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I had signed you and Crystal up for an extreme makeover, few months later we get a letter saying crystal had won the makeover. we call you up the next day to tell you the good news and you say you have won the same thing. the only bad thing is you both will be gone for 6 months. the 1st day you get there you and Crystal get reacquainted with each other. and discuss what you both want done which mostly is the same. Liposuction, gastric bypass, tummy tuck, breast lift, you want a nose job, Crystal wants her scars reduced if possible. and both want your teeth fixed or replaced. so as i wait on my 2 favorite ladies i sit around here take care of my kids being bored and horny while you and Crystal play when you can and feel like it. After 6 months i get a call saying the reveal for you 2 is in Chicago. so i pack the kids up in the trailer and drive up in anticipation of seeing you 2. they take us to a big hotel and make us wait for 2 hrs. soon they say you will be right out. so they send a gorgeous lady out, I didn't recognize you, you had everything done. you weigh about 130lbs, had nose job done, breast nice full perky nipples poking through the knee length dress. Teeth whitened, the whole 9n yards. as I stand and give you a hug and a quick tongue kiss I also cop a quick feel of your boobs (they do catch that on national TV but cut it out). They feel so natural. You whisper you and Crystal or soooo in need of my cock.

Then they send Crystal out. Man oh man I am the luckiest guy on earth, I have 2 of the most beautiful women on earth ready and willing to fuck me silly. Crystal weighs about the same as you, the same breast size DD's. I give her a Loooong tongue kiss and grab a good feel of her breast. every1 goes to hooting and hollering. we do the TV thing till late. we go to our hotel room with me and crystal in the middle between you and the kids rooms as the kids go to sleep, you come into our room you and Crystal start kissing me hands slowly jerking me then you kneel down and take my cock in your mouths and switch from one to the other, tongues swirling around my cock, i lay on my back you climb on my face, Crystal wants to feel my cock 1st, Almost as soon as she sits on it she starts cumming, I'm licking your clit, you're kissing Crystal to keep her quite. As soon as she climbs off you climb on slamming my cock in your pussy. I'm tasting Crystal's wetness as you start cumming so does she. Kissing each other to keep quite. Crystal's orgasm is so powerful she passes out and with the excitement of seeing you 2 I cum quite a bit 2 and so we all curl up asleep.

The next day Crystal and me decide for her to go to Cali to show her Mom and grandma for a couple days and take the kids. The next day they load onto a plane and leave us alone until I have to go back home. next week.

So we get busy trying out different things we go to an adult store buy some toys to play with, a board game, a LARGE vibrating dildo that almost feels lifelike, some edible body paint assorted other things. the 1st night we play the board game we don't even make it halfway thru b4 we get so horny we are yanking what is left of our clothes off to have quick hard sex. i bend you over tub slam my cock into your warm wet pussy. harder faster you yell, waking the older couple above who calls the manager. as he knocks on the door you yell I'M CUMMING which he misunderstands to mean come in and he gets an eye full. me pounding your pussy and filling you full. he politely clears his throat ask if we could please keep it down with a big grin on his face. As we look at him (still slowly fucking each other) we say we'll try. he leaves and closes the door and we break out laughing. The grin on his face could've swallowed a whale it was so big.

Next we try the dildo, as it slides into you and I slide into your ass its almost to big you say, take it slow. So I slow down and turn it ALLL the way up making you squeal with pleasure. you reach down thrusting it in & out as I do the same in your ass. You cant take too many thrust of it and me so you cum again real quick loudly. UUUmm that was good Mike but I'm tired now you say. Works for me hadn't had a workout like this since Crystal left to be with you I tease. As we slide off into sleep.

The next morning you wake up to find me with a brush in my hand and a stick drawing of the next position i want to try so i work my way down the chocolate & cherry flavored paint into position my head between your legs and my dick near your mouth as we lick and suck each other awake you get the idea to go swimming.

at the pool we do a few laps to finish waking up play and splash around like a couple of newlyweds, when it starts to get chilly and your nipples get hard enough to cut glass we go to the Jacuzzi. in the Jacuzzi we snuggle up together with you facing me you new skimpy 2 piece bottoms "accidentally" slide off to the side and i slide up into you. you start swinging hips back and forth making little waves and soon little moans are coming from you and me. my hands slide under top piece to feel you're new tits damn they feel so real and you say more sensitive now to for some reason as you squeal you're cumming As you quite down, the same manager from last night ask to talk to us in his office when we are done.

We get there he ask us to sit down and if we are married. of course not, just really good friends we say with a grin. he sits for a min then ask us to leave saying we are causing to much noise that is annoying our neighbors and indecent exposure. as much as he personally enjoyed the shows. he has too. we understand and start packing our bags. at the plane gates we give each other a long lingering kiss and I get a few lucky shit grins from the guys around us you cop a quick feel of my hardening cock, something to remember me by you say mischeviously. and then we're on our planes heading to our on houses.

To be continued .........

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