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nude neighbor

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I have always been a sex crazy guy. Maybe even a Pervert. When my Amy and I were dating all we did was fuck. She was the 2nd girl I had sex with the 1st spoiled me for life but she could not stay with just 1 guy. Over the years sex with my wife of 25 years has been good. We have a 45 year old neighbor Patty she is divorced I help her with things around her house that need fixing. I had not really thought about her sexually because we are good friends. Well that all changed a year ago. I got home from running some errands and when I opened the back door I could hear her talking in her back yard. I looked over the fence and she was laying naked face down talking on her cell phone. WOW I could not believe it I went in the house and got the binoculars. I was not going to miss this chance. I could not believe how sweet her ass was. She had nice round buns I guess from working out every night after work. She had her legs spread just a little and I could see her puckered hole. I was thinking about getting the camera when she stated to roll over. I ducked down as not to be seen. I waited a few minutes then slowly looked over the fence she had placed a towel over her eyes perfect I thought to myself. She always wears loose fitting clothes so I really had no idea what a hot body she had. She had small breasts but with large nipples. She was still talking away on her phone so I could get a good look with out her seeing me I hoped. She had a full bush of dark hair so it was hard to see her pussy. As she laid there she would move her legs back and forth then she let them fall open. I could now see her lips there were large and full. You could see that she was some moisture. I could not let this go so back in the house to get the camera when I got back she had got off her phone and was using her hands on her tits rubbing in some sun tan oil. I climbed up so I could get a clear view and started taking pictures she was really working her fingers on her nipples and I could hear her moan lightly. She started working down her belly and I was hoping she was going to do what I wanted to see. She poured more oil over her mound and as her fingers got to her bush she was spreading her legs wide open. She was working both hands one on her swollen nub and shoving a couple of fingers on the other in her pussy. I must have taken 20 photos by then I pulled down my shorts and started to stroke my hard cock. She was getting loud and squirming around. I could feel my balls ready to let go and was trying to be a quit as I could as I shot my load all over the fence. She must have come too because all of a sudden she just laid there not moving. I got the binoculars and could see that she was soaked and dripping on the towel below her. I took a couple more photos as she got up and was putting a towel around her then walked in the house. I went in and downloaded the photos so I would have them to jack off too anytime I wanted. Amy came home soon after that and I was glad she had not been early and found me watching.

After that every time I saw her I could not get the images out of my mind. I was jacking off to the photos when ever I could. Patty came over and asked us to watch her house while she when on vacation. She gave us a key so we could water the plants and put the mail in. The following night my wife went out with a friend so I got the idea to go next door and look around her bedroom so I go over and start to look around her bedroom I find her laundry basket and see some panties so I dig around and find some more one pair is covered in cum so I put them up to my nose and can not really smell anything so I stick them in my mouth and get them wet I can taste her juices on them now. So I get naked and wrap them around my cock and start to jerk off. When I get ready to cum I try to think should I cum in them or not but think no so I go in the bathroom and let it fly in the toilet. I start looking around some more and notice that she has no dresser so I open the closet and find that she has all her stuff in baskets. I then find her underwear basket I dig through it and find some really sexy thongs and nasty tiny panties. Next I find the basket with her bras I had no idea what size she was but found out that she was a 32B that is why I never noticed her breasts before I guess anyway she had all kinds of sexy bras some lacy some sheer and then I found a lacy one with open nipple holes. I was having the time of my life so I put all that stuff back very carefully and that is when I saw it. There was another basket down on the floor so I took it out and set it on the bed. SCORE it was the mother load it was her toy box. OMG she had all types of things I had never seen or heard of. She must be more into sex then me which is hard to believe. There was a double headed dildo. There was a Massager with a huge ball head. There was a rubber cup with a small penis on it I think it when on a guys sack then up your ass. There was a cock ring with studs. There were a couple of anal toys and some anal beads. Also there were fur lined handcuffs and a whip. I could not help but think about her laying on the bed fucking herself silly with all this stuff. I was hard again so I took the cock ring and put it on then shoved the anal beads up my ass and stated jacking off again when I was ready to cum I pulled back her bed covers and came all over her pillow then seared it in to the cover hoping that she would smell it later. I cleaned up everything carefully and went home all I could think of was that I needed to fuck her. I just had to think of a way. I went the next day and had a key to her house made so I could check it out more. When she got home she came over and thanked us for taking care of her place if she only knew. She was telling us about how she went to the hot springs and meet up with some guy who was trying to hit on her. I could only think was she naked or what and wished it would have been me. She had on a tank top without a bra and I could see her nipples getting hard as she told us about him. After Patty left Amy said she was surprised about what Patty said because she had told Amy that she was only interested in women and that is what had ended her marriage. Like I said before I always help her out around the house. It was hard each time now not to want to jump her. Sometimes we would be working so close that I wanted to just grab a handful of her. About 3 months later Amy was going camping for the weekend with friends in our motor home so I had to drive it out and set it up. I asked Patty if she could pick me up and bring me back home it was about an hour drive she said sure so Friday afternoon she follows us out to bring me back. She has on the same tank top as before as we drive I can not think of anything but to fuck her. She asks what I was thinking and I told her that I like the way she looked in her top. She just said thanks I like the way it makes my nipples hard I almost came in my pants. I asked her if she wanted to stop and get something to drink she said no I need to get home. I said ok maybe we could have a drink and soak in our hot tub later she said maybe I was just hoping she could not see the budge in my shorts.

Later that night there was a knock on the door it was Patty dressed in a short robe. She asked if I still wanted to have a drink and soak in the hot tub. She had brought glass of wine and the rest of bottle with her. I do not drink wine so I got myself a beer and we sat down. She said can I ask you something and I was sure that it was about while she was gone. She asked me if I thought she was sexy I said hell yes why she said that there was a guy at the gym that had be hitting on her and she just was not sure if she was hot or not. This was kind of our first talk about anything to do with sex other then earlier about her tits. I told her that she looked super hot to me then she got up and said lets get in the tub. I only had on shorts no shirt or underwear so we went out to the patio and I turned on the Jets and mood lights. She told me to turn around until she was in the tub. I thought sweet she is naked she said ok she was looking the other way when I dropped my shorts and climbed in it was pretty dark even with the mood light on. As my eyes adjusted I could see the strings of her bathing suit. I did not know if she knew I was nude so I just sat on one side across from her as we talked. She wanted to know about Amy and my sex life I told her it was slowing down as we got older but that I wanted more. I said can I ask you something and she said sure I asked her if she was still into women she asked why I told her that it really turned me on to know that. She said yes but that she was missing getting fucked by the real thing. I could feel myself getting hard so I dropped my hand down in the water and stroke my cock. We had been in there for about half an hour so I moved over behind her and started to rub her shoulders she said oh that feels good. I started to slide the strings down and she said behave I rubbed my cock up against her back and she did not say anything. I tried to slide my hands down on to her tits but she said stop we can not do this to Amy. I said tell you what I really want is to eat you and make you cum but she said no stop. I thought about just doing it but she moved away. After a while we got out and she when home.

I went over to Pattys the next day to tell her that I was sorry and she said it is ok but that she was just too good of friends with Amy to do that with me. She was wearing sweet pants and sweet pants but she still got me going I had on jeans no underwear and a tight T shirt. She asked me to help her hang new blinds in her master bath. I went and got my screw gun and some other tools. I got back and she climbed up on a stool to put the screws in this made her tits eye level with me. I wanted to slide my hands right up her top it was so hard not too. After we had the blinds hung she turned and slipped I caught her as I did my hands grabbed her ass. She stated laughing so I held her a little longer. As we started pass the bed I decided now or never I turned her around and slide both hands down her pants it just so happen that she did not have underwear on either. She said we can not do this and I said oh yes we can next I lifted up her top and remove it. Her tits were nicer that I thought I let my hands take both and squeeze them. I let go and pulled down her pants she keep saying no but did not stop me either. I laid her back on to the bed she said we need to stop but I shoved her legs apart and dropped to my knees with my face only inches from her pussy I could smell her.

I was finally going to get to eat her sweet pussy. I first slide a finger in she was really tight. I bent down and started to lick the inside of her legs working my up then across to the other side just teasing her. Then I put my Thumb in her and was pumping her hard. I reach for her tits and start to pinch her nipples they are now hard as stones. I take one of nipples into my mouth and start to bite down softly and she starts to moan so I switch nipples. She lets loose with a massive orgasm and soaks my hand there is so much cum it is running down onto the bed. I told her that I wanted to fuck her for so long and she said that we were not doing that ever.

I check her house every time she goes away and have found some soaked panties to suck as of now no luck fucking her but I can only hope. We are all still good friends.

I will let you know if anything else happens.

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