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Sweet Sue

i was a young entruanpanuer with a thriving buisness ,when i hired sue ,the mother of a close friend.sue was 52,plain looking, with long hair that hung down to her ass.i decided to fuck her.her husband was often away,so she spent many nights alone. perfect .one night we worked late.she was wearing a short skirt,so i made my play.i reached from behind her,feeling her tits.mr.jones,she squeeked,what are yyou doing?trying to fuck you lady. but im married hes not here i am she turned to me,gazing into my eyes... you wont tell? no,baby,lets get it on she lay back on the office couch,raising her skirt,spreading her legs as i slowly drove my dick into her. i banged away at sue while she clawed my back and waiked with lust.oh,yes boss yes do it, fuck me on and on i balled the horney secretary,giving her the lustful excitment she seemed to need.my cock swelled in passion as i pumped my stiff prick deep into sues sweet snatch.she was getting off now ,howling in heat,cmon, do it do me give it to me.so i did my back arched, myballs churned and i shot my load deep into my secretary.ooohh,she moaned, i feel you she gigled. did i really get you off? yeah lady you did the end.

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