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The old farmhouse was lit with candlelight. The weatherman had predicted a big storm, but she had known it from the time she woke up this morning, her body on high alert, waiting.

She had always been a storm watcher; the electricity that accompanied large thunder and lightning storms seemed to charge her somehow. She had started several projects during the day and left them half finished, wandering off as if in a dream, unable to focus on anything for more than a few moments.

She brushed her hair away from her face in an irritated sweep as she walked around waiting. She found herself hovering around the windows or front door most of the day, drawn again and again as the power of the building storm had her looking for it as if she were awaiting a lover's arrival.

The air was like a hot wet blanket, muggy and dormant as it can only be during mid June in WV. The electricity had gone out mid afternoon and without the air conditioning, the house was like an oven. As darkness fell she had stripped down to her panties and a man's sleeveless t-shirt, "wife beater" she had heard this type of tee referred to. She shook her head, "what a condescending term", she thought.

With relief she heard the roll of thunder in the distance and saw the curtains begin to stir at the open windows. She stepped outside onto the front porch. The farmhouse was the only one on this stretch of road for miles and she had little concern about shocking the neighbors as she sought to capture some of the cooling breeze that had begun at last.

The wind began to pick up as she wandered around the large front porch. Startled by a clap of thunder and flash of lightning, the first drops of rain began to fall. She walked down the steps and into the front yard, luxuriating in the cool drops on her warm skin. She raised her arms and stretched, feeling the wind tug at her tee shirt, molding the damp fabric to her lush curves. As if in a trance she began to sway a little, dancing to music only she could hear, gathering energy from the storm, seducing it to do her bidding.

Lightning flashed again and she became aware of another's presence. There, standing under an apple tree, watching silently. She could feel his eyes on her as she continued her dance; knowing that what little clothing she wore was now practically see though saturated by the rain. Her eyes met his and it was if a bolt of lightning flashed between them, his eyes so familiar, yet those of a stranger. The look on his face was one she had never seen before and she gloried in the knowledge of his desire. She ran her hands over her body, touching where she knew he now longed to touch. Beckoning him silently to come forth and feel the richly abundant flesh for himself.

A smile lit his face. He strode toward her purposefully and put his large, strong hands just above the swell of her hips. "What am I going to do with you missy?" he murmured softly before he bent to brush his mouth over her shoulder. His tongue licked each drop of rain from her skin in maddening slowness, while his hands clasped her firmly to him. She gripped him tightly; afraid for a moment she would fall under this onslaught of her senses.

The heat of his mouth on her cool wet skin caused shivers of delight to run through her body, each flick of his tongue sending searing heat to her core. She soon knew she needed more and without thought she lewdly leaned forward, rubbing herself against him. Her nipples rose in response to this stimulation and her legs opened slightly. She molded her hips around the hardness hiding under his jeans. His mouth reached hers, his tongue deftly sweeping into her mouth finding hers, one hand moved over her back and dug into her hair, holding her head in place as he kissed her for what seemed like hours. She was breathless when he pulled away; his thumb ran over her swollen bottom lip. She caught it gently between her lips and sucked lightly on its tip, she heard him moan.

She had thought that maybe he was the one who hung the moon and her heart was filled with love as she stepped back. Maintaining eye contact she lifted the bottom of her shirt. Quickly she pulled it up and over her head, droplets of water splashing him as she shook her aburn hair free. She lifted his hand and put it to her firm breast, her taut nipple pressing into his open palm.

He let out a ragged breath, his hand moving of its own volition in slow sensuous circles. Her breast seemed to swell under his touch. He pulled her to him again and kissed her passionately; his hands moving over her, frantic to leave no place untouched, to know all of her at once if possible. His hands slowly peeled her panties away, his mouth blazing a slow trail down her body. Stopping to taste the nipple his fingers and hands had just teased to life. He ran his tongue around it, the skin like crushed, wet velvet. He pulled the tip between his lips and began sucking as he heard her gasp of pleasure.

Unnoticed by either of them the sky had really opened up and it was now pouring, they made no move to go inside, unable to part for the few minutes it would take to walk to shelter. He knelt before her, running his hands up and down her legs. His hands seeking the heat of her pussy, he would tease there for a few moments then move again. Kissing the inside of her thigh, slowly moving upwards, his fingers slipping in her pussy then parting them, her swollen and exposed to his eager tongue.

She almost screamed as his tongue flicked over her. Loving her response he continued determinedly, the tip of his tongue circling around and around. Feeling her legs tremble and her hips buck. She whimpered with unabashed pleasure and her hips began to rock, as he sucked and licked her in the most intimate of places. Her pussy so warm and wet, so tight around his fingers. He had to have her pulsing desire around him and knew he could wait no longer. She pulled him up as he began to stand; with clumsy fingers the two removed his clothing wordlessly. The sound of their breathing filled the air. He backed her up against one of the apple trees and lifted her leg up, she curled it around his hip and with one thrust he was buried deep inside her.

Her nails dug into his back as she pulled him closer, his face buried in her neck, kissing and nipping the sensitive flesh there. He murmured nonsensical words of love amid words of encouragement and command. She was beyond talking and gasped as she met each thrust with her own, ripples of pleasure washed over her as she felt her orgasm building. His hands held her hips, he moved one down to cup her ass. He felt her shaking, her mouth bit down on his shoulder and held. Lightning lit the sky and the storm seemed to pause as she came in a burst, wave upon wave of pleasure engulfing them both.

Unable to move they held each other, surrounded by the clean fresh smell of apples and rain. The wind stirring the branches to drop the cold rain water from the leaves over their naked flesh. It was some time before either of them could budge.

Finally he lifted her and carried her to the front porch. He sat on the big porch swing with her cuddled against his chest. He played with her hair, running his hands through it, examining it under the moon's light. He wanted to say something, but felt clumsy and shy, what words could he mouth that would express the extraordinary way he felt?

He whispered just loud enough for her to hear, "Nothing will ever be as beautiful as our first time." He bent his head to kiss her and the storm began again.


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