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Male Babysitter

We are a couple that likes to go out at the weekend, and since we have
couple of young kids we use a baby sitter. Where we are there seems to
be a
real struggle to get babysitters and although we thought twice about
it, we
ended up getting a local guy who is at college. He is a nice guy, tall
quite good looking. He is pretty quiet and kinda preppy, which we liked
the kids seem to love him.

One night the car died on us about 200 yards from home, which could
been worse. My Husband stayed with the car and I walked the rest of the
back., to call the breakdown service from the house. Not wanting to
anyone up I crept in the back door. I could hear the TV was still on
heard some moaning and groaning. looking thru the serving hatch I could
a porn tape running on the VCR and our baby sitter laid back intently
focussed on the screen. straining thru the hatch as much as much as I
I watched as our babysitter had his enormous cock gripped in his right
slowly stroking it, with his left hand craddling and massaging his huge
balls. I couldnt keep my eyes off it. It must have been about 10". My
husband is not small and has a thick 8" cock but this was allot thicker
longer. As he moved his position a little I pulled my head back thru
hatch and pretended to open the kitched door and annouce I was back. I
could hear his scramble, and gave him eough time to sort himself out
coming into the front room.
I must admit I couldnt keep my eyes off his sizable bulge as I told him
had broken down, and went to the phone. As I did the hubby came in the
door, he had managed to get the car going. Since our car was not so
reliable we suggested that the babysitter stay the night on the couch
we would take him back to the dorm in the morning.
I could hardly sleep thinking about the beautiful cock, and found
laying awake getting wetter and wetter as the hubby lay snoring. After
while I put on my little robe, and went downstairs. I only sleep in my
panties, an I took these off before I put the robe on as they were wet
anyway. I dont know what I expected to happen or to see, but was kind
happy to see he was lying on the couch, in his boxer shorts on top of
quilt we had given him watching a late movie. He tried to cover up a
when he saw me come in but I caught a glimpse of his young smooth
body and a little more of that sizable bulge. I sat on the chair
him and told him I couldnt sleep and we made some small talk about the
movie on the TV. We both watched it for a little while. I kept grabbing
glance of him as the light from the TV flickered in the room. I could
see him looking at me, and deliberately move my position to so the gown
dropped away from my legs as I crossed them. I could feel him running
eyes along the tops of my thighs in the dim light. A few minutes later
leant a little forward, opening the front of my gown so he could
see my firm 36c breasts from the side. Looking over at him we caught
others eyes and I instinctively got up and moved over to the couch. I
in front of him and slipped the gown off my shoulders and stood naked
front of him. He laid back with his mouth open, looking more than a
startled. I told him I had seen him earlier and he looked embarrased. I
then told him to take off his boxer shorts and he obliged, without
question. His semi hard prick fell out as he pulled them down his
legs. He must have been about 6-7" in this state and I was determined
feel him inside me.
I knelt before him and ran my hands up him thigh and took his cock in
hand, and felt it stiffen almost immediatley. I had forgotton how hard
young men get. I looked up at him an smiled and took the large head
into my
mouth. I could taste the precum on my tongue. My mouth was stretched
the way open to accomodate this monster cock.. I sucked and licked the
and looked up at him as he gasped and gripped the cushion beside him.
gripped the shaft tightly and sucked the head hard, my head bobbing up
down on him quickly. I could feel his breathing quicken and it felt
like he
was going to cum, and I pulled off him. I told him I didnt want him
just yet, and sat on the couch beside him opened my legs and ran my
up and down my wet shaved pussy and asked him if he had licked pussy
before. He nodded, and I whispered to him to lick me. He quickly knelt
the floor and hungrily lapped at my wet hole. What he lacked in
he made up for in enthusiasm, and after a little direction from me he
licked and sucked on my clit like a pro and had me cumming hard which
seemed to please him. he pulled away his mouth gleaming with my cum and
juices. I then got onto the floor and bent over the couch with my knees
the floor and told him to get his cock in me and fuck me hard. Looking
my shoulder I watched as he gripped his length in his hand and guide it
towards my hole. I felt him drive the head in and felt him stretch me
I had never felt before. With another push he drove his cock all the
in. I nearly screamed out with pain and pleasure burying my face in the
cushions as this young stud gripped my hips and drove into me harder
each stroke. I knew he wouldnt last long but I wanted to make the most
it, and told him to fuck me harder. He banged into me I could feel his
large balls banging against me as he pulled nealry all the way out
driving that 10" monster back into me. A fe seconds later I felt him
even more, and felt him hot cum inside me. He seemed to cum loads and I
almost at once felt it running down my legs.
When he pulled out of me I looked up and kissed him long and hard
my tongue into his mouth, and thanked him, then went upstairs back to
husband knowing this wouldnt be the last time.

End of Story

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