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Magic Dust

Was it last night or the night before? We'd finished dinner and
cleaned up the kitchen. I'd started a load of laundry in the washing
machine. When I came back to the living room, she'd turned off the lights
and lit candles. She was sitting on a cushion on the floor, naked, nipples
tight in spite of the warmth of the room.

"Come sit with me." she said softly, with a smile.

I took off my clothes and sat by her side. How could I do anything

She was holding a small velvet pouch; I hadn't seen it before.

"I've got something new for us, lover... Would you like to try it?"

I looked into her eyes, seeing the sparkle, recognizing the look on
her face, the slight flaring of her nostrils. Tonight was going to be
intense, I could tell.

"Yes darling, please." I said softly, putting my hands on her
thighs. "What is it?"

She smiled and opened the top of the pouch a little, then held up
her other hand, palm open and level about chin high. She shook the pouch,
letting something come out onto her palm.

Then she looked me in the eyes and said "It's magic trance dust..."
With that she blew across her hand into my face. I felt her breath on my
face and an incredible tingle ran through me as my eyes closed and I felt
myself dropping deep into trance for her, falling back on to the floor.

I heard her laughing softly from that far away place, then her
voice told me how her magic trance dust took me to a wonderful place where
I was floating, so relaxed and comfortable, how it intensified my pleasure,
how it intensified my desire for her.

And it did; I always wanted her, but now I wanted her even more. I
wanted her touch, her taste, her smell.

I felt her touch, her fingers by my neck, sliding slowly down my
chest, down to my stomach. Her fingertips were hot and tingling; I gasped
at her touch.

"Good darling, deep breath and let go, deep in hypnosis for me..."

I felt her hand on my stomach as I breathed deep and let go,
floating. Her touch was so close, but her voice so far away.

"Now I'm sprinkling my magic dust on your cock, getting it even
harder, oh yes so hard and hot for me, and making your cock respond only to
me tonight..."

I felt her touch along my already rigid shaft, the sensation was

She spoke to me, intensifying, building. I let go to her as I have
for so long, each time learning to, yearning to, let go even more.

She moved on top of me and we slid together quickly. I moaned, my
head and back arching, my knees spreading to open my hips more, to join her

She moved on top of me, rocking, making me dizzy, my eyes still
closed. She pushed her lips into mine, grinding into me, pushing her tongue
into my mouth as I pushed into her. After a while she sat up, rocking more
intensely, and I heard her moaning. My arms were so heavy, but I moved them
to hold her waist, pushing the small of my back into the floor, tilting my
hips to meet her.

She cried out and shook. I squeezed her waist as my head arched
back further, my back flexing more, moaning, trying to push deeper and
deeper into her.

Her hands moved, taking mine over my head, holding them there. Her
voice started again, I heard her but only my body understood her, moving
more, the sensations so intense. She was holding me so tight; I was
helpless again underneath her.

I felt a breast brushing my cheek; I couldn't move my head, all I
could do was move my lips, waiting, desiring, hearing her words, feeling
them controlling me. I moaned again, I couldn't take much more.

But I did, for an incredible period, until her nipple touched my
lips and I came deep inside her, the world spinning, hearing her cry out
again in ecstasy, squeezing my wrists still held over my head.

And I was floating in her arms, suckling gently, rocking back and
forth, back and forth.

"Time to wake up now darling, time to wake up. One, feeling your
body again, feeling strong and relaxed..."

I held her to me. I didn't want it to end yet. She pulled away from
me easily.

"Two, deep breath and start to open your eyes..."

I took a deep breath and wiggled my fingers, flexed my legs a
little under her, feeling the coolness where our mixed fluids had run down
between my legs and along my ass. I hoped she'd put a towel down underneath
us; I wiggled my bottom a little but wasn't sure if I was feeling towel or
carpet. My parents were coming over for dinner in a couple days and the
spots were embarrassing.

"Three, awake, alert, and ready to go off to bed with me for a
wonderful nights sleep..."

I opened my eyes and looked into hers, she was above me propped up
on her elbows. I smiled and sighed; what else can you do at a time like

"How was that, darling?" she asked with a smile.

I sighed again. "Incredible. I hope you enjoyed it too..."

She laughed softly and wiggled on top of me, letting her breasts
slide across my chest, making me close my eyes for a moment to revel in the

"Oh I did darling, I did..."

I opened my eyes again, slowly. "When did you think that up? How
long ago did you prep me for that?" I knew she'd give me suggestions in
trance that she wouldn't use for weeks or more.

She laughed a little more, bent down and kissed me on the forehead
before moving to my side and sitting up. She had a small towel between her

"It came to me this morning between clients; I picked up the pouch
at lunch." She paused and played with the hair on my head, moving my head
around a little. I let go and let my eyes close again.

"No you don't, eyes open again darling..." she chided.

I opened my eyes and smiled. "But I love it so much. I love you so

"I know you do." She held my head in both her hands, moving her
face over me. My eyes locked on hers. She started speaking to me in her
wonderful rhythmic voice.

"And the interesting thing is I've never prepared you for that.
It's real magic trance dust, and every time I use it with you it will be
more intense and more powerful..."

Even though she was very close to me, our eyes locked, her voice
was coming from far away again, her words going through me, going very deep
into me.

"Close your eyes darling..." she said squeezing my head a little. I
let them close.

"My magic trance dust will be more intense and more powerful every
time I use it..."

She was holding my head, moving it slightly from side to side. She
let me float again for a while.

"Now it's time to wake up so we can go to bed. I need you to hold
me. One... Two... Three..."

I opened my eyes and sat up slowly with her help. I smiled; a towel
was doubled up underneath me.

I gathered up the towel and our clothes, standing slowly, putting
an arm around her.

"Let's go to bed darling." I said, kissing her on the head.

End of Story

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