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the vacation part 2

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The Vacation II That feeling again between your thighs. ?I love your lips? you say as you wake up to the feeling of those big black lips kissing your thighs and teasingly flicking your clit. What a way to wake up you think. That fat thick tongue trailing its way from your knees, up your inner thighs. The closer it gets the wetter you are. You grab his ears pulling him closer but he resist ?Eat me?. Back down your thighs he goes and you plead ?Eat me baby, please! Suck my pussy?. And that he does. He dives in your pussy tongue down so deep in your love hole it feels like he reached your soul. Pure pleasure, pure ecstasy ?yes, yes, ahhhhhhh GOOOOOOOOOOOOD YE YE YYYYYYYYYEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSS? are you screams as you begin to cum the moment his tongue runs up and around your clit. As you come back to reality you thank your fuck toy for the wake up call. ?Don?t thank me babe? your vacation has just begun.

As you slowly and blissfully make your way to the shower, a smile runs across your face as you see the straps on the floor from just a few hours ago. ?How can this trip get any better?? As the hot water runs down your body lathering soap across your breast spending extra time on your extremely sensitive nipples. Your pussy draws your fingers in as you think of your chocolate treat. How his last words were your vacation just begun. How you have shared with him your most taboo desires, wondering how he will make you truly a ?Nasty Bitch?. A shiver runs through you as you wonder.

Your shower is interrupted by this big black figure entering. No words coming from his mouth, but in his eyes the story plays out, passion and lust is all you read. He grabs you and pulls you close the way you like to be in a man's arms. After a minute or so of connecting and in essence giving your body and trust to this young black cock, that you have only physically meet 6 hrs ago. You feel his hardness grow between you bodies. You feel his hard black cock pressing against your stomach and throbbing in a way that triggers the natural cum slut you are. Dropping to your knees you engulf his massive member. Ohh how much you love a cock in your mouth, and even more big black dick between your lips. Water running from his chest down your back, pass your shoulders over your nipples. You on your knees taking his dick down your throat every time. You ?deep-throating whore? he say?s you increase your speed. ?Make me cum? you reach your hands around grab his ass cheeks and pull him so far into you, you gag lose oxygen and are in cock suckers heaven. Never have you wanted to swallow cum so bad, you have to have it. ?I, I, AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH BITCH I?M CUMMING? grabbing his cock the true slut you are takes over. You close your eyes open your mouth and aim that spurting tip to your face. ?Cum on me, cum on your nasty bitch, I am your cum slut? hot nut spewing out the tip of his dick so much force so much cum, the horny slut you are takes over. You drop to your back hold your legs on the wall and violently rub your clit, you need to cum and you need to cum now. You are a slut and being his slut drives you wild. With 3 fingers you jab your hot cunt. Your eyes meet and the thought that your slutty performance has made him hard again. You love being a slut happy to please, closing your eyes in pleasure you increase the assault on your cunt. ?I going to cum for you baby, you want to see me cum? you whimper in extreme passion, ?you are a nasty slut aren?t you? is his reply. And then a hot stream hits your clit, ?ooooooooooohhhhhhhh mmmyyyyyyy goooooddddnesss? the water pressure changed and feels so good on your clit. As you open your eyes you see him, holding his cock with a steady stream of urine pointed straight at your clit. ?Ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh? your hot sticky cunt juice sprays all across his legs and the wall behind. You have never felt an eruption like that before; you have never been pissed on before. You feel like a whore and you love it. You hear about it in stories but never has your own cunt squirted, laughingly you say ?I should have taken a vacation along time ago?.

Finishing your shower you both great dressed and prepare to grab a bite to eat. Lost of all time it is already Saturday lunch hour. A pair of jeans and a nice buttoned up shirt, and pair of shoe that makes you want to ride his size 14 foot. Very impressed you are, 15 yrs his senior you are excited to have such an escort. A form fitting tank top, which your perky breast seem to want to jump out of, and a mid thigh mini. ?Working out has down you very well? he comments a glance in the mirror the words ?How?s this for a slutty cougar? and you smile.

While sitting down enjoying casual conversation, in the back of your mind realizing this will be one of the few times you will leave the house. Less than 24 hrs has passed and already you have done so many things you thought you would never experience. Has this been the best vacation of your life or what? Well the day is still young feeling like a new woman, feeling like a slut. Young escort in your company, and a town where you are a complete, stranger the sky is the limit. You notice the stares. Men drooling younger and older, a glance to the side as you note traces of envy for the young man across your table with a dark tone nobody can mistake as your child. Women look at you with disgust and a few you feel are intrigued. Never back home have you received so much attention. You have noticed this town has some very attractive woman. Never have you give much thought to being with another woman. Not saying it has never crossed your mind, just not seriously. ?Are they as slutty as me? your mind travels as lunch and conversation continue? Out of all the stares and looks, you do notice this one set of eyes. A pair of eyes that yours seem to meet every time you look around. A pair of eyes attached to a beautiful smile, great set of legs and a slightly seductive smirk.

Standing up your young fuck gives you an arrogant and seductive smirk ?Don?t worry babe I will take care of it for you?. You do not have to wonder long because he sits right next to the woman who filled you with wonder. Nervously you sit alone as they talk, giggle and glance at you. ?What did you say to her? you ask, his reply ?shouldn?t you be relaxing you?re on a vacation? and returns back to the rest of his lunch. 10 minutes later you both finish up; looking for your femme fatal she is no where in sight. You assume she was shocked by the reality of your relationship. With the bluntness of your fuck toy, her curiosity was quenched and she went on about her life.

You have a nice flirtatious walk back to the house, continuously asking him what was said to the woman at the bar. ?Don?t worry, relax this is your vacation?. You turn the corner and all you hear is ?surprise?. ?It can?t be? you think but it is, the woman from the bar.

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