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neighbor sitters 4

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It had been two weeks since Trish sent me to work with the underwear she wore the night before, when her father took her in the living room watching a comedy. I still have them locked in my desk drawer to give me a reminder now and then. I am still sure that Mark and Shelly had no idea of the events between us and their teens. In fact, Since neither of us had discussed it, we didn?t know for sure what the other was involved in. It was this night that I drove home and when I pulled in the driveway, Mark was leaving our house. When I walked in, their stood my lovely wife looking flushed and hair all out of place. My look was one of curiosity more than anything. All Becky had on was a blouse, bra, pany hose and panties.

She started by explaining the following. Honey, you know I love you right?. I replied above everything, I do. She said, well, I was having a real horny day at work. I could feel myself leaking down there and it was really getting uncomfortable. I decided to leave early and come home. On the way home, the a/c was on in the car and I opened my legs to get some cooling of that area. I was so hot, that the air was blowing my scent up in front of me. Knowing that is what turns you on, I decided to come home and take off my skirt. I was going to meet you at the door. Well, I heard the door open and scurried downstairs. To my surprise it was Mark bringing a boat quote that he wants to buy, for you to review and get your opinion. He was leaving it on the counter. I stopped in my tracks and was embarrassed. Mark greeted me and apologized for interrupting me getting changed. I told him it was no problem but that I was a little surprised. I let out a little laugh to ease the situation. I had to break the ice, so I told him to have a seat and I would get us a cold beer. He had already seen that much of me so I decided to just sit and talk with him. We talked about everything. How much they enjoyed us as neighbors and that we have provided an opportunity for the kids to make a little money on the side. I just replied that we are pleased to do that. When got up to refill my glass , it tipped and some of the beer went to the floor. I knew I would mop later so I wasn?t concerned. I also noticed that where I was sitting, was a wet spot the size of a quarter. Mark had gotten up to see where it had spilled and noticed the spot. He said get a rag, your beer landed on the cushion. I told him I wasn?t sure that was beer but I would get a paper towel. As I turned , I heard him say , well I can find out. If there is one thing I know the smell of , it is beer. I turned my head back, and he had the cushion up to his nose. OMG. All I could think was, that he knows. I could feel the redness from my neck to my forehead but kept my back to him. He graciously said nothing, but started talking about work. I heard my cell phone ring, and knew by the tone it was work. It was on the charger so I excused myself to go get it. When I returned , just as I was able to see in the kitchen, there was Mark standing at my chair, with the cushion to his nose again. He was rubbing himself through his slacks. I just stood quiet around the doorway where he couldn?t see. He then looked up to see if I was coming back. Thinking it was safe, he unzipped himself and took it out. He started playing with it in the open. Honey, he has a good sized one. I hope you are not pissed. She then continued. I was so turned on by it , I leaned against the wall and put my hand at my crotch and began rubbing myself through my hose and panties. It felt so good and I was close to a climax. I bit my lip to not make any noise and creamed inside my underwear. I was soaked. I cleared my throat in the living room , allowing him time to recompose himself. When I walked in, he was getting ready to sit down. He noticed me looking down at his bulge. Again, there was silence. He broke out with, Well that isn?t beer on the cushion. I checked it again while you were gone. He then said for me not to be embarrassed, because shelly had those days also. I still was frozen of words. He then said, btw, that is better than beer, and started laughing. I finally relaxed and laughed with him. I told him I am so sorry that happened. He said it was his pleasure and not to worry. He said he would enjoy that anytime and too bad there wasn?t more of it on there. I looked down and saw the wet spot on his tan slacks. I went over to get my beer off the counter and suddenly felt him come up behind me. He boldly asked me if he could get a more direct scent. I stood motionless as he lifted my blouse up over my rear and then bent down to the crotch in my hose. I heard him breathe it in. He said it smelled good enough to taste. I felt his fingers at my elastic waistband then felt them be pulled down slowly till they pulled from my juicy crotch. He pushed them to the floor for me to step out of. He then bent me forward, spread my ass cheeks and put his mouth against my hot pussy. He started sucking the juices that flowed on the outside of the lips. I started panting and moaning. I could hear him licking me and sucking my clit. I clinched my muscles and felt my climax flow out of me and onto his hot tongue. I let out a deep moan as I came. I heard him unzip, and then felt his cock head against my pussy lips. He asked if I wanted it. I told him to fuck me like a whore. I am all yours. He slid his cock inside and the thickness stretched my pussy wide open. He kept inching it in tell his balls were against me. I rocked back and forth against him in rhythm as he pounded my pussy hard and deep. He kept telling me how bad he has wanted my pussy but was scared to say anything. I just kept grinding back at him. He picked up the pace and then with one big plunge he let his cum fill my inner walls. The warmth from it sent me to another orgasm cumming all over his cock. She then looked down in shame and said she was so sorry. I lifted her chin and told her I loved her. I told her there was only one thing I would ask. I told her I wanted her to pull her hose and panties back down. When she did, I picked them up and saw his cum laying in the crotch. I tuned her around and fucked her fill her up with my cum on top of his.

I only made one more statement. I asked ?was he as good as David?. She looked and smiled. She said hell yes.

There is one more event. It will be in number 5.

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