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step brother okay 3

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Well i thought i better get back and finish this up. As for the new people, Im Judy and have a step brother that thinks he can hypnotize me. When he say deep sleep and dream im suppose to fall deep asleep. so if you want to know how i got this far try to find step brother okay, step brother okay 2. That way you can know how i got this far into this wild mess lol.

Back to story. we had done some screw around at my place, I was under hypno lol. When we where done, he had me put on mini skirt and low cut top. Then we went out to get something to drink and eat. When we where on thruway he had me flashing a truck drive. Was my first doing something like this and it did bet me turn on. So after the flashing we pulled off the thruway at a city about 50 miles from where i live. If was later in the afternoon by now. IM still in my micro mini and low cut top when he turn into one of the large motel. He pull up to the office and told me to stay deep asleep and rest while he was gone.He went into the office and came out with a key in his hand. All i could think of is what is he up to now.He pull down the the end and told me to get out and to go with him. He reach around and pick up a small suit case that i hadn't notice. As we walk up to our room some guys where hanging outside it and a lounge area. They all where looking at us as we walk up. the skirt was short and top low, so i was showing a lot of skin. They didn't say nothen but was really stare at us. So we went in to our room and shut the door. The curtains where open about 2 feet and i could see the one guy outside threw the window . My brother turn on the lights and set the case on the dress. He told me i need to unpack my suit case. So i went over and open it up. I found a very small bikini in the case, short sheer night, some more low cut top, and mini skirts. AS i put them away my brother lay on the bed and watch me put them away.AS i turn back around i notice he was looking out the window at the guy sitting there. Smile at me and started to tell me to go deeper asleep, deep deep asleep. Then he was tell me i was sweaty from the long ride and that i need to and wanted to take a shower. That i really wanted to take a shower now and that i was going to take my clothes off now and then go take a shower. Well with the curtain open and the lights on, the guy outside would see me where i was at. I turn to head to the shower but my brother told me to stay there and talk to him while i got undress for the shower. Bit i was to undress really slow. I glance at the window and did see the guy peek at us once in a while. Nervously i reach up and start to undo my top .When i started to slide my top down the guy peek in again and most of notice me taking top off, by the way he was stare at me. i slow finish taken it off and he was planly just stare right at me. i kick off my shoe and slide my thigh high stocking one at a time. The guy watch my every move and i notice my brother keeping a eye on us both. Then i took a deep breath and slowly unbutton my skirt and slowly slide it down and let it fall to the floor. So now stark naked and standing there for all to see me. My brother did a small kinda laught and told me to go take a quick shower and when done to come back out with the towel wrap around me.So i turn and took off for the bathroom. I was still turn on from flashing the truck driver and now i just did a strip job infront of a stranger. i never done anything like this before but i did notice i was very excited and turn on by all this. so i took my quick shower as told and when i got hot i was still very excited, Know that guy was probaly still sitting out there. I wrap the towel aound me and up under my arms. i step back out into the bedroom and my brother still laying on the bed. I notice his short had a big bluge in them. so i knew he was turn on too.I glance at the window and my new friend was still there. My brother was smile at me and checking to see if guy was looking. I had put a towel wrap around my head to dry my hair. So my brother told me to take my hands and rub the towel on my head to dry my hair. So i reach up and started to dry my hair and as i was doing this the towel on my body started to come undone. i stop and went to fix it and my brother told me to stop and get my hair dry. So as i dry my hair the towel final went. and fell to the floor. My brother keep tell me to dry my hair more and more, I could feel my boobs bounce as i dry my hair. then he said i was done and to throw the towel down. Yes my friend was stare at me in my birthday suit. So now my brother went back talking about truck driver and tell me how hot i got while i was flashing him. That i was really horny now .then he told me to come over to the bed so i did. He then told me to reach down and pull his shorts off and to get on my knee and suck his cock. AS i walk torge him i seen the guy outside moving so he could keep his eye on me. i reach out and pull his short down and his cock strange out allready full hard. Then he started to tell me to suck it now. I slowly kneeled down and took ahold of it and slowly suck his cock into my mouth. He grab my head and started to fuck my face, yell for me to suck it. He started to tell me i was getting really wet and horny sucking his cock. I was well pass that, with all the stuff gong on .Then he told me to stop and pull my head off his cock. His cock was rock hard and just see it throbbing. He told me to stand up, so i did. He keep telling me i was so fucking hot and all i wanted to do was fuck. So the he told me to spread my legs and slide my hand down and play with my pussy. To work it up to a wet hot pussy. As i slide my hand down i peek at the window and yes my friend was watching every move i made. I started to play with my clit and slowly work a finger into my pussy. As i started to play i just about lost it. That when my brother told me to stop and to come over to the bed and climb on top of him. Then to take his cock in my hand and slide my pussy down his cock. Buy this time i was more then ready for some cock and i jump on the bed and working his cock into my pussy. As i slide down it my brother was pushing up into me. When i got him all in me and told me ride it hard and wild. So i started to bounce up and down slaming him into me. I could feel him getting into this, when he told me to stop and he pulled me down on him and rolled us over so he was on top of me. Then he started to fuck me as hard as he could, telling me to fuck him. So i wrap my legs around him and started fucking for all i could. then as he was fucking me he was tell me to yell out and telling him to fuck me. so i started telling him to fuck me and he told me louder. so i started yelling louder FUCK ME. he keep saying louder so I keep louder and louder. Then i started to cum as he slam harder and harder into me. then i felt him blowing his blow into me as he try to drive even deep into me. As we where both coming i look torge the window and the guy had his face right up to the window watching every move. When we finish my brother rolled off me and pulled me with him. Laught and saying we both need to hit the shower and then go get something to eat. so we hit the shower as we where in the shower my brother told me while we where here not to shut the curtain. That it was very hot in our room, so i was to my sheer night or nothen at all while in our room. I smile to my self knowing we may have a new friend outside.

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