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perfect evening

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It had been an eventful Saturday. You are such a trooper. We spent the afternoon at the beach building sand castles and teaching the older of our children to bogey board. Since we did not feel like cooking or cleaning up, I opted we take all the gang to Chuck E. Cheese?s for pizza and play. Make them good and tired for bedtime.

We arrive home later than normal, My intention was to make the kids so tired so that you and I could have a well deserved, uninterrupted evening alone at home. I have you go to the living room to relax and unwind. While I prep the kids for bed. After about 45 minutes or so, teeth brushed, stories told, prayers said, sheets tucked and foreheads kissed, the children are fast falling asleep.

I go to the bathroom (Our Bathroom), light some candles, run warm water in the tub, pour in the bubble bath, and put on some soft music. I enter the living room, turn off the television, and take you by the hand. You stand before me and I take you in my arms and hold you tight. Our lips meet in a wet embrace. I whisper in your ear, ?I love you.? With you in hand, I lead you to the bath I have prepared for you.

I kiss you again and tell you how beautiful you are. I tell you how happy you make me feel knowing that you are mine and no other?s. How is it that one person can make another feel so fulfilled in everything they do? Like the way you do with me. It makes me want to please you, pamper you, take care of you, worship you for all of time.

I break our embrace and step back slightly. I begin to undo the buttons at the top of your blouse. I do this slowly. I want to savor every moment. I place a hand on your chest just under the top of your blouse. Brushing it over your shoulder. I do the same to the other side, dropping your top to the floor. The cool air hits your skin and I can see in the soft light that your nipples have hardened.

I gently touch my hand to the side of your neck and pull you close to me. Our lips meet again. My hands glide over your bare shoulders around to your back, my fingers fumbling with your bra. I kiss you on the cheek, moving to your neck, behind your ear, I suck on the nape of your neck, and to where your collarbone meets your shoulder. I tug at the straps causing your bra to fall to the floor between us.

Your head drops back as you moan softly. I move around behind you wrapping my arms around you. You grind your backside into me, feeling my anticipation.

Again, my hands roam over your stomach and you place your hands over mine, guiding me to the front of your jeans. I slowly undo them. Gently tugging at the zipper. You reach behind and grab my hips, pulling me into you harder than before. You grind into me as I push your pants down. They too, fall to the floor. You step out of them and turn around. I hold your naked body in my arms. Face to face. You wrap your arms around my neck, my hands exploring your body. I peel away the last remaining article of clothing that you are wearing, a black cotton thong.

I kiss, lick, and suck my way down your neck to your breasts. Down to your stomach to the wetness between your legs. You slowly run your fingers through my hair and drape a leg over my shoulder, exposing your womanhood to me. My hands find your bottom and knead it, rub it, pulling you to me. I kiss gently with little pecks on your inner thigh. My tongue extends, you let out a whimper as the tip of my tongue makes contact with your clit. I lick for a few minutes as you start to shudder. I pull away and you drop your leg to the floor.

I take your hand and help you into the tub. The soft yellow light glows on your skin. The water glistens as it covers every curve of your body when you ease into the warm bath.

I squeeze Jasmine scented bath gel into a bath sponge. Working a later in my hands. I gently touch the sponge under your chin on your chest and work my way from side to side in a circular pattern. Down your stomach to your legs. I lift your legs individually just above the water the glide the sponge across your skin.

You sit up and lean forward so that I can wash your back. I fill a cup with water and rinse your hair. I gently help tilt your head back and work in shampoo. Massaging your scalp. I work the lather into your hair. Your face is so perfect. I want to kiss you. I wait. Again, I fill the cup with warm water from the faucet. Your head back again, the shampoo rinses from your hair. The water cascades over your shoulders and between your breasts, washing away the foam of the bubble bath.

I take your hand and ease you to stand. I wrap a waiting warm terry clothe towel around you. I gently pat dry you with another warm towel. Getting every inch of your body. So exquisite. So perfect. It sends shivers up and down my spine.

Again taking you by the hand, I pull you close to me, kissing you full on the lips. ?I love you.....? I whisper in your ear, ?you and no other.? I bend down slightly and scoop you into my arms, carrying you to our bedroom where warm glowing candle light bathes us in a soft yellow hue. I lay you down softly on the bed and kiss you again gently on the lips. Hmmmm, you taste of sweet berries. I have loved kissing you from the very first kiss we shared. The very first time our lips met.

I step back and remove my clothes and crawl onto the bed. I begin to plant kisses up your leg, over your stomach, down the other and back up again. Every so often dragging my tongue, I kiss my way up between your breasts. I straddle your stomach, kissing your shoulder, down your arm to your hand. I kiss the top of your hand, the tips of your fingers, the palm of your hand, and your wrist where I can feel your heartbeat. I move back up your arm and over your chest, down the other, repeating the kisses. Top of your hand, tips of your fingers, the palm and your wrist, where I can feel your heartbeat.

You wiggle beneath me. I move down your body. You move ever so slowly opening your legs and lightly wrapping your legs around my waist.

You reach down between us and take hold of my hardness. You stroke me gently, exploring my length with your fingertips. That feels soo good! With your legs you pull me to you, with your fingertips, you guide me inside you. Oh you feel sooo warm, sooo tight. A wave of euphoria washes through both of us. I position myself and slide deep inside of you. We both moan and whimper. I bend forward and take a nipple in my mouth, lightly sucking. You squirm and whimper beneath me. Sliding in and out, in and out. Our embrace grows stronger. Tighter as we pull on each other.

You push me away and make me lay on my back. You climb on top of me and push me inside you. So hot! So Wet. Baby, you feel soo good..........You grind your hips into me. I reach up and tweak your nipples. O feel sooo good! After a few moments, I can feel a climax building. Back and forth, up and down. My hands squeezing your ass, rubbing your thighs, my hands grab hold around your waist to help keep the tempo with our rhythmic rocking.

My hands move up and cup your breasts. Caressing them. Stroking them. They are so perfect. I gently squeeze them working my finger tips to your nipples. I lightly pinch them. You lay forward. Our bodies crashing into each other. Our moans getting louder. My hands roam all over, up and down your back. Our hips meet with so must burning passion. Our tongues dance. Oh, I feel it. Your body begins to tense up. Can you feel it? So does mine. Oh, Baby, it is building. You slam your hips crashing into mine one last time and our bodies stiffen as you squeeze around me.

Oh sweet release! We hold on tight as the wave of love and passion washes over us. I explode deep inside of you. The eruption sends a shock through both of us. Leaving us motionless We lie there, you atop of me. Coupled as one. Nothing more perfect than you and I in the way we just were. The way we are. As we drift off to sleep in each others arms. Spent, tired, fulfilled. Only to wake and repeat it again in a few hours.


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