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My Friends Husband

i babysit for a friend and her husband once in awhile while shes out to sea and he needs a nite off from the kids..well this particular nite i convinced him to stay in and drink with me while the kids were sleeping..we started off watching tv and talkin..he went to the bathroom and came out with just a towel that wasnt big enuf to cover anything and asked if id like a peek.i said sure show me what you what he had was amazingly huge..he asked if i wanted to touch and i said come closer so i his surprise i started suckin on his cock..and he grabbed the back of my head and started to fuck my face..this went on for bout 10 minutes..i told him id been dyin to fuck him and he said but im married i dont cheat on her..i said o ok well i guess i could always tell her that you r*ped me nd he said youd never do that..well a few minutes more of me suckin his cock and him playin with my shaved pussy went on then the next thing i knew he was pullin me onto the couch and takin my clothes off.

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