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That Sexy Ny Subway

when i read "train delays" it brought back an experience on the packed subway from Forest hills to Woodside Station. we were packed in the car standing room only when this knock out squeezed on at the next stop with her back to me. as more people got on we were smashed together with no room even to turn. it finally sunk in i could feel this J LO azz through her tight fitting business suit. there was no where to move as my cock responded to the exquisite pleasure and pressure it was experincing as it fit in between her cheeks. the jostling and movement of the car was driving my cock crazy . not being able to tell if she was pushing against me was madding and just as i was figuring well i've got to make some sort of move on her or cum right there she in a loud voice said WHO TOUCHED ME!! i hadn't made a move yet and we had been lock together for at laest 10 min. the next stop was her's and with it a fantasy i've not forgotten in over 40 yrs. this is a true story. whether the "train delay" is or not it certainly could easily have taken place. thanks for reviving the memory.

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