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Wife 7

I was walking in to the bar croos from dukes and it was blk bouncer n I had out my id n waiting for him to give it back but he took while n I asked if something wrong n he said no I just like keepin u here cause ur sexy n yongue n to be honest im getting hard just thinking about u naked..i was so caught off guard I didn’t kn wht to say so I jsu stood there n he said well how about it n I said what n he said I can take a break there is another bouncer to watch n I asked where we would go n he told me not to worry about it n then he told me to wait outside n he went to the bartender n talked wit hher then came out n he took me to his car n we got n back and he said he had to see me naked tht it was driving him crazy tht I had clothes on so I undressed for him n was kinda scared because he was so straight to point n big n idk if I wanted do it or not but I just listened) once I got undressed he leanded over n started grabing my boobs n rubbed up to my neck thento my mouth n stuck his fingers nside for me to suck so I did then he rubbed down to my pussy n started fingering me I watched as he did one finger then quickly stuck 2 n and his other hand was rubbing n grabbing outside of his pants where his dick was n I was finally getting into the moment n starting to let myself enjoy it and I leaned over n started unzipping his pants n put his dick through hole of his boxers n could easily grab it with 2 hands n suck the top. I told him to keep fingering me so he reached around my ass he started fingering me again n I started sucking his dick n he wanted me go deep but I couldn’t ause he was to big n he said he didn’t have long so told me to turn around so he could stick his big cock inside my pussy n asked if I could take a big dick n I told him to just shove it in n he he told me spit on it real quick then he put the head in my pussy and asked if I was ready n all I said was make me cum n once he heard tht he jammed it in n I screemed it hurt so bad he started pullin my hair but not very hard n sayin I was so tight n so wet n it felt so good n he wanted to cum already so I told him to cum deep inseide me he grabbed my sholders n jammed his dick n one last time n started moaning n I could feel cum shoot inside me n made me get like tingling feeling I felt like he was cumming for ever n then he finially pulled out n told me I was the sexiest lil thing he has ever seen n I laughed n we got dressed n got out of the car n then I finally when in the bar

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