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moms boy friend

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I thought I would share this with you, My parents divorce when I was 17. I move in with my grandmother so that I could stay in my school. My mom move out west for her job and my dad move down south, Most of the time they would come back her to visit so I didn't miss much school. I got along the best with my mom. She was a very good look woman and men just love her. She told me she had move in with a guy and what a nice place he had. When I turn 20 she ask me to come out and visit and stay with them. So off I went to summer in the sun and to have some fun before I had to go back to college.

When I got there I was very surprise at his house, its was huge with huge back yard pool. So when I meant him, I was very taken by him. He was very handsome male with a great friendly personality . We got along great and he treated me great. He gave me car to drive and bought me lots of new clothes. I was in at the top of the world. So I party at night and lay around the pool during the day. Now I do have red hair and he all was pick on me about being so hot my hair turn red. I do like to dress to turn heads. So yes I ran around in mini's and bikini all the time. We where friendly and did hugs and kiss on check all the time. I knew he and my mom had a hot sex life together things I've heard and seen.

Until one night I came home a lot earlier then usually . As I walk in I heard the TV going and was going to say goodnight. But as I walk in the two of them where on the couch, The both of them where in there birthday suit with my mom lay out on the couch and his head buried in lap. I froze in my spot a bit surprise to see them. My mom was making a lot of noise so I knew she was having a great time. But he then stood up and I could see he was really up and rock hard with I guess to be over 9" of cock. I guess my eye got stuck on it. for as I watch he was sliding it into my mom mouth . He was telling her to suck it and she was going at it. Then the phone rang and I got scared and duct out of site. I heard him answer the phone and hang up quick. I was about to duck up stair, when I heard them coming my way. He had my mom over his shoulder carrying her up stair. His cock still rock hard pointing the way. I waited a bit and quietly head for my room. I pass their room and I could hear them fucking away. I listen for a while but now I was so horny, I went to my room to take care of my hot pussy now. As I was ,all I could think of was his cock. I love what I say.

so now every time I see them all I could see is them going at it lol. and his cock! So I was turn on a lot of the time lol. Then one night I was out with a few new friends and had a few drinks. But I went home early because there was a show on TV I wanted to watch. I knew they were suppose to go away that night and the house to myself. So when I got home , I went up to take my shower, but as I got out I notice the time and my show was on. So I grab my robe and slip it on and ran down to watch my show. I was watch my show for over a hour, when I heard someone come in the house. At first I was scared because they where gone and I was home alone. But then Jim, mom boyfriend walk into the room. I told him he scared the hell out of me and ask him what he was doing home. He had to take one of his clients out to dinner to finish a deal up. and that mom went on with one of her girl friends. Then I remember I was in my robe, mid thigh robe, because he was staring at my legs. I told him I was sorry about the robe and would go get dress. He laugh and told me to watch my movie. He went out into the kitchen , so I went back to my movie. When he came back he had some drinks with him and gave me one. So we ended up have a couple drinks together and watching my movie. He had sat on the couch beside me. I couldn't help but notice he keep peeking at me and my legs. At first I was a bit nervous about it but as the night went on , I started to enjoy his peeking at me. But after a while I notice that he most be getting turn on because I notice a bulge in his pants growing.. So now I'm remember what that bulge really look like. So thinking about that started to get me turn on too. So I started to wonder if I could get him really turn on so the he would get really turn on. So I figure I would tease him a bit and see if he would get bigger lol. So when he wasn't looking my way, I pull a bit on my robe so the it pulled up some but all so fell apart more. Now I was showing lots more leg and it didn't take him long to notice it. He was looking more side ways at me then the TV lol. I did notice he was getting more excited as he peek. I guess he notice he had a problem, so he got up to get some more drinks. So now I'm loving every minute of tease him. so I arrange the robe so show a bit more leg. When he came back I notice he must of work on his problem, because I could his cock was getting quite big, but now it free from his shorts and pressing against his pants. I smile and thought it most if been hurting him , bunch up in his shorts lol. Now he notice my robe more open and I had open the top a bit to show some cleavage too. I then notice his pole was still growing and I was excited about it. Then as he stare a me. he started to talk about my red hair again. He ask me if I dye it that red or was it natural. I told him it was natural color. He telling me he thought it was dye. I laugh at him and told him no it wasn't but he keep say it was to red to be. Then laugh he said he would bet me 300 the it was dye. I told him to pay me. because it wasn't dye. He told me to prove it, so I lean over and told him to check my roots, He started to run his hands threw my hair looking it over. Then he said, this just prove you had a good dye job done. No it natural hair. Then he said that my leg hair would be red too. Laugh ting at him ,I told him that I shave my legs and don't have any hair on them to prove it lol He told me that was to bad and to pay him his 300! I told him I didn't owe him because I was a red head. So he say pay or prove it. So now I know how he wants me to prove it lol. The only way to prove it , is for me to show him my pussy red hair lol. I notice his cock is really strain in his pants now and I'm getting wetter looking at it. So I laugh and told him I was really red hair and would prove it but I up the bet to 500! He laugh and said it would be his easy 500 he won, He then took out his wallet and counted out 5 , 100 bills and laid it on the coffee table. He look at me and said prove or pay. Dam he called me on it and I was a bit nervous about it but excited too. He willing to pay 500 to peek at my pussy. So I smile at him and reach down and pull my robe slowly open. As I open it my small patch of red hair out at him. I shave all but a small patch on top. He could see it with out me open my legs to far. Smile at him I say pay up! He smile and said I need to get a better look first. He lean over and was checking it out. Then as he look he ask if I dye that too, because he think the roots are darker. I told him no and he lost. He said he think the roots are darker and would prove it. He slide his hand over and was running his finger threw my pussy hair., then he lean closer to look better. Now my pussy is getting really hot as his hand run threw my hair. He smile and said I don't know if its really red hair but it felt hot enough to be red. He said he need a better look and as he said it he pull my leg to part them some. Now my pussy is show more as he slide his hand up to rub my pussy hair more. I was breathing pretty heavy now as he rubbing and playing in my pussy hair. I guess he notice I like what he was doing, because he started to slide his hand down lower and lower. Then I felt his finger slowly part my pussy lip as he run his finger lover my swollen clit and into my wet pussy. He work my legs farther apart as he started to finger my pussy more, Then as he smile at me, he said he did lose because as hot as this was it had to be red hair. Now he started to really finger my pussy getting me hotter and wetter . Then with his other hand he pull my robe belt apart and pulled my robe open more. Now my 36b tittes where out and my nipple where hard and pointed up. He lean over and took one into his mouth and slowly lick and nibble on my nipple, This sent shiver threw my body. Then he slowly suck my titty in sucking hard to get all he can. Pulling my leg apart more he was getting my pussy hotter and wetter as he played with it. Now I was so turn on I could hear myself moaning as he played. He knew he had me going because he slowly started to lick and suck his way down closer to my pussy each second. Then it flash threw my head, remembering seeing him sucking my mom pussy right here on this couch. This really sent shiver threw me but I was so hot now I couldn't stop him if I wanted too. I found myself spreading my legs for him as he went down. Then he found my clit, working it with his tongue. He even nibble on it enough to send my pussy even hotter. Then he pull my legs up onto his shoulder and buried his face into my pussy. Now he knew why my mom was moaning so loud, dam he was good and I found myself moaning as loud as she was. It wasn't to long and he had me orgasm harder then I ever have. He just keep looking his tongue sucking up my juice as I cum. He had my ass on the edge of the couch as he suck me more, getting me close to a second time. Keep a hold of my legs keeping my spread wide he started to kiss and suck his way up to my titties again. Pull my legs up with him. As he got back up to sucking on my titties and my legs all most to my shoulders, I felt his now bare cock rubbing against my pussy. I still don't know how he got his pants down and his cock out with out me know but he did it. As he rub and poke at my pussy with his cock, keeping my legs up high, I was getting wetter and hotter. Then I felt the head of his cock catch the lips to my pussy and he shove to me. popping the head into my pussy. Now that he had the head into me, he started to slam harder into me , pushing deep each time. Now I realize how big his cock really was. He was strenght me wider then I ever have been, He slamming harder pushing deeper each stroke. He then let go of my legs and grab a hold of my ass pulling me to his rock hard cock pushing deeper and deeper. Now I can't take it any more and found myself moaning louder and begging him to fuck me harder. He took me up on it and started to pile drive into my hot pussy. it didn't take much to drive me into another orgasm. I'm so wetter down he slamming deep into my now slip soaking pussy. I didn't think I could take anymore when I felt his balls slapping my ass, dam I got all of his cock in me and my pussy knew it. Then I felt his cock pulsing and I knew he was about to blow himself. I slide my legs down and wrap around his ass pulling him to me as he fuck me, Then he slam hard into pushing as deep as he could as if felt his cock exploded pumping into my pussy. This drove me over the edge and I cum harder then ever. We both collapsed drain of energy. We laid there a bit catching our breath, His cock semi hard but still filling my pussy, Then he smile and said that I won because he knew that had to be really red hair. He slowly pulled out and I could feel the suction of his cock pulling on my pussy as he did. I felt the juice oozing out of my pussy as he did this. As he pulled out he slowly got up , his cock still semi hard. I sat up on the couch, still oozing . He look down at his cock and said that by the looks of his cock, it like my red pussy. He reach up and slowly stroke it and its started to come back to life. As it became hard he step close waving his cock in my face. He smile and said see it like you, as he wave it at me. Then he reach out pulling my head to his cock, pushing it against my lips. Telling me its time for me to work now. As he push forward. slide his cock into my mouth. I could taste my own pussy juice still on his cock. His cock was to big to take all of it, but I suck and lick it as he pump my face. His cock keep growing getting bigger and bigger and harder. He started to moan himself as I suck him more. Now he was fully hard again trying to shove deep into my mouth. I was all most gagging as he fuck my mouth. Then he stop and pulled his cock out of my mouth, its hard and ready for more. He smile and said that I can suck it later but he thinks his cock wants more of that red pussy of mine. He slowly started to stroke it as he pull me up off the couch. He started to head up stair pulling me behind him. He lead me into my room and over to the bed. He laid down on the bed his cock still hard as ever point up. He smile at me and told me that his cock was ready for me to climb aboard. With a smile I climb up straddling his cock . slide down it as I started to ride like a real cowgirl. Wasn't long before I was moaning again and cumming all over him. By the time I finish riding his cock I was total wore out and fell asleep like a baby, When I work up, I was alone in the bed. So I got up and shower with my pussy feeling a little sore but still singing in the shower. I slip on some shorts and a halter top and headed down stairs. I see the living room mess was all clean up and I heard voice in the kitchen. I went to find mom and him cooking. Mom seen me and ask me how my night was, Smile I said I had a good night and she said she was glad to hear. He just smile back at me. But it didn't stop there lol

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