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working title Quiet Neighborhood Chapter One

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It’s another one of those days, I roll over to hit the snooze button on the alarm clock. The sun shines right in my eyes waking me even more. I press the snooze button just for five more minutes of sleep. There is a dream I want to remember but as I’m lying there trying to fall back to sleep it starts to fade and the alarm goes off again. I roll back over and turn it off and force myself up off the bed. I grab my work clothes and head to the bathroom.

I reach in the shower and turn the water on, getting it set to the temperature that I feel like having it this morning. I climb in and stand there for a minute to wake up a little more. When finished washing myself and getting cleaned up for work, I get dressed and let the dog out. “Come on Samson go outside,” I say as he walks outside. I brush my teeth and look down at my cell phone and notice that there’s a new message. As I open my phone, it starts loading and it’s a picture message. I'm like all right lets see what it is today. Lo and behold its one from my girlfriend Gina. After it loads, I open it. It’s a boob shot but she’s got her arm covering her chest. I scroll down to read the message and it says, ‘Can’t wait for you to get off tonight.’

She always has to do this right before I go to work to torture me for 8 hours a day with my own mind. I let Samson in and close and lock the back door then give him a treat. I go back into my bedroom to get a few things for after work and head to the front door to get in the car. As I’m stepping out, I look down the street like I always do. I notice that Alicia is outside taking her trash out to the road. I wave and say “Morning!” She waves back and smiles at me. She’s always smiling at me, when I’m mowing, just working, or playing out in the yard with Samson.

I put my stuff in the trunk, close the lid, and get in the car. “BUZZ” my phone vibrates again, it's Alicia. She sent me a text that said, ‘Have a fun day at work, I’m off. :)’. I replied, ‘Lucky, wanna trade?’ I pull out of my driveway and head off to work. I pull up into the parking lot of the pharmacy and grab my phone and my briefcase. I get up to the door, insert my key, unlock the door, and go inside. Once inside, I turn off the alarm and start to get everything going in the pharmacy. First, getting all the insurance problems done before the technicians start coming in.

Around 8:25AM I get another text from Gina. ‘Gonna go shopping for something to wear tonight after you get off work.’ I reply ‘Really!?!? Whatcha gonna get?’ Gina in her teasing way says, 'I’m not gonna tell you but I’m gonna go with a friend and have her help me pick something out' was the response. One of my techs comes in as I’m typing ‘Oh what she gets to see and not me?’ Megan, the tech, notices and says, “Now that’s not working!” as she walks by laughing. It's now 8:56AM, all the techs are here now working on filling prescriptions. I decide to head up to the front doors to unlock them and to turn on the lights.

Customers start to come in and it gets busy during the day. Before I know it, it's lunchtime and everyone starts to leave halfway through the day. Our other pharmacist comes in at 3:00PM to let me go to lunch. I drive down to the local little sandwich bar and get a soda, chips and a small sandwich. “BUZZ” my phone vibrates, I reach down into my briefcase and pull it out; 4 New Messages. I open it up. Gina - ‘She looks sexy in this outfit’, Gina - ‘We are going to try on matching outfits’, Alicia - ‘Only if I get your pay rate’ (she works at the gym and a nursing home), Gina - ‘LOL’.

Because I’m confused about the messages, I have to go through the texts to see what we were talking about before to refresh my memory. While trying to think of which friend she might be with, I remember that I don’t know all her friends like she doesn’t know all of mine. I’m always fantasizing about her sexy friends and her having fun at the house or other places. Sometimes they are even about her with my friends, I was a swinger for over 10 years. When I got with Gina, I stopped for her. I don’t think she’s into that so I keep a lot of my fantasies to myself and we have our little fun together.

She knows my past and we just don’t talk about it much or bring it up. I look at my phone again and notice I have ten minutes to get back to the pharmacy, my hour is almost up. I grab my things and head back to work. As I get back into the pharmacy and get back to my little station, it seems they are backed up. Everyone’s trying to get the customers/patients out. Toward the end I notice that Alicia is coming in to pick up her prescriptions. “Hi John,” she says as she walks up to the counter looking at me.

“Hello Alicia, how are you doing this afternoon?”

“Doing okay, getting some things done before tonight,” she said with a big smile. “I hope you have a good evening and an even better night,” she almost sings while on her way out the door.

“You too.” I replied. I watched as she left and couldn’t help but wonder if she didn’t know more about tonight than I did.

By that time, the clock reads 4:00 PM. Only one hour left before my workday is done. I start finishing up my paperwork for the day and take everything into the office. “John, call on Line 3," I heard from the other room.

I reach over and hit the speakerphone button “This is John how can I help you?”

“Hey babe, how was work today?” Gina answered.

“It was kinda busy. I’m just finishing up some paperwork now, and should be heading home here in about 35 minutes or so.”

“Okay, have you been thinking about tonight?”

I quickly snatch up the handset. “Yeah, for a while before we got busy and on lunch. What you got planned?” There was a pause and I could hear her take a deep breath as if she was going to say something.

“Nope! Not until you get home handsome.”

“All right, I’ll be home in about 30 to 45 minutes.” As I hang up the phone, Jake comes in and sits in the chair next to the door in front of the desk.

“What’s up?” he says in his snobby, little cocky tone of voice that I’ve come to expect.

“Not much, I think Gina is taking me out tonight and then maybe we’re gonna have some fun. She went out and bought some clothes.” Jake gets a look of intrigue and understanding.

“It’s been a while since you two had a big night huh?” Jake and I have always talked about our sex lives. We are the only two males that work on the weekends.

“Yeah, I’ve had ideas but I don’t think Gina would have been up to them.” He looked at me remembering what we have talked about before. I turn and look up at the old rustic clock on the wall and notice it's two minutes until five o’clock. I grab my stuff and head to the door, making sure everyone is set and good to go. “I’ll see you all tomorrow, night,” I said as I head out to the car. I’m opening my car door and the phone starts to vibrate. I sit down and answer, “Hello?”

It’s Gina on the other end. “Are you on your way yet???” As I’m answering, I pull out onto the main road to head home. I pass by the grocery store and wonder if I should stop by there. However, with the thoughts that are going through my head, I decide against it. Everything we could be getting ready to do. The things I would love to do again. I pull down our road, our house and the garage come into view. I start to pull into the driveway, hitting the garage door button to open the door. As it slowly starts pulling up, I creep closer and notice a set of feet. It seems as though the door is moving slower.

I stop the car and watch as the door goes up. My eyes follow along as more of her legs come into view and notice she’s got them spread apart. She’s wearing a matching teddy and boy shorts with a matching sheer silk robe. I can feel the endorphins running through my body, the extreme excitement, my cock went from soft to hard instantly. I am so turned on and hard it is bulging out of my pants. I put the car it park and I can’t believe my eyes. She’s never done anything like this before, she has always been too afraid of people seeing her. She puts one leg over the arm of the chair she is sitting in. She runs her hand down from her neck to her chest, across her tits, down her stomach, along her thigh and back up to her crotch. With her left hand she signals me to come into the garage.

I open the door and get out. Still in shock, I walk up to her and I start to reach in to just feel her and to take her, to taste her, I lean in to kiss her. “NOPE! Stop right there. Not here and not now. Follow me.” This just turns me on even more, and I follow her into the house through the conjoining hallway. I start to notice a smell, and see rose petals one the floor. She stops right at the end of the hallway and turns around and faces me.

“You don’t need to be wearing that anymore.” She starts to unbutton my dress shirt and pushes and pulls it off. She slowly runs her hands down my side as she lightly kisses my lips and tells me not to move a muscle. Her hand slowly makes it to my pants and she runs her fingers along my waistband, making my cock tingle and twitch. I can feel wetness leaking out of me like crazy. She softly grabs my pants with both hands and kneels down and slowly unbuttons my pants and pulls the zipper down.

“MMMMM,” I hear the moan escape from my lips. I start to put my hand down on her head.

“Aught aught, no no, keep your hands off, no touching.” I pull my hands back, I can feel the warm air coming out of her on my cock and balls as she grabs my boxers with her teeth and tugs them down as she sticks her hands down the back of my boxers and grabs my ass. She pulls my boxers down to my ankles, grabs my cock with her left and my balls with the other, she starts softly and slowly licking and nibbling on the shaft working her way to the head as she licks and sucks on it.

She starts to rub my balls and cupping them, my cock starts to throb in her mouth and hand. I know she can feel the muscle under the balls tightening up and let out. I quiver. “Oh god... feels so good.” She pulls me out of her mouth and lightly strokes me.

“No talking, you're mine tonight, and you're going to do as I say.” Then she stands up, pulling her hand off my cock, letting it slide through her fingers and palm, she turns and heads back into our big family room where I notice more of the rose petals are lying EVERYWHERE. They are on the furniture, the floor, even on the tables.

She pushes me down onto the coffee table in front of the couch, puts my hands above my head and ties them down. She smiles and slowly kisses my neck and ears, down my chest as she runs her hands back down to my cock. It goes from partially erect to fully erect and it rubs against her soft, smooth skin on her stomach. As she is sliding down, it rubs against one of her tits and slides between the two. She runs one of her hands between my legs and under my balls and rubs them and my cock reaches her chin. She opens her mouth and sticks out her tongue and licks the head down the shaft to the base.

“MMMMM... come on, let me go baby, I want to make love to you, I want to make you leave this world in pleasure.”

While she’s licking my extremely hard shaft she looks up at me. “No, this is my night.” I lay my head back as she slides my cock back in her mouth with one hand on my balls and the other sliding up under me onto my ass. Every time she pulls her head up I can’t help but thrust upwards, tighten up my ass, and flex my cock in her mouth.

While fighting the urge to cum all inside her mouth, through gritted teeth I breathe, “Baby I want to explode in your mouth!”

She forces her head all the way down deep throating me. I can feel it sliding down into her throat. She pulls back up, “No you're not.” She stops touching my cock, denying me the chance to cum. She walks over to the side of me, lifts up a leg and steps over me. My vision is filled with these nice, sexy, smooth legs with a golden brown tan. Her lips are swollen and wet, dripping with sweet juices, smoothly shaven. I start to lean upward toward her with my tongue hanging out. She immediately puts her hand on my forehead and pushes my head down. “Close your mouth and don’t open it.” I did close my mouth and gave her a look. It was the kind of look that said, if I get up I’m gonna tear you up. She slowly starts sitting down until her dripping wet lips barely touch me, she rubs her pussy up along my chin over my lips onto my nose. She smells so good, I fight the urge to open up and lick her just to feel her on my tongue.

I keep trying to wiggle my hands free so I can grab her and force her down on to my face. She keeps rubbing up and down side to side, teasing me while turning herself on. “MMMMMM, stick your tongue straight out,” Gina demands. I do as I am told. As she humps my face and tongue I can feel my own excretion running down my rock hard cock onto my balls. She leans up and turns around. With her ass in my face, she runs her hands down my thighs as she picks up my cock with her tongue and takes it into her mouth. I can feel her moan as she takes it into her throat again.

She starts humping my face. As I start licking her pussy, she moves up and down and presses against my face nice and hard. I get a good latch on her, sucking on her lips and licking. She moves far enough down that I start licking her pussy again. She’s stroking my cock and sucking my balls and rubbing the skin between my balls and anus. I work my way up and start licking closer and closer to her anus and she starts to thrust harder and harder, and her grip gets harder on my cock. She inserts it back into her mouth and starts sucking harder and deeper.

She gets up right before I get to her anus, walks over to my head and reaches down to untie my hands. Moving the couch, she lies down in the corner with her ass hanging off the edge, one leg over the armrest, the other extended to the floor. “Come over here and kneel down in front of me.”

“Yes ma’am.” I do as I am told and she moves her leg from off the floor to over my shoulder.

“Now I want you to make me cum all over your face. I want my wetness all over you.” I finally get my way and I start to slowly and lightly licking all around her lips and between them. I take my fingers and spread her lips as I start licking her hard sensitive clit. Her body starts to explode with emotion and pleasure. Her legs spread as far as she can open them. She starts to uncontrollably grind herself into my face. “Oh, oh GOD. Holy shit, yeah, right there, don’t stop,” Gina pleads with me. I force my head down on her harder as I insert my first and second fingers inside of her. The feel of all her juices running down my fingers and hand made me want to push deeper. She gasps as I press upward onto her G spot right under her bladder.

I take my pinky finger and rub circles around her anus with her juices as lube. I slowly insert my pinky in and she raises up, gasps, and lets out the biggest moan. “Lick my ass and finger my pussy, now.” As she raises up further I help support her with my left hand and use my right hand to finger her pussy. I start to lick her pussy and work her juices down to her anus and start licking circles around her anus and back up to her pussy. I grab her legs and lean up. Realizing that I am trying to take control, she says, “No, you're not allowed t....” It was too late, by that time I was already throwing her over into the doggy style position on the couch with her ass hanging over.

I insert my four fingers into her pussy and with the other hand I grab her ass cheek and I grip it and smack it. I lean back in and start licking her ass and pussy making her moan and groan. She keeps pushing back onto me, “Harder! Harder!” I push my fingers further up inside her and press upward toward her anus. Licking her ass and fingering her, I can tell that I am driving her crazy. “Oh my god, I’m gonna cum!” I insert a finger into her ass and start eating her pussy and sucking on her clit as she pushes back against me. “Uh I’m cumming! I’m cumming! Uhhhhhhhhhhh!” She starts to drizzle on me, I can feel her wetness starting to run down my mouth and chin on to my chest.

She is shaking, quivering, and gasping for air. She pushes me away from her and rolls over. She catches her breath before getting up and moving over to the table, where she lies down with her head hanging over and looks at me “I want to feel you force yourself down my throat.”

My eyes get big, my cock is still throbbing away. I get up and walk over to her, grab her hair nice and tight, balling it into my fist. I kneel down a bit and place my cock into her mouth and start off by slowly thrusting into her mouth. Every once in a while I push a little deeper and harder, pulling her head up closer with her hair. Giving her just enough time to catch her breath when I pull out. I finally ram it down her throat, can feel her chest, throat, and stomach tighten. Her eyes start to water.

Beginning to worry, I pull out and ask if she is okay. “Keep going, you’ll know when I want you to stop.” I stick my dick back into her mouth hesitantly, thrusting hard into her throat. Feeling her gag is starting to be a big turn on. Each time I reenter, her throat tightens around my cock, and her mouth opens wider. I start to go harder and faster. She starts to push me back off of her and rolls over and starts sucking my cock as she sits up.

“God baby you're driving me nuts!”

“Oh really?? I want you to fuck me.” She is now leaning over the table. I get on my knees behind her and I rub my hand up and down her back feeling all her sweat. I grab my cock and start rubbing it up and down the crack of her pussy, between her wet lips, and up and around her anus.

“Quit teasing me. I want the feeling of you deep inside of me.” I slowly place my cock inside that dripping wet, throbbing pussy. She gasps and moans loudly again as I slowly thrust my hard cock inside, feeling her lips slide across my cock. Her butt pressing against my pelvic bone and feeling her body tense up, I run my hands up her back and side to her shoulders as I’m sliding in and out of her pussy, feeling her wetness all over me and feeling it drip off my balls, getting all over my legs. I can see her muscles tightening up and her neck tensing up seeing the muscle lines as she stretches out her head and leans it back while arching her back.

I start to ball her hair up in my fist. “No!” she exclaims as she lunges forward off my cock. “Put your hands behind your back and don’t move.” Listening to her, I sit up straight on my knees and clasp my hands behind my back. She grabs my cock with her right hand and slowly and firmly grasps me as she strokes my cock. “Remember, you're mine tonight.” She leans down to lick the tip of my cock. She licks around and down the length of my long, hard shaft. With my cock still in her hand she rubs it up and down her nice, hot, wet pussy lips. Then she moved it up over her anus and up and down her ass crack.

I grit my teeth again, like I’ve done so many times tonight. She licks the palm of her hand and gets it all wet, then grabs and rubs it all over my cock. “God, baby, just let me make love to you!”

She locks eyes with me. “No, it’s my night and I’m not telling you again.” She presses against my cock with her ass, sliding it up toward her anus and pressing against it. “Ooooo ahhhh.” She takes deep breaths and they burst out of her as she is inserting my cock into her tight ass.

“MMMM.” My cock starts to throb hard. Gina grips it hard like a cock ring to keep the blood in the head of my cock as she plunges onto my cock and burying it in her ass. She lets out a loud moan as she forces her ass all the way down on my cock, “Oh god.” I let out a big breath of air as I lean my head back. As soon as I bring my head back up I notice a head in the window in front of us in the living room. Gina is still rocking back and forth on my cock as she is playing with her clit.

I stop for a second to get a good look and I notice the hair, the eyes, I knew who it was. It was Alicia, not knowing how long she was there for. I didn’t stop with Gina, in fact it was such a turn on I kept going and thinking what Alicia was doing on the other side of the wall. “John, I want you to go as deep as you can inside me, but you can’t use your hands.” So I start to move my hips back and forth and pressing harder and harder into her. She starts to quiver, shake, her anus is tightening up so hard I can feel her starting to squirt onto my balls. “Harder! Don’t stop! Deeper! Right there!” She is rubbing her clit so hard and fast as she is cumming on my cock.

She lunges off my cock and rolls over onto her back as she calms down from that explosion of ecstasy. I glance up and Alicia is still there, I don’t think she knows I've seen her yet. “John I want you to fuck me now, I want you to cum all over me.” As she is lying on her back I get between her legs, grab my cock and rub it between her pussy lips before inserting it into her pussy. “MMMMM put it in now, quit teasing me.” As I stick it inside her I lean down kissing her chest, her neck, and up to her lips where our lips lock together ever so slightly open as our tongues meet and dance together and send feelings all through our mouths.

Gina leans her head back as I’m working my cock back and forth deeper and deeper inside her. I look up this time and I look Alicia right in the eye this time and I let her know I see her as I’m fucking Gina. You can see that she is shocked she got caught, but I kept my eyes on her as I’m starting to fuck Gina harder and harder as I’m going deeper and deeper inside this hot, wet smooth pussy. I notice Alicia is licking her lips and she has ran her hands through her hair a few times already so I know she hot and bothered. Gina leans up and wraps her hands around me and starts to kiss me like crazy, and deep.

She is starting to ride me hard as she starts to cum again I wrap my arms around her tightly and pull her down on to my cock as hard as I can as we are going at each other hard. She is starting to cum extremely hard this time, her cum is squirting all over my cock balls, and stomach. I can feel it running down my legs now.

As we both are going at it hard and feeling her cum again, “Oh GOD baby I’m gonna cum! Where...” She pulls off of me, kneels down in front of me, grabs my cock and starts jerking me off hard. “Where do you want me to cum?” I hurried and asked her, as she’s jerking my cock hard right in front of her face.

“All over me, come on baby give it to me, all over my mouth and face!” She opens her mouth and sucks and deep throats my cock.

“OH GOD BABY HERE IT COMES” she pulls it out and uses both hands, one jerking my cock and the other rubbing my balls.

As I start to come I fight the urge to throw my head back and close my eyes. I want to see the look on Gina’s face and also Alicia. I look at the window as my anus tightens up tight as my hot thick white cum shoots out onto Gina’s forehead, along her nose and to her mouth. She crams my cock in her mouth for the second shot. I give Alicia the look like I want to have her too. After I finish cumming Alicia walks away, not sure where to but, “Mmm baby you taste so good” as she is sucking the cum off my cock and taking her finger and wiping up the cum off her face.

She sucks it off her finger, I lay down on to the floor. “Baby you drove me nuts today, you’ve never done anything like this before.”

“I know, I could tell you were needing a surprise and a change of pace.” She lies next to me and snuggled up onto me.

“So where did this come from? I mean where did you get this idea?” I curiously ask Gina.

“Well the other day I was talking to one of my girlfriends and sort of got into this conversation and it gave me an idea.”

She said it with this look in her eye like she was hiding something so I figured one more question. “So which friend is this giving you these ideas?” I said with a big smiling smirk.

“Well you know her but I can't tell you, that would take the fun out of all this.”

We lay there for a few more minutes. “I gotta get up, I need a drink,” Gina said. So I get up with her and grab my boxers and put them on. I go to the front door and open it up and look outside and down the road to Alicia’s house. I can see a light on. I walk around to the side of the house to see if she’s hiding on the side. “Hmm wonder where she went to?” I said to myself.

“John where are you at?” Gina is walking out of the kitchen.

“Right here, thought I heard someone at the door.” I’m shutting the door and heading back to the living room where it has double sliding glass doors to the deck in the back yard.

Gina walks up on me and wraps her arms around me “What you looking for?” I try to think quick on my feet.

“Nothing it’s a nice night out.” I’m looking around for Alicia still.

“You wanna go lay in the pool for a while and enjoy this late night?” Gina is still naked.

“Sure, what the hell, it's nice out. I’ll grab us a beer.”

Gina slides open the back door and goes out and gets into the pool. While in the kitchen one of the windows you can look out and see the second story window of Alicia’s house, so I take a peek over to see if I see her as I’m grabbing the beers. I head outside and walk to the far side of the deck and take off my boxers and slide down into the pool, looking up at that window, the only window you can see from my back yard and the kitchen. Still wondering if that was real, if I did see her.

**************Chapter TWO Coming Soon******************

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