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Wife Shocker

this was a big blow to my past wife and i ,it all started out when i was 14 my girl friend 13 we played around lot in the parks and down at the river it was ll fun till we wanted to see and touch which led to my first fuck till i knocked her up 4 months later she had the baby and gave it up,heres where it gets wild i met this hot chick when she was 20 i was 35 it was the best ass i had in yrs we fucked lot and we had twins and then one more we thought it was time to marry,but she wanted to find her real mom ,it took 5 months but we found her and it was a real shock my wife to be was my daughter,and it was very hard on all of us,now for the kids all is well and we plan on letting them know later we are both now married two new people and have kids with them now,we need to make sure they know each other so we dont have are kids fucking each other unless they want to hell fucking kin was fun and kinky.

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