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One Hot Night

I'm lying in bed - alone. Listening to soft music, eyes closed, naked. Taking a deep breath - exhaling slowly - relaxing into the mood that’s easing over me. The wind blows I hear you whispering to me - I respond to your bidding. Moving my hand slowly up to the swell of my breasts, lightly grazing my fingertips over my nipples. My legs part slightly, allowing just enough room for my fingertips to slip between. Again you whisper your encouragement, and I'm losing myself in your demands.then the exhibitionist in me slowly exerts herself and I want to show you all you want to see. I want you to be pleased with the performance you command.
Walking to the end of the bed and taking my ankles in each hand, you slowly and easily spread my legs, no part of me is to be hidden from your admiring eyes.
My fingers move further down, parting my lips, tickling and teasing. My nerves are tingling. You instruct me to use both hands - licking my fingers first, and inserting them, I feel warm wetness, fingers sliding in easily. Wet fingers touch and explore the soft folds, lite little circles on the sweet nub - my breathing is quick and shallow.
I feel your lips tease my nipples - barely brushing them, keeping them erect and aching for your attentive kisses. Craving your tongues’ teasing, licking...
My fingers quicken before I feel you grasp my wrists and firmly pull my hands over my head. Using a nearby scarf my wrists are bound to the headboard. Legs spread . . . you climb between them and lower your head - your lips playing over me, quick random licks tickle and thrill. I want more and try to put my hips closer, but you pull away each time I try to get closer. I begin to moan - begging for your tongue, your kisses, that special maneuver that drives me wild.
You're moving, the length of your body is aligned against mine, pressing me down onto the bed. I look into your eyes and wrap my legs around you, we kiss, a tender, deep, soul-searching kiss. Taking our time, prolonging our pleasure. Moving to each others’ rhythm, silence is broken by our demanding lovemaking, moans of rapture slip into the air.
I believe you want me, to touch me, to take me and you do. I can't get enough, I never will. We make it last as long as we can, however, it’s still over too soon. But we enjoy touching and caressing still, lovemaking never ends abruptly with us...it’s ongoing...and we enjoy every second of quiet delight.
I wake to soon, only to see the sunlight piercing my curtains. facing the day without you .. I smile with delight because i know tonight comes soon and i can't wait to see you again . . .

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