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step brother part 3

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Hi Judy back, I hope you read the other story I share about me and my step bro Jim. So that way you know what had happen so far and how I ended up fucking with him. If so you know the last thing we really did was me fucking his friend and he was doing my gf Diane. Well that night he had to go home because of is job. So some time went by before he got to come back to visit.

I didn't know he was coming out until he walk threw the door. I was in my sweat pants and t shirt. I was standing at my counter as he came in. Saying hi as he came in, he threw his suit case and a bag on the couch and walk up behind me. Wrapping his arm's around me from the back and sliding up under my t shirt grasping my boobs. Laugh ting and I ask him what he was doing. He laugh and said that he miss them so much that he had to say hi to them. Now im 38c so he do's have a had full. He keep playing with them and feeling so good I didn't complain. Then he started to tweak the nipple's as he played. Then he told be that he love my boobs because they felt so good and they where like a garage door opener. I laugh and ask them what that mean.He laugh as he slide one hand down my stomach heading south. Then he started to push on my nipple and said when he push this button in, it makes my legs open and he can find one hot wet garage to park his cock in. As he was saying that I was spreading my legs, and he was sliding his finger into my pussy. Dam I had to laugh because it was so true. So now he got my boob and pussy playing with them as he held me up to him. I hadn't done any fucking sense he left, so wasn't long and I was getting hot and wet. I could feel his cock getting hard and pressing against my ass. But then he stop and said dam you are one hot bitch. I ask him if he was complaining and he said no, but he thinks I should get rid of my T shirt and sweat pants. So with a smile and slip them off, now standing in birthday suit in front of him. He smiled and said he been waiting over 3 weeks to see that again. He started to take off his clothes and telling me we better get to the bedroom so he could get some of that, so off I went with him close behind trying to get out of his clothes as he go's. By the time he got to my room I was on bed waiting for him. He came in with his big cock rock hard and a smile. He smile and said now that a good sis and jump on the bed shove his face into my pussy, and licking and sucking on it. Didn't take to much before I was moaning and fucking his face with my pussy. he held on and buried his face deeper and drive me into a orgasm. As I was cumming he lick harder and faster.Once I stop and relax a bit he stop eating and look up with a smile and said I think I need to park my cock, and pushing my legs apart, slide up on top of me. My pussy was still hot and wet and he didn't have any problem finding the garage. Its been a while sense I fuck him, but dam I cock still felt to big as he slide it into me. After he got it in a way's he slowly started to fuck me as he shove deeper and deeper. Now he got me going again, so I wrap my legs around him, pulling into me. So now he starting to fuck me harder and fast with me moaning louder and louder. It don't much of this and we both are cumming again and I feel him pumping his load into me, WE both collapsed on the bed and he roll off me. He just laid there smile for a bit. Then he rolled over and laying on his side and started to play with my boob. Then looking at me in a serious face and told me that he wish I wasn't his step sister. I ask him why, wasn't I treating him good ? He laugh and said no you treat me too good. But if you weren't my step sis I would want to marry you or at least have you move in with him. I kinda laugh and ask him why that, So he told me that he been looking for one how looking woman that can be a lady but be a real hot ass slut too, and now he found one but it his step sister. So I ask him if he really think I was a slut and he said yes but a good one. I look at him funny and he went on to say, that you like sex and once you start your game for what ever come's you way and your willing to try new stuff. I kinda laugh and said I guess I cant argue with that. He smile and ask me if I really agreed with him, So I told him, I guess it was true. Then he smile and jump off the bed and said he would be right back. He came back carrying that bag. Then smiling he said he went shopping for me. He reach in the bag and pull out a micro mini bikini, and said I thought you mite want a new suit to wear to the beach. Looking at the little bit of cloth I laugh and said there wouldn't be any room for hair in those bottom and he laugh and said he knows and that he plans on fixing that problem. we both laugh. Then he reaching in the bag pulling out mini skirts and dress. Some really low cut top. Nothing with a lot of fabric . I kinda laugh and said I girl can catch a cold with you. He laugh throwing the bag down. I ask him, what no frilly panties and bra? He just smile and said he didn't think they would fit with my new outfits. I look at him and smile and said, a really big cold laught.So looking at the stuff I ask him when he thought I would wear this stuff. He smile and said when we where in a play full mood I could dress up and we could go out, and tease and pick on some strangers. I just laugh and said oh sure lol. Smiling he ask me to try some of this stuff on. I said I would but I need to clean up first lol. He said for sure and that he would come help. So I got up and said all was can use a extra hand. I started to head for the bathroom with him behind me. He stop me in the kitchen and said wait a minute and pick me up and sit me on the table and ran into the other room. He came back with a small leather case, opening it as he came in. He smile and told me to lay back. as I see him pulling out some small clippers. Something we should do before the shower. Well I knew what he had in mind, so I laid back and spread my legs. He got his clippers going and went to work. The clippers vibrations was make me feel good again. Then he got some shave cream and lathed me up and shave me bald. When he was done he just said lets go take our shower. I stop and look at self in the mirror, Dam I can't remember being bald .So we got in the shower and he played around some in the shower keeping me on the horny side. When we got out I was ready to play some more but he wanted to me try the stuff on. He gave me the bikini to put on and I was right not much was cover and my boobs where putting a all full big load on those small string lol. It was a good thing we shaved lol. Then he gave me the skirt and top to put on, well it sure was a mini skirt and really high on the thigh. then I put on the top and it was really low cut and lot of cleavage show, a lot lol. He was all smile and said I look great. I laugh and said not much cover and he smile and said I know and just love it. So I was going to try the dress on when he took my hand and said lets go for a ride.I told him I could go out dress like this and he laugh and started to play with my boobs and grind his cock against my ass as he played. Now im getting horny again, then dam him he grab my hand and out the door we went. His truck is a high pick up and getting in, I knew a lot of skin had to show and I did feel a draft. So we took off and he headed out of town. I didn't know where he planned on going but soon seen him get on the thruway. Now his truck being high you don't see a lot of people in their car sitting in the middle of the truck. So as we drove he started to play with my boobs inside my top. I didn't care because no one in the car could see me. He was passing car so he stayed to the left lane. Now I getting really horny and my nipple are hard from the playing. His play even got my top more open and a lot of them where out. This went on for a bit when a big tractor trailer went by us. But then the truck slow down and came back beside us. Then I notice why, the trucker was able to see me and was stare at my chest. I told Jim and told him to stop that he was seeming him playing. Jim laugh and said all he was doing is looking and no harm. So now Jim playing harder and force top open a bit more. I peek at the driver and he all smile just stare at me. So then Jim said he really like your boobs and not much traffic around. So I said thanks for that. Jim smile and told me I should loosen my top and let it fall down. I laugh and ask him if he was nuts. He just laugh and said I know he wants to see them and you should be nice to the trucker. So I look at the trucker and his eye are glued on my chest. Dam lol. so looking at the trucker I reach up and push one side off the shoulder and push it down some. The trucker really smile and shook his head yes. Oh Dam so down went the other side. The driver really smile and I can see him saying more.Dam okay so I push the whole top down and out came my boobs with their pointing nipple. The driver all most hit us when I did it.So now Jim playing with my bare boobs and driver loving the show. The road was 3 lanes and that was good because this guy wasn't going anywhere and they could pass us. So Jim told me to swing my legs up on the seat so driver could see my boobs better. so I swung them up being care with the skirt. The trucker was loving our show. This went on for a bit when Jim drop his hand down telling me the driver could get a better look. His hand was on my lap. So im looking at the trucker and he all smile. Then I notice Jim had ahold of my skirt pulling up on it. Well this skirt is short and any up, things are going to show. I told Jim to stop and put my hand on his to stop him. But just about then he slide hand down a bit and slide it under my skirt, hitting my hot soaking pussy. He laugh and said I do think you like showing him, you pussy says so. I told him if was from all his playing and he said he didn't think so. Now the trucker is really shaking his head and say more. Jim is still fingering me and telling me how the trucker wants to see. He then said you got to show him your new bald pussy and see if he like's it. I hotter then anything and I'm enjoying this. Dam, So I slowly lift up and pulled my skirt up to my waist. Now the trucker see what I did and see Jim stilling finger me. He starting to drive a bit wild but slowly gets control again. Now Jim tell me to spread wide so he can see all of me, So I spread my legs wide and Jim pulled his hand so trucker could see all of my pussy. Then Jim went back to finger me, more hot and wild. I feel im all most ready to cum and Jim stop playing and speed up and way from the trucker. Then he started to play again bringing back close again. But then he pulled over fast and pulled into a rest stop. Parking quick he telling me he just got to fuck me now, I'm so hot I more then ready. He pushing me down on the seat working and sucking on my boobs. I trying to move around to get to some fucking, when I hear a knock on the window. I look up and its the trucker smile at us. We both look at him and he smile and said not much room there. If you want to you can fuck in my sleeper, lots more room. Jim smile at me and said lets go, I told him I cant do that, and the trucker said, it okay, I just want to watch, I would touch. Jim pulling me out of his truck to the other truck. The drive open the door and tell us to climb in. I'm just hoping no one see us. When we get in Jim is taken his cloth's off as fast as he can, and tell me to get mine off. I'm so hot now I don't care so Jim getting out of mine as Jim pushing me down on the guys bed. I notice Jim cock and it even look's bigger to me, Now he pushing me back as he shove his head in between my legs eating my pussy. Now here Jim naked getting eat in front of a stranger, and I didn't care. Within a couple of minutes Jim up on top of me spreading my legs working his cock head into my pussy. As he shoving it in I know its swelled bigger then ever. Once he gets it started to starts to fuck me hard driving deeper each time into me.I know he bigger and it hurts as he slam in. but Jim so wet and hot, Jim fucking him as hard. I'm moaning and fuckng as hard as I can take as he slamming hard into me. I look up to see the truck with his cock out jerking him self off, smile as he watching us. Dan I don't care and just went back to fuck Jim. I all most ready to cum and Jim Pounding me deep each time. Then I started to cum and I mean cum. I was twitch and bucking all over the place and Jim holding on just pounding as fast as he can, As I cumming ND he slamming to me I feel him start to shot his load, but he still slam into me as he is.As I cummng he still pushing into me as he cum. Then I notice his balls where slapping my pussy. Dam this was the first time he got his whole cock into me. Boy I knew I had it all too. He was so turn on, he just keep pumping more and more into me.When I look up I notice the trucker was shooting his load all over the place. When we caught our breath Jim got off and started grabbing clothes telling the driver thanks, The drive said he was the one that need to say thanks lol. We got our self together some what and head for Jim truck. We got in and took off down the road. Jim said that we need to find a place to clean up and that he knew a place down the road. He pulled into a small motel and went in and got a room. I told him a room was a bitch much that we could clean up at home. He said no, that he didn't want to drive back tonight and we could just stay here. lol okay so we going to do some more fucking with my smile face. He smile and said , yes lot more fucking here to night. But first we need to get clean up and go get some thing to eat and a couple drinks. I told him I had only the one outfit and wasn't quite the outfit to wear out to dinner. He said he knew a place where it would be okay. But I told him it didn't cover to well and people may see things they shouldn't. Jim smile and said if things go right, lots of guys will know what you titts and pussy look like. So I ask how that going to happen and He smile and said we are going to show them. oh we are. Do you think they will like what they see lol. Oh yea, and I just hope they like it enough that they will want to come back here and fuck you, What do you mean They! Jim smile and said yea I'm hoping at least 2 and if lucky 3 or more. Looking into his face I knew he was serious about it. He was going to try to set me up for a gang bang, Dam Then I notice my pussy twitching as I headed to the shower.

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