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What My Hubby Let Me Do

We were at a christmas party for my hubby i dressed up kinda hot for him that night to get some for when we came home and low and behold I had my eyes on my hubbys boss' son after that night! My husband kept teasing me about it for weeks and telling me that i couldn't keep my eyes off him everytime i seen him.
On occasional encounters of the bosses son coming over to the house i would teased him and he teased back! we became good friends! Till one night when my hubby decided to call his bosses son and asked him to come over (no big deal right he'd been here before hanging out)...till he walked in the door and my hubby tossed him some rubbers and said keep fuckin til they're GONE!! that was one of the best ever sexiest and hott nights ever! deffenatly stud muffin & look-a-like too! my blood still boils

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