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It had been a long and fun filled day. After driving down from Arlington to Galveston, Vikki and I had strolled up and down Beach Boulevard. Looking into the shops, sometimes even going in and looking over the merchandise, laughing and talking about what we liked. Later we dined in a seafood restaurant along the wharf, watching the pelicans and the sea gulls scampering about in search of scraps. After dinner we strolled along, letting the fading sunlight warm us. Then sitting on the beach, we watched it settle into the Gulf, painting a warm, red glow over the skies, and us.

The weather was warm and pleasant as we ambled back to our room at the Flag Ship Inn. As soon as we entered the room, Vikki grabbed her over night bag and ducked into the bathroom. When she came out, Vikki flowed sensuously across the room, opened the patio doors, and stood looking out at the dark mysterious waters of the Gulf of Mexico. She was wearing a real long flowing white wisp of a nightgown. It was so sheer that standing in the patio door with the moonlight flooding around her; Vikki may as well have been naked. Personally, there are so many possibilities for taking them off that I like for her to wear sexy panties under it, but that was just me.

When Vikki wore this gown, it was always my cue that she was horny and wanted to get frisky, so I immediately jumped in the shower. When I came out of the bathroom, Vikki was looking all sexy leaning against the headboard with her wispy gown spread out on the bed accenting the nice shape of her legs.... and, much to my surprise, she was talking on the phone to her mother. As far as I was concerned, her mother was one of the most evil people in world and I resented Vikki calling her while we were on a romantic vacation. So, just to be ornery I slithered up under Vikki’s gown, playfully removed her panties with my teeth, and then went down on her. Her trying not to moan while she was talking to her mother was hilarious. I made her orgasm 3-times while they were talking. Ever since then I’ve always wondered if she told her mother what happened, because the next time I saw her mother she kept grinning and looking at me funny. I think Vikki got off on getting face while she was talking on the phone, because the next week, we were laying in bed, reading and one of her girlfriends call. As soon as Vikki started talking, she casually reached over, gently took me by the hair and put my face in her lap. It didn't take a rocket scientist to figure out what she wanted. After that she couldn't talk on the phone unless my face was buried in her lap. After that when the phone rung, I just automatically join her. I don't know if she told her mother what was going on or not, but I do know that she told her girlfriends, because when they were over they would joke about borrowing me if they got a phone call.

As I eagerly crawling into bed, Vikki hung up and we settled down for the night. Our first session of lovemaking was slow, erotic and after seeing Vikki silhouetted in the moonlight, filled with the wonder of exploring each other’s body as if for the first time. Vikki’s body moved and undulated as I sought out many of her sensitive areas, and I was pleased to see that after 5-years of marriage, that she still reacted with pleasure to my touch. At the same time, her hands sent electric shocks of pleasure through me as her supple hands found places on my body that I'd never thought were sensual. The soft glow of the small scented candles we'd bought along made her body a study in warm curves, perfect skin, and sensuality. Our orgasms came close together, and I felt the whole of my inner being pouring forth into Vikki, as her legs wrapped around me like a warm, loving blanket. The softness of her lips contrasted marvelously against the firmness of her arms and legs as we floated on our cloud of erotic passion. We held each other as we fell asleep, with me curled up behind, my arm over her waist, cupping her warm breast.

I awoke to find Vikki still snuggled against me. The warmth of her firm behind pressing firmly against my loins ignited anew the fires of my desire for her. In the dim light of only a single candle, I traced the soft curve of Vikki’s beautiful thigh, marveling as I did at the silky texture of her smooth skin. Her breathing was deep, and rhythmic, as I watched her sleep. When my lips sought and found the warmth of her back, I left soft kisses from the nape of her neck to her warm bare shoulders, enjoying the subtle changes in your breathing. She moved slightly, and I felt an electric thrill as her warm slit glided over my hardening erection.

Moving my hand gently over the exposed flesh of Vikki’s luscious behind, I cupped the upraised curve of flesh and marveled at its curiously soft, yet firm resilience. As I lifted it, I heard the ever so soft sucking sound of Vikki’s moist lips parting, such an erotic sound that it caused my erection swell. Her slumber was still tranquil, even though Vikki seemed to be dreamily enjoying my touch. I wondered of whom she dreamed about, and then decided it didn't matter. I leaned forward and blew my warm breath ever so softly across the pink moist lips of her damp slit. Breathing ever so softly so that there is only the slightest touch of my breath on her delicate flesh. At first Vikki just twitched, but as she became more aroused she started slowly moved her hips and slightly parted her legs. As her arousal increased her movements became more pronounced and Vikki’s legs spread even wider and wider. Once her legs were spread wide enough, I was able to get my face with in an inch of her slit. She murmured something unintelligible and shift her hips slightly, afraid that she was about to awaken, I froze in place. After a moments pause, I resumed gently licking her delectable pussy. I moved my tongue up and down her slit, seeking to entice her to give me further access to her treasure. When Vikki became aroused to the point of moving her hands down to rub herself, it was safe to flick out my tongue and start licking her sweet little cunt. I believe this phase of sleep is called REM, and if I’m oh so slow and careful, Vikki will never wake up. As I gently stroked her with my tongue, her legs spread even wider and her hips started moving as she rubbed her delicate pussy rhythmically against my face. As things heated up Vikki’s fingers entwined in my hair as she pulled me tighter against her. When she cummed it was so powerful that she almost awakened. Holding myself very still, I continued to slowly breathe my warm breath across her still aroused slit. When Vikki finally calmed down and settled back into blissful slumber, I freed myself from between her legs.

In a few minutes when Vikki awakened, with a deep contented sigh. Even though her pussy was soaking wet from her ‘dream’ orgasm, Vikki found that her hazy dream had left her incredibly horny. Turning Vikki took me in her arms and I moved my hand seductively up her side to her breasts. They were small globes of enticing softness, barely a handful, and as I spread my hand over them, I could feel her nipples growing erect. As Vikki’s arms locked around my neck, our lips met, setting our bodies aflame. Our lips and tongues danced to each other’s passions. Our hands caressed each other’s bodies as I kissed Vikki neck and leaned my head forward so my breath blew gently across her ear lobe, then opened my mouth and touched my tongue to it, visibly sending a shiver through her body.

Pushing Vikki back down on the bed, I moved purposefully between her outstretched legs and pressed the head of my erection against the moist folds of her magic entrance. Her warm creamy wetness spread over my glands, and her musky fragrance reached my brain, filling me with urgency, and yet I restrained my desires.

My hand slide down Vikki’s thigh, lightly caressing her velvety skin, and then I moved it back up and grip the cheeks of her firm rear. As my fingers dig into her firm flesh and pull her tighter against me, Vikki gently moved as if she was still dreaming. My own flesh was hard, rigid and eager to find its way inside of her again, urging me to surround it with her warm flesh. I continued pressing the tip against her entrance, feeling the warmth of her moist womanhood, and slowly, ever so slowly, pressed forward. As the head penetrated her damp lips, I slowly start moving in and out.

My hands again slide up and rested on the sides of Vikki’s hips, pulling her gently onto my shaft. Slowly, savoring every movement, I felt myself entering Vikki, entering her deliciously sensual body, becoming one with her. My cock was only halfway in, still slowly spreading Vikki’s entrance. I paused, and withdrew, just a fraction, then slowly resumed my forward movement. This time, I stopped with the head just barely within the grip of Vikki’s muscular ring, and felt her contract around me. Then, without moving, a soft, slow, sensual feeling of her body opening up to me, and the head suddenly slipped past, allowing the walls of Vikki’s pussy to grasp my shaft. A soft moan escaped her sweet red lips, and her breathing became visibly faster.

Time had no meaning, as I worked slowly. Pressing gently, and then withdrawing just a tiny bit, I slowly worked my shaft inside Vikki until I was more than halfway in. I had slowed several times, wondering if she'd really awakened. Each time, her breathing, although sensual, was still that of slumber. I again thought of her earlier dream, and wondered what sexual fantasies were dancing inside her head. I pressed forward again, and this time, her sleepy movement wasn't slight. Letting out a surprised moan as she awakened, Vikki rolled her hips back against me, taking my shaft fully into her depths,

"Ooooh, god!" she gasped, "Yessss, yessss, yessss," her soft voice whispered.

The radiance of Vikki sensual aura enveloped me as I wrapped my arms around her, pulling her tighter, cupping her breasts, and kissing behind her ear.

"God! You are so beautiful!" I whispered passionately into Vikki’s ear. I can’t believe how much I love this woman. Just the thought of seeing her when I get home in the evening makes going to work worthwhile. Her love makes me feel good about myself. All day at work I really look forward to going home and screwing my wife at night. She's got an awesome body and is a really fun fuck. Even after 5-years of marriage I still love the curves of her body, the beautiful smile and kissable lips, sparkling eyes that melts me away. Soft whispers in my ears at night in the bed turns me on, those gentle bites on my ear Ooooh la, her moans when I explore her body with my hands feeling every inch of her body, my tongue exploring her mouth and lips. I still love her tender touch and her soft body beneath mine.

I loved every second of shoving my cock up in her, as I felt her body melt onto mine, her hand against my thigh, and the soft squeeze of her pussy against my shaft. Her back arched, pressing her warm ass against me, taking me deeper, making us both yearn for the sensual feelings that lay ahead. My fingers found her nipples, hard, erect, sensitive and begging to be explored. I pulled on them gently, feeling her respond and writhe against my rigid flesh buried inside you.

"Harder," she breathed. "Fuck me harder," her voice now little more than a husky whispers.

Laughing, I slowly withdrew, until just the head remained inside her, then slowly I moved forward, teasing her body, letting her savor the heat and passion. Again her body arched, quickly driving me deep inside her. I pulled back quickly, only to slowly begin another thrust, and again she arched to take me fast, the way she wanted it.

"Fuck me. Fuck me hard!" her breathlessly voice was urgently demands.

Franticly I rolled Vikki over onto her stomach, my hands still on her breasts. My legs outside of hers, I pressed my rigid shaft deep into her soft, wet flesh squeezing her breasts as I did so. Vikki arched against me again, raising her hips to allow me to go deeper. I too arched, pressing myself deep into her body, feeling her soft behind flatten against my loins. Again and again we thrust against each other, building our passions as we build the power of our thrusts.

Vikki’s muscles contracted around me as I plunged deep inside her pussy. My body arched powerfully, trying to extend the reach of my rigid flesh. Vikki’s upturned behind rippled as my body slammed against her, and the bed shook as our bodies writhed and collided. Vikki’s harsh breathing and low moans filled me with an overwhelming urge to please her, to fill her with ecstasy. My hips began to move in long, hard thrusts, slamming hard against her ass, making us both quake and groan. My fingers released her breasts and slid automatically to her hips, grasping them and pulling them even tighter against me. Our bodies went into a frenzy of sensual arousal, peeling away our facade of civilization, leaving us both exposed as two primal beings writhing in passionate desires.

This time I thrust forcefully against her rear, pressing hard against the soft curves of her ass. She moaned as I cupped her breasts and again began to pinch her nipples. As I slid out and then thrust forward, her hips thrust back to meet me. As if I could somehow slide even deeper inside her, we pressed tighter against each other. Our movements became faster, more urgent, as every nerve in our bodies seemed to accentuate the sensual pleasures.

Vikki’s cunt spasmed and milked my cock, sucking my brain out of my head and down towards her. My whole body began to unravel, to drain towards my balls. Another spasm and Vikki’s cunt seemed to suck at my soul, drawing me into her even deeper. With a loud moan, Vikki arched her cunt against my impaling cock, shuddering and heaving against me. The squeezing, milking, sucking of her engorged cunt drew me over the edge with her. Trembling, my body violently thrust my cock deeper into Vikki, my coarse public hair chafing the delicate flesh of her pink pussy. Holding myself in place for a long second, my cock swelled and my balls readied themselves to spew out their creamy sperm. Another hard thrust, and I could feel Vikki’s juices spreading down her ass and thighs, just as I felt a warm flood beginning to rise inside my cock. My hands tightened their grip, my fingers digging into the flesh of her hips, pulling her tighter against me. My hips arched, shoving my cock roughly into Vikki’s cunt, I screamed as my cock swelled, filling her with my hot, creamy sperm. As my balls voided themselves, my whole body stiffened deep inside her.

Then, wave after wave of warm sensual pleasure caressed my being, as my cock gushed, flooding Vikki with my warm, creamy cum, flowing like a river into her waiting cunt. Vikki’s pussy milked the white cream from me, as her body spasmed with pleasure and her soft moans filling my ears with erotically delightful noises. Our brains knew nothing but throbbing cock, squeezing cunt, and warm, flowing creams for long moments. When I closed my eyes and my face contorted as I cummed. There was the usual overwhelming physical pleasure of orgasm, but somehow it was a feeling I’d never experienced before. Afterwards when she asked me if it was good, Vikki said that was what she saw in my expression. I loved every second of it. That’s why I took the time to make sure she got off too.

Bracing myself on my elbows, sweating and trying to catch my breath, and I hungrily kissed Vikki’s neck and shoulders, tasting the salty perspiration that covered her fantastically sensual body. I sighed contentedly as our bodies bask in the afterglow, the feeling of Vikki’s soft behind nestled against the hollow of my loins filled me with a warm pleasure. She turned her head and we kissed, briefly, and then Vikki handed me a package all done up in fancy red wrapping paper, complete with a big bow.

“Wow, a present. Its not my birthday, so what did I do to deserve this?” I cheerfully asked.

“Just open it,” she returned.

So, I eagerly ripped opened the wrapping paper and opened the box. With a puzzled expression, I just looked at the contents. Reaching inside I removed a pair of tiny baby size sneakers, and then next came a tiny baseball glove. Under the baseball glove was a miniature baseball bat, the kind the give out as gate prizes at Ranger stadium. And last was a tiny Rangers team jersey. After I looked at the stuff for a while, I said, “Unless there’s another box with a doll in, I haven’t a clue what this stuff is for.

With a huge grin, Vikki said, “There is something small enough to wear it in a ‘box,’ but it’s not a doll.” Then with a chuckle, she tossed me her panties and cooed, “As for the other ‘package’ you unwrapped it already.”

Being a typical guy, subtlety is wasted on me; you have to hit me over the head with a 2x4.

Disgustedly, she said, “You may have un-wrapped the ‘package’ tonight, but you can’t take the prize out for 9-months.”

Still a typical guy, I said, “I can’t think of anything that takes 9-months but a baby” …. “A BABY!” I screamed. Grabbing her and kissing her, I leap up and did a war dance around the bed, kicking the pillows and half the cover on the floor in the process. Then like a crazy man, I leaped off the bed and did a nude version of one of those crazy that football players do in the end zone when they score a touch down.

All the time I’m doing my little dance, Vikki is rolling around on the bed, laughing her as off. When I finally came back down to earth, Vikki casually asked if, “Did that little demonstration of adolescent behavior mean that you approve?”

Dashing across the room, I leaped back into bed and enfolded her lovingly in my arms. Then our lips touched and I gave her a kiss worth of the mother of my child. When she spread her legs and pulled me lovingly on top of her, I froze up and pushed away. Kissing me again, she laughingly informed me that she wasn’t made out of glass. Then as she put her arms around me, she said that she was just pregnant. Melting into each other’s arms, we made slow and sweet love, the sweetest love that I’d ever experienced.

Spent, we curled up on our sides, as my hand sought her breast again, with a gentle sigh, Vikki covered my hand with hers, squeezing it gently. Then cuddled together, spoon fashion, we faded off to sleep…Sweet dreams, my love.

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