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mothers & other older women

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Mothers & Other Older Women Part-1-of-4 Allen Reminisces

Friday was a holiday, so I'd come home from a short and stressful day at work, looking for nothing more than a long hot shower and a little affection. The message on the answering machine that my husband, Charles was called out of town on business didn?t help my mood. Especially since he wouldn?t be back until Tuesday. He was the mayor number one aide and they were working on some kind of big project to improve the city. Since he?d become the mayor aide they were always engaged in one important project or another. I never even bother to find out what they were any more.

He?d been gone so much lately that I wasn?t even pissed as I took a shower and changed into something more comfortable. For some reason I was feeling a little sexy so I changed into a sexy little summer dress. It showed off so much of my long legs and my 36C breasts so much that I never wore it in public. It was really a foolish dress to wear because when I wear sexy clothes it always makes me incredibly horny. So horny that I didn?t even bother to put on panties.

As I walked downstairs and into the kitchen, I made a mental date with my vibrator for later that night. Vibrators and masturbating felt good, but they were no substitute for a husband's hard cock.

When I walked in Allen, my 19-year-old son was sitting at the kitchen table doing his homework. Allen was tall like his father, 6-foot 1 with light blonde hair and a golden tan. He was skinny but appeared to be in good shape. He had such deep blue eyes, that a girl couldn?t look him in the eyes without being turned on by them. When I walked into the kitchen he had such a strange look in his eyes that I almost wished I?d worn something a little more sedate. The look disappeared so fast that I told myself that it?d been my imagination. To reassure myself I sat down talked to him. I chatted with him for a few minutes and then drifted into the living room to read the paper and maybe watch a little TV. As she left the room, she found herself wondering about Allen?s sex life. Although they never talked about it, Allen was so damn good looking, she was pretty sure that he was successful with the ladies. Her cheeks turned a little pink when she realized that she was a tiny bit jealous.


As his mom left the room, Allen felt his face turn red as he watched the tantalizing sway of her nicely shaped ass as she walked away. Even at 39, she was sensational with her shoulder length raven hair, her fantastic ass, and her spellbindingly gorgeous face with a sensuous mouth that he just knew was great for sucking. ?God is she hot?? he thought to himself, still not believing how hot his sexy looking mom made him. Allen was a late bloomer and didn't have his first orgasm until he was fifteen years old, so for many years he didn?t really understand the feelings. All he knew was that he?d had the ?hots? for his mother ever since grade school. They were a very conservative family that simply did not speak of sex, so as a young teenager, Allen didn't even know what masturbating was.

As he continued to think about his mother, Allen?s mind drifted back to one evening when he was 15-years old. He was in the shower, thinking, not as most teenage boys do, about teenage girls and sex, but about his mom. As he adjusted the water and moved under the flow, he lathered up and started rubbing his tingly crotch. Before he realized what he was doing, he had his cock in his hand and was stroking it. As his speed increased and he vigorously stroked his hard dick, the pressure in his balls started to building up. And continued to build up until they felt almost as big as a pair of basketballs. When his balls finally exploded, and his semen sprayed over a foot up into the air, it was the most intense and fantastic sensation that he'd ever experienced in his life. His first orgasm was like an electric light show going off in his head. The lights were so real that he was sure that if anyone had been there they would have seen them. When it happened he was genuinely, well, he didn't want to say shocked, but it was a mixture of surprise and wonder. He said to himself, out loud, after his heart rate had slowed a bit. "Oh man, this changes everything." It was then when he started to more understand better his sexual feelings towards mom.

He was, as they us to say, young dumb and full of cum, so after that, he started jacking off on a daily basis. His teenager balls were so full of cum and his orgasm so powerful, that several times he spewed cum so high that it splashed all over his face. To tell the truth he kind of liked the warm sensation as it oozed down his cheek. Sometimes he jacked off just for the sheer pleasure of watching his 'cum' spew out of his pee hole and into the air.

Since that first orgasm, besides scoring with two or three girls his age, Allen had been in three sexual relationships with older married women and one was even a short fling with, Anne one of the gym teachers at his high school. The first was summer before last when Allen was 17-years old. He hooked up with a 31-year old married lady, named Mrs. ?A,? at the gym where he worked for the summer. Mrs. ?A.? was a workout fanatic and had a great body. She was in the gym nearly every morning. She was real friendly so they would always laugh and joke with each other. Then one day Mrs. A asked Allen if he'd like to meet her for a drink. He told her that he was very flattered but that he wasn't 21 yet. Not to be daunted, Mrs. ?A? invited him to her house. Before Allen could refuse, she added that her husband was on a business trip and that her kid was at camp.

Mrs. ?A? told him that when he got there, not to bother to knock, but to just come on around to the pool in the back yard. When he got there Mrs. ?A? was in a very small thong bikini. 31 or not, she had an awesome body and looked great in it. While Mrs. ?A? was getting him a beer, he complimented her on her beautiful body, especially her magnificent breasts. She was so pleased by the compliment that she took her top off and showed them to him. She even insisted that he feel them.

Allen didn't even get to drink his beer. As he was feeling her breasts, Mrs. ?A? reached down and let her fingers trail across the growing bulge in his pants. She unsnapped his jeans and slowly slid his zipper down. Then she confidently reached inside his boxers wrapped her fingers around his growing erection. Allen felt huge in her hand, thick long and pulsing with blood. Pulling him free of his boxers, Mrs. ?A? confidently eased back his foreskin and ran her thumb lovingly over the tip of its head. As she continued to gently caress its head, Allen moaned.

At first Mrs. ?A? playfully ran her fingers slowly up and down the length of his erection, and then she leaned over and gently kissed the head of his cock, letting her lips stay a little longer than necessary. Drawing her tongue across the tip, she tasted him for the first time. He was salty and all man. Allen moaned and grabbed the chair arm for support when Mrs. ?A? slid her mouth down the length of his cock. As she moved her mouth up and down his shaft, she felt his teenage cock surge and swell. Allen moaned when she cupped his balls, and took him all the way into her mouth. Mrs. ?A? soon had Allen bucking his hips, on the threshold of bliss.

As the tingling in his balls told him that he was getting ready to cum, Allen screamed, ?Oh god, I?m coming!? As he started shooting, Mrs. ?A? eagerly enveloped Allen?s cock in her mouth and started to vigorously bob her mouth up and down his shaft. With his spewing cock in her mouth, she sucked him dry.

Allen lay her back on the chase lounge and found her moist lips with his fingertips. Mrs. ?A? gasped when Allen leaned over and gently flicked her puffy lips with his tongue. Over and over again, he used small sensuous flicks of his tongue on the tip of Mrs. ?A?s clit and up and down the puff lips of her moist pussy. Gasping for breath, Mrs. ?A? clawed at the fabric of the lounge cushion as she arched her back. She needed release and she needed it quick. Sensing this, Allen took his time, drawing out her pleasure. Then he gently closed his lips over Mrs. ?A? engorged clit and sucked it into his mouth. As he kneaded her breasts, Mrs. ?A? felt his tongue push against her clit, stroking and playing with it. When Mrs. ?A?s body started shivering, Allen covered her pussy with his mouth and kept it there until her orgasm subsided.

Somehow their lips found their way together again. It was the most passionate, moist and hot kiss Allen had ever experienced. When their lips finally parted, Mrs. ?A? threw her head back and with her eyes closed, whimpered, ?Oh god, Allen, fuck me? damn it, fuck me!? Moving between her out stretched legs, Allen positioned his still rigid cock near her enflamed opening.

Impatiently Mrs. ?A? grabbed his cock and guided it closer to the opening of her waiting pussy. Placing it against her enflamed opening, Allen moved his cockhead up and down her puffy pink pussy lips, mixing his pre-cum with her juices. After teasing Anne?s vaginal opening, Allen ever so slowly inserted the head past her labia, and hunched forward, driving his cock into her waiting pussy. Slowly he started thrusting his cock in and out of Mrs. ?A?s surprisingly tight pussy, making sure that he rubbed her clit in the process. As he worked his cock in and out of her pussy, Allen could feel growing heat in Mrs. ?A?s loins and her juices were starting to slop out and dripping down her crack to her puckered asshole and onto the cushion. Soon Mrs. ?A? was lifting her pelvis and meeting him thrust for thrust. Mrs. ?A?s body glistened with sweat as her breath became shallow and she started grunting.

Knowing that she would be cumming, Allen quickened his stroke, and started violently ramming in and out of her. As her pussy filled up with juices he went even faster and faster. Then with a long erotic moan Mrs. ?A? lifted her ass and lower back and held that position for the first few seconds of her orgasm. Her juices just kept flowing and flowing like a fountain until her orgasm subsided.

It was that evening that Allen learned a valuable lesson, if a lady takes care of herself, vaginas don?t wear out. And also that due to narrow-minded older guys view of the limits in a woman?s sexual activities there was an unlimited selection of older ladies for him. Acting on this newfound wisdom, he spent the next 3-nights at Mrs. ?A?s house and in her bed. She did all kinds of wild, kinky shit to him. Mrs. ?A? would straddle his face and make him eat her pussy until his tongue was numb. She sucked his cock until it was turned. Mrs. ?A? was the 1st to ever rim him. After the first time they fucked, they took a shower together. After they?d dried off Mrs. ?A? put him on her bed, spread his legs and rimmed the hell out of him. It felt so great that he?d had an orgasm. Being rimmed got Allen so excited that he bent Mrs. ?A? over the bed and pushed his cock into her pussy, a tight fit because he was so large. As soon as it was in, he roughly grabbed her hips, pumping slowly at first, then as he got his rhythm, increasing his speed. When Mrs. ?A? didn?t act like she was getting into things as much as he?d have liked, Allen got pissed off and swatted her brutally on her naked butt with the palm of his hand. It made a cracking sound like a gun shot and left a livid red handprint on her pale flesh. When Mrs. ?A? tried to pull away, Allen twisted his fingers in her hair and bent her neck and back into a cruel angle. Putting his lips near Mrs. ?A?s ear Allen snarled, ?Shut the fuck up, you stupid, fucking bitch.? Then after 3 or 4 more hard swats to her naked ass, Allen added, ?Be glad it?s not your ass that I?m fucking. For the rest of the day, you fucking belong to me. I can piss on you if I want to, so shut the fuck up??

With his fingers still tangled in Mrs. ?A?s hair and her neck still twisted at an awkward angle, Allen started to viciously pump his cock in and out of her pussy. She went crazy, moaning and thrashing around on the bed. Pretty soon her eyes were glazed over and she was flipping her hips up, matching him stroke for stroke. About every 2nd or 3rd stroke, when he?d smack her ass, she yelled, ?Yes, yes, oh god, yes!?

As Mrs. ?A? went over the top into another rip-roaring, earth shaking orgasm, her eyes rolled back in her head and she started groaning, ?Mama, mama. Mama,? over and over until she past out.

As Allen sat there wait for Mrs. ?A? to catch her breath, he thought to himself that he loved doggie-style because it was great for penetration. When he?s fucking a woman from behind he has her pussy right in front of him instead of at an angle such as the missionary position affords. When penetrating a pussy from behind Allen tends to feel more of it than in any other position. And, since he?s somewhat of an ass-man, in this position put the girl?s ass is right in front of him to squeeze, spank, slap, cum on, or whatever. And don't tell him that a woman who is in that position does not like getting her ass slapped. And let us not forget about grabbing hold of a woman's hair while you?re doing it doggie style. Even with his limited experience, Allen realized that most women like the dominant aspect of doggie style and all that it entails.

The sex with Mrs. ?A? was so awesome that they hooked up off and on for the rest of that summer. It has been over a year but when her husband is out of town Mrs. ?A? still gives Allen an occasional call. Allen learned more about sex from Mrs. ?A? than he did from all the girls his age that he?d dated combined.

Next was Anne the high school teacher. Anne was 28-years old, 5-foot 10, with a supple, beautiful curved body, that even conservative teacher?s garb couldn?t hide. Her breasts were large and round, perfectly firm. Her waist was slender and her stomach flat as a board. Her athletic hips were trim and power-packed, and her thighs were firm and muscular. In short, she was a ravishing beauty.

Every kid in high school had the ?hots? for Anne, but only Allen had the nerve to make a move on her. The first time Allen went over to her house it was under the pretext of mowing her lawn. After that he would park his car down the block and would come in through her back yard so no one would see him.

Allen wasn?t sure why, but all older woman seem to hate their breasts. They seem to think that they sagged instead of being perky, so he found it to his advantage to start with and pay extra attention to them. When he got into Anne?s house, he used his lips on the exposed skin of her neck. Wet heat covered the edge of her collarbone as his tongue licked its way across its path. Anne lifted her head towards the ceiling, giving him room as he licked across her body. By now her achy breasts were standing proud and eager. As his tongue continued to dance over her flesh, he covered each of her breasts with a strong hand and began to stroke and knead them. Warm desire spread from her nipples to the rest of her body. Closing her eyes, Anne moaned as his fingertips stroked their sensitive tips.

As Allen?s hands rubbed up and down over her aroused breasts, he buried his face in her cleavage. She took a deep breath and closed her eyes, as her arms slid down and rested on his shoulders. As his fingers roughly grabbed he engorged nipples, her pussy began to cry in its frustrated delight. He took a hot brownish-red nipple in his mouth. As he sucked it, she arches her back and moans, ?My pussy. Oh god, fuck my pussy!?

Suddenly Allen stands and Anne sees his hard cock thrusting wet and rigid from a clump of curly pubic hair. Reaching out she wrapped her hand around its base tugged him closer. Looking up she stared into his eyes as she stroked his cock. Still stroking and teasing his thick, juicy cock, she finds his balls and cradles them as she continues to stroke him. Leaning down, Allen?s lips find her mouth and his tongue slips sensuously between my lips. Anne?s nipples ache and her pussy is burning in heat, as she still continues to stroke him. As their tongues danced together and the kiss continued Allen?s fingers moved down and squeezed her ass. His fingers dug into her body as his index finger parted her puffy lips and teased the outer opening.

Pulling her lips from Allen?s, Anne started kissing her way down his chest, circling her tongue sensuously around his now erect nipples. Holding her face less than an inch from his rock hard cock, Anne teased him with little licks as she fondled his balls. Then Anne opened her mouth and went all the way down, swallowing all of it she could. All Allen could see was the top of her head as she started sucking. As soon Allen was getting ready to cum, he pulled his cock out of Anne?s pussy and aimed it at her face. Then he started to vigorously stroke its shaft. When his balls finally gave up their load, they spewed gobs and gobs of thick creamy cum all over Anne?s face. She opened her mouth and tried to swallow but there was soon cum dripping down her chin and on to her chest. Taking his hand, Allen spread his cum all over her face and her breasts. When he finished he stuck his cum covered fingers into her mouth so she could clean them up.

Then Allen laughingly crawled between Anne?s legs and fucked her until she screamed like a banshee. As he moved up on her body, and Allen?s lips were suddenly on hers, pressing against them firmly as his tongue ran across her teeth. Anne opened her mouth returning the kiss. His hands are all over her body.

Anne was so wet that Allen?s cock was able to slip deep into her with little resistance. When he pulled Anne?s knees up towards her chest, her hands grabbed his ass and pulled him deeper. As Anne began to excitedly move her hips, Allen began to shove into her with powerful thrusts. Allen was able to hold off his orgasm for a long time, but Anne was able to cum twice before they ferociously cummed together.

When their orgasms subsided, Allen collapsed onto Anne and she held him tight, not allowing him to roll off, and then they lay there until they dropped off to sleep. When they woke it was late afternoon and the sun was shinning into the bedroom window.

As Allen was leaving Anne?s house after his fifth visit, via the back alley, Mrs. ?M?, one of her neighbors, stopped him. As Allen looked her over he figured that Mrs. ?M? was probably in her 40?s, but she had a stunning, slim body that featured long, exquisitely shaped legs and a perfect pert ass, that made her look much younger. Mrs. ?M? told Allen that she?d been seeing him occasional come and go from Anne?s house and that since she never saw him working in the yard, she assumed that he was a handyman. Then she told Allen that she was a widow and so like Anne, she also had a lot of work that needed his attention. Then she instructed him to?

To be continued?

Mothers & Other Older Women Part-2-of-4 Older Women

Then Mrs. ?M? instructed Allen to be at her house at 1-o?clock the next afternoon. And that he should be prepared to perform the same service for her that he performed for Anne. The back gate would be unlocked and she would be waiting on the patio.

When Allen arrived the next day, as promised, Mrs. ?M? was waiting for him on the patio. She left no doubt about the kind of service she required when she stood up and kissed him. Not a motherly kiss, either, but a full tongue kiss with her gripping the cheeks of his ass. Without a word, Allen reached down and started stripping her. As Allen stripped off Mrs. ?M? blouse he was pleased to note that her breasts were still like two round, firm melon and required no bra and tossed it on the sofa. Shaking her long, dark hair loose about her well-muscled shoulders, Mrs. ?M? knelt to undo the front of Allen?s slacks. Allen?s cock was already thick and hard as she took it into her mouth. Gripping the back of her head, Allen humped forward, making his entire cock disappear down her throat. Mrs. ?M? was so excited to be sucking his cock that she hummed as she moved her mouth up and down his shaft. Gently gripping the base, she licked up and down the shaft and around the head. Her tongue continued to stroke lightly around as she moved down to his balls. After taking them into her mouth and sucking them one at a time, she lick her way back up her shaft to his pee hole. Allen grunted with pleasure as she licked and kissed his cockhead. After tickling his pee hole with her tongue, she took him deep into her throat. It wasn?t long until he exploded, shooting load after load down her throat.

Pulling Mrs. ?M? to her feet, Allen kissed her neck and breasts, and then sucked on her nipples, which were standing up like little pencil erasers. After sucking on her nipples for a few minutes, he sat her back on her bed and moved his mouth down to her stomach, then on down to her pussy, the first one that he?d ever seen that wasn?t shaved. Parting her kinky pubic hair, Allen did my best to lick her pussy and suck on her very erect clit. Her thick clump of pubic was so thick and wiry that Allen was having a hard time even getting to her pussy to lick it. When he pulled away, Allen heard the intake of breath as Mrs. ?M? grabbed his head and tried to force Allen?s face back into her crotch.

Removing her hand, Allen pulled away and used all his diplomatic skills to convince her that her pussy was too hairy to eat properly. Turns out that her husband had been Mrs. ?M?s high school sweet heart and was the only guy that she?d ever had sex with. While he was alive they?d had a fairly active sex life but it had consisted of him playing with her tits, then fucking her missionary style. Not only had they not engaged in oral sex, but also she?d never had an orgasm with him. This confession shocked Allen, because Mrs. ?M? had not only just given him a hell of a blowjob, but she?d swallowed his load.

With a laugh, Allen led Mrs. ?M? into her bathroom and set her up on the counter top. Then he spread her legs and with a pair of sharp scissors, gently trimmed away all the excess hair. Then he put Mrs. ?M? in the shower and soaped up and rinsed her stubble until it was soft enough to shave. After moving her back to the counter, he helped her put shaving cream all over her now stubbly pussy. Then due to the delicate nature of the work involved, Allen handed over her deceased husband?s razor and stood back and let her work.

As soon as she made the last swipe of razor, without even waiting for her to wipe off the excess shaving cream, Allen shoved his face against her crotch. Mrs. ?M? laughed for joy as she leaned back against the mirror and spread her legs as far as she could for yet another lesson in lust. First Allen excitedly ran the tip of his tongue up and down her slit, rubbed his face all over her now bald pussy. Mrs. ?M? moaned loudly, Allen savored the sweet, musky taste that he found between her thighs. She writhed and bucked under his eager tongue, crying in desperate pleasure and release. Allen?s face still buried in her pussy, when Mrs. ?M?s orgasm hit her like a ton of bricks. She screamed, her torso whiplashes forward, and she shook and quaked helplessly as Mrs. ?M? had her first orgasm.

As Mrs. ?M? collapsed into Allen?s arm, lifted her up and carried her into the bedroom and deposited her tenderly on the bed. By the time Allen had joined her on the bed, Mrs. ?M? was sucking his cock again. When it was hard Mrs. ?M? quickly straddled Allen?s hips and fed his cock into her wet pussy. When Allen?s cock was buried deep in her pussy, Mrs. ?A? began to ride Allen like he was a horse. Allen lay back and enjoyed his perfect view of Mrs. ?M?s naked body and gorgeous breasts. After watching spell bound as his cock moved in and out of her pussy, Allen reached up and started playing with her rock hard nipples. This was fun for a while, but even when the girl took the lead, Allen preferred the top position. When he attempted to put his arms around Mrs. ?M? and gently roll them over so that he was on top, Mrs. ?M? slapped his hands away. Then with a strange look in her eyes, Mrs. ?M? grabbed Allen?s shoulders, pinned him to the bed, and continued to roughly ride his cock.

Allen had a stubborn streak and would not be pinned by anyone, not even a girl as hot as Mrs. ?M?. He didn?t realize how strong Mrs. ?M? was until he tried to get her hands off his shoulders and her off the top of him. If it hadn?t been for Allen?s martial arts training, he would have had to strike Mrs. ?M? with his fist to have gotten her off. Using a simple martial arts trick, he broke her grip on his left shoulder and rolled them both over with him coming out on top. When Allen pinned her shoulders to the mattress, her eye glazed over, and on her face was the most submissive look that Allen had ever seen on anyone, either male or female, before or since. As Allen began to roughly drive his cock deep into her pussy, he was surprised to discover that all through out scuffle for dominance his cock had remained buried in Mrs. ?M?s pussy. In her intense state of arousal it only took about 4 or 5 hard thrusts before her body was again racked by a series of mind numbing orgasms.

Allen was so caught up in a combination of anger and sexual arousal, that when her shudders subsided he grabbed a big hand full of Mrs. ?M?s flaming red hair and drug her face down to his crotch. Kneeling there with a hand full of her hair, Allen watched as she meekly licked and sucked her pussy juice off his still erect cock.

Physically over powering Mrs. ?M? and then forcing her to lick her on juices off his cock made Allen feel like a god. Allen didn?t think that he?d ever felt so powerful in his entire life. Mrs. ?M? was his to do with as he pleased. Since she was already down on her hands and knees, with his fingers still entwined in her hair, Allen moved behind her. Once there, he forced her to reach back and insert his cock into her soaking pussy. As he felt its head pierce her lips and enter her pussy, he rammed his cock in balls deep. He got a perverse pleasure from her loud moans and groans as he fucked her ?dog style? like the bitch that she was. He?d never fucked anyone like her before. Mrs. ?M? couldn?t seem to quit climaxing. Eventually, she was so drained that her legs gave way, and she sprawled on her face. As she laid there gasping for breath, Allen sat up on the side of the bed so that he could work the kinks out of his legs.

When Mrs. ?M? got her breath, she slid off the bed and knelt between his out-stretched legs. Then with a demure little smile, she leaned forward and slowly engulfed Allen?s still erect cock into her warm mouth. Even though her mouth felt incredible, Mrs. ?M? just couldn?t seem to make Allen cum. For some reason after that during the rest of their entire relationship, she was never able to make him cum with her mouth.

Lying herself across Allen?s lap like a naughty little girl, Mrs. ?M? told Allen that since she couldn?t seem to make him cum in her mouth, that she needed to be punished. Allen?s blood was still running hot, so he needed no other invitation. The second time his palm connected with her bare ass, Mrs. ?M? climaxed all over his lap. And, she continued to climax as he administered 10 more loud stinging slaps on her now crimson ass.

After her spanking, Allen laid Mrs. ?M? on her back, and knelt between her legs. Then he wrapped her long legs around his neck, inserted his cock in her still hot pussy, and started to slowly fuck her. After he?d brought forth another moan or two from her by leaning forward and gently pinching her nipples, Mrs. ?M? commenced to tell him why she liked to have her cute little butt spanked. It went back to an incident that happened when she was 16. Her father was very strict and controlling with his daughters, especially when it came to their curfew. One Saturday night when Mrs. ?M? missed her curfew, her father was waiting for her with his belt in his hand. Without a word he ripped off Mrs. ?M?s skirt, grabbed a hand full of her long red hair, and started lashing her across her panty clad butt. The third time that his belt smacked her ass; Mrs. ?M? had the very first orgasm of her life. By the time he finished spanking Mrs. ?M? she?d had 3 more orgasms. The last, being so hard that her knees gave way and she almost feel down.

The mental image of this 6 foot 4 inch, Baptist preacher stripping his teenage daughter down to her panties and whipping her ass with a belt was so erotic that Allen had an instant climax. His sudden orgasm triggered her orgasm and they both climaxed so hard that they both almost passed out.

After a few minutes of rest Mrs. ?M? rose up and lowered her pussy into Allen?s face. For the next 2 hours Allen was either eating or fucking Mrs. ?M?s hot pussy. At a little after 10 when Allen left for home, Mrs. ?M?s legs were so weak that she had trouble walking. _

But the sex was great. Allen didn?t mind admitting that he loved running into neglected older married women at the gym, the grocery store, the malls, or even at their children?s athletic events. These places were rife with the kind of women who are attractive and keep themselves in shape and are sexy. Yet their husbands are too busy chasing dick, or younger gold diggers to take care of what they have at home. These women probably haven?t had a passionate kiss in months. Their useless husbands haven?t caressed her back or held her hand in years. These women are putty in Allen?s hands with a simple touch of his fingers along the back of her neck. Allen had found that older women were much more liberated and would do anything when it comes to sex: suck his cock, let him fuck them in their ass, or whatever he wanted. The sex was great because the older women were freaks.

There were many things that Allen liked about older women. The way their legs looked and the graceful way they moved in high heels was another. Older women are wise enough to buy better shoes because they don't hurt their feet so bad. Also, they buy the right size, not the smaller size they want their foot to be, but the size their foot actually is. Buying a more expensive shoe means they get a better ?last? (that's the foot?s bed), and stronger support. There are lots of women who have happily found out how to navigate the city in heels. Older women wear high heel because it makes them feel sexy.

Allen was secretly ashamed of himself, because during all three affairs, anytime he was fucking the older ladies his mind always drifted to his hot looking mother and what it would be like to fuck her.

His mother had been reading for a couple of hours when Allen came in and?

To be continued?

Mothers & Other Older Women Part-3-of-4 Return to Reality

I had been reading for a couple of hours when Allen walked into the living room and asked me about dinner. I really wasn?t in the mood to cook so I ordered us a pizza. When it arrived, Allen joined me in front of the TV to eat it. Although I never caught him at it, as we watched a movie I kept having the feeling that Allen was watching me. Neither one of us was really interested in the movie, so as soon as we finished eating we both headed for our bedrooms.

Once in my bedroom, from lack of something better to do, I flopped down on my bed and turned on the TV. As I flipped through the channels I got the weirdest sensation that I was being watched. I heard Allen moving around out in the hall then suddenly he walked into my bedroom. When I saw where he was looking, I realized that I wasn?t wearing any panties and that my skirt had slid up my thighs. My face reddened as I wondered what Allen had been able to see from the hallway. To cover my embarrassment, I quickly pulled down my skirt and asked him what he wanted.

Still with that strange look in his eyes, Allen sat down on the side of the bed and said; ?I didn?t feel like being alone so I thought I?d watch TV with you.

While Allen leaned back on the headboard and made himself comfortable, I found an old move that we both quickly lost interest it.

"Is it okay if I turn it?" Allen asked.

"Please," I laughed.

He flipped through the pay per view channels and suddenly stopped on a channel where a beefy man was energetically humping a sweaty playmate. They were both moaning in pleasure. The movie's title was displayed in the bottom right hand corner of the screen, '101 Fornications' it said.

I started to turn bright red and even considered grabbing for the remote. The movie was making me even hornier than I already was. Allen seemed oblivious to my discomfort so I decided to grab the remote. It was lying in his lap so I turned toward him and reached for it.

When my hand moved towards Allen, he grabbed my wrist and pressed my hand hard into his lap. When my hand reflexively closed on his massive erection I could feel it throbbing beneath my hand. He had caught me off guard and I didn't know what to do. I was so horny, but this was so wrong. When I tried to jerk back away from him, Allen forcefully pressed his lips against mine. When our lips met I was putty in his hands. I sucked his tongue into my mouth, and we sucked tongues until we were both breathless.

With a shriek I push him away and leaped off the bed. Before I could flee Allen grabbed my hand and pulled me back down onto the bed. "Stop fighting mom," he whispered. "I know you want to." In a panic I continued to struggle, but Allen was too strong for me. I soon found myself lying helplessly across Allen?s knees with both arms twisted behind my back and both wrists clamped firmly in his hand. All further struggling did was cause my dress to work up my legs and expose my naked butt.


I?ll admit that I have the ?hots? for mom, but joining her on the bed just started out as a lark. I never dreamed that things would go this far. Now suddenly here I sit with the girl of my dreams laying across my lap with her dress hiked up so that her shapely naked butt was exposed to me. Most guys won?t admit it, but if she?s attractive, almost all boys start lusting after their mother?s even before they hit puberty. Maybe because in their mind it would be a shift in power, but spanking their mother?s naked butt is one of the things that they fantasize about doing. Having her suck their cock is next, and of course fucking their mom is 3 rd. All this was swirling through my head as my right hand, as if it had a mind of its own, moved down and started gently caressing his mom?s silky flesh.


As I angrily lay contemplating my faith, Allen laid his hand on the back of my leg. I felt goose bumps as he tenderly caressed the back of my leg and my inner thigh. His hand leisurely worked its way up my leg. I trembled in fear when his fingers brushed the space between my ass hole and the bottom of my slit as it made its way to my naked butt. I held my breath in anguish as Allen slowly and tenderly massaged the cheeks of my butt. I couldn?t believe what was happening. I was a virgin when I got married and no man but Charles had ever seen me naked, much less touched my naked butt.

She sighed with relief when she felt Allen?s remove his hand from her butt. ?Good,? she thought, ?Maybe he?s coming to his senses.? Her relief was short lived as she felt Allen pull her skirt up, completely exposing her bare ass to his scrutiny. Then she heard a swishing sound accompanied by the pain of Allen?s palm connecting with her bare flesh. As she squealed in pain, Allen?s hand continued to crash against her butt, living livid whelps on her delicate flesh. As tears coursed down her cheeks, the pain lanced from her butt to her pussy, like a bolt of electricity. By the 6-th smack, she was cumming all over her dress and Allen?s lap.

I?d cum three more times when Allen unceremoniously dumped my limp body on the bed. Then before I could even catch my breath, he grabbed me, and started rubbing my breasts through my dress. Suddenly he planted his lips on mine, and I instinctively responded. Without realizing it, I kissed him back even more passionately. It wasn?t but a second until our tongues meet and against my will my hands started moving up and down his firm muscular body. I knew it was wrong, but it felt so good that I didn?t want him to stop. I still wasn?t sure what Allen had meant by ?I wanted it to,? but this time I didn't pull away. The feel of his cock throbbing against my leg was making me wetter by the second.

Even though his still had his jeans on, Allen boldly ripped open my sundress. Then he possessively proceeded to strip me naked. My bra was a front hook so Allen had no trouble unlatched and removing it. As he then moved down to my hips and I lifted my ass off the bed so he could slip off the remainder of the dress and spread my legs, I thought naughtily, that he wouldn?t have to worry about my panties. I wasn?t wearing any.

I never knew, thought Allen, how well endowed I was until after I slept with my third girl and she confirmed it. I had never seen anyone else?s cock before, except in porno-movies, so I thought the first two were just saying it to boost my ego. But when the third girl said, "Wow, you have a big one." Then I knew. I'll tell you one thing though, the look on a girls face when she sees it for the first time is priceless. I couldn?t wait to see the expression on mom?s face when she saw how big I am. But I wanted the conditions to be right for maximum shock value; I wasn?t going to let her see it until I was ready.

I don?t know why but Allen wasn?t letting me do anything to him, as he started touching and licking me from my neck down. When he buried his head between my breasts and teased my nipples with his fingers and his mouth until I thought I would cum. when I begged him to just fuck me, he just laughed and teased me by rubbing his jean clad knee against my pussy. I lie back on the bed and spread my legs as Allen?s fingers moved gently over my soft lips. I was damp and ready for him. Allen?s fingers tips just barely touched me as he moved his fingers between my lips and opened the top of my pussy. He leaned in and I moaned as I felt his tongue flick against me. Over and over, he used small flicks of his tongue to tease my boiling pussy. I moaned, as I clawed at the covers and arched my back. I needed release and I needed it bad. Allen sensed this and took his time, drawing out my pleasure.

God could he eat pussy. Not even Charles was as good at eating me as Allen was. He strummed me like a violin as his fingers slipped just inside my pussy and then pulled back. Then I felt Allen?s tongue lapping at my wet pussy. As he slowly licked me I moaned, begging him to eat me. Allen?s lips finally closed over my engorged clit, sucking it into his mouth. As my orgasm raced toward the finish and I grabbed Allen?s head, I felt his tongue push against my clit, stroking it, playing with it. I moaned and arched my back as my body began to shiver. Allen covered my pussy with his mouth and sucked up my juices as I orgasmed.

Then Allen licked my pussy for a few minutes longer before he stood up. When he stripped off his shirt and then his pants and boxers, and his cock popped out it was astounding. ; It was nearly ten inches. Once he had it out in the open I couldn?t take my eyes off Allen?s big cock. No one but Charles, my husband, knows it but the sight of a hard penis gets my blood boiling every time. Even the sight of a semi-hard gets my interest and makes me want to help it along. Needless to say, the sight of my son?s huge erection had the desired affect on me.

Then unable to contain myself I wantonly reached out for his velvet smooth cock. I wrapped my manicured fingers around it and pulled it closer to my face. Remember that uncircumcised cocks are far more sensitive than cut pricks; I started off by licking around its big well-shaped head as I slowly pull down the foreskin. Then when the skin was fully retracted, I let it slide back up so that my tongue was between the head and the foreskin. Then I nibbled and bite the foreskin, as my tongue flicked around his swollen cockhead first before I moved onto his entire shaft, sensuously tracing and zigzagging my tongue all up and down the veiny underside. I had a difficult time fitting all of him down my throat but I managed. I'd had my tonsils out when I was eighteen and all the guys had loved it. Each time I crammed him down my slick throat I felt him come closer to exploding. Oh, I wanted his cum so bad! I moved my hand and mouth all over his hot cock. As I increased the pressure his moans and breathing got louder. Teasingly I moved my mouth off Allen?s rock cock and gave its head lavish little licks as my hand fondled his balls.

Then looking Allen straight in the eye, I lowered my mouth back to his cock. Almost swallowing it whole, I pressed my lips hard against the base and started moving my mouth up and down his shaft. Allen got so excited that he took a handful of my hair and started pushing me up and down on his cock. Every time that Allen shoved down, I could feel the head of his cock press against the back of my throat.

Having his mother suck his cock was fine with Allen, because she had an extraordinarily talented mouth. Allen wasn?t exactly sure how she did it, but when his mom sucked him off she gave him such an intense orgasm that it caused his heart to palpitate. His heartbeat got out of rhythm and beat so hard that Allen thought that he was having a heart attack. The sensation was caused by a combination of his mom?s fantastic mouth and the gentle touch of her soft hand as it delicately massaged his balls and stroked his cock. As Allen was cumming in her mouth his mom would gently squeeze his balls with. Once or twice during other sessions it got so intense that he actually fainted. Believe me, a blowjob that is so intense that it makes you faint is too sensational to even describe.

When I looked up at him as I continued to bob up and down on his powerful shaft, Allen smiled broadly and said, "God, mom I can?t believe that you?re so good at sucking cock. ? Then he moaned, ?I?m cumming, I?m cumming.? When Allen?s balls exploded, I wildly milked his cock until he pulled away from me. Smiling down at my confused and pouty expression, Allen leaned over and kissed me deeply before he turned me over on my stomach.

As I quickly got up on my hands and knees and Allen positioned his cock against the wet steamy lips of my swollen labia. As I pushed back against him and Allen?s cockhead breached the opening of my dripping vagina.

"Does mommy want to fuck her little boy?" Allen whispered in my ear as he leaned over my back. Then he began to slowly ease himself forward until I was completely full of his sizzling cock. Grabbing my hips, Allen started pumping his fantastic cock in and out of my tight pussy. Giving me a hard slap on my naked butt, Allen started to savagely fuck me harder and harder. I was close to an orgasmic epiphany every second that he slammed back and forth within me.

When he reached around and pinched and tweaked my erect nipples, it was so erotic that I grunted and started breathing loudly. I was making so much noise, but I didn't care. This was the best sex I'd ever had in my entire life. When I cummed it was like a thousand waves smashing against huge rocks in the surf. I couldn?t help myself I kept cumming over and over. I had been multi-orgasmic when I was younger but I was surprised to be experiencing the sensations again. I'd thought that they had disappeared with age. I was thirty-nine after-all, yet here I was feeling all those old wonderful feelings again and again. I lost myself for a lifetime and came back in the comfort of my son's taut and muscular arms, as my pussy spasming around his gigantic cock. I guess this pushed Allen over the edge, because suddenly he was spurting hard into my pussy.

?Oh god, Mom!? moaned Allen, ?Is there any better feeling in the world than busting your nut off in your mom?s tight pussy??

As I gasp for breath, Allen?s nose nuzzled my mound as his?

To be continued?

Mothers & Other Older Women Part-4-of-4 A Fantasy Fulfilled

As I gasped for breath, Allen?s nose nuzzled my mound as his tongue moved through my wet pussy on its way to my extended clit. When his tongue flicked out and found my hard button I cried out and ran my fingers through his hair. ?Ahhhh,? I cry out uncontrollably as desire and lust assault me. With a laugh, Allen lifted my legs and lays them on his shoulders. I can tell by his face that Allen loved the sexual power that he now has over me. As I lay beneath him with my breasts thrust into the air, my back arched, and my legs over his shoulder I felt so vulnerable.

Gently, Allen laid me on my back and spread my legs Positioning his cock against my opening, Allen let his cockhead slide over the puffy blood-engorged lips of my pretty little pink pussy, parted them and let the dribbles of wetness lubricate his cock tip. I reached down and guided it inside me as Allen pressed forward and entered my hot wet pussy. His cock slid deeper and deeper into me. As I wiggled my as seductively, Allen placed his hands beneath my butt checks and pulled back until only the head of his cock was still inside me. After a pause, he plunged back in and started fucking with long deep strokes, strokes that increased in intensity until I?m screamed and scratched my way into explosive orgasms. With each orgasm Allen changed his position and pace of his stroke until I reached another and another. Each time I cum I got wetter and wetter.

At first Allan was pounding hard and fast, then slow and tender, all the while shifting my legs into all kinds of positions for better penetration.

Eventually he slid a pillow under my belly and went back to fucking me from behind. We both loved it that way. Allen had access to my hot shapely ass and I loved the depth and penetration that he got. The length and depth of Allen?s passion was phenomenal as he fucked, and fucked, and fucked. Allen was a good athlete and endurance was his specialty.

Finally I guided Allen?s still hard cock into my pussy again as I climbed a straddle him. As he fondled my pert breasts, I clamped my pelvic muscles around his thickness and began a long ride sensuous ride, tightening my pussy around his throbbing cock as I sat down and loosening it as I bobbed up. I could feel his cock throbbing uncontrollably and knew that he was fast approaching an orgasm. When it came, it was even more powerful then when I?d given him head. As Allen exploded he grabbed my hips and thrust himself deep inside me. As I felt him shooting inside me, my pussy contracted around his swollen cock.

Reaching down, I cupped Allen?s balls in my hand and gently squeezed them as he spurted shot after shot inside my fiery pussy. Then his cock still buried inside me, Allen ground his balls against my eager clit as my magnificent pussy sucked his balls dry. When he touched my cervix I screamed and shivered my way through another orgasm of my own. Then we both lay in a stupor bound together by the force of their mutual orgasms, her pussy gripping his still throbbing cock. Both moaning and shivering as every nerve ending tinged in ecstasy.

Allen learned early that when he was fucking his mom and she was cumming that he had to close his eyes or he?d bust out laughing. ?Mom,? he said, ?You?ve got some great pussy, but that face that you make when you?re cumming is priceless.? Then to emphasize his words, he leaned down and kissed it.

After that, it was as if Allen owned me. He was fucking me ever chance he got. As soon as his father would leave for work every morning, Allen would have me down on my knees sucking his cock.

We?d been fucking for about 3-months and were now very open about our sex lives. Allen was especially interested in what transpired between his father and me. I think his curiosity was a combination of jealousy and competition. He doesn?t admit it but Allen isn?t too happy with sharing me with Charles, even if he is his father, so he was always trying to out do him.

And to tell the truth, night before last Charles gave Allen had something to be jealous about. It started out innocently enough. Charles was lying on the couch and I was sitting in the wingback chair as we caught up on the gossip about everything that happened while he was out of town. Somehow the conversation turned to a party we?d attended last year. Before I knew it, Charles had pulled me over on top of him and was pulling up my sweater to get to my breasts. He was surprised that I wasn?t wearing a bra, but took full advantage of having in having my tanned breasts quivering in front of his face.

My nipples tightened as he ran his hands over my smooth tawny skin. I think it was the surprise and the sudden rush of the memory that caught me on its wave and made my panties wet. Full aware that Allen could walk in anytime, Charles?s hands covered the warm fullness of my breasts as his tongue flicked over my nipples, causing the sensitive tissue to stiffen and become erect with passion. It was exactly what he?d done at the party last year.

What had started out playful was suddenly serious. As soon as his mouth and hands were on my breasts, all bets were off, we were caught in a swirl of all our old lusts for each other. I purred with satisfaction when I grabbed his cock through his pants and found it already hard. We fucked on the living room floor, with me on my back, and Charles ridding me the way he did when we were first married. His cock was still as hard and my pussy was as tight and wet as when we first got married. He began to rock back and forward, rubbing his hard cock against my clit while my slick pussy closed around his hardness.

He brutally grabbed my breasts and fondled them, pressing my nipples back into my soft flesh until I moaned with joy. His powerful strokes were jouncing my body, making my dark hair fly around my face. Amid panting and whimpering cries of ecstasy my first orgasm hit me like a tidal wave. I squirmed and twisted on the carpet as Charles?s strong hands pinned me to the floor. His face was twisted into an expression of fiery lust. His lips drew back from clenched teeth as he went off like a bomb. All of a sudden his cock was spurting gob after gob of scalding spunk into my pussy, making my body twitch in another spasm of joy as another orgasm stormed through her body.

We had barely caught our breath and picked up our cloths, when we heard Allen?s car pulling into the driveway. We just got down the hall and ducked into our bedroom when Allen walked in the front door. As we shut the door we fell into each other?s arms and giggled about how close we?d come to getting caught.

Allen was always trying to make me jealous by telling me about his other ladies, and he seemed to delight in telling me while we were having sex. For instance, one afternoon Allen came home all excited, whisked me up and carried me to my bedroom. Then while I was sucking his cock, he blurted out the wildest story. He?d been on the north side near I-30 and Carrier Parkway. When he stopped at a red light a hot lady in a Mustang in the next lane asked him, if I wanted to fuck?

Being a horny teenager, of course Allen said "Hell yeah!"

?Okay, followed me,? she said. Gabriel parked her car in the Denny?s parking lot and rode with Allen to Wagner Park. There they park near the back in a secluded spot and they did it in the back seat of Allen?s big Mercury Marquis. It was Allen?s first time to go all the way in the back seat of a car in a public park in broad daylight.

Moving to the back seat and pushing Gabriel?s legs apart, Allen flipped up her skirt to reveal a pair of sexy with silk panties, he can?t believe how beautiful her 25-year old body was, how taunt her ass was. How it pouted seductively in her sexy panties. He moaned with desire at every curve and sweet seductive mound of her milky white skin. Her sensuously slender waist, the small pert teardrop shaped breasts. Leaning down he, he sent shock waves through her body when he began to kiss and lick her sweet pussy through her panties.

Gabriel cooed as Allen covered her with kisses. As he kissed her ears and her neck, he could feel her panties growing moist. Allen reveled in her moans of appreciation, when he found her clit and stroked the soft fragment of silk that stretched over it.

Wanting him inside so much, Gabriel spread her legs wider and guided his cock to her wet panty front, sliding the head across the shiny silk surface. Pulling her panties aside, Gabriel let his cock slide over her wet lips. Her breath came in gasps and she screamed out in the throes of orgasm as Allen eased his huge length into her open pussy. It seemed to take forever for her climax to finish, helped along by Allen pinching and tugging on the hard buds of her nipples.

Allen was not going to let her come down, either. As one orgasm led to another, he pounded his cock deep into her hot pussy. When he cummed, he continued to hammer his cock in and out of her, causing the thick white liquid to ooze sexily from the bottom of her pussy and run down the crack of her ass.

Gasping for air, Allen finally pulled out of her and sat back to relax.

Gabriel must have like what Allen did because a week or so later he saw her cruising and ask her for a repeat, and she said yes. But, this time, at my suggestion, instead of the park, Allen brought her home. It was rather exciting, even if I do say so? but that?s a tale for later.

The end?

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