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Wife Gets Nailed

i saw my wife .the stranger had her on the bed fucking her and she was loving it. his slim hips rose and fell between her full figured thighs as he balled her.the room echoed with the sound their wet loins smacking off each other.her body rocked beneath him with the force of his urgent thrusts as he fucked her harder.oh yeah.she cried,fuck me,fuck me good.he obliged her lustful needs with his own passion,nailing her to the bed as she quiverd under his sweaty body yeahhh,she growled in a throaty voice,give it to me honey,give it to me good and hard suddenly he threw his head back and froze atop her.oh god she .wailed,youre cumming in my pussy it feels so good.he pumped his cock into her some more,blasting his sperm deeply into my wife.oh god that was fantastic she moaned.he kept on fucking her,like a machine as she enjoyed the feel of his big cock plunging into her moist slit again and again.she noticed me standing in the doorway,and asked,is that what you wanted to see? yeah i admitted it was exciting to watch another man fucking you.she chuckled,well feast your eyes cause im gonna let him fuck me again.and she did.

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