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neighbor sitters

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My wife Becky and I have been married for 19 years. We have 2 small children that were not born until we were past 30. This was due to our going to college and getting our careers in order. We have a boy and girl child and found that now that we have started getting comfortable, we can?t really have the time alone that we would have hoped for with 2 kids needing all of our attention 24/7. So, it was a welcomed surprise when the new neighbors moved in with a boy and girl teenager. The parents Mark and Shelly were great folks. They were a little older than us but we had lots of interests in common. Their children David 17, and Trish, newly 16 were both academically successful in their school and would be considered geeks. David did play instruments so that set him apart from his sister. Mark and Shelly both had excelled in corporate advancement much like Becky and myself so time at home was scarce. We were having a back yard barb-q one evening when Shelly mentioned that her kids could babysit through the summer so we wouldn?t have to pay a caretaker as much as they charge. It sounded like a pretty damn good idea. It would save 200 a week and they would get a chance to earn some money for summer activities. We decided on 80 dollars a week and they could take turns rotating every other week. When Becky wasn?t travelling, she would get home around 6 and I would follow in around 7. I would save my client meetings for when she was on the road as to not interfere with any home time we could enjoy together.

Everything was set in place for a much more comfortable and less stressful atmosphere. Even our sex life picked up. Becky is a fine looking woman with her 36d breasts and a nice rounded ass. Standing just 5?5 and weighing at 150 would turn an eye or two. I have always enjoyed a woman with a little extra. We increased from 1 time a week to around 3 times. I wasn?t complaining a bit. Although I did wonder if it was the change or if it was David using our pool in the late afternoons. A couple of times I did catch her blushing when doing dishes and looking out at the pool with David in his speedo suit. I am sure she was thinking back when we were teenagers and after those times, she was horny and ready to go get at it as soon as we got to bed. I threw it off as fantasy and left it go at that. Ok, honesty time here. I would be lying if I hadn?t got aroused by Trish in her suit as well. She was shorter than Becky but had very nice rounded breasts and a little smaller. Her rump was plump and filled the suit nicely. I had a few views of her bending over to pick up a towel and seeing the suit stretched across her ass and seeing where it met at the V. Hell, what were we thinking?. These were teenagers. The parents is one thing to fantasize but the Teens are another. Maybe it is the innocence of it all.

The summer went pretty quickly. It was in July that I came home from work early and saw David leaving the house a little later than usual. When I went inside Becky was in the shower and I noticed the covers turned back on the bed. I also noticed a huge wet spot in the center of the sheet. The shower turned off and I quickly ran back downstairs outside and acted like I just pulled in. I slammed the car door and shut the front door as to make a little noise. When I went upstairs the bed was made and the sheet had been changed. That was the answer I assumed. Apparently little David got t a piece of my wife. I acted very coy and never mentioned it. But that night, She tore me up in bed. I must admit that it had an effect on me as well. Knowing that young stud was pounding her as I was driving home. Thoughts came into mind on whether she sucked him, jacked him and did him dog style. I couldn?t stop driving her from behind until I shot a hug load to try and match his. She asked what got into me and I just let it go by. I wanted to ask what got in to her, literally. A month went by when Becky told me she had to go on a 3 day trip. It happened to be the week that Trish watched our kids. After Becky left on her flight, I had scheduled 2 business evenings that would run late. I asked Trish to stay and watch the kids until I got back home. It was usually around 10 p.m.. When I got home the first night I noticed Trish had taken her nightgown with her and after putting the kids to bed, she changed into it till I got home. She would just walk next door and she was ready for bed. It was full length and pink. When I walked in that night, I went through the hall to the kitchen. The bathroom door was a little ajar, and when I looked in the door gap, I could see a reflection in the mirror of her getting ready to pee. She apparently didn?t hear me come in. I saw her raise her nightgown, hook thumb into her panties and pull them down. Her back was to me so I saw them uncover her round ass. I also saw the panty crotch pull from her lips as she tugged them. My cock got immediately hard seeing the trimmed dark hair. I unzipped and started rubbing my erection through the opening. When she reached for the paper I moved slowly to the front door. When I heard the flush, I walked into the living room as she was coming back. I thanked her for watching the kids and she went home. I locked the door and went upstairs to check on the kids and then to bed. When I got settled in, my thoughts went back to what I had just witnessed. I started pulling the skin up and down over my head and slowly built up an orgasm . I shot cum straight up in the air and it landed behind me on the headboard. There was that normal wave of guilt at first in my thoughts. But after that passed, I started rationlalzing why I should want to. Knowing David had my Becky, would be enough but then I also realized It would not come my way, and if it did, how would it ever begin. The next day, my mind kept revisiting the site of her pulling the panties down. I was rock hard most the day. I knew when I went to bed that night, it would be another great climax.

I had my meeting and was late getting in. As usual she was in her nighty. I greeted her and she looked up from a book and smiled. I asked how the kids were and she said they went to bed early. She wanted to finish reading a novel that Becky had. It was a romance one. I went to get a beer and came back to the living room as she was putting the book down. She got up to go potty and I noticed a wet spot in the back of her nightgown. The book must have got to her. I waited till she was finished then I took a turn to pee. I then purposely let the door ajar. I stood a little sideways and took out my cock. It was already slightly aroused and I shook it so that it could be seen through the mirror. I went ahead and peed. When finished, I shook it some more. As I turned, I heard footsteps leaving the doorway. I knew then she was peeking. When I got back to the living room she was sitting on the couch. She cleared her throat and said that I looked tired and needed sleep. She kept letting her eyes dropped to my crotch. I knew I was aroused and that the bulge would be visible. She got up to leave and as she walked to the door, I broke the ice. I told her that she may want to check the back of her nightie when she got home. She asked why and I told her that I noticed it had a wet spot. She blushed and with her back turned to me she said?is that what created your problem??. It was pretty direct for a girl her youth. With her statement, I figured I would just get bold. I unzipped my pants, took out my hardened cock and said ?you mean this one?? She slowly turned around and looked straight down at it. With a shaky voice she said ?oh my, yes that one.?. I then said ?now that you have seen my problem, turn back around and lift your nightie. I want to see yours.?. She raised it up and bent forward. I could see the light pink panties and the wet huge wet spot in the middle. I reached up and pulled them down. I used my thumbs and spread her butt cheeks apart and got an immediate scent of heated pussy come to my nostrils. I finished taking her panties off, locked the door and took her to my room. I sat her down on the bed and moved in closer. I asked ?have you ever tasted a man before??. She shook her head yes. She said her brother. He made her suck it now and then. She said but you will be the first outside of that. With that she leaned forward and started licking the head and the precum. She started telling me things as she did it. She said ?And I will suck you better than Becky did him?. I couldn?t believe it David told her about what happened. I didn?t think I could ever get harder when I heard that. I asked her to tell me what else happened. She said well, Becky laid on the bed and spread her legs. Told David to lick her. I then said ?you mean like this??. I pushed her back, spread her thighs and licked all the way up to her lips. I teased them and then spread them apart to get her clit. She began moaning and panting and telling me how much Becky told David she enjoyed it. She then said ?but the best part was when David said he fucked her?. I pulled my head up and stepped back. I grabbed Trish?s hands and stood her along the side of the bed. I turned her around and made her bend over the side. I rubbed my cock against her cheeks and worked it toward her wet slit. I then said ?you are going to get my cock. I slowly pushed in her tight hole as she pushed back against me for more. I had all 7 inches in her and stated pounding her deep. It was my turn to talk. I slapped her ass and asked ?has David fucked you??. She said ?yes?. I asked ?is this cock better than his??. She said ?yes, give it to me, I started pounding her even harder and felt my cum to the tip. I couldn?t hold back and when she came, I let my load go. It filled her to the point it ran out of her lips.

After we both came down I asked if this was planned. She just smiled and said, oh, there is so much more I need to tell you.

That will be revealed in the next story.

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