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Lot Attendant Tends To Wife

my wife and i owned a used car lot on the outskirts of town.we had started it with 2 old cars and built it into a profitable buisness.she managed the office while i bought the cars and fixed them with some reconditioning.as our buisness grew it became difficult to do all the work and still find the cars.we decided it was time to hire a detailer/mechanic.the ad brought only two prospects,one of whom did not even bother to show up for the interview.the one who did appear,was a young man about 20 or so who had vocational training and seemed eager to work in the auto buisness.he also seemed strong and fit for any heavy work.i noticed my wifes eyes appeared pleased with the result of our search .it was agreed he would start monday.at home that night,i asked her what she thought of bill.he seems to be just what we need ,she replied,and when youre not ther i think i ll be safe with him around.i noticed she had a sly smile on her face at the thoght of him "protecting"her.that night she was a wiiling wanton wench in bed,i enjoyed the thrill of her ,perhaps fanasizing about bill, while i reaped the fruits of her renewed passion,her nails dug into my shoulders as i fucked her.she moaned oh yeah baby,give it to me, fuck me good and hard.i responded with my own passion as she threw her hips up to meet mine. as i erupted into her depths,i wondered if she was thinking of the kid?was she fantasizing of him screwing her?i decided this naughty little scenario had some prospects to it.we had swung in the lifestyle before and maybe this was the time to renew our lust.i asked her if she had him on her mind,and she admitted she did.after all she said we played before.i nodded and told herif you want to play again i dont mind,but dont mind if i peek in on you two.she laughed saying you just want to watch bill fucking me. sure,i said,just pull out some of those sexy outfits i bought you and enjoy yourself

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