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Play When Im Driving

I like to play while I'm driving I will wear a short skirt no underwear and I will bring my big black dildo with me I put the cock in my pussy and pull up to trucks blow my horn and when the driver looks he sees this big cock going in and out of my pussy then I take off but I let the truck catch me and I show them my big tits I know I drive these guys crazy but sometimes I do pull over and let these drivers fuck the shit out of me this one time when I was playing with a driver he pulled into a truck stop and I followed him I got out of my car and knocked on his truck door when I opened the door there was an overweight older black man I wanted to leave but he had his cock in his hand and he said to me do you like what you see I said to him I never saw a cock that big so he grabbed my hand and placed it on his cock and said pull on it white girl and it will even get bigger I grabbed it and not only did I stroke it I started to suck it He pulled me into the sleeper cab and pulled my skirt off and began to suck my pussy I couldn't wait for him to sink his big black cock into my pussy so I jumped on top of him grabbed his huge cock and guided it into my wet pussy I started to ride his cock and I was coming all over it and I kept fucking this man like a wild animal he picked me up rolled me over and started to fuck me doggy I just kept coming and coming all over his cock then he said to me he was going to come and he wanted to come in my pussy I said go ahead and he shot the biggest load of come I ever had in my pussy I left my car at the truck stop and fucked this man all over the country I think I met my match and I probably will fuck this man until I get tired of him and it's time for me to move on to another cock

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