of outfits by giving my male opinion of each one?s sexy factor. When she didn?t feel any of her outfits was ?just right? I took her shopping for something that was. She always gives me the opportunity to have sex with her the night before her dates, if I wear a condom. She wants to be fresh for him. I always decline because as long as I am still horny the anticipation is fun and there is no fear or dread.

As we head out to dinner Saturday night I make sure her little red purse is fully stocked with ?Magnum XL?s? and ?Her Pleasure Ecstasy? condoms so she is prepared. Our agreement is that she will always make sure protection was worn.

She wore a thin navy one shoulder dress that clung to her curves like it was painted onto her well endowed sexy shape. It is ruched in the front and really short accenting her fantastic legs. There are three sheer cutout panels that parallel the diagonal shoulder line strategically placed all down the length and side of the dress. The panels reveal that there is nothing on under the dress except her amazing body. Her 38D breasts stretch the fabric at the top, her right breast, the shoulderless side, keeps trying to pop out. Her ?always perky? nipples are very fun pressing out on the thin jersey knit fabric. It was a little brisk so her black thigh high stay ups, keep her warm and turn me on. The dress is short and she has to pull on it throughout dinner to keep things somewhat modest as we dine at our favorite bar. Of course each tug, bend or movement of any kind draws all the male eyes in the place.

Around 8 we finish dinner and head across town to meet him. Throughout the day she had been texting him flirting and suggesting that he should plan to really spend some time on her tonight. She teased him and me with her texts about a blindfold, being tied up and whips. She suggested wine and candles and soft outfits might be in her bag of tricks. She always has a bag of tricks. After a few short delays we pick him up on a downtown corner just outside his latest meet up gathering. He and I exchange greetings, a firm handshake and then they began to visit. She strains to talk and flirt leaning between the seats.

Just a few blocks later at a traffic light, my beautiful wife hops out and into the back seat with him. I hear some small talk until she pauses talking faces him in the back seat, then leans in and kisses him passionately. I could sense the heat and hear kissing sounds but it was too dark to see. They were speaking in hushed tones as lovers sometimes do. Their words were not for my ears to hear. Concentrating on my driving got hard as did my cock until finally we pull into the parking lot of one of our other favorite bars. He helps her out, she takes his hand and slides out, opening her legs slightly to reveal that she had no panties as she exits the car. He probably already knew that from the ride in the back seat.

Inside the bar we find three bar stools together and drank a while. At some point while she is gone to the ladies room I tell him that tonight would be a little different. Instead of me coming up to watch and listen or even staying in the car at the curb jacking and fascinating, I plan to drop them off and go elsewhere. So they didn?t have to feel rushed and can enjoy. After all, that was the point of all this, to give my beautiful wife pleasure. He must like the idea as he becomes a lot more openly affectionate with her. He keeps his arm on her chair, caresses her bare shoulder, touches her hair and back as she repeatedly touches his thigh as they talk and laugh. I become quite aroused at this rather public display of affection.

While he is gone to the men?s room I tell her what I had said to him. She makes a token protest but I can tell she likes the idea a lot! She was nervous where I might go, she doesn?t want me to run into someone hot. She feels bad putting restrictions on me while she is fucking her brains out with her lover but she gives me my restrictions anyway. The one place she asks me not to go was the Holiday Inn Lounge. On Saturday night it is filled with middle aged hot and horny ladies - cougar central. With a live band they become quite the dance crowd.

She continues to tease us both as we drink and talk. Most of the talk and flirting is toward him as she encourages the development of big plans. After the second drink she slips her thigh highs off under the bar and puts them in my coat pocket. He then placed his hand on her closely shaven thigh and feels how especially smooth and wonderful the lotion I had applied made them feel. The heat was obviously rising between them. She drove us both wild.

Eventually I tab us out and he helps her into the back seat of the car, always the gentleman. They continue their talk and flirtation, as I drive. She puts her head in his lap and hungrily bites him through his jeans, she can be such a tease!

When we reach his apartment building I hand her the small red purse and make sure her phone is inside. I tell her to call me whenever she is ready for me and that I will be going somewhere so not to rush. He helps her out once again.

As I watch them walk across the street. They were holding hands! I couldn?t help being really turned on at the sight of how very good my beautiful wife looked in the short navy dress and how really hot her legs, dress, hair and whole look is. As they reach the door she waves and says ?I love you!? My pants had grown especially tight as they disappear inside the door.

As I drive, my imagination goes wild with what must be happening on the third floor. I drive to several places but don?t go in any of them as my mind keeps painting wildly exciting images of their activities. I replay the image of them holding hands as they cross the street. After about an hour, I text ?if you are planning to spend the night, please let me know. I will go home and pick you up in the morning.? For a long time there was no reply at all.

It begins to really storm, a heavy downpour, the kind you have to turn the wipers on high speed for and it?s still not enough. Finally just past the two hour mark she texts that I should ?come pick me up?. I was almost home and the rain was really bad. I text her ?please stay upstairs and wait until I am near, I will text again?.

As I get close I let her know, she is still frisky and replies that she plans to come down in the nude. Always the tease! As I pull up at the apartment she emerges with him holding a large umbrella. She was wearing nothing? but a loose fitting mostly unbuttoned Mets jersey and heels! It was large and loose, it came down to her thighs. Her bare legs look great as they walk to the car. The front gapes open to reveal her cleavage bouncing and her shaved freshly fucked very pink pussy. He tucks her into the front seat, kisses her bye and reaches across her breasts to shake my hand and thank me for a very nice evening.

I am so steamed up I can?t get her home fast enough. I play inside the jersey as we drive. I am really excited by it all and listen intently to her describing the details of all I had missed. She really tries hard to recall and relay every intimate detail: how he had kissed her, how he held her and when and where he undressed her. She had asked him to go down on her which he did for a very long while. He has a technique with his tongue to drive her clit wild. They had sex in several positions including her kneeling and him banging her from behind. She said she almost came and then she said she went down on him while he was still hard and huge. I thought the sequence was odd so I asked if he had used a condom? She said he did at first but after a while he pulled it off and slipped back into her. She noticed right away that he was bareback. They talked for a bit about it before she finally said sure go ahead, it feels great! I asked if he came inside her, she sheepishly says yes. He had explained to her that they had been having sex for over a year and knew each other really well. She caved in and just went for it.

I immediately start to finger her as we drove and she was very wet but she had already cleaned up a good bit. We talk about the evening all the way home and I can?t wait to get her into bed. I go down on her immediately for a long time and while the fragrance of her lover is still there is no hint of his cum. After a while she throbs with a deep orgasm. When the tingling subsides she pulls me up to fuck her. We fuck like rabbits and I add my cum in her to his. We collapse to sleep exhausted but happy.

The rest of the week she lounges in his Met?s jersey on our couch in the evenings. It makes her remember her last visit with her lover and it drives me crazy recalling last Saturday night as well. We talk and I play with her beautiful breasts inside the jersey. We have sex almost every night until she returns the jersey the next weekend. But that is another story.

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