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let me tell how i would enjoy u, i would come to the door with a black long coat on all buttoned down to my calves u see black hose with black heals.... a gold chain around my neck that glistens with the vanillia candle burning in the background . I invite you in and take your coat and get u a drink, i ask u to sit down , i go into the kitchen to get u a drink the music is playing very low, lights dimmed with lots of candles burning ... the aroma of the vanillia fills my home. i come out and join u on the couch sitting next to u looking deep in your eyes and i lean over and i kiss you, just a peck on your lips we then chat some more about little things like your drive to my home what u were thinking on your way and what u thought the first time u met me ...... i then lean over again and kiss u this time very passionate and deeply ... i look deep into your eyes and i see u r happy to be here .... i then take u by your hand and i stand u up i slowly unbutton all your buttons of your shirt as i look deeply into your eyes .... i unbutton your pants and let them fall to your ankles i then sit u back down and i take your shoes and socks off ... i then stand in front of u and look deeply into your eyes as i slowly unbutton my coat one button at a time going very slowly ... i hold the coat together with one hand at my waist as i unbutton it down past my waist all the way to my thighs ... u r wondering what i may have underneath my coat so i slowly reveal my left shoulder .... my right shoulder ... u see that they r bare all u see is the gold chain glistening in the candlelight i let it go down slowly on my arms and reveal my breasts u r having a hard time sitting there watching this since i am taking my good old time i then release alittle more of my coat and reveal my waist i stop at my belly button still looking at your eyes i then reveal my hips my thighs my legs my calves and i drop the coat to the floor ... standing in front of u naked letting u absorb me letting your mind imagin how soft my skin is, and thinking how i would react to your hands on my body... i then stradle you my ass on your legs your hands on your side i am not permitting u to touch me yet with your hands just with your mind..... your eyes close as i lick your neck from left to right i go to your ears and nibble on your ear lobes my hand on the back of the couch and my other hand on your shoulder ... i go to your collarbone and i lick and kiss it going from right to left i scoot down i am now on your knees still stradling u i start to suck on your chest i go to your nipples and i take the tip of my tongue and i go round and round your nipple getting it hard your eyes open as i place your hard nipple in my mouth and i place between my teeth and tug on it i go to the left and do the same i suck on your ribcage licking and kissing and sucking every inch of your chest ... i then go to your arms and i lick and kiss my way to your fingers i look into your eyes and as i take my tongue and go round the tip of your finger making a circular motion, i then suck on the head of your finger and watch your eyes as i do this .... i then drive your finger deep into my mouth teasing u ...making you want to feel my mouth more ... i do this to every finger and of course watching your eyes roll in the back of your head is such a turn on ..... i go to your hips and i glide my tongue going right to left across your hips barely touching the tip of your cock ..... i then go to your balls and place in my mouth and suck on them gently as i watch your eyes, feel your body moving. U try to touch i stop and look at u and u put your hands to your side you r craving my touch ..... i go to your inner thigh and i gently nibble as i work my way down your legs down your calves all the way to your toes i watch your eyes as i touch every inch of your body with my mouth and my hands ... i place each toe in my mouth teasing it with my tongue and driving them deep in my mouth ..... i crawl back up to you and i use the tip of my tongue gliding it straight up your body to your mouth ... i then kiss u very deeply and passionately i suck on your tongue and i drive my tongue deep into your mouth. i then take the tip of my tongue and i make my way down going down your chin the middle of your chest your belly button to your cock i tease the tip of your cock going round and round with my tongue watching your eyes i then suck on only the head teasing u .... i release the head of your cock and i lick the shaft of your cock making sure that evey inch of u has been moisten with my tongue i then place your balls back in my mouth and suck on them gently feeling your body move, i then go back to your cock and this time i place u in my mouth and i slowly go down inch by inch feeling every inch of my mouth as i take u to the base of your cock .... i slowly pull up and watch your eyes as i do .... i go back down this time alittle faster but still slow enough to make u think and imagin what it would feel like exploding in my mouth and touching me ..... i then pick up the speed and i drive you deep into my mouth taking u in deep and fast ..... watching your eyes, feeling your back arch .... i then place my hand at the base of your cock and i stroke it with my mouth and with my hand i am stroking faster and taking u deeper in my mouth u can feel the back of my throat as i stroke u .....deeper and deeper in my mouth faster and faster my hand strokes u ... u want to explode but i slow down ........ and release you from my mouth .... i go back up and kiss your mouth as my coochie is feeling your hard cock between my legs feeling the heat .......i then deside that i must feel how u feel inside of me ..... i then squat over your cock and just feeling the tip of your hard cock inside of me i come down every slow i am very wet you can feel the moisture all over your cock and u feel me going down slowly enjoying every inch of you as it enters me and i bounce on your hips grinding u deep inside of me i stroke u in my body ... u feeling my smooth walls ..... the wetness of all my juices on your cock as well as on your balls, my legs get tired and then i go to my knees and i go back and forth grinding your hips feeling u deeper and deeper into me .... u moaning ... me moaning enjoing every feeling of u but i stop..... i get off of you and i go to your cock and i tease the tip of it licking the shaft licking all my juices off of ul and i stroke u fast and deep and your hips r moving with my mouth and u r ready to explode and release your prize to me ....... your cock then pulsates in my mouth and here comes my prize i swollow every bit of u moaning as its exploding .... i then suck on the head of your cock draining u of all your juices making sure i get every last drop of them .

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