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My Wife Lisa Lets Loose With My Buddy From Work

my wife lisa is 4'11" inches tall and about 100lbs at most weve had a few experiances when we lived in ny all with friends of mine she never really seemed to enjoy it as much as me.i love watching another guy fuck my wife although weve hung out with a few of my friends shes only had sex with 2 of them and had tro be talked into it .well that all changed.lisa is 38 and im 40 i work with a guy named jay who weve become good friends with ive known him about 3 years now and hes always making commenets how sexy lisa is she thinks hes really hot hes real biult and can get any girl anytime he wants weve talked about him during sex and shes said shed love to fuck him hes made a few hints now and then and ive shown him lisas pics nude and at first she got mad but then accepted it we never thought wed ever actually hang with him cause i have to see him every day at work.one nite he stopped over and had another guy with him we work with lisa was wearing a sexy outfit when he was here and after a few minutes he left.about 30 minutes later he call he was reeal drunk and said he wanted to come over and fuck lisa i handed her the phone and she said well see you in a few minutes

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